Thursday, April 30, 2009

Great Green Glory

This year would be my first year attending Sports Day since Form 1.
Haha, orang cakap bosan ke tak best ke bangang ke apa, I thought it was fun sebab it was nice to see the semangat in people. You don't get that all the time. Apa salah once a year jadi competitive gila ? Haha 
Amy and Izzati were hands on bila nak cheer tu sampai dah sakit tekak jerit (Y) Lawak siot sampai boleh lompat lompat. 
We got third placing from our first last year which is ok, I guess considering we didn't get last hahahaha. Biru deserved their championship title because clearly, they did the best. And Rumah Kuning too (but you guys need to learn how to win like a pro) (N)
I think I drank like 3 orange juice because of the heat and shouting BLOODY MURDER to the contestants. Orange juice was really good, though. 
Tengok orang lari macam best gila and like Izzati said rasa best sebab berbakti kat rumah Hijau. Nampak cool gila jadi one of the runners. Hahaha, Amy and I want to start training hahahahaha takpe takpe, impossible is nothing (; 
Participants from other schools too came over to have a friendly match. Budak Sri Hartamas, woooooooot woooot. The boys, I mean. The girls however were like shit fast, seriously laju gila babiiiii. Taman Tun couldn't even DREAM of winning against them. They finished way way earlier than us. Which was so impressive, it left us hanging. I want to run like them, baru la tak malu nak masuk track events hahaha.
Dahla kaki lawa gila siaaaaaaaal.
Bomba even had their own mascot which was pretty cool. Alot of people had those big chunky SLR's in hand so macam, I expect a lot a lot a lot of pictures of people's priceless running faces. 
And sorry to say, rumah hijau macam lemah gila (not contestants, orang yang duduk tak buat apa apa tu). Support memang outttttttt. That's why I say Kuning deserved it because from the cheer and support not only the leader provided (Luqman was good in terms that he was very supportive running to and fro to give cheer to the running participants) but everyone was cheering on. :') 
Next year, Rumah Hijau kena ada motto/slogan/whatever so that we can cheer the whole wayyyy. 
I like the competitive spirit in everyone when it comes to sports and cheering. It's just touching to see everyone and their eagerness to win.
In the end, Biru emerged as champion with Kuning tailing behind. Hijau came in third and Merah at fourth.

Tahun ini tahun orang, tahun depan tahun kita
  1. I lost my phone hence my contacts and well, communication.
  2. Sports Day was freakin' fun, but I'll elaborate that later
  3. American Idol this week was my favourite of all seasons. I knew all the songs by heart ! Total love.
  4. Too bad Matt had to leave, I still love you :') 
  5. Due to constant screaming ("support"), voice box is hurting !
  6. Holy shit holy shit midterms on its way, tak belajar apa lagi.
  7. Love took a left turn and surprised me.
Because of frustration due to said loss (bawling on the inside), I'm still mourning. Elaborate nanti je la.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I don't know where my !@#$%^ phone is. 
Geram gila ni, I feel like goddamn crying. The last place I brought it was at tuition at Kaveetha's.
And then, I don't remember carrying it with me when I went home. And to make matters worst (!!!!), I put it on silent so no matter how many times I call it, I won't know where it is because the only indicator of a call when the mode is turned silent is just the backlight blinking. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm overwhelmed with jealousy at this very second.
Nothing material, just love. 
Love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Says Who?

I just devoured in blessed hours of a movie on this laptop of mine.. in bed. All day long. 

This is the thing with me and movies. If I get the idea that the movie is nothing much to be hyped about, I end up liking sometimes even love the movie. And it works vice versa. I never had any interest in Twilight before the movie came out, and because I went in the movie hall without any spark of interest with bloody vampires, I am now officially a Twilighter. To the max.
So ok, I watched He's Just Not That Into You and I loooooooooooved it. It's such a sweet movie or maybe I'm just biased with Jennifer Anniston (for the umpteenth time, TEAM ANNISTON!). I've also grown to have an interest in Justin Long HEHEHEHE He's like geek cute and his story in this movie was the best, besides Jen and Ben (Beth and Neil).
Seriously, I would LOVE to have a lover like Neil and oh shit, what's that guy's name again ? Alex, was it ? Yeah, Alex. 
Alex just had the word 'sweet' written all over and Neil is just this guy you never thought would exist in the world anymore. The kind who even after a break up (which wasn't even his fault!) comes over and helps your sick father when you're playing damsel in damned distress. 
Cue awws and sighs. My kind of guy, man. 

I can't stop watching Britain's Got Talent auditions. Shaheen Jafargholi is too cute.

I'm semi excited for Sports Day.

Sunday, April 26, 2009



It seems that everyone's Sweet 16 celebration this year has gone nothing but absolute fun. 
Ayesha's wasn't an exception. 
Malas la nak explain, mengantuk and I'm hungry o.o
Even though Ayesha's mum insisted we eat basically every 5 minutes, I hardly touched the catered food. Sebab takde appetite kut ? Pergh, regret ah sebab tengah lapar gila sial sekarang. 
The houses is Sierramas besar gajah and takde gate pulak tu.
Bila ada duit banyak, beli la satu biji :)
OH HAA, kitorang main game yang cap kali cap kali cap cap cap hahahah best (Y)

I love parties, seriously.
Who's next to turn 16 ?

We're 16 ! We be cool, we be cool.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's A Girl Thing

Sick shoes.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Since Hafeez and Hafiz (who unfortunately sit behind Ila and I) curse on an average of a million and one times a day, I told them that if one day they can go without swearing, 10 bucks will be theirs. They picked Friday to be that day. Which is today for y'all who are bit slow.

Ila, you should have come ! They were so quiet and obedient, it was crazy ! Rasa kesian pulak sebab the other lads were teasing them and cursing even more in front of them thinking by doing so, Hafiz and Hafeez will give in the bet. Hafiz Rahim even threw a pen to Hafiz Ismail (who's with Hafeez in this bet. I know it's a bit confusing, we have 3 guys who go by that name, Hafiz Rahim, Hafiz Ismail and Hafeez Azhar. Yang hari ni kena suffer tak boleh curse is Hafiz I and Hafeez. HAHA ok) but since 10 bucks were wanted so desperately, they kept quiet for the whole day. Which was strangely calming but yeah.. strange. 

See, it wasn't that hard now was it ?

Same Ol'

Comel la tengok budak Form 3 gelabah PMR hahahaha.
I know it's huge and everything, but seriously, it's anything but.
Korang naik Form 4, perghhhhhh, you'd want Form 3 back in a snap.
Tak yah buang masa kutuk PMR la, cikgu bagi projects beribu ah, homework belambak la, exam almost every month la, haha. 
The Intervensi comes with benefits. Because, with those interventions, you'd study kan ? Kalau tak de test, tak de la study malam malam, or buat alarm bangun kul 5 or macam Dina terus, tak tidur langsung -_- 
And this coming from someone who didn't get straight A's (I'm bawling on the inside), I miss how easy Form 3 was. Memang ah sekarang Sejarah macam sial punya banyak kena hafal, Form 1, Form 2, Form 3. Amik kauuuu, Form 4 macam form 1, 2 and 3 combined. APA CASE
You'll grow to love history and geography, though lambat (believe me, hahaha, I started liking those 2 macam June July tau). Geography Form 1 is the best ! I had all different kinds of silly silly formulas to remember all the gunung ganang and all the various lands, macam tanah gambut for nanas and kelapa sawit sebab gambut rhymes with rambut kan and nanas and kelapa sawit kan bentuk cam ada rambut ? See, still boleh ingat ! HAHA (Y) 
Tanah laterit is for getah and kelapa sawit eh ? Ntah, dah lupa. Cause laterit and kelapa sawit rhymed so that was easy to remember. Banyak lagi la, awwww rindu nya Geography :'( AHAHAHA I'm expressing my love for Geo here. How awkward can it get ?
Sejarah pun best actually. Stop memorizing, and start learning. Asyik hafal je, last last tak dapat jugak. Tapi best gila tak terkata belajar Sejarah and Geo hahahaha. Everytime nak study, those 2 will be my first choice of subjects to flip open. 
But I don't miss KH hahaha, kerja kayu is one thing, tapi nak faham tools and kegunaan dia memang ah. Jahanam.
Hahahahaha, apa aku membebel tengah tengah malam ni. 
-______-  It's 2.28 in the morning, I can't sleep and I came across blogs bearing PMR in bold hahaha. It's not that horrible. Give it time, lama lama kan, you'll be surprised to know that you will actually like studying.
Sumpah betul.

And whoever got Cikgu Yu, you kinda can bet your bottom dollar dapat A for BM. That is if you study your ass off la. Takkan mengharap Cikgu YYT je. Kan ?
Also !
Don't be too ahead of yourself and start planning your plans after the exams come October. TENGOK LA NANTI, after PMR, ok, fine, the first day out, memang la. But give it 2 weeks, you'll miss your pre-PMR days. Cause like, how much can you go to OU pun ? Muak tau tak tengok orang sama je. Tapi, pergi la the day PMR habis, tengok budak sekolah yang tak reti MANDI dulu (hahahaha pergi la balik rumah, mandi, pakai baju lawa lawa before pergi ou ngan bag sekolah nya lagiii. Ou tak lari mana la weiiii) terus pergi OU after the last paper. 
And ! You get to meet your old friends yang kian lama kat asrama.
Make the best of your form 3 days in SCHOOL ! You'll miss your class like never before. And bare in mind those smarty pants in your class, big possibility dapat asrama and you won't see them as much :'( 
Zaim is ass lazy, the kind who studies last minute and actually doesn't differ in any way from me HAHA but seeing how I got what I didn't want (Bawling on the inside, bawling on the inside), I'll kick his bony ass if he doesn't get straight As.
Hi Form Three's, relax la PMR tu. Nampak je susah, tapi senang je tu. In your buku latihan which I'm sure you guys buy every week to build up that motivation (which doesn't work actually. Saja je nak pergi Jasema beli buku banyak gila tapi balik balik satu soalan je buat haha), everything seems shit hard but when it comes to the real thing, you'll be surprised as to how easy it really is. 
I was so used to sitting for tests (we had monthly tests pulak tu!) that I didn't realize that it was the real PMR til the examiner wrote on the white board in front. Which was so scary, I started sweating. Because I couldn't believe that after all those tests and books and tuitions, the real thing is here up front. 
AND PEOPLE ! Stay away from know it all's. You don't know how they are ? 
They're these species (HA AMIK KAU) yang bila habis exam, will actually start counting not just her/his marks, but everyone in class (actually a big lie, they just count orang yang worthy a.k.a pandai setaraf ah) so that they can tell who gets number one.
Penting sangat ke position tu wei. In the end, what matters is the amount of A's lined up neatly on your right hand side of the white slip.
If said species does said habit, than steer away. Most likely, bila PMR, when a paper is done, they'll get their little itchy hands on a reference book and open as fast as you can say 'Don't open'. Hahahaha ntah pape gila kan. Chill la wei. Dah habis, dah habis la.
Like me, I cried kut bila habis Science ! Susah BAIK PUNYA masa Paper 2. Tapi takpe, janji dapat A hahaha
But kan, it's most likely, lagi susah, lagi lenient. So.. yeah.

I have not the faintest idea why I just typed so much for the form 3's
Macam dorang baca. HAH
Ok, nak tidur.

Who's Loving You?

Shaheen Jafargholi is so cute. Check him up on YouTube, kid star singing on British Got Talent. He may as well eclipse Susan Boyle's overnight superstardom. When Simon asked him to change songs, he looked scared which is just too cute.
Ee, comel sangat with his dimples lagi ! And he's only 12 ! Damn that talent.
I'm posting stupid posts lately. Tu la, suruh orang update banyak banyak hahaha, this is what you get, meaningless updates.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

And Joey got to ride in his sexy convertible (we're taking open roof, baby) JUST BECAUSE he wore 

Joey-Ness says: it was his bday today
Joey-Ness says: and i wore pants and long sleeve shirt to tuition
Joey-Ness says: and i got him beer for his bday
Joey-Ness says: hahaha
NADIA says: hahahahahahhaa
NADIA says: like a car je kan
Joey-Ness says: A CAR WITH NO ROOF!!!!!
Joey-Ness says: ROOFLESS!
Joey-Ness says: i was gonna say topless but it sounded wrong
Joey-Ness says: ahaha
Joey-Ness says: I KNOW!!!!
Joey-Ness says: HIS CAR SO AWESOME~!
Joey-Ness says: AND I GOT TO START IT!

NADIA says: only you ?
Joey-Ness says: yeap
Joey-Ness says: hahaha
NADIA says: walau, beststudent 4 eva or what man
NADIA says: hahahaha
Joey-Ness says: coz i wore long sleeve shirt and pants :P
NADIA says: soo?
Joey-Ness says: only people in long sleeve shirt and pants like mr pang can sit in the pangmobile
Joey-Ness says: ahahaha
NADIA says: hahahaha
NADIA says: hahahahahaha
NADIA says: pang mobile !
NADIA says: hilarious

Joey-Ness says: hahahahah
Joey-Ness says: oh yeah that look is now called the PANG look
Joey-Ness says: hahahaha
Joey-Ness says: i pulled off the pang

Joey-Ness says: you never seen his car before?
Joey-Ness says: its a sports car
Joey-Ness says: i just didntknow it was a convertible!
Joey-Ness says: when he pressed a button and the roof came down
Joey-Ness says: SO AWESOME!

HAHA, Joey is still not over his ride in the Pangmobile.

This Is Not For Anyone To Understand

HEH, pathetic lies. You're telling me all this but you can't help running back to her. Pathetic. Hurts bad, ends bad.

Where've you been, man? Rindu sial. :/

You're fading just as fast as you appeared. I wish you could have been more like the guy you were than the guy you are.

You're a risk I don't think I want. Still, my heart pounds like crazy on the very sight of you.

I wish you the best. I wish you were mine.

It's not hate. Just play your part. Be courteous.

It's nothing personal.
Ok hahahaha maybe it is la kan.

This is a very pointless post. Nanti la update betul betul
See yous lovers 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So right. I got my priorities all messed up -_____-

I went to Jasema, Ye Ol' Faithful and had things in mind to buy, particularly an Add Maths reference book. Found one that was good enough. Browsed through more (I'm a huge sucker for stationaries, pens, paper, rulers, YOU NAME IT!) til I went to the magazine section. 

Because I saw the May issue of VOGUE with Natalia V on the cover and several other supermodels. Lawa sangat gila babi. I'm biased with Natalia's beauty, like seriously, she's one of the most stunning model ever ever ever. Lawa gila baaaabs. 
So, it was either the magazine or the add maths ref book. 
Heh, take a big guess on which I took.

I loved the Meet The Boyfriends shoot so much, I had to have it ! So HAH, that answered previous question la kan. AND ! Ada an article about Stevel Meisel (dubbed the Godfather of all models) and the photo with him and the models he 'made'.
Amazing shiznits

I didn't tell my mum that it was either the Vogue or add maths, hahahaha
Esok la beli buku add maths tu. Dah ada text book :p HAHAHAHA
Excuse je ni.

Yeay, school tomorrow ! 

A Little Day Dreamin'

"I'm European. I wake up in heels" 
-Julia Restoin-Roitfeld

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fleur Delacour

flower [ˈflauə] noun
the part of a plant or tree from which fruit or seed grows, often brightly coloured and sometimes including the stem on which it grows
a bunch of flowers
Chinese (Simplified):
Chinese (Traditional):
Czech:květ, květina
Estonian:õis, lill
German:die Blume, die Blüte
Latvian:puķe; zieds
Norwegian:blomst, blomstring
Portuguese (Brazil):flor
Portuguese (Portugal):flor

Flower seems so demure and pretty (as it is) in French. In Greek, langsung tak faham. Kalau best, buat dalam Turkish, lawak gila. Cicek. Macam cicak tapi hip. HAHA wth.

It's 12 30 and tomorrow's school which means I have to be up and ready by 645. That leaves me a little less than 6 hours to sleep (betul ke math?) and my grand dad swore by this nose strip he dutifully wears every night and he slapped one on my nose. It works, I guess ? I can breath easy without my nose being all stuffy.
Hahaha, tu je nak update.
Bosan sangat

I want that Marc By Marc Jacobs wallet so bad, it hurts.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Meet Le Beau

This shoot is the cutest siaaaaaaaaal.
Doutzen looks drop dead stunning.
And Caroline Trentini is dating Patrick Demarchelier's son (fittingly, Patrick took these photographs) !
Ugh, comel sangat

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Look It Up

As of late, current subjects of affection are

1 Em faux python shoes at Charles and Keith. If only it didn't hurt as much walking for 5 seconds, what more 5 minutes !

2 Zara's cotton blazer in gray. Heavenly. 

3 Black velvet shoes from Zara, a little weighty on the price tag but pay no attention as the shoe is God sent !

AND ! 
I had my first go at contacts. Coloured ones at that. One word - uncomfortable. I couldn't see as well and I SUCK at shoving em floppy lenses up my eyeballs. After 5 full minutes of attempt failure, managed to persuade my mum to do it which if you think about it, is even harder. That took me 20 minutes. Heh. Safe to say, won't be applying them anywhere in the near future (Y) A high salute to ones who put up with lenses and it's nuisances every day and night. 

I hate the weather this few couple of days. Horribly humid and hot. Where's the frequent rain when you need it? Same theory applies to in store purchasing. Tis the season to be splurging, tra la la la la la la la la la. But where's the supply of greens (HAHA this applies to America je. Kat malaysia, duit berwarna warni.. we have 'em blue, green, red, silver, purple..) when you need em. I refuse to admit that I may suffer bad from the recession period. I refuse. Closed ears upon listening to economy crisis, can't bear with the fact that this may as well be the Great Depression Season 2. It's 2009 for God's sake. Save up ! (<- I had no idea what that meant)

Romantically, I'm back to square one. Heh.
Academically, I never was at square one so I have to build it up.. slow and steady.
Internally, I'm still feeling like how I described in previous post.
Externally, eyes are slowly resembling a panda's. Seems to me big black hedious bags are attracted to me. Shall try that little device of Mum's that is supposedly a miracle worker. We'll just see how miracle it can get. BUT face is clearing up. Tak seteruk a month back. Minumlah Brands Pati Prune !

Oh shit, I forgot what I was about to say.


Night, homie g's.

It's Not You, It's Me

I feel so empty inside.
No feelings. It's scary how I'm alone most of the days. I have friends, a lot of them but I feel so alone. 
I have no interest in people, things, studies (!), events, everything and anything. It's creeping up my nerves now that I don't have ANYTHING to be psyched about. Which is sad because I'm 16 but inside I feel freakin' 60. 
Seriously crappy feeling, this.
I have to have something to feel great about.

Currently, my speech capability is not at a great state. 
I think if outings were arranged, I'd be too ass lazy to go. 

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Procrastinate? Me?

Apologies for the lack of updates. 
As much as I would like to say the reason behind said hiatus was because 'Catching up on studies', I can't. Cause I didn't.
And that makes me feel so worthless. Oh well, moving on.

Product of laziness have stunningly showed in black and white. I can't answer a damned mathematic questions (needless to say, it's the worst of the 2- additional) without having to refer to every reference book in the house for an answer. And I still don't get it. Who is to be blamed ? It's not polite to point so shh. 
Having difficulty answering maths is bad enough, I'm way behind my homework and it's piling by the day. Mid year is in a couple of weeks (please, no counting in days, people) and I intend to study. Every day, different subject. Sounds bearable.. right? I need to atleast pass my add maths. Numbers don't make sense anymore, goddamnit !

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Talk With Your Hips


Famed twin towers are always bombarded with people. You don't breathe air when you go there. You breathe people. Unpleasant experience, I tell you, what with their bad BO. ANYHOO
Topshop being the first shop we stepped into (no surprise seeing from where we park, the escalators went up and practically brought us to Topshop. Convenient much?) and for the first time in a long one, mum actually went in with us which was awkward because I'm so used to roam around in shops alone (Shut your lips, I'm no loner, I just prefer doing things alone without the company and the need to be responsive with other people) and with that comes the advantage of letting my wallet take in serenity and let my mum pay for the bag (a black leather one with a chain handle and tassle) that I snagged. Score.

Zara was next and I must say, this time around, impressive. Not that Zara was never impressive, but this time there are SEVERAL (OHMY!) garments I don't mind spending a bomb on. So yes, that's impressive to me. I could have pressed my face against the display windows because the cotton shorts was in the prettiest pink and despite me being 16 (konon pre-adult. Pfsh, who are we kidding?) I still have a soft spot for anything pink. And glitter. And butterflies. And stars. You get the picture.  

Devoured in some Italian food and went back short after. I didn't get the chance to go up to Kinokuniya because a part of me was too lazy to endure the number of people on the escalator (and like I said, their BO kills) so I skipped on that.. and regretted. 

So, people, that was my Sunday, unsure as to how that is interesting to anyone but yeah, hell, it made up for my not-even-inching-off-the-bed Saturday. 


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pretty Young Thing



Watch and weep, siaaaaal

Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's been a tiring week. A week with nothing to be tired about. My sleeping cycle is just as messed up as Amy Winehouse. Waking up at 6 courtesy of repetitious banging off the door (MOTHER!) is not exactly the best way to wake up. 
I find myself hitting Play on Britney Spears' old good songs a million times a day. I was not kidding when I say I'm ancient when it comes to songs. I only know the songs Fly FM so annoyingly puts on every other hour. 

I'm tired as hell and tomorrow will be a tiring day.
THINKING of it makes me tired.


Lollipop, Must Mistake Me As A Sucker

Look ! Lollipops !
Uber cool, I want one but Cola flavoured (Y)

How's your day ? Mine was okay.
And damn it, it shouldn't be just okay, it should be something I'd be over the moon about.
I know I hate Miley with all my guts because of the too much popularity the world shoves in her but her new song The Climb sedap pulak. 
Izzati, so just so you know, after seeing you (and your pretty eyeliner!) at Ila's 16th, I can't wait to get my forever-wanting-new-things hands on them. Sampai boleh pergi check it up at lagi tu.
Topshop's getting boring. *cue exasperated yawns
Zara too and don't even let Forever 21 escape your mouth. All of them are getting overrated.
I want something new. Something I know easily that the next girl won't possess. 
I always debate with myself whenever I ask for a trip to Telawi Street because I end up empty handed (AFTER GOING UP AND DOWN THE KAJILLION STAIRS) and using my money for a drink at Starbucks. Which I don't even favour.
Hell, I'm already broke as it is so fantasizing in anything to do with purchasing anything isn't on my to do list just yet. Understanding additional mathematics, however, is. It frustrates me when I don't get the jumbling of numbers on the board but what frustrates me even more is that I don't even try to understand. Apa kejadah?
Don't get me started with Physics. 

Ok, tomorrow is a new day.
Should be a better one, right?

Monday, April 6, 2009

Nabila Muzamir,

Woot woot, 16 cheers for the girl who is the world's own Rebecca Bloomwood ! (Minus the horrifying debts)(Ke betul?)

I didn't get to see her much on her birthday :( sebab tengah terer kawad.

You've been the best friend ever, serious shiznit.
You're the only one in class I can talk about Gucci shoes yang melampaui had allowance kitorang. (Takpe takpe, tengok la nanti, we'll grow rich and fabulous ! HAHAHAHA)
Thank you for the immense patient you blissfully possess (in hopes some of it will rub on me because compared to you, my patience is zilch. Nada.) 
Thank you for LISTENING TO ME ! (Most important because you're too nice and polite to listen to all my problems and heartaches)
You also have this laugh yang memang comel gila, because when you laugh, I can't help but laugh too hahaha.
Besides being ultra smart, you're one of the most humble person I have ever come across. 
It's also a good thing la kan, we have the same taste in designers ! Yeay us !
Thank you a kabillion billion for everything you've done and said (serious shit, you haven't said anything that has hurt me tau, woot woot Gooooo Ilaa !)
Sumpah sayang gila babi kat you :')

Your present is still KIV (Keep In View HEHE) because shopping a present for you is next to impossible sebab tak tahu nak beli apa langsung langung !
Dina pun sama.

I love you !


(Ya Allah, I seriously tak tahu Karen pun letak 'real life Rebecca Bloomwood' tu tau! Jangan ingat I tiru, :'( I came up with that on my own! hahahaha. Seriously)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Laugh Til You Shout

Sumpaaah I had the best fun at Ila's 16th !
Gelak baik punya kat that table yang macam Italiannies/Paris dengan Amy, Sarah, Dina, Fatin and sometimes Ila hahahahahahahaha
Sakit perut/pipi gelak (':
I haven't had that much fun in the longest time !

Proper post tomorrow .. I think.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Dina Suraya


Woot Woot, dah 16 !
Sep sikit la, JOIN THE CLUB BABEH!
(Sumpah gambar kat atas, I macam muka constipated HAHA tapi takpe)
Dina was so cute in Bio just now when she could answer a question related to Disaccharides (WOW INGAT SIAL!) and when she was correct she would say, 'Yeay, I'm 16!'
Dina, kau 16 ke 13 ke, semua questions you jawab betul -.-
HAHAHAHA lawak la Dina

I love Dina because
1) She's funny as hell
2) She laughs, you laugh (sumpah betul! Macam contagious punya laugh)
3) She's one of the nicest girl I've ever met and memang, I always say this to every other girl tapi Dina ni, her 'nice' satu jenis punya 'nice'. She really thinks of other people and she's not self centered. Dia cam mana eh, she's like very polite and she has all the patience in the world bila bab mengajar add maths (like she said, 'you should know i'm a teeny bit smarter in that particular subject now'). 
4) Ok, in 3 dah ada 3 points -___-
5) She understands me :') 
6) Dia jenis semua kawan dia jadi bestfriend because she really IS there for you when you're down.
7) Senang cerita, I love you ! 

Dahla lawa hari ni pakai tudung lain jenis (cause her house had the misfortune of experiencing black out pagi pagi buta so she couldn't find her tudung which was funny but because she's 16 kan, HAHAHAHAHA. Dina jadi 16 je black out rumah)

Happy 16th and cheers to more birthdays and may our friendship last !
London sama sama kan? 


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

You Took Your Own Blame

I now find that I have pretty good bed hair. Atleast I'll have that! Waking up to messy but decent hair, sounds good to me. 
Skipped school today (and tomorrow HEHE) but will try to make it for choral speaking practice. Yes, once again. As embarrassing as it was losing (I'm talking last place, people) last year, I was sure to have doubts in entering choral speaking again. I have a whole lot on my hands, tuition and its load of homework and I've been very dismissive when it comes to school homework. Bah.
I'm lazy right now and I can't see well because of the rude awakening by Mum asking if I wanted to go school (at 11, I'm cool like that) and I lazily replied no only to regret not waking up earlier as I really did want to show up for practice. Damn you, snooze button. So hence, I shall do things in a point form.

  1. Dreams of a holiday at the end of the year (one that have caused me a lot of day dreaming) have come to a halt. Ok, maybe not that. I am crossing my fingers so hard, I'll swear it'll break into half, that my dad keeps his promise (what promise? Compromise sounds better). It depends on him but by the looks of the way he spends things right now (house renovation.. not good) pretty much blocks the way. I don't see why he needs to doctor the house, the initial plan was to just paint the house, not redo it! And the whole kabaam going on downstairs is just, as he would like to put it, 'Phase 1'. They're 2 more phases to go and seeing how Phase One is never ending, I'm preparing myself to be homeless (that was a joke).
  2. The topic of talks amongst my friends and I have been about our future. It's intimidating but nevertheless fun. I'm torn between 2 choices (business and law) and HEH, funny enough, the one I really want is out of the picture so basically I'm choosing between 2 picks I don't even want. That sucks. 
  3. I currently want a lot of things and it doesn't require money. Hm ?
  4. Not a fan of Lambert though he did pretty well in Motown week. GIRAUD ALL THE WAY
  5. I miss 2008 for the friends. I miss 2007 for the carefree life. I miss 2006 for being new. I miss 2005 for the excitement. I love 2009 for the feel of being the age I've always wanted to be. Sweet 16, it truly is. But I still long for the years that blew by.