Friday, July 20, 2018

I like football...?

This is truly a new year.

I? Enjoy? Football?

Yes, people. You are still on my blog. And no, you're not delirious.

I've always liked watching the World Cup because there's something about it being national that I've just always really admired and loved. I love seeing a country come together to support a team. It's heartwarming. You've got endless issues with your country and fellow countryman but when it comes to backing someone who's representing your home, everyone's on the same side. AIN'T THAT REALLY SWEET?

 So yes, I totally watch the World Cup because of how emotional it actually is to me.

This World Cup, I was rooting for Germany as always. Loved them last time I watched them play and the WC before that. I was ridiculously excited for them when they won the last time 'round. Gutted they were booted out in the Group Stage which still feels so crazy because they're the Germans??? They always advance to at least the quarter finals! But anyway, they were out. The next team I supported?


You wanna know why? Because my dad is a faithful and die-hard fan of the England squad. He's always supported them no matter how shit they were before this but man, he stuck through the tough times and he's still here, in his old England jersey that he wears religiously and chanting 

His fervour for the squad is contagious. Next thing you know I'm also chanting 'ENGLAND, ENGLAND, ENGLAND' and humming to 'It's cooooming home!', fully aware that England isn't home per se. (It kinda really is though)

Guys. I actually took the time to take out my notebook to write down the names of every player on the squad and their clubs and actually memorised them. Like. Memorised. "What even am I doing???" I said to myself while writing down their names and clubs and etching it into memory. 
"I just have to! If I want to be in this, I need to commit!" 

Here's a photo to show you that I really actually did write their names in what precious diary space I have.



You may or not buy into it but I'm getting into football!! I've watched endless videos of post-match analysis/commentaries, I've Googled players/managers/leagues/winners/losers/cups/what an offside is/what a set piece is, I've fully downloaded an app for all the matches to come complete with full stats, Youtube-d the living lights out of footballers and their games/plays. I'm genuinely trying to learn about football, guys! I was up all night the other day because I was Youtubing the general rules of football and watching replays of goals/matches and listening to Gary Lineker's punditry.

It's kinda wild and it's a whole new world to me. Reminiscent of what it was like when I first got into K-Pop. I had like, 5 people explain to me how the timing works for Champions League and the EPL and what being on loan means and found out David Beckham only left United because he was being sold and not because he wanted to. 

I'm not going to even try to talk football with you pros because I can't comment on anything that I've not even fully understand so I'm just going to sit and listen about everything you have to say about who you support and who isn't playing so well, ok! I'm all in this now!!

That being said, I can't wait for upcoming matches!! So exciting!!
(If you must know, I live in a United household so that'll be who I'll be supporting) 
(and I'm still team England)