Saturday, September 12, 2009


Oh I lupa hari tu, Wednesday la kan, Yusrina cakap, '..yadiyadiyadida, la John!' 
FIRST TIME OKAY, SUMPAH COMEL GILAAAA, kitorang siap tepuk tangan ! Aw, best gila la hahaha. Sayang Alpha's <33

Today, I went to school sebab it was my turn to do my bm oral which I stayed up the whole freakin night to hafal (but I'm no where near being clear, asyik tergagap, grr). But turns out, I didn't get to do it today because there were a lot more people before me who didn't get to do the day before, and the day before that. But school was fun because well, besides Mod Maths which I suck at and totally stop understanding, ada kawan kawan yang lawak :')

Berbuka puasa with Jan, Juju and Adam at Bora Asmara. Initial plan was to berbuka with Kyrina and Suraya :( Tapi mereka tidak dapat menghadiri so Adam jadi substitute. NASIB BAIK kalau tak, I'd be alone. So sad. Hahaha but it was nevertheless fun, despite the little fact we were so terpinggir k, duduk kat hujung sekali and it smelt like cat poo hahaha, mentang mentang la kitorg budak budak. But Jan and Juju succeeded in their persuasion to move tables tapi tu pun kena marah sebab tak duduk tempat yang dorang suruh, padahal lagi sensible for us to move to a table that seated 4 as opposed to the one that seated what ? 7 people ? -______-"

Upon hearing my Gossip Girl texting ringtone, Jan cakap "Taasub!" hahahaha dah kata big fan, mestilah :')
Took pictures outside and hahaha, ada satu tu Juju wanted a picture kononnya our back was against the camera and macam tengok belakang ala 90210, tapi tak jadi hahahahaha. Next time kena lagi menjadi (y) They went back first, and my mum came 15 minutes later. 
Twas fun, we should do it more often, this time with the Surayas and the Kyrinassss.


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