Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Much Classier

Today, in school, we talked ALLLLLL about universities and career choices. I love talking about these topics, a thrill for me. As much I wanna stay put in high school, I don't mind going to university and get out of this dull uniform. Tapi nanti confirm rindu tak ingat punya. Haih. Baru je baca blog Jane Alridge tu kan, my godddddddd, best gila sial ! What is she ? A blogger je kan ? Tapi dapat pergi Paris for a fitting for a Chanel gown for the Crillon Ball in November. Apa kejadah ? :( Such a lucky lass. 

I like what the lady above is wearing. That's what I mean by effortless cool.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I hate myself for being so greedy

I Am Me Once More

  • Will be going to Beyonce, tickets have been confirmed ! x
  • I want to have a fringe again. I'm getting so annoyed with my hair. Shall go for a trim this weekend.
  • So far so good, duit raya untouched ! It's with my mum and I shall leave it there to resist all temptations to buy something. Besides, you'd have the urge to buy something you don't really like but want it anyway for the sake of buying something just cause you have the money. + There's nothing I have my eyes on yet so I'm all good. 
  • Zee Avi's I'm Me Once More sedap k ! 
  • I've had this craving for Tokyo G since lama gila dah. Damn :(
  • Demi Lovato, first Disney star who actually is good at singing. Very very good, in fact. Lagu Every Time You lie best gilaaaaaaaaaa
  • I love Moschino SS '10. I love Moschino, fullstop. 
  • Oh my god, finals. 

It's Ok If I Get Whatever I Want

I hate it bila nak ikat rambut, masa tu la ikat rambut hilang mana -.- 
School started today after a week long feasting and beraya. Has always been my favourite holiday of the year. I didn't get to enjoy it much last year because I had the PMR jitters. I actually enjoyed my raya, so yeah, I'm already missing Penang and how I practically abandon all day light activities. Man, all I did there was wake up at noon and stay in bed and watch TV. And the tv was in my room, facing the bed, so LITERALLY, I would just wake up and switch the tv on. I don't mind going there again at the end of the year. I was quite a gross sight, but oh wells, everyone deserves a being indolent. I just so happen to take it in as a hobby HAHA kidding, I can be quite productive when I want to. I still am looking forward to Raya open houses because it's one thing to see your relatives far and near, it's another to see your friends all dressed up. Comel sial tengok laki pakai baju melayu hahahah I still am not over it, people ! And I don't get tired of lemang and ketupat, it's not like you get them year long kan. Sedap kut ! 
I slept in class today, the weather was a freakin plus k, everybody wished they were at home on their bed sleeping the day away. Felt bad for not understanding Chemistry so I studied a bit at home, planning on hitting the library to do some studying for the finals. 

I've been watching Project Runway season 6 i think ? The latest one, I mean. BEST. Ada this girl lupa nama, she did this trench coat out of newspapers, sumpah cam YSL sial. Lawa gila, I would wear it if it wasn't for the material. Haha trench happening gila nak pergi mana ? -___-

Amanda told me some funny Blonde jokes during assembly and now here I am, 15 minutes to 2, reading blonde jokes. FUNNY SHIZNIT

Friday, September 25, 2009

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going

Came back home today. It was a bittersweet thing, because as much as I love Penang and didn't want to leave, I miss KL. 

Tonight was so much fun. For the first time, no one bailed on this dinner (I think?), everyone came ! :') I was the first, and met Farisha and Ashley there. Both so pretty (ahem Ashley, kembang la tu) ! Ashley with heels k ! :'o I iz proud, you know, Ash ? Haha.
Everyone started to flood in and the food was good, had brilliant fun meeting up with everyone because it seems to me I haven't seen them in years. Even Suraya and Najihah were there, and Hakim ! Lama gila tak jumpa everyone, and missed them heaps, so that made my night. Ate a lot cause the food was surprisingly sedap k, I thought it was just pancakes and maple syrup (-.-), but ada spaghetti pancakes which admittedly sounds weird but sedap sial. Ada mushroom lagi, ugh, the bomb. Took pictures with the bunch and for the first time in a long time, the whole 6 of us (Ila Suraya Dina Sarah Najihah) were there so we had to take pictures since we've been meaning to do that berabad lagi but never got the opportunity. Ala best sangat la. I dared Hafiz I, Hakim and Farisha to eat the tomatoes after seeing Amy and Ila doing it, macam best kan. And we all did, but Hafiz was such spoil brat and for the first few times, tricked us into eating when he just pretended to eat. Tapi last last paksa jugak makan. It was shit hilarious seeing Hafiz's expression. I quite like em raw like that so I had no problem. Then there was the usual teasing between Hafeez and Hafiz about their colour and how they need flash to see them because they were dark. Tak la hitam mana, saja exaggerate -.- But it never fails to make us laugh so that was fun. I think the whole reason that made it a ball because everyone I wanted to meet showed up so macam puas. 

Of course, I just had to go back early. Tak blow birthday cake lagi :'( I'm always amongst the earliest to go back home from a party. Name it, I'm always one of the earliest. Dahla tonight was probably the best cause all my good friends were there. It's not always my friends are all there together. And my mum actually called way earlier than that saying she was already eating dessert and asking if I was done  (my parents had their dinner at Curve). So frustrating to know that I have to go back early when everyone baru nak seronok. It's like, before I know it, dah balik -______________________- EVERYTIME OKAY ! And it's not like I go out so often like Tania or Zaim. I mean, sometimes I have to alter my plans so that I won't be a burden to Mama. Tak pernah nak rebellious k -.- I don't go to goddamn concerts or so much so as to even watch late night movies because I know it'll be just a hassle to my mum. But this is just a freakin birthday party. A harmless gathering of friends whom I haven't seen in so long. DAHLA BARU NAK KARAOKE DENGAN HAFIZ RAHIM AND HAKIM :'( And I know it's no big deal, but this year la we're turning 16 and no major exams. I know well in my heart that next year takkan banyak birthdays setakat 16 pun tak banyak. As much as I am grateful that my mother even sends and fetch, but sometimes so :'( Living with a strict father doesn't help. There's more adjectives than just 'strict' but heh, I don't want to ruin my night even more. 

All you judgmental people who think my life is all easy breezy, you come live with me for a week, you'll take back everything you've said, trust me. I don't care if you read this and say how dramatic I may be, but please la, as long as you're not living in my shoes as a sixteen year old girl who has been degraded by the closest people in her life more than a million times, you really shouldn't be saying anything at all. Not getting the things I want is a normal thing, but oh boy, you should hear how much crap I listen to every day. You'll feel sorry for me.

And thank god for waterproof mascara.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Day Two

Woke up at a reasonably late hour which was 10 because throughout the night, my nose acted such a bitch and was so stuffy making it hard for me to doze off. ANYWAY, the photographer came at 1130 so everyone had to dress up. Today, my kebaya was red, real pretty thing, again it was a possession of my grandmothers. Skipped breakfast because I was already late and continued with picture taking. Rasa macam tak banyak sangat gambar but oh wells. I slept in the afternoon, mid way during Live From The Red Carpet : Emmy Awards. Suka gila baju Heidi Klum. Banyak orang pakai black, tak panas ke ? If any of you know when the award show will be on tv, please tell, I want to watch it but I have no idea when and where to watch. 
Later, at night, there was steamboat. I expected a whole lot more to come, tapi tak la banyak macam dorang cakap ? I had a small portion because I became body conscious all of a sudden -.- It's Aunty Win's birthday today so we had the whole cake blowing thing. And Mia's too, she was all dolled up in a Cinderella costume (tiara and wand included) and blew her birthday cake in a shape of a 3D Barbie. 

That's pretty much it. We booked a place at Hard Rock hotel for lunch on Wednesday. It's a new hotel so I have my doubts but should be interesting because they said it's a themed hotel. 


Eid Mubarak Day I

WOOH for the millionth time, Selamat Hari Raya/Happy Eid Mubarak ! 
Hope you guys had as much fun as I did.

So ok, let's start. 

Pak Tok woke us up at 730, memang takkan nak bangun la kan setakat tidur at 1. So I was the latest to get up which was around 815, I think. So got ready but there was no hurry seeing the men went for Raya prayers and the girls stayed in. My top was still tengah jemur so had to wait for a bit, and then baru hari ni la kan nak iron kain semua tu -____- The boys came back and we were all dressed up, which is always a nice sight. Then makan a whole lot, basically rendangs and ketupats and lemangs and there was kuah kacang but I'm no fan so I stuck to my usual lemang and rendang. Sedap gila k. My kebaya top is literally 50an punya (It belongs to my grandmother who was so freakin tiny, I wore it pun ketat gila k! But it was pretty so what the heck) so with the 50 year period, along came a tear right behind so my mum had to stitch it up before I ate more and lagi gemuk and lagi ketat and lagi besar koyak dia. Haha k whatever moving on. Then it was the duit raya and photo sessions. This year, both Papa and Along (my uncle) got themselves new cameras, Nikon and Canon respectively dengan tripod semua la kan, lawak gila, everyone so jakun got nice pictures for once ! Zidan was Team Canon and Zaim was Team Nikon, so I think there were million and one pictures. (Y) Tapi macam bila tengok balik tak cukup langsung. Duit raya was fun, the usual salam and occasional mutter of 'Maaf zahir dan batin' sebab FIRST AND FOREMOST, sumpah so weird all of us cakap melayu since we converse to each other in English so to say 'Maaf Zahir Batin' was awkward-ish weird. Hahahaha. We salam-ed Pak Tok and Mak Tok the last, as in, they came out the last, semua orang dah salam each other, tinggal dorang. And everyone was waiting sebab duit raya paling banyak from grandparents la kan hahaha. When they (grandparents) got out of their room, Myra was sitting at the chair they (grandparents) usually occupy when giving out duit raya and she hurried out of the chair and betulkan cushion, 'Eh eh ! Mak tok pak tok coming out !'. HAHAHAHA lawak gila k, macam VVVVVVIP, memang VVVVVVVIP pun tapi nampak jugak ah nak duit raya kan. Ambik gambar punya banyak, best tau, when it was on the tripod, our camera had a remote so tak yah susah nak timer -.- tekan je control, and click! Though we were very jakun, twas hell fun. Then the people started to come and basically conquered the dining table before we got the chance to get our hands on lunch, so we had to sit our sorry asses at the kitchen but takpe, lagi dekat ngan the food haha wtf ok bye. 
Then watched a bit of VMA's before heading off to Taiping, this time Zidan and Naim tagged along. Zidan paling semangat nak pergi hahaha. Reached there an hour later and seeing how unfortunately I'm not close to any of my cousins, I just bummed around. There was this bird (!) that could say 'Nadia' ! Sumpah best :') Hahaha, it's not a parrot though, it's a black one with some yellow bits around its neck. Tak faham ? Takpela. Haha. Left at about 720 and was a fun trip home because Zidan and Naim learned the 'Balik Kampung' song and part 'OH OH OHHH BALIK KAM (short pause) PUUUUUNG'. Hahahahhahaha hilarious shit, everyone burst out laughing and couldn't stop for a whole good 10 minutes. Zidan's 'kampung' isn't 'kamPONG', dia baku to the max, 'kamPUUNG'. My mum laughed so hard, was worried for a bit since she was the one driving the car, hahahaha. 
Stopped at McDonalds to get some food and before we knew it, we were back in Penang. As soon as we reached, we went to Tok Mama's house for her open house and I went just cause I wanted to see Raha and Hannan ! :') We walked because their house is like one row away je. The mee goreng sedap ! (Y) Ate like 2 plates, tahu ah gross tapi macam sedap kut ! Besides, raya kan, once a year je ni ! Hahahehehoho. Salam salam and more duit raya. I used to count them as soon as I got it but now, tak dah ! :o This morning punya pun tak bukak lagi. Got back, and rested. Penatttttttttt, but had fun. Raya this year extra best, I have no idea why. :')

The day before raya, everyone came and it was full house here in Penang. Best tau tak main Tag and Ice&Fire with the little kids out in the garden. Lama gila ah tak main/sweat/lari/have fun. :') Tapi gambar sumpah buruk gila babi so no pictures for that. Haha.

Ok everyone's fast asleep and I'm still up because Facebook macam lemmmmmmbab gila when it comes to picture uploading. And my synus is hitting up again, sumpah annoying gila ah hidung ni. Spoiler (!)

Night ! 

Friday, September 18, 2009

Eid' 09

Selamat Hari Raya to

Aina Kyrina Shira Fatimah Athirah Sarah Najihah Suraya Dina Ila Aimi Yusrina Yahi Amy Farishah HafizIsmail Hafeez HafizRahim Shahrain Johann Marwan Aidit Asif Qalil Hanif Haris HakimShahRedza HakimWahid WanAiman Natrah Diyana Nikki Ayesha Syahirah Syafiqah Natalia Farhana Saidatul Farah Jan Juju Amal Dina Shu Hazirah Mira AmirIzzat Aiman Roziana Amal AmirahDiyana Diyanna Illi Sha Khidhir Asyraf Ashraf Syakir Kamar Ana Sya Haniesha Dhabitah Lish Uzma Danial Haziq Syafiq Najib
(I'm actually referring to my facebook to make sure I don't forget anyone)
Aleeza Zura Aznieda Alya Lilia Nisa Harreyka Fauzan Yusra Amira Tasha Arief Nina Dona Mubyn Illyas Firdaus Haikal Izmir Nasri Nisha Latifah Liyana Megat Mina Dydy Nadhirah Fatin Athirah SyedArif Thuraiya

Maaf Zahir Batin, I sincerely apologize for any and every wrong doing I've done this year or before that even, I hope you have a happy raya and God bless all of you.
Lawa pulak braids macam dia, reason #409 I should keep my hair long. I'm planning to dye it in a nice colour of deep brown post SPM. And well, there's that whole traveling with friends pitch. Hahaha. My mum gave me the OK so huge yeay. Tapi lama lagi so heh, tak start pun lagi form 5 -________- 
This raya, duit raya shall be channelled to the saving accounts !
I can't wait.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Heart Is Yearning

Marc By Marc Jacobs Spring '10. Damn son, I love the bows. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I can't get over how good the takbir raya sounds. My stay in Penang has been all about me staying in bed til 4 (cause I wake up at 1 and I stay in the same position for a little less than 3 hours) and bathing at 5 and the TV is constantly on, as well as my internet (THANK YOU AUNTY NAZU FOR MAXIS BROADBAND), and breaking fast a couple minutes later than KL. I sahur and buka puasa with 2 plates of rice. Some days (like today) even 3 !! I'm on my way to obesity if I keep up with this routine. But ala, this is a once-in-a-year thing. The rest of the year, mana ada lagi Mak Tok's ikan sambal and kangkung belacan, weiiiiiiiiiiii. (<- This is me soothing myself)
I've tried studying at night but so far, my Biology, tak gerak pun chapter 2 -_______- BANYAK KUT. Heh. 
I'll update properly laterrrrrrrrrr, tengah tengok Gossip Girl just semua orang gatal nak tengok sekarang jugak ! I don't like watching it on laptop, tak best. I prefer buying the box set so I can watch it all in one go. But I have to watch the new one now otherwise some inconsiderate arse spoils it by telling me what happened. 

Ciao Bella


Geram gila dengan my fringe (I don't think it's even a fringe anymore -.-), nak potong. But I want my hair to grow long, but I just so happen to be one of the few people on earth who has the world's most lembab growing hair. Nak macam Freja's hair (above) haha. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Great Britain

I am in love with the Brits. Come to think of it, basically I'm in love with Great Britain. Dari duluuuuu lagi, you should ask anyone I know (my mum is a number one victim when it comes to me pleading her to go). I mean, stereotype me if you must, I'm not just all about H&M and Topshop okay, I'm in love with the people, accent, parks, landmarks, HISTORY, culture, everything. :') I doubt my family is up for any trips this year (BOO), but next year, my post spm plans include London. Let it be with family or friends, I'm going. My friends used to (and still do) mistake my love for London as being a bit of a traitor to my homeland, please la k, there's a difference. I love Malaysia and no doubt, I'll spend my life here, but cam London kira kalau banyak duit, second home la. HAHAHA. I want to travel and if there's a job that requires traveling, SIGN ME UP ! But lama lama tu, balik jugak la Malaysia, I can't live long without my dose of sambal belacan and fish curry and nasi (you should know for a fact, when I went to London lightyears back, my mother actually packed sambal belacan okay for me), but London sumpah first pick for choice destination. My grandmother has countlessly told me how London has lost it's winning charm now that it's taken over by 'Pak Arab', but UGH. Nak sangat sangat pergi, tak kisah pak arab ke tak. I want to go Hyde Park and Trafalgar Square and Oxford Street and to Madame Tussauds and TO EVERYWHERE. Everytime I hear someone will be going, rasa jealous tak terkata. HAHA. So dramatic, but true. Jan and Juju, you should know I'm envious gila babi k. Dahla korang pergi lebih kurang sama time ! 
Ila, it's okay, John, good things come to people who wait, so we wait sampai kitorang dapat pergi alright John ? Alriiiight.
The number of talents I love are so many, from Kate Winslet and James McAvoy to Stella McCartney and Christopher Bailey.

For the time being, I'll just sit here in humid Malaysia and dream. It's what I do best, anyway.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Tadi (as in technically Sunday sebab sekarang 3 am on a Monday) pergi OU. BOSAN GILA, probably because sebab tengah mengantuk gila. Gatal sangat nak jugak pergi OU -.- But I bought some raya cards and a Little Miss bra hahahaha (Y) lawa k ! 

Ok tu je, told you, OU bosan.. masa puasa. Hot damn, teringin gila babi Tokyo G ! Damn ah. Nak puasa 6 lagi lepas Raya tapi confirm malas by then but I got 13 days to ganti.

Going to Penang at 9 so for them who's reading this HI HOW WAS SCHOOL ? Hahaha. Tak pack langsung, I hate packing/unpacking. Dahla 2 weeks worth of clothes, dayumn.
Eyebrows dia lawa gila ah, sumpah cakap.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

See You See Me

Got a rude awakening from Tania at 1030 ? Because Mama said we're going to Pavilion at 11, so i bathe anyway. But then Mama wasn't sure what time we'll go, so I took advantage and got back to sleeping. Tania called and I got dressed. MAN OH MAN, every Pavilion trip we take, the traffic is maddening. Last minute Raya shopping's at Jalan TAR pretty much congested the traffic. We got there, and walked straight to Cotton On, agak banyak orang. And HAHA got excited sebab 'Buy 2 For R60'. Agak la Ila, Cotton On Body bestt jugak :') 
Oh ha, met Ila and Sha there. I must state here though, eye candy kat situ (y) (y). Hahahahehe. Aimi jom ah, aku tahu kau suka. Lepas Raya, we shall make a rombongan trip to Pavilion with our duit raya, ok everybodeh ? Ok !
Tania and I watched Hannah Montana the movie last night on my laptop. Twas quite funny and I admit, my hatred towards Miley have possibly lessen. Lucas Till is absolute love, that smile of his perghhhhh. 

Zara had this pretty pretty beret, but it was in the window display, it had scattered studs on it. Couldn't find it anyway in the store, however. Takkan bukan Zara punya kan ? It has to be theirs, nanti karang la cari kat OU. Tak tahu kenapa but luar Topshop, banyak gila guys, like seriously, it was as if they were queueing up for something tapi tak jugak, they were just outside, tak masuk pulak ? -_- Kata tunggu girlfriend masing masing ? So weird. I didn't even enter because well, hehe, dah beli banyak dekat Cotton On and so whatever. Topshop can wait, lek lek, OU pun ada kan. TAPI ! I was so tempted to just buy something because Topshop ada plastic bag baru hahahahaha, lawa gila k, compared to the previous bare one. Sekarang dah macam ada pattern black and white, it's quite cool looking, I have to say. Tapi yeah, why the sudden madness for Topshop ? 

I'm skipping school next week because I'll be going back to Penang a week earlier. Aw yeay yeay fun fun. I can't wait, though I doubt any internet access because Mak Tok and Pak Tok live old school, but I can just go to Queensbay for their Starbucks so there's no 'OMG I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT ZE INTERNET, OMG DIE DIE DIE' 
-_- It's just Facebook and Twitter, people. Oh ha I got this tee from Cotton On 'OMG WTF' and Tania got the 'OMG LOL' one. Hahahaha, best. But I doubt any more shopping for the whole of raya but that's okay, dapat duit raya. 

Tapi Ila, college fund bagekmana ? :( Spend or save, John ? 
Hoho tunggu la duit raya. I freakin can't wait for Raya, it's nice to hear raya songs now, suka gila. Buat la open house banyak banyak, one thing I love about raya besides makan makan duit raya is meeting up friends and to see them pakai baju raya ! Unknown fact for Malay guys : We, girls, think it's the cutest when you dress up with the whole songkok and sampin. For me, it's heart melting. I'm not kidding.

Fashion Night Out

Pakai baju selamba gila tapi still macam lawa sangat. Effortless sial :(

I Paid Retail- And I Liked It

Comel la Behati ni.

DVF Resort '10

Dah lapuk but after seeing Yahi's home made bow (Y)


We Got Bored


Oh I lupa hari tu, Wednesday la kan, Yusrina cakap, '..yadiyadiyadida, la John!' 
FIRST TIME OKAY, SUMPAH COMEL GILAAAA, kitorang siap tepuk tangan ! Aw, best gila la hahaha. Sayang Alpha's <33

Today, I went to school sebab it was my turn to do my bm oral which I stayed up the whole freakin night to hafal (but I'm no where near being clear, asyik tergagap, grr). But turns out, I didn't get to do it today because there were a lot more people before me who didn't get to do the day before, and the day before that. But school was fun because well, besides Mod Maths which I suck at and totally stop understanding, ada kawan kawan yang lawak :')

Berbuka puasa with Jan, Juju and Adam at Bora Asmara. Initial plan was to berbuka with Kyrina and Suraya :( Tapi mereka tidak dapat menghadiri so Adam jadi substitute. NASIB BAIK kalau tak, I'd be alone. So sad. Hahaha but it was nevertheless fun, despite the little fact we were so terpinggir k, duduk kat hujung sekali and it smelt like cat poo hahaha, mentang mentang la kitorg budak budak. But Jan and Juju succeeded in their persuasion to move tables tapi tu pun kena marah sebab tak duduk tempat yang dorang suruh, padahal lagi sensible for us to move to a table that seated 4 as opposed to the one that seated what ? 7 people ? -______-"

Upon hearing my Gossip Girl texting ringtone, Jan cakap "Taasub!" hahahaha dah kata big fan, mestilah :')
Took pictures outside and hahaha, ada satu tu Juju wanted a picture kononnya our back was against the camera and macam tengok belakang ala 90210, tapi tak jadi hahahahaha. Next time kena lagi menjadi (y) They went back first, and my mum came 15 minutes later. 
Twas fun, we should do it more often, this time with the Surayas and the Kyrinassss.


Thursday, September 10, 2009


Naomi (whose real name is Lily Loveless, comel kan nama?!), Pandora, Cook, Effy, JJ, Freddie

Ok, now that I'm done watching Skins (I'm tearing up inside, the next season is in 2010, motherfreakin sad k for me) I can finally do some other things, some productive things. I've been cooped up in my room ever since I watched Skins, first season, first episode, first part. I'm addicted to tv shows, it's mental. 

ANYWAY, omg Skins Season 3 best gila but again, not for them people who aren't as open minded as us (Amy and I). Less humor though, more drama and at first it was a bore but it got alright in the end. Man, I freakin love Freddie and Effy together. Cook decided to become all vulnerable in the end which is so typical of tv shows to do that and when *SPOILER! SKIP THIS PERENGGAN IF YOU ARE A FAN AND HAVEN'T REACHED THIS PART OF THE SERIES* JJ assembled 'The 3 musketeers" and Effy (basically, the object of their affections, yeah all three of em), JJ asked Effy to choose between Cook and Freddie and Effy gives a longing look to Freds which made Cook get the idea that she chooses Freddie over him and stormed off. Ntah kenapa tapi sweet gila baaaaaaaaaaabs. He's also the more sensible one and well, Cook's an arse. 

But HEHE, JJ so cute la with his Asperger syndrome and all :') OH ada one time tu, when it was their first class in college and were asked to introduce themself, Freddie said, "I'm Freddie and I met a girl I liked today. She's beautiful." Tahu ntahpape but this freakin Skins k, not The Notebook so no sappy love scenes, this is the best you could get out of them. But man oh man, I don't mind having a lad like Freddie McLair as a boyfriend. He's the sweetest la weiiiiiiiii, ee geram. But the show's goes around smoking weed (a hell lot), drugs, screwing each other, swearing on an average of 100 times a scene and looking so messed up, but it's a change from the usual on tv (not that I'm complaining, GOSSIP GIRL FTW). 

But I don't know which season I like best because after seeing Freddie and Eff, rasa macam best pulak haha. Bosan la pulak takde Skins dah :'( Bukan takde lagi, tapi for the next season (yang ada 8 episodes je wtf?!) to come out in 2010 is quite crazy. Gila tak sabar. There's going to be the American version, wonder if it's any good.

Conclusion : Skins is on my list of Choice TV Shows, Elizabeth Stonem and Freddie McLair have become one of my favourite couples (I don't even know if they officially are one seeing how Cook's being a bitch about it and baru sekarang nak fall in love dengan Effy padahal Freddie dari day one dah head over heel over her k !), and I have one more line to habis hafal pidato tapi first line dah lupa -_____- THIS IS NOT CALLED PROGRESS.

Yeay tomorrow sekolah woohoo

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

You're My Favourite Part

So it’s not gonna be easy. It’s going to be really hard; we’re gonna have to work at this everyday, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, forever, everyday. You and me… everyday.
— Young Noah (The Notebook) 


School was freakin torture. MENGANTUK GILA BABI. We had Mod Maths and that went okay. We learned 2d and 3d. Yawn. 
Then it was History. Ee I hate history and I'm not in particular favor as to how my teacher teaches. I liked Zarizi, he was .. 'effective'. Heh, he helped a lot during PMR's last minute prep. Then it was Physics. Faham tu faham but I was so goddamned sleepy, I didn't bother with the exercises. I hate Physics anyway. It was +maths after recess and the calculation was so freakin long, rasa malas pulak nak faham. And we witnessed a fight parallel to our class. It was in 3 Hazen and we took notice when we heard the window panels break (for the trillionth time). It was between a Malay and an Indian and we still don't know who initiated the fight. Bodoh sial nak gaduh gaduh, berdarah pulak tu, ni langsung tak ingat PMR sebab tahu fail berderet. -_- 

ANYHOO, then it was time for Biology. My god, mengantuk gila. And to think that I had tuition at 3 was such a bummer. Dina, Izzati, Farisha and (partially) I talked about the future, this is such a repeated topic but I never get tired of it. Best tau tanya Nak Jadi Apa Bila Dah Besar ? Nak Fly Study Kat Mana ? Siap estimate lagi age and time bila nak cari boyfriend, bila nak kahwin and stuff. Best tauuuuuuu. Dina and I want to study in London tapi wajib scholarship, tak kisah la kalau kena belajar sini first. I don't mind, as long as UK is in the big picture. Before that, we talked about taking our license and I get this vibe that my parents prefers I take my license after SPM which is a downer seeing how my birthday is so early in the year. Freakin January k. Haih, quite sad. Bosan la tak boleh drive. But maybe it's for the best HAHA sebab knowing me, I'd go places if I could drive, not often at home and well, not studying. But if I could drive, then it won't be such a hassle for my mum kan ? -_- Kena fikir begitu, deh. 

I'm going to Penang next week which means I'm skipping a whole week of school :( Nak kena hantar raya cards ! :') Oh wow wee, Raya's around the corner, baru je rasa semalam kat hall and we had to wait to be categorized into different classes hahaha the 6 of us, sat in a line and semua orang nervous padahal tukar class je, bukan sekolah ke apa -_____- tapi comel :( HAHA 
Friday ada dinner, and P&G is throughout the weekend, but I want to go Pavi to get some last minute raya shopping before balik kampung *winkwinkIlaJohn and Sunday ada movie (?). Making use of Kuala Lumpur before going to Penang with no access to Internet but Mak Tok makes up for it with her cooking. 


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hey Hello Hi Bonjour Ciao

OK, my bed is freakin messy, with headphones and wallet on it for god knows what reason. 
I skipped school today just cause I don't want to skip ANOTHER Wednesday. Poor Suhana, she must miss me in Bio class :') It's a stupid reason actually, I usually attend on Tuesdays and then skip on Wednesdays but I've skipped a whole lot of Wednesdays (we have Bio on weds) that I forgot the last time I was in Biology class. 

.. Moving on !

We, the family, went out on Monday night to KLCC just cause Iman craved pizza and sure yeah, we could get pizza hut take outs but why argue with California Pizza Kitchen ? Mm, barbeque chicken pizza and shrimp spaghetti, FTW ! 
Went into the usual stores, Topshop being the first one. Banyak pulak yang macam lawa ? Hmm. Then went into Zara, and omgomgomg ada this jacket ala Ralph Lauren !! MYR499 la tapi. :'( Quite sad but it was in this beautiful dark blue and had the huge badge and everything. Lawa sangat :') Oh, there was this dress in Topshop (apa la cerita kelam kabut, masuk topshop pastu cerita Zara pastu ingat baju kat Topshop?)that resembled a bit of what Anna Paquin and Megan Fox wore, a mesh cocktail dress, courtesy of ultra favourite, Herve L. Yeah but not black, it was red and black stripes. Lawa bangat. Haih, I hate heavy price tags and empty wallets, ruins your day. But oh wells, got a top that I liked. Was contemplating on either that or a blue cheetah print cardigan which is similar, if not identical, to the black one I have at home. Went to Kinokuniya later and browsed for some time. I've been wanting a laptop bag so that I can bring mine out, instead of it slowly rotting at home. AGAIN, was short on cash and Mama was all the way in Isetan and was too lazy to come to Kino. Went home short after.

My initial plan for today was to study some Biology but of course, after Sahur, I continued watching Skins on youtube (THANK YOU TINNYANDODD) and slept a little before 9 am. And no surprise here, I woke up at 2.40pm which pretty much cancelled my plans to go to the library. Lazed around til berbuka, such a couch potato I am. 

For Skin fans : Oh my god, Tony ngan Effy sweet gila sial, ada satu part tu 
Pandora : Your brother's nice.
Effy : He's not nice. He's amazing.

:') baik gila sial, nak ah abang macam Tony. I want a bestfriend like Maxxie and Chris and Anwar and SID ! Best la ada a group of friends yang macam tu. Tapi kesian sangat dorang split up in the end, time to make way for Effy's generation. Rindu 1st Generation. Rindu gila.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Everyone Needs Some Bitching

To those who have told me either straight up or behind my back ( I really am tied as to which one hurts the most ) that I really am useless and I can't get good grades and well in general, a freakin air head, well then screw you and your mentality. Cakap orang bodoh, that just makes you even more stupid, tak? Something triggered me and from now on, I'm just going to work bitchin hard and then we'll see. Right now, there's nothing more I want to do then prove people wrong. Maybe then you'll shut the hell up eh ? I've had this going on since I was small and at one point, gotten so used to it, I've grown numb to the feeling. Well, the numb has worn off and if you still got things to say, then go ahead, because in the end, they're your sins to deal with.

Cheers, then.


Serioussss I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for Gossip Girl season 3. COMEL GILA BABSSSS LA CHUCK + BLAIR NI :')

So hello ! How's everyone doiiiiiing ? Unless you're a fifth former, then you're probably confined at home studying for SPM, 2 more months, people ! And you're done with high school ! I can't say I'm envious cause I'm not but the fact that you don't have to wake up at 6 in the morning anymore is killing me ! Zomg best gila tak terkata. But I love school despite the tiny fact that I take the opportunity to play truant every chance I get hahahaha. 

Ok, today I start fasting again after a week long hiatus. Oh my, malas la pulak. :/ 
  • OMGWTH DAH SEPTEMBER ?!?!?! 4 months more to being able to drive legally (!). Wth sumpah cepat gila babi.
  • Raya is cominggg and I'll be going back to Penang a week earlier, confirm naik 3 kilo sebab I can't freakin resist Mak Tok's home cooking.
  • Presents to getttttttttttt : DINA (mintak maaf banyak banyak tahu lambat gila), Suraya, Najihah, Yusrina, Aimi. Ni je la yang macam wajib bagi. HAHA. 
  • According to Lish, Cotton On dah bukak kat Pavilion, uuuuuuu. Siapa first serbu, cakap. It's not long til someone in a 1 meter radius wears the same thing. Haih. Kena ada banyak lagi kedai la kat Malaysia ni, asyik Topshop je. H&M tak teringin nak datang ke ? :/
  • Mygod, internet tak boleh lagi bitchy ke ? @#**&*(&@!)
  • Myspace dah ________. Everyone's migrated to Facebook. 
  • Rasa nak potong rambut but I'm trying to grow out my hair ! Fringe je la. It's like I'm talking to myself -______-
  • If you think about it, finals are not that far away :( SO! I shall study. Hari tu pergi library, belajar bio tapi HAMPEH gila ! Belajar sikit gila babi sebab library bodoh nak pergi tutup awal gila apa masalah ntah. Haih. Pukul 450 dah tutup ! Why so early, ha mak cik guard ? 
  • I must say, my raya shopping left me wanting more. I have bought clothes over the year that I still haven't worn yet so maybe that can just be my baju raya. I feel more like buying a bag. The second my parents announce we're going for a holiday by the end of the year, I drop every ounce of my spending power (on every degree, I'm not kidding) because I'm that desperate to get out of Malaysia (apa ni ? baru cakap sayang Malaysia). Forget baju raya, bring me the winter experience ! Ntah ntah pergi Singapore je kan hahahah
  • It dawned on me on how much driving would be so much easier for everyone especially my mum who has played the role of chauffeur (she calls herself that) basically forever. Kan ? Kaaaan.
  • C'mon now people, download Skype ! Jimat cost phone call :D
  • Prom shopping commences after Raya (y) BTW Papa proposed an idea of his and told us our duit raya will be based on our overall performance during Ramadhan. By 'skipping' my physics tuition, he said, "MINUS 3 marks !" -___- Sungguh ntahpape
  • Reading comments on Facebook is freakin amusing. Makes me laugh all the time :') 
Ok I'm staying up for Sahur and I'm going to proceed watching Skins on youtube.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Have always looked up to this trendsetting mother-daughter duo. Sakit hati tengok Julia ni, lawa sangat
  • Hello, it has been awhile but I kinda sorta miss you, Mr Chivalry.
  • It's a shame you have her, I've liked you since the beginning.
  • I know you want to have popular friends, quit making it obvious.
  • I hate it when you're together, inconsiderate lovers. It annoys me to no end !
  • For once, I wish I didn't have to care about what you think and say. Let me live my life k ? Thanks.

    OMG OTH !!

    OMG SUE ME FOR BEING SO LEMBAB BUT OMG LEYTON DAH TAKDE !?!?!!??!!??! OMG OMG OMG HEARTBREAKING GILA BABI OMG THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING, they're my favourite couple weiiiiii :'( :'( this is not happening.



    EEEEEEEEEE tak best nya takde Lucas + Peyton :'((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

    Thursday, September 3, 2009

    J'aime Le Pourpre

    Post SPM = Purple streaks

    How cool would I be then ? HUH ?! 

    Tuesday, September 1, 2009

    Blame The Weather

    School was fun in spite of not studying one darn thing which is a bittersweet thing for us sebab kalau cikgu ajar pun, malas nak belajar, tapi kalau cikgu tak belajar, complain ? Hm. 

    SO! We ended up talking a whole lot. We got out marks and macam ... hahahah Physics. I TOLD YOU it'll be one of my many manifest failings in this August test. I can already see Chemistry being in the dumpster.
    We talked about height and compared our heights with the celebrities ; Izzati = Megan Fox , Brenda & Belinda = Mary-Kate and Ashley (I know right ?! What are the odds!) , Farisha = Fergie eh ? Lupa o.o So I did my own research (ahem and I'm 5 feet 1" (main hentam je.. dina tolong approx kan k thnks bye) so I have the same vertical measurement with a) Hilary Duff b) Ashley Olsen (??! I thought dia pendek lagi ?) c) Nicole Richie d) Julia Roberts (!) e) Lady Gaga.

    Hahahahahahahaha okay I'm so freaking bored, can't you tell ? 
    So if you're bored too and in need to elevate your self esteem simply cause you can have the knowledge that you share the same height with Hollywood's best, clickityclick. AND for the sake of my curiosity, do tell me ! K MOVING ON
    Oh and Li May joined Dina, Izzati and I as we talked about our future. In detail. So we basically covered our wedding plans from invitation (hard cover) to the honeymoon (Tahiti, Monaco, France etc.). 

    Before we know it, school's out. The weather was good today despite that Ila and I were freakin' cold. We switched the fan off and I honestly didn't notice it because the weather was cold enough to keep up cool. However, I hope this won't persist because i) I got a cold after that and was sniffling throughout ii) Encourages sleeping in class which can be very inviting given the weather conditions.