Saturday, April 28, 2012

Chilled Like A Lemonade

HI !

I'm back for a week for yet another study leave since AS and A2 exams commence on the 8th. SOOOOOOOO nervous yet SOOOOOOOOO lazy. Studying starts this evening.. if I can resist my heavy lids, that is.

So my lack of blog posting has been because of

i) Internet and it's efficiency (or lack thereof) 
ii) Laziness
iii) I came up empty everytime I open a new post
iv) I'm rushing with assignments and my studies and 'blogspot can wait'.

These past few weeks in college have been quite uneventful other than our housetrip to Johor and the Teachers' Day/College's 14th Birthday celebration at the Great Hall..

.. which was hella fun. Seriouzly tho, I haven't had that much enjoyment in so long ! Because I've been cooped up in my room for the most part and so was everyone what with exams coming so soon, this one night where everyone was enjoying dinner and performances without a book up their faces was a good and MUCH NEEDED break. The lot I was sitting with was the usual and so much funnnnnnnnn; Olan as usual was making jokes all night long and all I can remember vividly is laughing and standing ovations and singing to the karaoke songs. Came out of the hall reluctantly because I kinda wanted it to be longer and so we won't be obliged to face reality yet. But alas, all good things must come to an end.

Nah, gambar.

Mr Dant 'conducted' an 'orchestra'. I was kinda hoping they would play fer real ! 

I'm going to miss these two when they graduate in June :( :( :( 

Easily and forever entertained by these two drama queens. Zati might just win uncontested for the next Student Choice Award for Drama Queen.

Credits to Syaza for the gambar atas and bawah ni hehe :)

Last weekend, every house went on a school trip !!! Topaz to Kuantan, Sapphire to Port Dickson, Diamond to Melaka and Garnet to Johor.

"It doesn't matter where you are as long as you're with the right people"

Yes, sir! I had the best time with my fellow housemates because well, in terms of accomodation, the other houses had a better time with that (coughHyatt/Avillioncough) BUT our little private Pulau Kukus made up for it.

We were on the 2nd trip to Pulau Kukus and it took us about 15-20 minutes to get there and oh me oh my, as we were approaching the island, the water that surrounded it was this shade of turqoise one can only dream of ! MasyaAllah what a beautiful gradient of blue. Water clearer than crystal and sand so halus and white, you can sink in it. Beautiful ! (and this is coming from a person who prefers a dark room and closed windows than anything that has to do with the outside world)

Thanks Farhan and the housetrip committee for doing a good job overall ! :") :*

MasyaAllah so beautiful ! 

Merman Zack ! 

It'll be pretty epic if us girls wore elaborate evening dresses here; a contradictory to the rough looking rocks. Vanity Fair editorial here we come ! 

Haaa <3

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Besides my family and me bed at home, I miss this quite a lot. Like, a lot a lot. Rindu stuffing myself with lauk macam ni. :(

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I shall adhere to this for the rest of my life.

Hi !

Woke up from a satisfying nap to an empty chalet and to a surprising motivated self to do some maths only to find that I've misplaced my calculator or it's in someone's possession much to their own oblivion and to my despair. Drama but my god, I hate losing things ! Especially something as personal as a calculator. Tried using Kaveetha's the other day and it felt so pelik and janggal (k using the word 'janggal' is janggal on its own already). Ngehhhhh.

It's 20 odd days to AS and I'm freaking out but yet, I'm not doing anything which is quite pointless lah kan. Sine pergi motivation tok ?!? K gonna go to Iman's chalet and marry the shit out of Math.

Have a great weekend, everyone ! God bless :*

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Boring Post #2


that AS is in 24 days (according to Izmal who has the countdown as his BBM status). Hm, mixed feelings. I don't know if I should feel petrified or nervous or scared out of my being. Whatever it is, I can't wait to get it done and over with but also at the same time, I want it to be lamaaaaaa lagi so that I can cram in all that I'm supposed to be cramming, in time !

I miss my first semester here when nights were usually filled with girl talks in the common room with friends and Disney movies with seniors and of course that one night when we had 'Beyoncé Night' where all of us dressed up and pretty much danced and partied to Beyonce. Hilarious but fun as heck.

Now days and nights in KY go by and everyone's mostly cooped up in their chalet rooms studying for AS/A2. Understandable but rindu gila semua orang !

I just hope I make out of the examination hall on the 29th of June alive and happy. After that, I want to have fuuuuuuun and traaaaavel. Travel where to pun I don't know. I hope my parents have plans for me. Nak pergi somewhere. It has been so long since we went on a holiday mana mana :(

K tu je nak blog because I felt bored. Back to International Trade we a-go-go !

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Case of The Missing Purse

Before I get started; Hello Danial Iman and whoever else reading this blog ! Lol :p

Trials are finally done !!!!! Well ok fine, maybe not quite. I still have 2 more papers to go and that is my Economics 1 on Friday and IELTS on Saturday. But still, for the most part, I've done them all by the first week. So that was 10 essays (4 for History, 4 for Literature and 2 for Econs) and 2 agonizing Math paper that was just......


... let's just say it was fortunate that I saved myself from the embarrassment of running out of the hall sobbing. SUSAH GILA would be an understatement of the century, thanks.
I mean, yeah trials are meant to be hard but that paper pretty much made (almost) everyone feel pretty stupid and dumb. Ngeh. Sucks. I hate Maths, again, so glad to be dusting it off later for A2. Cannot comprehend P3, man. I'd probably be the first to headline "Girl dies from Math complications". Yep.

Weeks leading up trials (and subsequently AS later in May), I've been cooped up in my room studying and it has made my head hurt. Sometimes in my college room, I'll sit on that painstakingly numb blue chair and I'd change my position every 5 minutes because I get so restless. I even stood on my chair to stretch my legs haritu. I even tried studying on my bed.

That didn't go too well.

Oh well. I just hope I get okay grades for my trials. I'm not sure about History though because my 1920s essay was so berterabur and going nowhere. Hmm ok.

There's this woman, Vivy Yusof, some of you might be familiar with her and some may not. She's the founder of Fashion Valet (an online shopping site) and she's also a graduate from LSE ! Also she's gorgeous. I kinda want to be her. And she's getting marrieddddddddddd !!!! I love reading her blog so y'all should too. Tambah tambah lagi she always looks so proper and put together. GAH. Love her.

OH HA, so on the 31st of March, it was Kanda's birthday and Sarah, Marissa and I planned to do a surprise dinner get together for him. Suffice to say, it was kecoh.

Upon Sarah's recommendation, we wanted to have the dinner dekat Ampang's Look Out Point but after I checked it out online only did I learn that it has been closed indefinitely -___________- so we settled for Delicious in Ampang. Initial plan was that Tariq to go out and 'lepak' but then after giving it a thought, it'd be quite weird and VERY awkward for two guys to go have dinner dekat Delicious. Lagi lagi nak 'lepak', he'd be suspicious the second Tariq pulled up at Delicious kan so the three of us (Sarah Marissa Nadia) altered the plan and that WE would take him out for dinner and I told Tariq to cancel whatever plans he had with Kanda malam tu). It'd be more realistic for us girls to take a boy out on a dinner at a place considered by many as 'girly'.

Invited close friends (still love you Zati heh heh) and managed to make everyone keep it hush hush from Kanda. Ha was kind enough to help me book the place and she even bought helium balloons and candles ! Bless her hehe.

So it went a little like this (amboi ni cam dah lagu but i forgot which song)

Sarah fetched me and first we went to get the cake from this guy dekat Bukit Damansara. And then we went to Marissa's house to drop the cake off in which we spent 10 minutes there laughing at how teruk the person who baked the cake wrote 'Happy Birthday Kanda' in the most malas gila bapak way. -.- Macam tulis dengan pen 1.0 pun ada gak ah. Should have taken a picture. I think she/he probably did because it looked that way.

Then we went to Fatin's place. I love her house. SOOOOOO NIIIIIIICE. Went there to borak borak and makan cekodok and minum tea. Talked and talked til Maghrib and we left to fetch Kanda. LOL this is when it gets funny and huru hara. Of course, everyone wasn't at Delicious as planned. Everybody was supposed to be there by 7:45 til 8 because we had planned to go ambik Kanda by that time.

Fail !

No one was there by the time we fetched Kanda (of course we got lost along the way so it was probably close to 8:30 when we picked him up from his place).

"WEI I REALLY NEED TO GO TO THE TOILET!" I said, it was half truth and half impromptu delaying. So we went to Intercontinental Hotel to use the toilet (LOL) and spent time there figuring out what our next plan was and to call everyone (I left my phone with Marissa to be charged so we had to use Sarah's for the time being so our progression was cut back by half). Still not everyone made it in time partially due to the fact that it was in Ampang and some of 'em didn't know where it was.

So next plan ?

"Eh I need to keluarkan duit, I don't have cash with me now!" (this is again, me).

So Kanda dropped us off at Double Tree Hilton or wherever that is and we went down to i) Yeah, it was true, I did not have that much cash with me. ii) Stalled time/Kanda/dinner

"Asal lama gila keluar duit?" when Sarah and I finally got in the car after staying in the building for 15 minutes

"I forgot my password! Ni card baru so I had to call my Mum semua tu!". I'm a good liar, he bought it all up.

So we couldn't think of anything else to conjure up so we HAD to go to Delicious and I was slightly hopeful to get lost but nope, we didn't.

As we were parking, Sarah exclaimed

"EH KANDA !!! I lost my wallet!!!!!!!! I think I left it at the hotel tadi lah!" while frantically finding for her 'lost' wallet which she just hid in the passenger's back pocket or whatever you call it.

"Ha ? Serious ? Cuba check balik." Kanda says and quite seriously concerned for Sarah.

I played along but not without letting out a laugh but thank God I'm the kind of girl who laughs at everything even at a thought that a friend has lost her wallet. I'm quite inappropriate that way.

"Ha ah lah wei, I think you left it at Intercontinental kat toilet tu!"

"K k takpe jom jom kita pergi balik"

"Sorry tau Kanda !!! So sorry for troubling you!"

"Takpe doh, dinner boleh tunggu. You je ni sekarang takut wallet betul betul hilang!"

So we drove out BUT not without bumping into Farhan and Diyana who were about to get in.

Kanda then says "Eh tu macam Paan doh, sumpah cam Paan!"


We slowed down and wind the windows down

"Wei Paan, semalam aku ajak kau dinner kau cakap tak leh sebab ada family dinner ! Tipu aku eh!!!!!' Kanda says not realising that they were really going for a dinner for him.

"Ye ah ! Ni lah family aku!" pointing to Diyana.

I was in the passenger's seat and Sarah at the back and all the time we were making subtle faces to Farhan and Diyana to somehow tell them to play along and not say something that may ruin the surprise. Sarah and I played along too saying things like "Family dinner konon ! Cakap je lah pergi dating !"

Really thought the surprise would be blown so let's all spare a minute to be grateful for Kanda's inability to put two and two together. LOL JK. Thank God lah it was just Farhan and Diyana. Cuba if it was a group of them. KANTOI GILA MACAM ZEE AVI.

So we went to intercontintental, and making the restroom as a place to make calls to everyone making sure everyone was already there. They were except for Ha who was lost and we were quite worried for her ! We were interrupted by Kanda who called us and said

"Sarah, I dah jumpa dah wallet you. It was in the car!"

So we had no choice but to go back in the car and pretended to keep our cool and laugh it off.

Went back to Delicious all the time hoping Kanda didn't figure things out just yet.

Parked and we saw Marissa. She was heading for Ha's car to get the balloons. So we had to keep Kanda in the car. -____-

Marissa and Sarah managed to IDK how to keep him in the car and they basically spent a good 15 minutes talking about life. In the car. In the parking lot. While I was upstairs waiting for them with the rest. Memang.

Went down to give them the cue and they came up and we all sang Happy Birthday ! Yaaaaay ~

I was tired even before we started eating lol handling a surprise party is some tough shit to get together.

Hope you enjoyed yourself Kanda !!!!!! See mana ada orang lupa birthday you just because trials dekat :p

Have a great day everyone !