Saturday, June 30, 2012


Thanks Keri for the photo of me (or rather, thanks OG!)

Hahaha x

Ariel's Lair

Hello ! 

Can't believe it has already been a week. It flew so fast !

Phew. My room is now empty and is painted. I can't take credit for the painting because I've done it before and it looked horrible so Mak Su Lin and Kakak has taken over and they're doing a far better job than I ever will. That's one more domestic chore I can't do.

My sister and I went to Ikea after getting paint. We went to ronda ronda and see what we wanted and we took photos and wrote it down. Shopping with Tania can be quite fun. Bought a few very unnecessary things like paper cups (the floral print on it looked so dainty and pretty, we couldn't resist!) and napkins (also, it looked pretty).

Had to sit down at the desks area and think it through because by then we were just aimlessly picking out things we wanted, not realising where to place those things. It was productive though. Can't wait to get them and see my room all pretty and how I want it. Photos, if you're interested, will be up when my room is finally done and up to par. The perfectionist in me (this trait of mine hardly comes to light but this time she's in full time!) wants to decorate the room with all the small tidbits that makes a room, a room.

My sister and I have been living like hoboes though, sleeping on the floor, from one room to another.

Oh, and I drove !!!! For the first time in so long. Went to go get more paint and Mama was too lazy to go anywhere so I volunteered in which she told me "Go lah, go slowly slowly" -___- I dragged Iman with me because I have to have someone in the car with me and she knows much more about the car than I do. Then we went to fetch Tania in which she just had to Instagram a photo of me driving.

Mak Su Lin so kindly volunteered to paint (in which I so 'kindly' let her) and she texted us while we were in Ikea that the colour looked like something out of Ariel The Little Mermaid movie..

.. I texted her back

"That was EXACTLY what I wanted. Like, Ariel's lair liddat"

Iman decided to take advantage and painted my (horrible) pink wall. She reckons it was an epic and coincidental painting. K.

I'm looking forward to a great weekend ahead, insyaAllah. Please go out and enjoy yourselves !


Sunday, June 24, 2012

One Year

Second semester has ended for us and that means in 3 weeks time, when we reenter college, we'll be seniors ):( I'm both kinda excited because I got to be faci (!) but I'm still sad from leaving the seniors today :( They've officially graduated from KYUEM and it's been nothing but great pleasure to be their juniors. Couldn't have asked for better seniors who have been so accommodating and so sweet to us! First sem we even watched Disney movies together dalam common room and we'd have our gossip sessions with Haniesha and how we wanted to get the dish on everyone in KY when we first got here. And now they're leavinggggggg, nuuuuu. Love them to bits and tiny pieces, insyaAllah I'll get to meet them in the UK and we'll be reunited (lol gag this sounds so cheesy). Can't wait though! I wish them all the success in the world and seeing their close bond throughout the year I've been with them, I genuinely wish them all the best and may they still be good friends in the years to come, amin.

This last week has been event filled ! We had our Garnet Farewell Party and our End Of Sem Dinner as well as the Graduation Day which was this afternoon. I had so much fun and I was just basically treasuring every moment with them. I can only hope that our batch can establish a close friendship with OUR juniors. A biiig family ! Can't wait for all the events that awaits us as seniors in the next semester. In the meantime, I'm going to relax and chill and calm down and zen. Oh, that reminds I need to get a pilates video and a yoga mat.

For our end of semester dinner, as usual, each house had to submit a video for the Video Competition. I had a great time filming it and though we didn't win (Congrats Topaz and Diamond!), I personally wanted the video to be more of a gift from the juniors to the seniors as opposed to winning a prize. Though winning is always kinda great.

I hope you enjoy !!!!!

First up! Garnet Farewell Dinner.

The theme for the dinner was 'Revolution In Time' and I dressed as a hippie girl.


The event was a success ! We were blessed with so many food and the deco was so good; thanks Zak, you pulled it off !!

It was a great time and opportunity to hang with our Garnet seniors who we are especially close to because of all the events. I love Garnet and it's so amazing how each and every event the college hosts, every student is just so dedicated to their respective houses and shows our semangat ! I selalu gila lose my voice from all the cheering (read: screaming).

Certs were given to the committee and at one point during Ram's performance, he was all choked up and I almost cried ! So emosi.

Performances daaaaamn good. Especially Olan, Hatim, Asil and Kanda's. They sang lagu... We Are Young eh ? Ok dah lupa but it was something everyone could sing along to. That was very cool, bruvs.

And there was End Of Sem dinner. DH is seriously the last place you would want to host an event at. The sound system was disappointing because you couldn't really hear the videos and it got noisy so we couldn't really hear speeches nor performances ('less everyone kept really really quiet) (in which they did because the performances were too damn good to be distracted away from).

I think the best part was definitely the performances. Each and every one of 'em was daaaaaamn good. I don't think I have any favourites because they were all equally amazing, but if I HAD to choose, I'd go for Kashif and Aidin's guitar playing. That was basically when the hall went silent for a good 5 minutes to listen to actual and pure music. LOVED IT. I saw the teacher's expression and it mirrored the students; they were all of awe. I wish someone had recorded it and posted it up on FB or something so I could see it again. The best !! I was blown away.

Oh and how can I forget the Coldplay performance. Zikri (a super senior) came down for a football match earlier with the seniors and juniors and decided to stay for the end of sem dinner as well. He performed 2 songs; Yellow and The Scientist. Damn, his voice can melt ANYONE. I thoroughly freaking enjoyed myself and found myself totally enthralled and fixated. SO GOOD SHAL.

And how can I forget the fact that GARNET WON HOUSE CUP ?!?!?!?!?!?!??????!!!!!!!!!!

WOOOOOOOOOOOH, so much love for Garnet and it could not have been a better gift for our Garnet seniors as they end their stay here in KY.

Then it was graduation !!!!!! I got really emotional, I don't know why. When Ram was awarded Best Scholar of the Year, basically the whole student body gave a standing ovation because seriously, he deserved it. Such a nice and cool guy (he beatboxes and is an avid gamer!) and he has been such a great House Captain for Garnet. Saw him teared up and Amal and I too teared up lololol. Well done, Ram !!! We're all so proud of you !!! :) :) Go kick ass in Cambridge !

Mum said a graduation ceremony is supposed to be somber and dull, but ours was not hahaha. We clapped and cheered and whatnots. It was quite entertaining. The emcee's would call out your name and followed by your sponsorship and the university you got into as well as your course. More than anything, graduation day was inspiring and is motivating me to go all out for my A2, insyaAllah.


Love you seniors, wishing you every happiness and success wherever you go, God willing.
Take care and may we see each other again. God bless :')