Sunday, June 30, 2019


Well, it has been a hot minute.

It's been a busy past few months and I really haven't had the time to write. I met someone yesterday who said her sister loves reading my blog posts (which was so nice to hear!) and that was when I realised DAMN I hadn't written anything in so long.

Apologies. I don't know who reads this space anymore but if you are reading and you still constantly check my blog for updates, thank you! 

So, here's what's up.

1. I quit my old job!

Yes! I actually finally doggone did it. I, for the longest time, was reluctant to quit because I had gotten so comfortable in it and I knew the system already like the back of my hand so I was just afraid that I'd have to do that all over again in a new job. And I loved my colleagues at NH so I was also partially scared I wasn't able to get colleagues like that anymore.

Then I realised - I was just constantly making excuses to delay me ever getting a new job. I loved the company and I will always have a special place in my heart for the brand because it was i) my first work experience ever and ii) I had learnt so much about starting a business which was the exact reason I chose to work there. But I came to the point where I didn't feel like I enjoyed much of it anymore. It was like being stuck in a rut. Maybe I burned out a bit? Don't get me wrong - the Raya campaign prep was so much fun and I loved the whole collection. Much more than I ever have! I was excited about people seeing it, I was excited for people to buy it and I was so happy to see the collection did really well for the Raya holidays. 

But I knew that was just that and I'll be back to doing the same work in and out. I wanted to learn something new and put myself in a new role! 

So I was called for an interview for a retail consultant firm and they immediately said yes and it took me about 1 and a half weeks to work up the courage to write a letter to my boss with my official resignation letter. I remember it clearly because I was so nervous to send it! 

2. My new job

I am now working at a retail consultant firm. Tomorrow will mark my three weeks there already! So fast. I'm in awe of myself really hahaha. I love my new job - it's challenging, fast paced, and I have learnt so much from my bosses. Who are really very nice - they've been so accommodating to my queries and have brought me out to teach me a thing or two about the job. I love learning new things so to know more about the development of a shopping mall from the very beginning to the day-to-day operations is so fascinating to me. And my bosses are like pioneers in this line and have brought in so many brands (like Ikea!!) to Malaysia so ummm they know a thing or two about developing a brand.

I like to think working at NH has been fruitful for this job because I'm the only one who has worked for a retail brand in the office so I've been asked a lot on my opinion of the current retail scene. It's fun, I enjoy it. My office is just next to a mall so I'm constantly shopping. Not good.


I will update more on other things like Raya and Game of Thrones (I've only *just* watched it and I did all 8 seasons under 3 weeks whuddup) and my friends getting married this year and more fun stuff soon. I find that if I write a super long post on everything, I'll have the tendency to not update for like half a year. 

Thanks for still reading, friends! I will promise to have this space updated as often as I can. I'm thinking like once a week but we'll see first how that goes. 

Have a great Sunday!!