Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So right. I got my priorities all messed up -_____-

I went to Jasema, Ye Ol' Faithful and had things in mind to buy, particularly an Add Maths reference book. Found one that was good enough. Browsed through more (I'm a huge sucker for stationaries, pens, paper, rulers, YOU NAME IT!) til I went to the magazine section. 

Because I saw the May issue of VOGUE with Natalia V on the cover and several other supermodels. Lawa sangat gila babi. I'm biased with Natalia's beauty, like seriously, she's one of the most stunning model ever ever ever. Lawa gila baaaabs. 
So, it was either the magazine or the add maths ref book. 
Heh, take a big guess on which I took.

I loved the Meet The Boyfriends shoot so much, I had to have it ! So HAH, that answered previous question la kan. AND ! Ada an article about Stevel Meisel (dubbed the Godfather of all models) and the photo with him and the models he 'made'.
Amazing shiznits

I didn't tell my mum that it was either the Vogue or add maths, hahahaha
Esok la beli buku add maths tu. Dah ada text book :p HAHAHAHA
Excuse je ni.

Yeay, school tomorrow ! 

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