Tuesday, April 29, 2008

i'm fasting,

i am.

so the time i'm doing this is 5:01 am on a (very early) Tuesday morning.
I woke up at 4 and ate nasi goreng for Sahur.
I can't, as much as i really want, to sleep.
And i slept at like 1 last night.
That's only 3 hours of freakin' sleep.
I should study.

My exam is next week and i haven't done a thing.
Ok, maybe just sejarah but that's it.

I'm off.
I need to go and study.



Tuesday, April 22, 2008

earth day,

is today.

And so is Puan Jolayha's retirement.
I really really like her, y'knw.
She's an amaaaazing teacher.
Like, i really understood Math with her weiii.
I wonder who's going to be our NEW math teacher.
That's some huge shoes to fill in.
There was a special celebration for her.
There was the KRS sketch which was downright fantastic.
Freakin' funny. I laughed like shittttt
Nabila and I couldn't stop laughing.

And other performances.
Good la, i mean.
The scouts one was good.
Very organized and formal.
They sang and everything went in order.
It lacked humour as i thought they'll have.

Then, blablabla, the teachers had to go up on stage as they had to sing some songs.
I looked behind and Puan Jolayha was crying and at the sight of that, i too, cried.

Went in for Science.
Then yeah.
I'm so blank.

Today is Earth Day.

I love Planet Earth, something that not many people know.
SO do anything you can to stop pollution or whatever.

Loves (Planet Earth and Puan Jolayha)

Monday, April 21, 2008


Debra, Ashley, Li May, Brenda, Belinda.
Had a great talk with you guys.

I gotta study (quick) for the next test.



Wednesday, April 16, 2008

intervensi 2,

has just finished.


BM was alright though i think my karangan is so messed up. I mean, what other langkah-langkah, other than reading and writing down whatever, can you tell to your friend or whatever ?

English is stupid. I hate summary. I mean, they give us a retarded 10 word phrase and we have to add another 50 more. I can never do it. I mostly just like, copied and paste from the text given. Which is stupid.

Agama was alright. I studied for that one but then again, i always say it's easy but i don't really get high marks. Usually around the borderline A of 75.

Geography was ok. I think. Everyone says it's hard gila babi but i thought boleh laaa. I don't think i'll do too well. Ish.

Science Paper One was the easiest of all. Ok, i may come off as a know it all but i mean, after hours of studying the god damn chapters, it'd be kinda frustrating if i couldn't answer. Besides, i have a greaaaaaat tuition which the best teacher ever so, yeah.

Science Paper Two wasn't as easy. Pendulum can go die in hell. Haha. I mean, can't they just give us logical numbers ? Instead of us going through all that calculations only to come up with something stupid like 1.333333333333333333333. Only to realize, that we have to round it off. I left it 1.33. WHATEVER

Maths is idiotic. Hahahaha. I hate the prism thing. The others were okay.. til Najihah and the rest discussed. -______-" Banyak salah dah. EEEEEEE.

KH was hmmm, fine. I bantai the Akaun soalans. I really really don't care. It's not like i apply the concept of Debit and Kredit into my daily routine. -_-"

SEJARAH WAS CRAP. You know how they say, 'Save the best for last' ? Well, whoever said that can go take their words baaaack. Bloody hell, freaaaaakin' hard okay . EE ISH EE ISH EE ISH. Stupidstupid. Cikgu Yusnizam said form one and form 2 banyak keluar. ALOT. And not much on form 3. Well, that's bull. Hahahahahaha. Like half of the 60 questions provided (much to our despair) was from Form 3. Form 1 and 2 like so sikit. WHAT THE HELL ?! I'm not surprised if i fail. Like, honestly i think i got 10/60.

Which totals up too...



I so gotta study for the next one. Which is next month. Honestly, there's no such things as a break when we're in form three. But i think as much as i hate it, it's actually for our own good.
We have tests every month except for June where the other forms except for form 5, i think, will be sitting for their Mid Year.
Next month is diagnostic.
Shitty shit shit.
I. Need. To. Get. A. Freakin'. 'A'.

I. Need. To. Get. Freakin' 8. 'A's.


Saturday, April 12, 2008

golden nite,

was admittedly fun.

though i had to strain my neck to see the perfomances cause we were at the table right at the back.

ok, by 4.30, Mama and I went out to Curve to do our hair.
My mum had to highlight some so that took some time.
Came back and made a mad rush to the door cause mum had to be at the community hall by 6.30 and it was already 7.
So went to Kai Wen's and got ready there.
Talked a bit and told stories, hahaha.
Najihah came at 7.45
And she had to change into MY skirt as to her pants.
Hahahaha, something she decided to not tell her parents.

Went at like 8.
Alot of people were waiting outside.
I thought my dress was a bit too short but i saw this girl wearing something totally shorter so i could finally breathe in relief.

It started by 8.20 and it was all good.
Performances was really really good, ok.
Choir was fantastic, so was the scouts (+ 1 KRS, haha) and the Indian dance.
Really good.
And the 'Idol's' were alright.
Najihah and I were too busy making trips to the toilet for a camwhore session, hahaha.
tapi selalu tak jadi.
byt the time, we came in, Adibah Noor was performing.'

Then, the oh so famous Meet Uncle Hussain
-_-" one word, honey.
They were totally drunk. Seriously, they can't sing for guts.
Syakiiir, no offence. I know they're your favourite, haha
OK, well, not that dramatic la, but their song that they performed was fast but they did it in an acoustic way which was abit disappointing.
Ashraf Ariff was sitting with me and he ruined most of the songs by making it his own, haha.
I preferred OAG, cause they actually sang a song i RECOGNIZED.
That Generasiku song cause it was from Gol&Gincu.
So the whole lot of us were singing crap.
It was fun though.

It ended and Mama decided to go back right after it finished.
I thought as y'knw stage manager, she had to settle some stuffs, but nooo -_-"
But before anything, took some pictures with some people.
Haha :D
Fun laaa.

Some disappointments, but anyhoo.

The guy i was talking abt in my previous post, i've lost the interest i had for him.
I have a new crush but okay, i admit, i still am jealous whenever i see the guy i made a post for, is with this girl, and both are totally flirting.

I give it hmm, about a week's MAX for them to hook up and mmaybe 3 weeks more for them to break up and hate each other.

That's Malaysia for you, baby.
When they say I LOVE YOU like it's any other phrase.


Tuesday, April 8, 2008


i think i'm falling hard.

incase you're wondering, no, not fall literally -_-
just y'knw, falling.
in love, OUT of love, whatever.


great, just when a guy comes and before anything, he's gone, flirting with another girl.

i don't mind, really.
i mean, he's not MINE.
but, hmph.

this is what happens when you think you have everything in your hands.
including guys.

i actually miss talking to 'them'.
like all of em.
i miss last year.
really, i do.
i miss the form 3 (then lah. now they're 16) who were friendly enough to come to the koperasi and talk.
they're bitter now.

ok, well not all the form 3 guys were nice back then. some je la.
some, i've gotten to know better this year.
so technically, this year is better in a sense that i know most of em more.
last year, was so-so but adalah, haha.


who am i kidding, right ?
they won't sit up and notice us unless you go over there, flirt like hell, and sit on his lap.

guys these days have no sense of chivalry.

what are we, bloody Narnia ?


p/s : you won't read this, but honestly ? i miss you la. so much. :/

Monday, April 7, 2008

we freakin',



So ok, we were told by Puan Hanizah to reach school, latest by 6.55.
So i woke up at 6.18 (yes, i remember) and rushed gila gila.
Mama and Zaim were late so i had a crappy morning.
But decided to throw all that away when i saw my friends cause no point in being angry, right.
The prefects had to wear the plain uniform and they looked uber cute, hahaha, so cute, ok.
Especially Karen and Jei See :D
Then, by 7.10, the bus still wasn't there and we had to be there (RMC which stands for Royal Military College) by 7.30.
Come any later than that, and we were going to be disqualified :O

The bus came at like 7.30 -_-" or something like that la.
The journey there was quite far.
We practiced a couple of times in the bus but i was too nervous to feel my guts cause i always forget the gestures -_-"

We reached by 8, i think.
The RMC was really cool.
HUGE and clean.
And super awesome.
I didn't expect that for a GUY's school, kan.

Went in and saw our competition.
They looked real good.
Before it all began, we went outside to practice.

Went in after 2 practices.
Was really nervous cause everyone was so good.
We were the 2nd last so we got to saw the other schools first.
I sat beside Najihah and we were like, 'Wei, bagus gila siot'
Cause they had great actions and their voice projection was quite good.

By the time we went on, i was so nervous gila gila gila, ohmygod.
We went on and when we said the first line, i was kind of shocked cause we were kind of louuuud.
Ok, wait, we were GILA loud.
Like, voice projection was superb (if i do say so myself).
Hafiz's cuckoo doodle doo was really good.
Really loud.

I forgot my freakin' gestures, weiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

But takpe.


We went down and ofcourse, we were relieved.
SO relieved infact that from not wanting to do it all, we actually wanted to do it again.

Then RMC's team went up.
They were also very very good.
What do you expect, right ?
All of em are guys.

After them, there was a break for the panel of judges to y'knw, decide and all.
About 10 minutes or so, they came back in and we were really nervous.
The MC's were good too.
The level of suspense raised every second.
When he said, 'The top 2 schools that will be competing to the next level are..'

I wasn't really sure that we could win cause compared to the other schools, we were not as good.


Ok, this is getting nerve wrecking.

'... Taman Tun..'

He needn't say the rest cause we were already screaming and shouting and jumping.
Everyone looked but what do we care, right ?
We just won !

and ofcourse RMC won too.
So, all in all, it was good.
Got some food and went back to school.
OHMYGOD, we were soooo happy.

OVERJOYED, matter of fact.


(shall continue but i have to go, Najihot wants me on MSN. Guy problems.


Thursday, April 3, 2008


aren't always as you hoped they'd be.
and they say we're the hard ones, huh ?

What's so hard anyways ?

1. When we're upset, clearly we want you there asking what's wrong and push us to talk about whatever that's bothering us.

2. It doesn't hurt to get a flower every now and then.

3. When you stop doing anything like saaaay, texting, that doesn't mean we've gone away. That just means we want YOU to text us instead of vice versa.

4. When we like you, we try our hardest to act oblivious to the smallest things. Like, when you come up and say something or ask or even smile, we'd probably ignore it. The real reason ? We don't want to put our hopes (that the fact that there's a chance you have the tiniest crush on us) so high only to be crushed later on. Or, we're too freakin' nervous. What you don't know, is that I write whatever you did in my diary. And the scene repeatedly crosses my mind.

5. Why we don't smile back ? Only because we're too shy.

6. Why only the mention of you gets me smiling from ear to ear ? Cause I have this tiny thing called having a crush on you.

Ok, this is getting personal.


A huge congratulations to the kawad teams who won. Great work and definitely, a well deserved winning.


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

rachael's tag,

List 5 things you Wish for

1) To beat everyone in class so that they can leave their jaws wide open in astonishment, hahaha.

2) That Yves Saint Laurent wallet from Vogue

3) Money.

4) Better friends. SHE can tukar sekolah, i dnt need her.

5) For his attention.

The Person who tagged you:


Your first 5 impressions of her:

1) She gives me hugs most of the time :D
2) She cooks. Really really well. Unlike me.
3) She's super duper friendly with everyone. Hence, her popularity amongst her seniors.
4) Smart-ass.
5) She's thin. Like really thin. Bodoh. Hahaha

The most memorable thing she has done/given to you:
She actually LISTENS to wht i say.

If she becomes your lover, you two will:
We're straight, thnks.

5 people you tag:

1) Rachael (don't have to do it la cause you tagged me in the first place so really, i'm stupid, haha)
2) Ashley
3) Karen
4) Kaveetha
5) Nikster

Who is number 3 having a relationship with?
No one.

If number 2 and number 3 got together, would it be a good thing?
Hahaha, loseristic

What about number 4 and number 5?
They might as well be seeing how they're so close. Hahaha, kidding, fortunately for guys, they're straight.

What is number 3 studying?
Same things as me ?

When was the last time you chatted with number 5?
Hmm. Lama la actually

Does number 4 work?
Nuh uh

Would you be with number 1?
Hahahaha, i love her. :D

How about number 5?
Apa masalah tanya soalan relationships je ?

Does number 2 have any siblings?
I know she has an elder brother but other than that (if any), i don't know.

How did you get to know number 2 and number 4?
Both from lst year. Though freakishly, i knew Nikki's name yet can't remember her at all. Ashley says lama dah, but i'm so loseristic, i frgt.

Where does number 1 live at?
I know this ! Opposite SK1. Like a few doors down from Nikki's.

Is number 3 the sexiest person in the world?
Mhmm (; hahaha