Thursday, May 19, 2011


My friends are leaving for university quite soon (um, like tomorrow?!?!?!) and it just hit me as to how much I'm going to miss each and everyone of them.

This post is dedicated to Sarah Iman, Dina Suraya, Nabila Muzamir, Najihah Aziz, Nur Juliana Suraya, Aimi Farzana, Hafeez Azhar, Abdul Hanif, Abdul Haris.

Just because I feel like I've spent so much time with you lot and that all of you will be all over the country soon. I'm just so sad and you can just imagine that I'm crying while typing this because Hafeez Azhar just sent me a text 'John, orang dah nak pergi dah esok'.

I'm quite fortunate in the sense that I've had the BEST school years ever. Since kindergarten up to high school. I just have had the best fun and really, I have my friends to thank for that. I don't have an ounce of regret for leaving SMKBSD1 (the people there are just as kick ass, I still luv u hihi) for Taman Tun. I'm so sedih because the people mentioned above are leaving and God knows when the whole lot of us will meet again (hopefully soon!!!!!!!! I'll make a raya open house for you gais only) and laugh sampai sakit perut.

A special dedication to my lovely 5 special friends !

Sarah ! :") My first close friend in Taman Tun. Dengan pencil box Roxy sama kita hihihi. And kita sangap sangat Gol and Gincu sampai boleh hafal script <33333 Sayang sangat kau. We haven't had a whole lot of time together lately but that's okay :") I still love you forever and ever ! We've had our differences tapi as you've said, 'Bestfriend mana yang tak?!??!?!'. And time kita buat Paris Hilton punya oral dialogue. Lawak nya wei, Sarah :"( Hahahahaha. Time kita pergi manicure sebab kau nak pg James Morrison punya concert :")

We haven't spent much time together lately but that doesn't mean I won't miss you and don't love you all the time ! Aku pergi Myspace baca semua ni pun menangis lah sial ! :"( Rindu sangat dah. Our dream of going to London and Paris is STILL on k babe ! :) Nanti kan kita belajar kat situ ! I pray and wish and hope for the very best for you kat UiTM nanti tau, Sarah. Dulu kita dua je yang tak baca apa pun lagi, tak buat apa homework pun hahahaha. Nak ponteng sekolah pun plan the night before. Tuition lagi lah hoho. I love you and I'm always here if you need anything. Harry Potter and Ronaldo <333333333333333 Hehehe. Sayang kau gila babi !!!!!!!!!!!

Najihah jangan ingat aku tak lupa kau punya phone call malam malam buta 'WEIIIII SELENA COMMENT GAMBAR MYSPACE SIAL' pastu gelak macam haram !!!!!!!!!

Lawak lah kau niiiii ughhhhh hahahahahahaha. Time kita gaduh gaduh lah best. Bodoh tapi best. Hahaha. Ada lagi comment myspace lawak tapi takpe lah.. kenangan terindah. Message myspace lagi lah bodoh !!!!! Aku malu sial. Hehe lerp you !!!!! Nanti kita beryoutube ala Selena Demi lagi tau. Kau jangan eh delete video comel kita tu :@ Hahahahahaha <3 youuuuuuuuuu

ILA MUZAMIR. Gosh, grrrrrrl, I love you ! Hahahahaha. Then again, who doesn't ! You're my johnnnn, john ! Form 4 was such a good year, thanks to you ! Hehe. Fikir balik, we've been table mates since we were 15 ! A good solid 3 years ! I still love you and our john john times and where we would talk with Hafeez and Hafiz and they'll call us all sorts of names and our penyakit pusing belakang ke apa lah. But omg, I'm so glad I spent those times with you ! :) I really hope you get to study overseas or at least travel everywhere LIKE A BOSS. You deserve all the good things in the world, Ila. I hope you know that :)

and then we have Suraya who is just completely gorgeous in and out. Such a nice nice nice nice sweet heart, rasa macam tak fair ada orang so nice like her !!!!! I love you, Suraya !!!!! Again, I hope for nothing but the best for you because you just deserve it. Hands down ! I still remember our promise to go to each others weddings ! Hehehehehe. And keep me updated with ahem ahem and ahem ahem ! :p

Dina Suraya, if you read this, I hope you know that you're the one who I feel like I owe the most to ! Because of everything, really. All the times you've willingly helped me with my Maths (and others) and when you listen to my problems and when you've made me laugh countlessly ! You're just so nice, it's insane ! Bila masuk UM nanti, there's no doubt that you're going to trump everyone in their studies and so effortlessly at that. Love you and everything about you ! So so so so happy and proud to call you as my friend :)

Aimi, aku tak tahu kenapa you're always in awe of everyone padahal kau 10 kali lagi cantik lagi stylo milo teh tarik o' ! :") Kau selalu puji orang lain tapi tak pernah nak accept orang puji you. You're gorgeous !!!!!! Whatever you do in your life, I hope you excel ! Kau boleh sangat sangat sangat. Takat !@*!&@*(!@& boleh buat, kau mesti lah lagi terer merer ! Don't worry the small things. I'm going to miss your super long phone calls !!!!! Jangan lupa kita kita di sini k :p Once in a while, I'll call you and kita borak pasal everything again. Hahaha.

Each and everyone of you deserve every inch of happiness in the world and I'm going to say a little prayer so that you'll get everything that you beautiful people deserve. It doesn't matter what and where this crazy world brings us, seeing how we're close close friends, satu pergi London, satu kat Russia ke, I'm still going to remember all the stupid stupid funny memories we've had and know that whatever happens, I still have you girls !

All in all, I love each and everyone of you. Just the bestest bunch of people I know. SO sappy and cliche and emosi but still !


p/s : All embarrassing and ugly photos were highly intentional. Hehehe.

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