Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ok, so basically, I can't have any sudden head movements because then I'd have to shut my eyes to prevent the dizziness. This sucks. 
Had to skip my mod maths exam (not on purpose for those who thought I wanted to dodge the bullet intentionally because I stayed up the night finishing Mod Maths) because the morning of, I wasn't feeling so good. And you know you're sick when you get sweaty so often and cold so fast. It happened all after my dentist appointment. I have to have those damn elastics on but I'm going to go ahead and disobey the dentist because first and foremost, he tightened my braces so my molar teeth are so sensitive to pressure which makes eating anything next to impossible. My diet these few days consist of porridge and .. yeah that's it. I can't even freaking eat the small bits of Oreo's in the McFlurry. I've experienced this when I first had my braces on so it's back to square one, almost. And my lips are so dry, I've slapped on Vaseline more than I should and it's still peeling. Gah.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Paris, Jet'aime.

Next year, next year.
I actually have my BM material to memorize and I'm still not done but I've read it a million time so it's considered done ? I don't know. 
I hate facebook and twitter and tumblr for being so goddamned distracting. We all know claims of 'Ala, 5 minutes je, lepas tu, sumpah belajar!' never works, not matter what you're doing. 5 minutes = 3oo seconds, what the hell can you do in 300 seconds. I sure as hell can't so I've quit that habit of delaying myself 5 minutes. We're barely half way in finals but I'm already thinking of what to do after finals which is in a way, a motivation. Ok, tak la sangat.

Gila in love sial dengan Jamie Foxx, he's more actor first, songbird second. The guy can sing his ass off, for real now. Sedap gila babi lunak macam oh my god. Dahlah sedih k one song tu 'Wish You Were Here' hahahaha, made me cry by the end when he looked as if he, himself, was going to break down. AND ! He sang the Brady Bunch theme song into his own. HAHA sedap sial tak ingat dunia punya sedap. He even sang F*** You tapi sedap gila wth ? Ok fangirl moment up

Currently lusting over anything French. From beret (which my sister got from Pull & Bear) to the Eiffel Tower history. Trip 2010 please ! 

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Favourite Thing

Suka gila skirts like the one above.

So, finals started so I have that to blame for my non-updates. We're only like 2 papers in. Banyak lagi to go. Malas la. Thank God next week, we've BM, English and Mod Maths. Tapi next next week tu :s :'( :/ Sometimes I curse myself for being in a pure science stream. 

I can't wait for Plan Room Makeover. I have it all planned out in my book, all detailed too. -.- I have finals now, and I'm clearly concentrating on other things, nothing at all associated to the form four syllabus. Bagus kan ? Cemerlang. -____-

I got this one article from Tumblr and fell in love. It's true and I couldn't help but smile at some points. 



  1. Sleeping In on a Rainy Day – As the rain beats lightly against the window, you nestle your head deeper into your pillow. The sound is soothing and your bed feels like a sanctuary. There is no place you would rather be.
  2. Finding Money You Didn’t Know You Had – You reach into your pocket and find a $20 bill from the last time you wore these jeans. You aren’t rich, but you are richer than you were a second earlier.
  3. Making Brief Eye Contact with Someone of the Opposite Sex– You pass her on the street or in the subway. She glances up at you momentarily, making direct eye contact in a way that seems to communicate a subtle curiosity. For a split second it makes you think… and then it’s gone.
  4. Skinny Dipping – There is something mysteriously liberating about being naked in a body of water. You are naked, but it feels natural, a sense of unrefined freedom.
  5. Receiving a Real Letter or Package via Snail Mail – E-mail has become the primary source of written communication. Most snail mail these days is junk mail. When you check the mail and find a real letter or package from someone you know, excitement overtakes you as you tear into this rare gift.
  6. Making the Yellow Light - It’s one of the most common simple pleasures, the act of beating the pack. As you blaze through the yellow light you glance in your rearview to see all the cars behind you stopping at the red light. Yes! You made it!
  7. Telling a Funny or Interesting, True Story - One of the most enticing roles you lead in life is that of the storyteller. You love to share stories, especially those that will captivate your audience with deep curiosity and humor. There are few things more satisfying than telling a true story that others enjoy listening to.
  8. Seeing a Friend Stumble Over Himself – As you walk across the street with your friend, he fails to accurately address the curb on the other side. He trips and stumbles around momentarily before regaining his footing, then swiftly attempts to play it off like nothing happened. This can be a hilarious sight if the moment is right.
  9. Hearing the Right Song at the Right Moment - It doesn’t matter what the setting is, hearing the right song for that moment is one of those simple pleasures in life that instantly lifts your spirits. You could be driving home from work, hanging out at a bar with friends, or jogging. When the right song rattles your ear drums the entire meaning of life seems crystal clear.
  10. The First Sip of a Beverage When You’re Thirsty – You just finished mowing the lawn or taking a long jog. The only thing on your mind is an ice-cold glass of water. When you are really, really thirsty, that first sip of any liquid beverage is sheer bliss.
  11. Catching a Glimpse of Bare Skin on the Opposite Sex – For guys, it’s when the waitress bends over a little too far. For girls it’s seeing that buff guy in a Speedo. Either way, when you see a bit more skin than you were expecting on the opposite sex, you can’t help but to smirk on the inside.
  12. Saying the Same Thing Simultaneously – There is a moment of silence. Then all of the sudden you and your friend blurt out the same exact set of words simultaneously. This rare occurrence is something to smile about.
  13. The Pull-Through Parking Spot – You pull into a parking spot and are delighted to see the availability of the parking spot immediately in front of you. You pull through to the spot in front so that when you return to the car you can drive forward out of the parking spot. Why? Because driving backwards is a pain in the butt.
  14. Realizing You Have More Time to Sleep – Something abruptly awakens you and you think it’s time to get up. Then you squint over at your alarm clock and realize you still have 2 more hours to sleep. A warm euphoric feeling shoots though your body as you glide gracefully back to your dreams.
  15. People Watching – Sitting there on your bench you can see people in every direction. Tall people, small people, thin and plump. Blond, brunette, and redhead alike. Each of them has a different stride and a unique expression. As you drift from body to body you are mesmerized by what you see.
  16. Putting On Clothes Straight from the Dryer – As soon as the dryer buzzes, you pull out your clothes and put them on. They feel soothingly warm on your skin and emit a fresh-scented aroma into the air. A sentiment of ease comes over you as you head out to conquer the day.
  17. A Familiar Smell – You just pulled into your parent’s driveway and opened the car door. You haven’t been home in a long while. You smell familiarity in the air, the scent of a large pine tree in the neighbor’s yard. As you head through the front door, more familiar smells consume your senses. Gosh, it feels good to be home…
  18. The Feeling You Get When Your Idea Works – You have been struggling to resolve a complex problem all day and you just can’t seem to get it right. Filled with frustration, you decide to exercise one last idea before calling it a night. You’ve had many ideas before that failed miserably… but this time it works.
  19. Fresh, Clean Bed Sheets – You yank at the corner of the bedspread to create just enough space to slide your body under the freshly cleaned sheets. The sheets feel cool to the touch. Everything seems so clean, like nobody has ever slept in this bed before.
  20. A Beautiful View – As the car veers around the side of the mountain you gaze out the passenger window. It’s a clear, sunny day and you can see the entire valley below filled with wild flowers and bright green vegetation. The scenery reminds you of something you once saw in National Geographic. But here it is live, right before your eyes.
  21. Reminiscing About Old Times with Your Closest Friends – Pink Floyd once said “the memories of a man in his old age are the deeds of a man in his prime”. There is no simple pleasure more satisfying than recounting the greatest moments of your life with your closest friends who lived these moments alongside you.
  22. Receiving an Unexpected Compliment – It’s been an average day. Nothing really great has happened, but nothing terrible occurred either. This monotonous day has put you in a dreary mood. Unexpectedly, an older, attractive lady taps you on the shoulder, calls you “handsome” and says she loves your shirt. The day just got a whole lot better.
  23. Having a Good Laugh – Laughter is the greatest cure of all. Life is extraordinary in the moments when you are laughing so hard you can barely breathe. These moments of deep laughter are divine in the sense that they cleanse your mood and set your mind on a positive track.
  24. The Feeling After a Healthy Workout - It’s a giddy feeling of self accomplishment; the one true activity that actually makes you feel better and look better simultaneously. When you walk out the front door of the gym you are on top of the world.
  25. The Celebration in the Instant Something Makes Sense – Even now that it has explained to you for the third time, you just don’t understand how it works. Everyone else seems to understand but you. Then out of the blue the dots connect in your mind. You finally get it, and it feels great!
  26. Relaxing Outdoors on a Sunny Day – As you relax sprawled out in a lawn chair, the sun warms your skin and a light breeze keeps the temperature comfortable. Birds are chirping merrily in the trees behind you. You are at complete peace with the environment.
  27. Holding Hands with Someone You Love – Every time she grabs your hand you are overcome with an awareness of how much she means to you. Holding hands is sensual and physically intimate, yet subtle. There are few people you allow to hold your hand, so when it happens you can be sure that the moment is special.
  28. Playing in the Water – Water marvels people of all ages. From jumping in puddles as a child, to doing cannon balls in the pool as an adolescent, to enjoying a cocktail in the Jacuzzi as an adult… water is enjoyable.
  29. Making Someone Smile – You notice that your colleague has been under a great deal of stress with meeting a deadline, so you take it upon yourself to complete one of her indirect responsibilities for her. As soon as she realizes what you did, she comes into your office with a big smile on her face. “Thank you”, she says. You just hit two birds with one stone, because making her smile just made your day.
  30. Finishing What You Started – You just finished up a big project you’ve been working on for the last few months, or maybe you just finished your first marathon… Either way, you finalized what you set out to accomplish. The feeling of self accomplishment you get when you finish what you started is by far one of the most rewarding simple pleasures life has to offer

The coloured ones are my personal favourites.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dream I'm Dreaming

Today, we started our finals. And we kick started it with additional maths. To say it's my least favourite subject is an understatement. I despise it because I keep doing (and I hate myself for this) the topical questions and skip the SPM orientated ones. Which is a mistake because I mean, the day Kaveetha turns Chinese (got that from Amanda) is the day when add maths questions during exams turns easy for me. HAIH. FOR PETE'S SAKE, I got stuck at the first question and I wished Puan Ooi wasn't around that time because macam pressure ah when she makes rounds. Hafiz said the first question which is based on Chapter One ntah macam mana pusing terbalik jadi quadratic equation hahahahahaha. Sarah lagi best cakap 'Asal semua orang guna calculator, aku takde pape pun nak guna calculator!' hahahahahahahaha I thought I was the only one! Lawak sial Sarah. Haih, takpe ah wei, we'll start improving next year :') Tomorrow's tasawwur and I lost my freakin' folio so heh, I don't know. What if it's an easy A ? Macam rugi je kan kalau drop. But chances are I'll be taking up Literature so yeah, I'm still in midst of deciding. 

So tell me, Beyonce ni cancelled ke tak ha ?! Sorry la k, but I'm a true fan so macam I'm so freakin disappointed. I was already freakin looking forward for the concert. Babi. Annoys me to no end because of this never ending protest. Attack against the culture ? Biarlah dia pakai apa dia nak, it's her concert, it's her show. And the fans here in Malaysia are freakin PAYING to see her perform, her fans obviously tak kisah dia pakai baju apa. Yang tak habis habis protest tu, senang cerita, don't go lah to her freakin show ? Solution senang pun tak boleh fikir. Bangang gila, man. Freakin' annoying. Tengah benci Beyonce la jugak kan, I want to know what her reason. I'm giving her a month to announce a new date and I hope and wish she does. A later date is better than no date at all. K next, this is bringing me down. HAHA gila emo.

  • WHAT THE HELL DAH 1030 ?!?!?! Damn son, should get started on my Bio.
  • Ah shit, tak buat lagi dentist appointment. Dorang yang call tapi takde pape pun ? -.-
  • Oh yes, my watch is ready, finally. Another reason to go OU this weekend :') Bosan but hell, Tokyo G la john. Oh ha, ada Coach kan nak bukak dah kat situ. Cotton On mana nye ?
  • I'm stoked for post finals. HAHA, so gelabah lah. SPM pun belum pass. Chilling la k pls. As usual, made plans for Penang, this time for Hard Rock Hotel (Y)(Y) disappointed that so called holiday plans overseas didn't work out but oh wells, what to do.
  • Go ahead, I don't really care about you anymore. 

Monday, October 19, 2009

Rumah Terbuka '09 x

  • Woke up at 10 when Mama called me saying she's leaving in half an hour and I am supposed to tag along to run some errands.
  • Forced myself out of bed because c'mon, we all know '5 minutes lagiiii, jap!' never works. Especially on me.
  • Went to the florist in DU that Mama frequents but unfortunately it was closed so had to go to Taman Tun market. It has been so long since I went there ! :') Got the usual soya bean and waited for the flower arrangements. Met Hakim Shah Redza, he was there helping his mum out, sweet sangat. Haha. Apparently, my mum knows his mum and that his dad is my aunty punya husband punya cousin. :O So terkezuts oneeee.
  • Headed to Party@World to get some balloons (for god knows what reason) in pastel and then went home. Phew.
  • Helped with everything. I hate this part. Very the penats okay, belum lagi layan orang :o
  • Jan and Harith came and I was not in my baju raya yet. Nice.
  • Aidit, Hisham and Shahrain came together and Pak Tok sat with them and talked. LAWAK GL. 
  • The boys (Jo Marc Hafiz R. Asif Darren) came and they were scared to salam my dad sebab tak habis habis cakap in pictures, he looked strict. Hahahahaha. So cute.
  • Sarah Ila Dina Farishah Yahi Aimi cameeeeeeeeee, :)) Dorang ni macam permanent fixture in open houses, confirm ada punya :') Thanks ladiessssssssssszz.
  • A lot of people came sampaikan we had to move numerous times. Last last ada jugak pergi taman. That was fun. There's this slide yang made out of rolling cylinders so macam as you go down the slide, you'll vibrate (?) and that was funny hahaha the girls cakap macam Tesco punya cashier. 
  • Came back home and chilled. The boys went back first before the girls. I'M TIRED ! x
  • There were still people (READ: Aunts and uncles, friends of my parents la basically) that I had to salam and say Hi and make tiny conversation with. Lama sial tak nampak some of them. Had the usual comments "Dah anak dara dah diaaaaaa" "My my, what a young lady you have become!" (<- Ni serious betul, bukan poyo guna language cam tu, my grandmothers friends la k haha). Asyraf, a friend of my brothers played the role of entertainer today and played the piano all day long. That kid's a freakin music prodigy. 
  • Tak makan pun lamb, wei ! Damn. Ate rojak though. Tu je la. And roti jala. Sad case. I've been eating sikit ah lately. :/
  • Bla bla bla bla bla penattttttttttttttttt
  • Happy though ehehehehehhee
  • Ok bye.
Terima kasih kepada mereka yang hadiri, no offence to those who weren't invited, I had a limit :/ Believe me, kalau takde limit, semua orang k ! Raya dah nak habis ! :'( Til next year yeah, selamat hari raya aidilfitri x

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Today was one of the rare events when I actually woke up before noon. Which is a bloody amazing achievement coming from me. Woke up at 9 and took a bathe because my grandparents were determined to bring us to Chawan in Bangsar for breakfast. Hahahaha tak biasa makan breakfast so macam ok ok je. Next Monday, Mama and I have made plans to go and devour in nasi daun pisang not far from Chawan. My god, favouriteeee sial ! Can't wait haha. Went back and as predicted, I slept. Revised a bit of bio when I woke up but attempt was so short-lived, macam tak belajar pun -.- My attention span in so stunningly short, I should be in the record book. Heh. So then got dressed to go to SSF Furniture just for the sake of it, but there was nothing for us so left short after. Studied Bio again but failed after 15 minutes because Mama told me to get ready for Ayesha's because tonight was also Mak Tok's birthday dinner at Le Meridien (So sad la tak pergi, I love that place, teppanyaki undescribable punya sedap!) and they had to go early because jauh kan so I was there by 7 ? Yeah. ALA so cute la Brenda Belinda pakai baju kurung Natrah. One in light pink, the other in hot pink. :') Comel gila babi. The food was freakin delectable, the lamb so tasty, with the black pepper sauce. I even ate kway teow dengan black pepper sauce k sebab it was THAT good. Took pictures and played foos as well as Wii. I seriously should ask Papa for Wii, best gila k main Tennis though when it comes to boxing, everybody looks so weird punching air. 
Went back at 1130, and I'm so freakin tired now. Tomorrow ada lagi keluar, dah run out of baju raya wtf :( 

K night la, wanted to watch Glee but surfthechannel behaving like a rats ass, so heh. Off to the land of Nod.

p/s : Jessica Szohr's picture on twitter tak boleh lagi PDA ke ? Haha. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Almost There

School was monotonous. Like it has always been. Mod maths teacher so PMS today -.- History was a yawn, just read through without understanding which is pointless anyway. Then, we had Physics. Damn, I hate physics to the core, I kid you not. Such a drag and a dry subject. Finals are horrendous, and we're not even sitting for it yet. A 3 week stretch. I'm just thankful that it's not EVERY day. Can die k kalau macam tu -.-
A part of me refuses to take finals seriously. But then the better part of me tells me to just study as much as you can. How lah SPM next year ? Ok jap nak review every subject : 
BM - Am I the only one always in a rush during BM ? Tak cukup masa lah to write so many things. Translating an English word to a BM word takes me a while k pls.
ENGLISH - (Y) I haven't seen Puan Michelle lama gila ! 
MOD MATHS - As much as people think it's easy, it's not all that. Confusing lah all those graphs. @#$%^
ADD MATHS - Most of my hatred and anger are channeled towards this specific subject.
BIOLOGY - :'( Too many terms. TOO MANY, I tell you. Too much memorizing.
CHEMISTRY - I skipped Chapter 3 after too many attempts. And here I am thinking Chemistry was all about explosions and white lab coats :(
PHYSICS - Please go die, k thnks bye.
HISTORY - Holy shit, tak belajar pun langsung, :'( One lousy chapter can be a pain in the freaking ass. Reading can be a hassle on its own, UNDERSTANDING AND MEMORIZING FACTS is a whole different story, la please.
AGAMA - Ustazah Fadzilah gave birth (HOORAH!) but unfortunately for us, we won't be able to suck up to her and plead for topics. Ustazah Upiq cakap semua keluar, wtffffish.

When I was getting ready for school, my dad said to me "Eh pergi sekolah nampak, ingatkan dah berhenti" in which resulted to me laughing. Puan Sia - "NADIA! Why so long never see your face in school ha?" 
Learned a bit in Bio. And went back. Where has that ice cream guy gone to ? :( I miss after school ice cream. 

Went to Ikano for steamboat and bought myself the Teen Vogue with Chanel and Jourdan on the cover. I especially loved the 3.1 Phillip Lim dress Jourdan wore in one of the photographs. The things I would do to get my hands on the garment :'( Ada Teen Vogue Hand Book, serious nak beli. 

Ok it's 12 and I should just go do some add maths question to get rid of the guilt that has been on my back since God knows when. 

Hi Yves

UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU k I found my bag. Hehe, now all I need is a trust fund like the Hearst sisters.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Monday, October 12, 2009

Be Gay, Think Straight

FINALS NI KACAU LA, I want to go out without feeling guilty tak belajar. I think after finals pun, we have a span of a couple of weeks before we get right back in the studying momentum for the vital SPM next year. Ho hum, the story of our life. But after SPM (!!!!), I have already made plans k, hahahaha so like berangan angan.

I got a lot of ideas for my room but I'm such a procrastinator so chances that my 'ideas' will come to life are small. Tiny, in fact. 
  • Who watches Glee ? BEST K ! Hahaha it's like HSM but better and tak gedik sangat coughVanessaHudgenscough. Every episode they have this rendition of a song, serious best. New favourite ! :')
  • TRIED to study but failed. Add maths ni kan %^@$!*&@^ Add maths is the first paper and that is NOT a good way to start off your finals :'( Cry cry cry
  • I'm so addicted to Facebook, studying has become next to impossible. This is why I depend on going to the library to study, no freakin distractions !
  • I am a slob. I need something to do, I need a hobby goddamnit -.-
  • I have this need to buy a new bag, leather belt, and tapered trousers.
  • Who knows where to buy these ? Appreciate it ! x
  • I need to go to Don's. My hair has a life on its own and is in dire need of a trim. 
  • I haven't watched Harry Potter 6 and it's killing me softly -.-

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Don't Say You're Sorry

Alexander Wang made me fall in love all over again with braids. Suka gila k buat ! Hahahaha. First thing I bought with my duit raya was a black scarf and a grey cardigan from MNG. (Y) They're as basic as basics can go but it's what I like so yeah. Ho hum, as much as I like buying things, I don't. I hate using money, rasa macam guilty. But don't mistake this as me being parsimonious because I'm not, I just hate the sinking feeling when you have to pay for something but you like it but at the same time, you're second guessing yourself on whether you should buy it. Pastu bila tak beli, balik rumah with an unsatisfied self. I'm crap at saving, I can tell you that. HUH WHAT IZ THISSS I'M CRAPPING ABOUT AT 3 IN THE MORNING ?! 

I am determined to get my Tokyo G fix today. ++ I am so hungry as of now, I slept my way through dinner and got so lazy when I woke up to get myself something to eat. Stupid, meet stupider. *points to self.

I should sleep it off now. Ok ? Ok.
p/s : woo hoo off day for us on Monday and Tuesday, nice long weekend. HAH, -.- cuti or no cuti, it's not like I go to school ANYWAY. 

p/p/s : Yo California Pizza Kitchen, I'mma let you finish but Fasta Pasta had the best spaghetti of all time. Of all time !

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wish I Could Be


  • Sent Tania to Syairah's house at Sierramas. It's a gateless community k ! Best sial, sumpah nak beli rumah kat situ.
  • Went to Asif's after that. Borak borak sembang sembang. There was this one time, Asif's dad, 'Ni semua form 4 ke ?' and we all were like 'Er... yeah' cause Aainaa was there kan hahahaha pastu dia tanya lagi 'Who's not from Form 4 here?' haha everybody laughed sebab Aainaa ada tapi dia cam senyum senyum malu malu. PASTU the dad was like 'Siapa yang bukan Form 4 tu maksudnya dia special la tu' hahahahahahaha ! Comel gila siot. 
  • After one too many brownies, went to the Athinahapan park and I played on the swing, despite I had a kebaya on. Baru la rock. -_______-
  • Went back to Asif's but not after we took pictures. Mosquitoes kat Athinahapan sumpah (@!*_)#(!@)(# i don't know how people can lepak there all day long.
  • OH HA, stopped by at Suraya's and ajak sekali :') Bestnya Taman Tun, semua kawan cam serious, walking distance. -.-
  • Everyone started going back home not long after we came back to Asif's. The boys played Chess and planned about what they were going to do tonight. Tak habis habis ajak pergi Rasta -.- Once one of us know how to drive, datang Sri Damansara k pls thnks bye.
  • Back home, got tired, slept til 930, chances of me sleeping early memang harapannnnn, ish
  • Dah la tak makan dinner lagi ! :'( Very the hungry oneeee.
I don't like the idea of studying on the weekends. Macam tak kena. 

Ok bye.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Suara Menusuk Kalbu

Ok, usually I don't really like covers on Youtube. Macam the RinOnTheRox, I only like one out of the duo, the other tu pun macam sengau semacam. And ok fine, AJ Rafael and some of his peers are minor exceptions. 
But then one fine night, Izzati Akhbar (Yahi la nama glamour) put up this link on Youtube on Facebook and it bore the title James Morrison-You Give Me Something so macam sebab dah suka lagu tu, why not? 

Oh man, sekarang tengah bukak banyak gila tabs, dengar semua lagu dia. Dahla lagu dia nyanyi semua macam my favourite (ehehehek) like Part Of Your World from The Little Mermaid. I mean, seriously, who the hell sings that anymore ? AND dia nyanyi lagu A Whole New World from Aladdin !!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE SEDAP SANGAT SANGAT !! And ada his rendition of The Way You Look Tonight. Oh my dear god, dengar je lagu tu, and I am officially in love. Sedap sangaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat sangat sangat. Tak tahan, I mean, who wouldn't ? To me, his voice is just beyond melodic and the songs he chooses to sing happen to be one of my old time favourites ? Please, that happens as rare as Victoria Beckham smiling.


 It's okay to want everything when you've worked hard for it. 

Todaaaaaay ; I skipped school because takde BM pun which I have to present my very very very much delayed pidato so macam no point, I'm going to school tomorrow just cause ada BM. Woke up at 11 plus and was in bed til like late 12. Watched Glee, ok lah, not bad, macam High School Musical but in episodes. Skipped out on breakfast (I hardly eat breakfast anymore -.-) and lunch because I had to be out by 1.20 because Zaim had his agama paper at 2, my mum was already honking outside, padahal lambaaaaaat lagi, haih, baru tengah nak pakai jeans lagi tu. I hate being in a rush, tak suka langsung, rasa macam tak puas. DAHLA rambut tengah basah gila, hohum. Ok, I would have thought, pergi before 2 kira safe lagi la since budak tak balik lagi from school. BULL. Banyak gilaaaaaaaaaaa nya, Ya Allah. I went upstairs but there were no vacant seats at all. Tables were there but chairs have been hogged. -.- I don't understand some people, they make the effort to go to the library, tapi bila kat situ, bising gila. Ni bukan nak tanya soalan ke apa, ni gelak lagi. Please la, you're there to study and I don't know if you're THAT thick, but in case you didn't get informed, library is known for its quiet environment in where people actually do some reading, not trying to judge, but there ARE people trying to study, you can do all your catching up and laughing outside of the library, it's not that far to walk k. Had to resort to the Kids area and was lucky enough to sit at the back where the table was identical to the one upstairs. Did only 2 chapters of Chemistry because I was in a bit of a time crunch because my mum picked me up at 4, the time when Zaim would be done with his Agama paper. Haih, usually I'd be done by 6 plus. Esok je la. I like the library sebab other than your phone, takde sangat distractions. If you fly solo, I mean. Kalau pergi dengan kawan, unless you and your friend(s) are really disciplined and determined to study, you're most likely chattering about the cute guy and his cute friends at the table beside you (hahahahah macam tahu je?). I'm going there again tomorrow, I hope, tapi macam I want to go at 9 but at the same time I have to go to school because I got that darn pidato to do, regret sial tak buat awal awal. Ish. 
This weekend I'm determined to go out, it has been too long ! 

Post Finals Plans (lambaaat lagi) 
  1. Go out to KL with my girls, gila noob nak pergi OU je. Hahahahaha
  2. Make the effort to go study. Finals are pishposh, yang kira SPM. Besides after reading what Uzma wrote on Twitter, rasa macam ha ah eh - Finals punya results sampai next year pun, so macam kalau fail, I'm sure they would probably forget all about it. Kan ? 
  3. Have a room makeover.
So, how was your day ?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

  • DO relax.
  • DON'T gelabah because lagi la whatever you've learnt, you'll forget. Ain't that a bitch.
  • DON'T surround yourself with friends who have this sickening urge to open a book and be all 'Wei, answer dia C la !', it'll only leave you down and the next paper, all you'll be thinking is 'WHY DIDN'T I ANSWER C?!?!' What's gone is gone, fikir ala satu markah je. Haha
  • DO baca doa. 
  • DO your best. Whatever your result may be (dah tahu la semua straight kan, sebab I SEE NONE OF YOU GO ONLINE FACEBOOK/MYSPACE/UPDATE BLOGS!) just make peace with it because you know you've given your best.
  • DO sleep well tonight. You're going to need it.
  • And hey ! Korang dapat the weekend to study siot, best tak terkata. Haha.
  • DON'T be like some people and open your (insert subject) book after your (insert subject) paper. Bukannya boleh buat apa apa pun kan ? Buang masa je ! Baik bukak buku for the next subject and study that. 
I wish the whole lot of you, '94s good luck and you know what your motivation to study should be ? LEPAS PMR TU BOLEH KELUAAAR AND TAK YAH RASA GUILTY !
Hahahahaha yang tu paling best.

Good luckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk xoxoxoxox

Monday, October 5, 2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009

  • Apa ni ? 90210 takde Ethan tu ?
  • Apa ni ? Grey's Anatomy takde George O'Malley ? MAN, HE'S MY FAVOURITE MAN :'(
  • Got a 20% off from Topshop but must be spent by next Friday.
  • First time beli benda online :o Hahahaha
  • My facebook is delirious. Dah nyanyuk

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Say People !

Taylor Tomasi be coooooool.
ANYWAY. I need a new room make over and I plan to do it by myself. Craziest thing is I don't mind spending my duit raya on new furniture. I need (!) :
  • Priorities first. NEW BED, enough said. It's safe to say, my bed is like 3/4 of my room. Walking space is so little, downgrading it to a single bed would make my room look bigger. What ever happen to good proportion. 
  • A new study table, I have my eyes on one and determined to get my hands on it. The current one I'm using is bombarded with things associated with anything BUT studies. 
  • A new make up table, like a proper make up table with a mirror right up front. With those round lights macam betul betul make up tu ? HAHA, baru la ada atmosphere
  • I want a long mirror, hung vertical so I won't have to go to Tania's room to look in the mirror. And mine is forever not hung and I don't like it because it's in the corner and blocks out all light so I can hardly see myself anyway. -_____-
  • I want a nice ceiling light, not this fluorescent light that BURRRRNS.
  • A new wall. I wanna paint over this hideously painted pink wall of mine. Maybe a different colour, and fill it up with photos, old and new. 
  • A bed side table with drawers ! 
  • And a lamp. I need a lamp. Like the ones that are screwed on the wall, nice (y)
Ada lagi la banyak tapi malas nak type, tengah tengok Americas Next Top Model ni. Cycle 13 permits only those under 5'7" hahaha, Tyra so baiiiiik onee. Couldn't watch the first episode because it's an hour and 22 minutes long and Surf The Channel web only allows 54 minutes of show which means I can only watch 54 minutes worth. Dahla miss make over and Chanel Iman as a guest judge ! Grr. 


Friday, October 2, 2009

Hellooo Mr Handsome.

Batch Of 2009

SMKTTDI dah maju, graduating ceremony is going to be held tonight. This is the first for our school and hopefully it'll go on from this year on (nak jugak rasa pakai robe yang tak berapa menarik, tetarik). Man, I've had nothing but admiration for my seniors, rest assured, I don't do the whole stalking thing. I wish you the best of luck and great success (sumpah jiwang, SPM lambat lagi kan). So, batch of 2009, have fun graduating high school tonight ! Once in a life time je ni ! 

Siapa kata high school tak fun ? xx
Dari dulu lagi nak baju macam tu, a simple white shirt and I can't find it anywhere ! Baju pelik pelik ada tapi ni tak :(