Tuesday, March 25, 2008


though i didn't go to sports day due to a spinning headache (honest to God, i really wanted to go cause it's my mum's birthday and Najihah was going and since i haven't been to Taman Tun's Sports Day, this would be the perfect time), my mum came back really happy and announced that Rumah Hijau which she is MY rumah sukan as well as hers, WON, i was equally ecstatic.
Hahahahaha :D
And Blue House was last. THAT was unexpected, really.
I thought they'd get it like they always do every year.
OH well (:

Also, today is my mum's birthday and in a bit, we'll be off to celebrate.
So yeah, i stayed at home, played Guitar Hero (I swear, it is so freakin' addictive) and lounged around.
And when mama told me how she enjoyed the sports day made me regret even more for not going.

My mum had a wonderful day, we can totally tell.
First, she told us that Rumah Hiijau won and that she received a bouquet of flowers from the school staff, and she says that after the prize giving, everybody sang her a Happy Birthday.
That's nice, kan ?
I love my mum so much, i'm glad she had fun on her 40th (:
Papa forgot to go out and get her a present.
Or a card -_-" (which we eventually got cause my grandparents bought it on our behalf)
But seeing how she had much fun, a present isn't really necessary.

Besides, she has us.


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