Sunday, November 7, 2010

Property Of D'uh

This is like the first time I've been on Blogger since God knows when. TRUFAX

I've, so far, deleted 2 people on Twitter because they kept constantly reminding me on how many more days left 'til SPM. Like seriously ? And they go all 'OMG I'M SO DEAD'. Duu-uuuude, kalau you're so dead and reminding us when SPM is, why don't you leave Twitter and study lah kan ? Why you want the whole world to know that you're struggling ? Doesn't make sense, hence them being unfollowed.

A Sunday today and it'll be another Sunday at home, studying. Woke up at 9 which is ridiculous because I couldn't sleep the whole night (which is a first in a very very very very long time).

We had our graduation last Tuesday (November 2nd) and OMGHHKP, it was like gila babs fun. Sat with Ila and Hafeez. And later on with Hanif too. Had a super fun time despite the boring speeches that went on for like, I don't know, 4 months? Took photos and spent half the time wishing I wouldn't trip or my mortar board will jatuh or my kebaya kain came loose. Which it did. It came loose like a couple minutes before my class was due. But Izzati and Miss Anniza helped me through it which I am eternally grateful to ! :)

Bought a dark coloured lipstick from Chanel and it has become my new favourite thing ! I foresee this habit to be a very expensive one.


Will probably write more once my exam is done and over with, so 'til then, mi amores !