Monday, March 31, 2008

a lil something something.


84 words


78 words


77 words

well, suffice to say, it started to descend -_-"

oh oh, today, i watched 27 Dresses.
Go go watch if you're a fan of those sweet love chick flicks.
if not, then go take a hike.


Friday, March 28, 2008


School was alright.
First up was BM, ofcourse the usual laughs.
agama was next, went down to photocopy the hand outs but we had to wait cause the bookshop wasn't open yet.
So we just waited.
and it seems, after the 15th copy which is only a quarter of what we had to photocopy, the ink went nada.
and the lady said we had to wait til afternoon nnt.


Then, KH, i only sempat to potong like for 10 seconds than Puan Nik changed her mind and we went in the first bengkel to sort our files.
Which remind me , i have to go to my old school for the umpteenth time to get it.
We were supposed to go to a KH lawatan yesterday, right ?
Well, we met Puan Nik and was like complaining cause we couldn't go.
It seems that a bunch of Form One's showed up and took the remaining available seats.
But, Puan Nik was so nice saying the next trip to some factory, the ones who couldn't go to this lawatan, was a priority.
Which incase you can't put two and two together, means US !
After KH, was seni.
but tak masuk class pun cause Najihah and I had to run some errands.
Photocopy MORE agama handouts and we had run some more errands.
Go to Form 2 la, ni la, tu la.
Like Nikki said, she saw me sweating and reckons it was the first time ever -_-"
then, we talked cause it was only 15 minutes til class so might as well skip kan.
so we just chatted and laughed and shared secret.
we* means Najihah and I.
looks like we have a LOT in common.
Some shan't be stated here.
then, we had to go find some random teachers cause Natrah wanted our help and we were happy to do it, cause that just burns time.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008


though i didn't go to sports day due to a spinning headache (honest to God, i really wanted to go cause it's my mum's birthday and Najihah was going and since i haven't been to Taman Tun's Sports Day, this would be the perfect time), my mum came back really happy and announced that Rumah Hijau which she is MY rumah sukan as well as hers, WON, i was equally ecstatic.
Hahahahaha :D
And Blue House was last. THAT was unexpected, really.
I thought they'd get it like they always do every year.
OH well (:

Also, today is my mum's birthday and in a bit, we'll be off to celebrate.
So yeah, i stayed at home, played Guitar Hero (I swear, it is so freakin' addictive) and lounged around.
And when mama told me how she enjoyed the sports day made me regret even more for not going.

My mum had a wonderful day, we can totally tell.
First, she told us that Rumah Hiijau won and that she received a bouquet of flowers from the school staff, and she says that after the prize giving, everybody sang her a Happy Birthday.
That's nice, kan ?
I love my mum so much, i'm glad she had fun on her 40th (:
Papa forgot to go out and get her a present.
Or a card -_-" (which we eventually got cause my grandparents bought it on our behalf)
But seeing how she had much fun, a present isn't really necessary.

Besides, she has us.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Ohmygod, human, you are so pathetic, it's stupid dah.
And you're rude.
I wasn't the one looking for trouble wei.
Stop making up stories and stop telling people the wrong story.
It's a loseristic move.
I am right, you're the one in the wrong so stop it la kan.
It's ridiculous.

You're not that rich la kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, asshole.
Just because you've been to London, doesn't mean you have it all.
Bodoh gila, loser.
Setakat nak perasan banyak duit, and you don't even know them designers, takyah ah.

And i didn't expect you to be rude.
Did you know (ofcourse you don't cause you're too dumb to function) that I was stressing out the night before just thinking about how'd you react ?
Did you know that we made an effort to atleast THINK about you ?
Did you know that instead, of saying bad things, we thought how'd you react and thought of ways on how to talk to you CALMLY and before we know it, you've been going around saying things that are anything BUT the truth.
Face the fact, you have no friends.
You just depend on ONE.
Which is so pathetic beyond words.

You want war, we'll give you one.


Sunday, March 16, 2008


was greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat :D
i mean, she performed live really well.
so, ok.
let's skip the first part of the day.
it has drama in it ;o

we (Najihah, Aimi and I) went to Curve at about 6.45 and when we reached there, we met Aishah and Dhabitah, Ashley and Nikster.
After that, we went to Secret Recipe to grab a bite as Najihah was hungry -.-
Ate cakes and we saw Kaveetha, JeiSee and Karen.
Gave Kavee and Jei See their tickets and we were off.
We went there and went in the gate about 7.30.
Took a couple of pictures before it started and like, tried to get a good place to stand.
We opted for the one on Colbie's left.
Anyway, it rained like by 8.30 ish.
Heavily too.
So, Najihah, Aimi and I rushed in to Cineleisure to buy an umbrella.
Needless to say, hair was ruined la ofcourse.
After buying from Watsons (I got myself a pink one), we went back in to Colbie's.
And even then, tak start lagi -_-'
i got pissed dah.
haha, cause she kept us in the rain, like idiots.
hahahaha, but takpe, true fan, meh.

i think she started by 9.
she was awesome.
very pretty in real life.
she was wearing a yellow top with black tights and killer shoes.
met audrey too.
she was wet and had a yellow rain coat on top of her.
VERY fashionable, bbe (:
so, first the band came up (consisting only 2 guitarist and a guy who was like a drummer tapi tak cause he only ketuk the speaker which had a mike in it and that ringy instrument, i totally forgot it's name la kan) and Audrey was like, Ohmygod! The guitarist is hot ;O
there was this one song she sang, and the guitarist on her right joined in to sing.
he was really really good.
anyone who knws tht song, tell me again.
i think it was Battle but i'm not so sure.

so, it ended, and Najihah, Aimi, and I lined up for autograph session. So did JeiSee and Lyds.
Lined up and Najihah and Aimi went to the toilet.
When they came back, i was already like in the middle where i was in the gate area where no one can like masuk and cut line (sorry, bahasa OUT).
so they missed out la.
Sorry (;

Soooo, we (Jei See and I) got her autograph.
Suffice to say, but like, she was a bit quiet.
Like, i actually said to her, 'Hiii ! I'm like a huge fan of yours!'
and all she did was smile.
i'm like, ooookay, Miss Too Popular For Her Fans.
but whatever, i still love her <333333333
Then, we had to go back.
My feet was killing me and when i was in the car on the way home, i had no energy left in my body.
god knows how loud i was screaming, 'COLBIE, WE LOVE YOUUUUU!'

Najihah and i talked til 2 in the morning over this SOMETHING.

I'm dying to tell it all but it's a bit personal.
But i'll only tell this to Rachael, and AshleyMashley cause i trust them.
I've already told Karen, so we're good (:


Thursday, March 13, 2008

bbq chicken,

If you want to have like the best barbeque chicken sandwich ever, try +wondermilk .

i ate 2 -_-"
hahaha, that gooood.

so today, Mama, Tania and i went to the dentist who's my mum's cousin's husband'd sister, Aunty Soraya.
So checked and i definitely need braces.
And for 2 years.
And after braces, i still have to wear retainers.

So they cleaned and checked first.
Also, they did molding.
Which they call 'impression'
When the molded the top part of the mouth, that seriously made me gag.
Like i really wanted to muntah my guts out.
And i had to remind myself to breathe through the nose cause it like blocked the air passage in my throat.
So that was why i really wanted to muntah ;o
but when they did the lower part, it was better la.

So after all that, we went to +wondermilk
I lovelovelove them so it was about time for me to try out what they got to offer.
Their barbeque chicken sandwich is heaven.
:D :D :D :D
mama ordered cuppcakes for Iman's party nextweek.
that's about it.
later i'll be going to Bintang Walk/Pavillion.
Yeay Me !


Monday, March 10, 2008


so, ok.
i woke up at 11.59 -_-"
so, rushed to bathe cause was supposed to go to Aina's somewhere by like, er, gee, 12?!
haha, but after all that mandi-ing, turned out Mama wasn't even in.
but she'd usually be back from wherever she is by lunchtime so i just waited.
went to Aina's house by 1.
bought McDonalds for Aina and Shira and myself.
When i got there, Aina had 5 minutes left of tuition so played (ok, mmmaybe not) with her brother.
after tuition was done, went upstairs and ate whilst watching The Joy Luck Club.
it's a Chinese movie on HBO or something.
Thought it'll be crappy cause Aina said it was kind of boring (since she's watched it already) but reckons that was the only decent thing to watch besides a rerun of GodKnowsWho E! True Hollywood Story.
Actuallllllyyyyy, it was kind of good.
hahahahaha, what a laugh.
boleh tahan la, i mean.
then, we went on the internet and hahahaha, went on to my myspace and she 'met' some of the people from my school.
she demanded details on each and everyone she came across so yeah, i was sitting on her (ultracool) chair whilst giving the 411 on everyone.
Some guys too, hahahaha.

anyway, Shira came short after.
By then, we popped in Snow White on the dvd player, and Aina and I were telling which of the 7 dwarfs were we.
So, i told her she was Dopey and I was Sleepy.
hahahaha, everytime they did something stupid, we'd laugh cause that's us.
Ignore if you don't understand.

When Shira came, we were brainstorming (!) on what movie should we next watch.
Shira and I wanted to watch School Of Rock but Aina wanted to watch Scary Movie 4.
So we did.

That movie is the stupidest movie i have ever seen in the history of bad movies.

like, seriously.
the movie was so stupid, it wasn't funny.
like, serious shit.
ugh, don't watch it weiii.
it's crazily stupid, like seriouslyyyyy, bodoh gila nak mati.

then, after watching the most stupidest movie ever made in mankind history, we went in the room and we talked.
caught up with old times.
like, friends and schools, since we're all in different schools now.
so we compared things.
like friends.
and teachers.
and homework.
and PMR.

usual stuffs.
laughed at alooooooooot of things.
best gila nak mmps.
like, i lovelovelovelovelovelovelove them so much, it's ridiculous.
then, Shira had to go back and bladida.
mama fetched me and we went to school to fetch Zaim from kawad.
went to send something at the tailors, and went to eat at Muhibbah.
went to fetch Tania and Iman from Myra's.
came home, onlined, watched Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader.
that's pretty much it.
tomorrow i'm out with Kyrina <3


p/s: 3 Edisoners, please say you haven't started on Cikgu YU's homework cause i know i haven't. Only sikit je -.-' unlike Kai Wen, the loser who went to Japan. hahahaha.

Sunday, March 9, 2008










serious shit, i should be out and about.
i'm being such a pig, it's craaaaaazy.

i mean, i sleep at 1, wake up by 10.
and i don't bathe til like 4 in the afternoon.
i eat my breakfast by 12 and lunch by 1.
dinner by 9.
supper by 12.

and because i sleep at 1, i'll feel really sleepy in the evening so i'll sleep for an hour.
bodoh kan.



Thursday, March 6, 2008

i like,

well, today i DID go to school -_____-"
despite not wanting to yesterday.
i set my alarm for 6 anyway, so i woke up by then and even though, was hesitating.
but i did force myself to wake up and bathe.

went to school, and didn't do much la.
got my agam results back, though.
76 JE.
i'm thankful it's an A but stilllll, pfft.
i want to get a 90.

so, time passed, laugh laugh and laugh.
and and, Najihah introduced this game, 'Silent Killer'
ohmygod, weiiii, damn awesome ok.
hahaha, it's like so awesome, we stayed back til 1.30 to play it.
it's THAT good.

i shall teach youu (:
so stayed back til late 2 cause mum had something on.
waited in the canteen.
Luqman was there so talked to him.
He even taught me a bit on Chapter 4 : Science
according to him, in order to understand, a dirty mind is required.
he even did, er, hand motions.
i was grossed out, weii.
hahaha, he eventually went home and i went back
here i ammm (:

Je vous aime parce que vous me faites le sourire


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

ahaha, back to what, i don't know lah.

anywaaaaaaay, a summary (as short as let's see, hmm, a word?) on Intervensi

Actually, was ok la.
The objective questions was indeed, confusing.
Ringkasan, hm.
Okaaaaaaaay je.
I think i went over the 80-word-limit like, i think, 82 ?
but, i then again, i counted the kata ganda which is considered one so yeah, 79 words, baby.
Overall : Okay JE

serious shit, stupid ass.
like, it was about me, ebing a head prefect giving out a speech about ways towards become an excellent teenager which i think is so cheesy.
cam, 'excellent'?
what the hell ?
aaanyway, i wrote and wrote but every 5 seconds, i'll be adding and cancelling out words so then, i got fed up, and took that as a draft thinking i had time.
but, well, i didn't.
15 minutes til over, i was still writing my last bit on the original copy with the horrrible handwriting so i couldn't possibly give that copy to Puan Hanizah.
So, i started writing a new one.

5 minutes til over, i wasn't even at the 4th paragraph.
and i had 7 paragraphs !
gila ke tak ?
so, since Cikgu YU is so nice, he let me continue til i'm done but i was SUCH in a hurry (Imran standing beside me, waiting, didn't help. At all) that i had to cancel some words.
Ugh. So by the last paragraph, my hand writing was as hedious as anything je. Ugh. I told my mum that, she was like, 'Oh, that's a shame'
having a mum as a teacher has it's benefits.
this isn't one of em

Overall: I need more time.

Was ok, some i hentam only cause the questions were (coincidentally enough) the bits and pieces i missed out reading.
haiyamaiya. not thinking i'll get an A, though.
Kalau A pun, like, a 75.

Overall: Loseristic

Not as hard as Cikgu Mas'aud said it was quote, 'Agak challenging' unquote.
It was simple enough.
paper 2 had its tough parts.
screwed some question like the nutrition based ones.
i answered one of em, 'Proteins' when it was totally 'Carbs'
so since it's a linked kind of question, that's 2 marks out.

Overall: Answerable yet i can't answer.

Was abso-freakin-lutely crappy.
Stupid stupid stupid paper.
I'm so getting a D for this.
The keyword for this paper is stupid, no doubt.
Audrey knows, hahaha.

Overall: Stupid

Answerable cause of the calculator. Thank GODDDDDDD takde Paper 2.

Overall: Answerable though some were hard. Namely the coordinates and liner equations.

We had only 45 minutes to answer this paper. No pressure cause it was easy enough.

Overall: The only paper I could sleep for

Was okay. Had a blast teaching Jei See my ridiculous formulas.
With all that laughing, i forgot to read my earlier Form 2 Chapters.
Huge mistake.

Was ok though.

Overall: Answerable