Saturday, February 15, 2020

Zati Gets Married

So on the 7th of February, my dearest friend Zati got married to the love of her life. So happy that we were there to witness the union in all its beauty and grace. 

I've known Zati since college and she has been a bright ball of energy and would go all the way to help you with whatever you needed. Such a kind, generous soul and I will always treasure her. The thing about being a full fledged adult is work always comes in the way so we haven't had proper quality time but I know she's the same self - ever pretty and ever wonderful. 

I love you, my dear girl. Thank you for everything you've ever done, you've been nothing short of lovely and my heart sings for you that you've finally found your One and that you're now all married!

Zati has also always said that she loves 'A Thousand Years' and wants to get married to it one day. So when she walked down the aisle with her new husband by her side with the song echoing the halls, it made me cry. And to see her SO beautiful. We all know she's very pretty but when she was all donned up in her wedding dress and up-do, it took our silly little breath away. Being in love gives you a glow ok got it.

The nikah was at Dewan Felda and I was scared shitless that I was going to trip. I had a good stiletto heel on me and a long skirt... and we had to carry heavy dulangs with us, walking down the stairs. I was just hoping to God that I don't make a fool of myself (and embarrass the bride and have it all caught on camera!!!) so I was seriously very nervous about it. Why are these things so heavy!! I lost all sensations in my arms like 30 seconds after placing it on the table. Hahah talk about being seriously unfit.

Love you endlessly, babe. Congratulations to both you and Ezril on this new chapter in your life, may it be blessed and wonderful every second of the way. May Allah protect and cherish you and Ezril and your families always and forever. So, so, so happy for you.


Saturday, February 1, 2020

32nd January

Just need to let people know how late I am to the party because I've only just started listening to Lizzo's 'Juice' and it's my new favourite song ever. It has got 181 million listens on Spotify and I've only just heard it?? Need to switch my radio on once in a while, man.


It's February already. I know people were complaining about how long January was but don't we want time to move slower anyway??? Now we're all going "Oh my God, it's February already!!". I saw this tweet yesterday and I completely laughed out loud. In public. Hilarious!!

My February started great! Last night, my sweet sweet friends organised a birthday dinner for Olan and I, the January babies. Though I will admit to forcing them to organise one for us hahahah but the fact that they actually did it! So sweet. They even did an invitation all!

Look how sleepy I look. Love these boys so much, my best babes. 9 years of friendship already! Missing Kanda here!

After the dinner, we went to have drinks at a mamak and it's been ages since I've been to one of these sessions. Also, I didn't drive yesterday so I depended on Tariq to bring me home so had to adhere to his timing. Which was at 2am. I was so sleepy cause I had so little sleep the night before! Not made for nights like these anymore but still so fun to be around them.

Today was Zati's bride tribe party! We had lunch at Farm Foodcraft which is very overwhelmingly healthy. I was so hungry and ordered an arrabiata pasta. Only to find out it's not... pasta.... it's just zucchini..... spiralled...... as pasta.......

I didn't take a photo of it though I should've. It was so funny because I was so surprised to see a whole bowl of just vegetables basically. It wasn't too bad but I don't think I'll be ordering that ever again in any lifetime.

I love you loads, Zati. Thank you for being the sweetest girl to me, ever since college through Bristol through work. Still can't thank you enough for helping me for everything during our Bristol days. My saviour! You deserve the world and more. Can't wait to see you radiate during your wedding. I only pray for the best in life for all of time. Love you!


Sunday, January 19, 2020

I'm 27!

(Posted on the 25th of January but have dated this to be on the 19th just because)

I'm 27, guys!! 

My birthday was almost a week ago now and no, I did not go hiking.
But I did have a bunch of my close girlfriends over for a small-ish dinner party! I find that I have a love-hate relationship with hosting parties. It's the unspoken pressure that gets you, really. I was pretty much stressed about it in the 2 days leading to it. I've been pretty swamped at work that I didn't get to do much preparation for it. Atleast not as much as I did last year. Maybe it was because I knew I wasn't going to invite too many people. It was a conscious decision to have a birthday party of just girls. I had boys over last time and they were fun but I figured I'd try something new! I loved every part of it. Thank you to everyone who came, love you all very much!

My family and I went out for a quick brunch out before the prep for the party began. We went to Blonde and I had a cute birthday cake for it. Missed Iman though! She had an exam the next day so wasn't home for the birthday weekend. 

I had a pretty great day and night and WOW I AM 27 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!

I think I've grown a lot in the past year. I've come to appreciate so much more and to be more smart with how I work and how I live everyday. To not be so stressed with the little things and that everything that happens, it happens for a damn good reason. I came across something that I absolutely loved and it really put things into perspective for me. It's about rezeki.

"The concept of rizq is so beautiful. Even when you eat a piece of fruit, it was always written for you, from the moment it grew from the tree, it went though all these people and travelled all this way until it was in your hands. It was always meant to be yours"

So that's how I'm taking things this year! Whatever is meant to be, is meant to be. You work for it and you do all you can but at the end of the day, it's up to Him to gift it to you or not. And regardless of what happens, it's always for the greater good. Whether you know it or not. And when you have that in you, you kinda go through life more bravely and more confidently and you're more trusting of yourself. Atleast that's how I feel. 

Thank you to everyone who's made an impact in my life. For all 27 years of it. For better or for worst, it was meant to be. It's shaped me and moulded my values and has resulted into the lady I've grown to be. All the experiences and moments in my life that has led to this point in time. I'm all the more grateful for it.

Thank you, love you.


Wednesday, January 1, 2020

It's 2020


I genuinely can't believe it's already 2020 and that I'll be 27 this year. This decade has been so great, alhamdulillah.

1. I got to go to KYUEM where I made just the most precious group of friends who I will forever treasure. Ever since I heard about it, it was the only place I ever wanted to go after high school. And I don't regret it one bit. It remains to be the best experience I've ever had ever. 

2. I went to the UK to study! A dream of mine since a young, young girl. And I'm so blessed that I ended up in Bristol. It's a place I've built a home out of and I'm so indebted to it for being so kind and so wonderful to a wandering and enthusiastic 20 year old grow independent. 

3. I worked my first job at Nelissa Hilman - where I learnt so much from a creative and inspiring lady boss and a team of the most fun and hardworking colleagues. And I also met my best friend Anis there so I'm so happy that I took a pretty unconventional path to a first job. It's helped shape my work ethics that I have now.

And the small in betweens that I'm just equally proud of but the three things above are my big highlights of the decade. I'm forever grateful for all that has come my way and for all the things that didn't. If anything, this decade has taught me that what is destined for you is also what's right for you. Take it in and accept it as it is. So here's me, taking it in and accepting as it is. 

I spent my New Year's Eve with my high school sweethearts and we had a nice, lowkey Mexican dinner at Fresca. We attempted KLCC but it's like.............. hell so in this next decade and the ones to follow, I hope to never go to KL on NYE ever. We then walked to the Airbnb that Debra had booked and spent the night chilling, playing games, eating chips and watching the fireworks from our unit. I loved the night so much and I can only look forward to more and more of these together with them. They hold such a precious place in my heart so I'm so happy I got to welcome 2020 with them.

My New Year's resolution is to read more books, practice more Korean, do yoga, travel more and work smarter and to have more fun, damn it! I will also blog more in this new year. I'll be sure of it! 

Thank you so much to everyone who has been part of my life this past decade; whether you were with me since the beginning of it or if you've only just known me 2 months ago. Thanks, really. Whether you liked it or not, you have helped define me as a young lady and in all that I do and for that, I am endlessly grateful.

Have a great one, guys! Love you.


Friday, December 27, 2019

The last month of the decade!

HOW is it already December?

I had a really nice girl say Hi to me at a ZARA the other day and she said she reads my blog. Which was SO nice to hear so if you're reading this, hi thanks for saying hello!!

I know it's boring to say I'll blog more in the new year but let's face it - I'll fall short on that promise and you'll see like 5 posts a year. 15 year old me would have been so disappointed.

It's a Friday now and I've been on leave since Christmas so it's been so refreshing to wake up without having to rush for work. Because that's definitely the case - me rushing to work on the daily. Speaking of work, all's well with me! I love it though it's been stressful at times but if anything, I've realised that I've come to slowly enjoy the stress and pressures of work. Does that sound odd? Or do you also thrive from that? Of course sometimes it can be overwhelming but I'd like to think I've gotten better at managing it. It's been a little over than 6 months now. And it's probably a big highlight of my 2019. To finally take that big girl step to move jobs! It was so daunting to me cause I didn't know what I was getting myself into. But here we are, 6 months in and loving it. Helps immensely that I get on well with my colleagues too! Don't think I'd be able to persevere anyway else.

We celebrated Tariq's birthday and I organised his dinner with our closest friends. It was really because I wanted to have dinner with everyone so it was perfect that his birthday was around the corner. We had Japanese at Lucky Tora and the food was pretty good! It was a Friday night so they also had an in-house DJ who played really really really good music. The kind of good that warranted lots of Shazam-ing the music he was playing but obviously to no avail because they were all his own mixes. Then we walked around the area and it was my first time at Changkat and it honestly felt like a totally different country! We settled on a place where Amir could play his darts and the boys played pool. Both I (unsurprisingly) can't play. 

Love you, Tariq!!!! Thanks for being the best sport. And for finishing my food always.

This next event I was really excited for; Kaveetha's brother was getting married and we were all invited. I had never been to a Hindu wedding ceremony so this was so cool to be at. I had a saree made. Had to drag my mum to central KL to find one. We went to City One Plaza (just next to Semua House) and we managed to find one that was on the sale rack and I loved it as soon as I saw the colour. I decided to not have it sewn as a ready made one because I wanted to reuse the material for a baju kurung. Do I regret it? Maybe. Only because you need magic hands and skills to wear a saree. I actually paid money to have someone wrap it for me (to do this: you can ask any Indian salons as they're most likely able to do it for you). Despite the number of Youtube tutorials my mum and I watched. We tried, we really did. But bless the Indian aunty at 9:30 am having to pin the saree in place. I'm obviously not used to wearing one so I was so cautious with it in constant fear that it'll just all come undone. But good news guys, it didn't! 


Ok context for this next stream of photos: I was in Melaka the other with my colleagues for a company day trip. We went to watch two shows. The first one was cute and it was about Melaka's history. We happened to be there the same day as other school trips so it felt like a kid show. But it was actually pretty good and I was surprised at the quality of production that had gone into it. And then we went to watch another one called Encore Melaka. That one was spectacular and caught me by surprise because I didn't expect it to be so good!!! I was in awe the whole entire time and thinking to myself wait what in the world is this show and why is it not getting enough buzz??? It was unlike anything I've watched ever. 

So of course when I came back home, I had to tell this all to my mum who is easily excited and was totally game for a trip to Melaka to watch this show. So we actually did! Hahah. 

I recommend you going and checking the place out! Don't expect a storyline out of it ok, it's just very pretty to watch. 


Is this post surprisingly empty with no wedding-related content? Well, here it is.

One of my good friend Afnan got married to the love of his life, Ina last week. It was the loveliest of weddings and he also got up to sing Cinta Luar Biasa to her which was just painfully cute and of course I cried watching the video montage. Something about collages of childhood pictures during weddings that make me tear up (read: cry)!!!

Afnan's one of the nicest boys around so I'm just so elated that he's found his forever in Ina. Love them!!!


2020 is 5 days away. Surreal.

But I'll save my emotions for another blog post.

Talk to you soon.