Sunday, July 17, 2022

Who posts about being happy at 1:36am? Me.

This is a random post to tell future self that present self as at 1:27am on the 17th of July 2022 is very happy and very content with the people in her life.

I just got back from a family dinner for Zaim's belated birthday dinner, celebrating his 28th with Hanis who's carrying their firstborn in her tummy. We're expecting baby boy in September insyaAllah and we all can't wait to be doting aunties/grandpa/grandma to the little bean. Yesterday I was out til 2am at an Airbnb with my colleagues who have turned to be my absolute friends for life. We cooked maggi (failed at it but made for good memories), sang, danced, laughed and shared personal stories. Last weekend we were in Penang for Raya and I spent the short break with my grandparents and some of my cousins. This past week I have been rounding up some friends for a bowling party next weekend and been texting so many friends about it. I'm so excited to play bowling with like 24 other friends who I love so so so so much. And tomorrow I'm about to see my boyfriend for lunch. Everything and everyone has made me so, so happy. I'm so blessed, this life is wonderful and I'm so happy it's mine. Alhamdulillah.