Wednesday, April 1, 2009

You Took Your Own Blame

I now find that I have pretty good bed hair. Atleast I'll have that! Waking up to messy but decent hair, sounds good to me. 
Skipped school today (and tomorrow HEHE) but will try to make it for choral speaking practice. Yes, once again. As embarrassing as it was losing (I'm talking last place, people) last year, I was sure to have doubts in entering choral speaking again. I have a whole lot on my hands, tuition and its load of homework and I've been very dismissive when it comes to school homework. Bah.
I'm lazy right now and I can't see well because of the rude awakening by Mum asking if I wanted to go school (at 11, I'm cool like that) and I lazily replied no only to regret not waking up earlier as I really did want to show up for practice. Damn you, snooze button. So hence, I shall do things in a point form.

  1. Dreams of a holiday at the end of the year (one that have caused me a lot of day dreaming) have come to a halt. Ok, maybe not that. I am crossing my fingers so hard, I'll swear it'll break into half, that my dad keeps his promise (what promise? Compromise sounds better). It depends on him but by the looks of the way he spends things right now (house renovation.. not good) pretty much blocks the way. I don't see why he needs to doctor the house, the initial plan was to just paint the house, not redo it! And the whole kabaam going on downstairs is just, as he would like to put it, 'Phase 1'. They're 2 more phases to go and seeing how Phase One is never ending, I'm preparing myself to be homeless (that was a joke).
  2. The topic of talks amongst my friends and I have been about our future. It's intimidating but nevertheless fun. I'm torn between 2 choices (business and law) and HEH, funny enough, the one I really want is out of the picture so basically I'm choosing between 2 picks I don't even want. That sucks. 
  3. I currently want a lot of things and it doesn't require money. Hm ?
  4. Not a fan of Lambert though he did pretty well in Motown week. GIRAUD ALL THE WAY
  5. I miss 2008 for the friends. I miss 2007 for the carefree life. I miss 2006 for being new. I miss 2005 for the excitement. I love 2009 for the feel of being the age I've always wanted to be. Sweet 16, it truly is. But I still long for the years that blew by. 


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