Sunday, September 6, 2009

Everyone Needs Some Bitching

To those who have told me either straight up or behind my back ( I really am tied as to which one hurts the most ) that I really am useless and I can't get good grades and well in general, a freakin air head, well then screw you and your mentality. Cakap orang bodoh, that just makes you even more stupid, tak? Something triggered me and from now on, I'm just going to work bitchin hard and then we'll see. Right now, there's nothing more I want to do then prove people wrong. Maybe then you'll shut the hell up eh ? I've had this going on since I was small and at one point, gotten so used to it, I've grown numb to the feeling. Well, the numb has worn off and if you still got things to say, then go ahead, because in the end, they're your sins to deal with.

Cheers, then.

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