Sunday, October 10, 2021


 It's 10.10.2021 today. We're in October already! 

Adele's about to come out with her new single next week so I'm on an Adele binge on Spotify now to prepare myself for the absolute feels she's about to have us all on.

I've been doing ok. There have been some really fun evenings and then there have been sad, quiet mornings for me. But I suppose that's just how we all go through things. Not one person has gone through 100/100 perfect days. And I've learnt that instead of forcing yourself to get over it, the best way about it is to welcome and embrace that and live through it. The more you tell yourself to get over it, the more you're actually thinking about it kan? So just take it in, be one with it, acknowledge it and live with it. It's only going to help you move on.

I won't indulge in the juicy details (or lack thereof) but I will just say that I'm always very grateful for everything that has happened and the people I've met along the way. There have been times when I was younger where I'd cry over things that didn't go according to plan and thus was "the end of me" (dramatic) but now I can hardly remember what those things were. And if I'm really looking at it optimistically, those things just... pass and I was on to my next best thing. I was so sad I didn't get the grades I wanted for SPM but I managed to pull through and get into KYUEM. Part of me thinks that if I had excelled, would I've been chucked into a different school instead? I was sad I didn't get to go to London for school but I got into Bristol instead and it turned out to be the best thing for me. If I had gone to London, would I have had a better experience than the one I had in Bristol? If I had decided to go for a "better" job than interning at Nelissa Hilman, would have I met a better friend than Anis is to me? Would I have met the people that are so dear to me if not for the missed opportunities? All that initial heartbreak and pain had to happen in order to bring me the happiness that came in ten fold right after. The magnitude of that joy that followed made the initial sadness of the closed door seem so negligible.

So as I weather through this icky stupid feeling, I'm trusting God as I have always that He's looking out for me. My biggest comfort is that the person who loves me most in this world is my mum. And God loves me infinitely more than my own mother. Would mama put me through something she knows wasn't the best for me? No. So what more God. I trust and I trust and I trust. All good things await for me and all things bad are distanced far from me. For as long as I do right by God and I continue praying and I continue to look for Him for answers and comfort, insyaAllah I'll be put in His greatest care. Our doas are always answered in our best interest. For when you are moved to make a doa, insyaAllah that is His sign that your doas will be answered for He won't make you beg for something that He won't give in His own good timing. You just gotta trust and insyaAllah I'm trusting and believing that all that is meant for me will find its way to me soon. 

"Let time be patient. Let pain be gracious"

And with that I'm going to live my best life and enjoy every bit as it comes. Acknowledge and welcome the sad evenings as much as I embrace the exciting start of mornings. It's the only way I know how.

A dear friend told me this quote to which I've learnt to internalise slowly:

You can't force someone to see that you're a blessing,
you just gotta let 'em miss out

So here's to the ones missing out.


Sunday, August 22, 2021

another weekend

It's a Sunday evening. I have the Southampton - United game on and while I watch that, thought I'd blog about whatever I can think of. 

Read somewhere that said "In 4 months time, 2020 would've been 2 years ago" which absolutely blew my freaking mind. HOW! We've lost most of this year to Covid, unfortunately. It's almost been about 3 and half months that I've been working from home though I do remember my company taking a couple weeks off earlier on too. It feels like forever. I finally bought myself a foldable desk - the one you'd prop up on your bed. I don't have a desk in my room because the last one just became tempat letak all the junk and it was too much clutter so I took it out. So now for most of the day, I work on the floor, cross legged with a cushion to support my back. I can't wait for massage parlours to open up, I need that body cracking sesh stat.

Actually, I can't wait for SO many other things to open. Nail parlours, cinemas, badminton courts (for more than just singles!), mamak's, you name it, I miss it! I went into this year with shoulder length hair. Now it's so long, frazzled and untamed. Dine in's have started to open up though not for every restaurant. I really respect that though! I saw that Kenny Hills have decided to remain open only for take outs and deliveries which I think is a great move considering that we're still high in our daily cases. I do take comfort however that a good majority (like 98-99%) comprises of stage 1 & 2 cases. So, cases that are either asymptomatic or with very light symptoms. Alhamdulillah. Numbers may seem scary on the surface but I think if we were to look at it closely, it's quite hopeful and optimistic to see that serious cases have been on the low. Still though... death is a death is a death. It's still a loved one to someone and that's never been lost on me. 


Another work week ahead of us. Last few weeks have been pretty tough and busy but I managed to power through, with some tears and LOTS of cursing in between. I pray it'll be a relatively easier one this week. This weekend I didn't check any work texts nor attended to anything work related. I just took naps, watched movies, texted a bunch of friends and ate a whole lot. 

It's already the 22nd of August! Phew. Looking forward for the end of this damn virus already.

Bye, talk soon. Take care, eat vitamins and most importantly, stay home! 


Sunday, July 25, 2021


It's a very chilled Sunday. We're all in our rooms, either lying down or watching something on Netflix. Iman is actually sitting for her finals now and I've always found it bit odd that UiTM has exams/classes on Sundays! Surely that can't be right.

I'm watching the Artistic Gymnastics qualifications on Sooka now. I love watching this sport, it's so fantastic how the body can bend and balance hahaha am trying to watch Farah Ann but cameras haven't shown her yet! I'm watching on the Sooka app and I've been keeping track of events via the Olympics app. I also really love that TikTok has been so pivotal for updates because we have athletes who show the Olympic Village there too. It's soooo cooooooooool ugh there's just something about the really really talented and the really really skilled coming together for an event to represent their country. Like I just think you cannot get any cooler than that. That's why I love the World Cup so much. A team sport and even if you're an individual competing like many of our Malaysians there, they have the whole country behind them! I'm telling ya, nothing unites a country more than defending the local delicacies and for supporting a sportsperson. 

In Covid news, we are at 17k cases today...... even when a majority of the country is on lockdown for more than a month now. Sigh. The only thing keeping me going is to see the vaccination rates going strong in recent days. We did 500k a day on Wednesday I think and that's commendable, I have to say. In the family, all of us have been vaxxed once and 5/7 are fully vaccinated alhamdulillah. Iman just did hers yesterday and so it's just my dad and her that's left with a second dose appointment soon insyaAllah. I'm also very happy to know that all my friends are all at least half vaxxed. Like I said, am not friends with anti vaxxers haha.

Really just so excited and almost nervous (??) to go out again and meet friends and have outside food that isn't in a takeaway package. Y'know, just simple things! I miss the office and my colleagues! And our 5pm McD teatime. Such a different feeling compared to the last lockdown... at the time I was very much comfortable working from home and even resisted going back to office because I thought it was too soon. Now I'm just counting the days for us to go back working in a NATURAL ENVIRONMENT. Hate that home has become work. The government's about to announce some special privileges (if you can even call it that) to those who are fully vaccinated so I'm hoping that's soon enough and I'm also hoping people don't abuse it and cause another spike in cases. I just miss being around other people!! Texts and video calls won't cut it anymore, not natural for us to be connected virtually. I need them hugs!!!!!

We spent out THIRD raya (both Aidilfitri and Aidiladha) at home. We got to spend Raya Haji in Penang last year but unfortunately we can't spend it with them yet this year. Both my grandparents are vaxxed alhamdulillah and I miss them loads. First place we're going is to visit them and give them big hugs and kisses. Our Raya Haji was simple, Mama cooked some food that lasted us two days for all meals haha and we just took some photos outside. Zaim and Hanis didn't join us and it was for the best - we'd all prefer if everyone's double vaxxed before they can come over again. You just never know with this new variant. 

It's almost 10pm now (I started writing this a little after lunch!) and I'm going to continue watching One Tree Hill. Naomi Osaka's playing tomorrow at 10:00am so I'll sneak that in while working. Best part about WFH is that I get to just go downstairs to do work in my PJ's. Though I do miss getting ready and putting on proper pants. 

Take care, everybody! Talk soon. 

Monday, July 12, 2021

It's been a decade!

It's days like today that I just want to hug my younger self and pat her on her back and say well done, thank you for taking so many photos and recording it all.

Today is the 10th year anniversary of KYUEM. Anyone who knows me knows that I love the college so much, I'd do anything to go back. It was my home of two years but the friendships I took home have gone on for 10 years today and counting insyaAllah. I found some of my most perfect friends, some so close to me I consider them family. 

I knew this year would be our 10 years anniversary from when we first stepped into college so I took my time looking through many, many photos and videos in my hard drive from my days there. I had this chunky Olympus camera with me that I loved so, so much and I brought it everywhere! For every event and everything! I'm so happy I lugged it along because at the time, Blackberry was the in thing so as you can imagine, photos were non-existent and even if there were any, it'd be grainy and chaotic. But to be honest, some of my favourite photos were those taken by the Blackberry because they'd usually be the photos that were very candid and of moments that you can't help but whip out whatever you had with you.

My friends know I love them so I won't go on here also, just thought I'd write to commemorate the day. 10 years and counting, insyaAllah. Truly, truly blessed. I'm always truly blessed, very thankful for my friends, for the college, for the experience and most importantly for my parents who listened and gave me the experience to begin with. Wouldn't be the person I am without the people I met along the way. Wouldn't be the person I am without the schools that I went to, from primary all the way to university. I loved it all. Just thought it was so surreal that it's 10 years since I stepped into college. Crazy!!

Today's also a wonderful reminder to always remember to take more photos. It sucks that we've practically be indoors for the most of the past year and a half but insyaAllah once it settles, we'll be right back at it. 

Dear KYUEM, you were my first and perhaps only choice of college. I heard about you when I was 15 and ever since then, that's all I wanted. For whatever reason, I just had to go. Something about it just compelled me to work hard for it. So I did and man, the two years that followed were the best two years of my life. I met some of the best people, I had some of the best experiences, I loved life, I was SO happy and I never wanted it to end. If anyone asked me what I'd want to relive, it's KY no doubt. To think it has been 10 years since our first day in college is wild and I don't know where the time has gone but I sure spent it well with some of my favourite friends I've made ever. All thanks to you! I'm forever thankful and I hope to repay my gratitude in some shape, way or form soon. It was my true happy place and the friends I've made a home with the friends I've met from college. In the Friends reunion, Matthew Perry said whenever he'd meet the other 5 after the show ended, he said he'd drop everything he was doing at the time regardless of where he was and just called it a night because he had met someone so special in his life that all he wanted to do is talk and be with them. That's how I feel with my friends here. 

My safe place. My home.

Love you, friends. Thank you for the best 10 years we've had and here's to even better ones ahead.


Thursday, June 17, 2021

Weird MCO

It's a Thursday night. I'm in week 3 of working from home in this lockdown. Can you imagine!! We're in our second lockdown and I don't know how many rounds of MCO it has been. Someone brought up a good point the other day. Instead of calling it PKP, PKPB, PKPD, and whatever else it has grown into, they should've just done what the UK did; have coronovirus alert levels via tiers. So say Tier 1 is social distance, wear a mask and Tier 4 is high alert, proper lockdown, no one's allowed out. Then each tier would have their own set of guidelines to follow. It just is SO easy to understand compared to what we have now. 

This country is in a funny little space now. Everytime I'm on Twitter, there's just always something new to groan about. It gets tiring to read and to hadap but I guess it's good that people are more aware about what's happening with this country and people now?? have to be accountable?? Such a concept, I love it.

Anyway, I'm happy to see that vaccination rates have ramped up in the past couple of days. I think yesterday it was 200,000+ already. It's an improvement though I think it should've been that a long time ago. We're only 11% vaxxed (and this only refers to first dosages!). And we're month 5 into this programme? I don't know. I'm just glad that this family is 2/3 vaxxed. I'm happy to report that my dad finally succumbed to getting his vaccine because we forced him into it. Even registered without his knowing hahaha. Whatever!! I don't have time for anti vaxxers or people who doubt it! I went with him and the process was so, so smooth. We reached at about 10:30 and he was vaxxed by 10:53. Best part about it is, his slot was for 11am! So he was technically done even before his appointment time. Amazing. And I really loved that it was all in one hall so we didn't have to move about! I tried to make the experience as quick and as smooth as possible, just so he doesn't get peeved. Alhamdulillah it was all smooth sailing! So here's a photo of him after being vaxxed. As for side effects, he was down with fever and body sores so he hated that part haha.

We're just pending for Iman's appointment in July and for Mama's appointment date. I'm quite disappointed that Mama hasn't gotten hers because she is a teacher! Shouldn't that be counted as a frontliner? Ish. 

This MCO feels so weird compared to the first one. The first one macam.... a new experience. So the fact that we were working from home was quite... fun? Cause I got to eat at home all three meals in a day and slept in 'til it was time for work. And not wearing make up! People were making iced coffee and all that innit. I just remember it being super hectic with work cause we were in the middle of new projects so to adjust to that was bit difficult. 

But this MCO.... I just am so done with it. I wanna go out. It's like seeing everyone else have fun at a party and you're stuck at home cause you're grounded. Feels bit like that now especially when news around the world are about lifting restrictions, lowest Covid-19 cases they've had, people going maskless, vaccination rates almost half of population. It's FOMO if you think about it. We were there much earlier than everyone else. Some idiots thought an election was ideal so that messed things up lah but oh well. Biar lah dorang, hope they're not getting good sleep at least.

Ok, gotta go. Talk soon! 


Edit: My mum got vaxxed! Hahaha. It was on a Saturday and she checked her app to just see if there was an update (she checks pretty regularly! Her last check in was at 11pm the night before but nothing as of then) and there was! She checked at 12pm and her appointment was at 2pm that same day. So I went with her to teman, it was in KLCC. So it was really nice and bright and big. Not that many people too so it was also very quick and efficient. 

Here's a photo to commemorate my mum getting vaccinated.

Sunday, May 16, 2021

My First Dose of Vaccine!

 Here's one for the books! I got vaccinated yesterday! 

So when KJ announced that there was going to be a first come first serve vaccination program for the AstraZeneca vaccine, my friends and I were ever ready to sign up. It was at 12pm on May 2nd 2021, a Sunday. So naturally, I overslept. I woke up 12:15 to lots of messages in the various friend groupchats I have about how they didn't manage to get it or they couldn't click on the link. At that point I gave up without even trying. I mean... I missed the 12pm opening and I assumed the slots would have been taken up quick. But my friends told me to just give it a shot (haha) and I somehow managed to book a slot! I made sure to make it on a Saturday because if I had any side effects, the Sunday could cushion me before going to work. 

Here's how it went!


1. I'm lucky that Zaim booked the same slot as I did. Same day, same time, same location. So I had a teman. He picked me up and off we went to WTC. Our appointment was at 9:30 and we drove there so we had to find parking. Good thing it wasn't too bad to find a spot. But any later than that, susah sikit to find parking methinks. My best bet is that you have someone send you. Or Grab your way there. We were there in the basement parking, lining up at about 9:18am. Macam lambat sikit lah.


2. But since we parked, we entered from the basement. I've seen how you would enter if someone dropped you off so I'm not sure how that works. Upon entering, you have to scan QR, take your temp and show your appointment to the guard there. 


3. Then you line up at your station. So important that you know what station you've been assigned to. It'll guide you all the way 'til the end. Both Zaim and I were Station 2 so we lined up at the designated area. 

4. Wait 'til they call you in. Tip: Really no point you go any earlier than your time. Because you won't even be allowed to come in to the waiting area (at point 3). You'll have to wait outside. Save yourself the trouble and come maybe half an hour je before your appointment.


5. Go up to the holding room. It's 2 floors up. You'll have to scan another time and take your temp again. Find your station, wait for them to give you your forms (2 of the same kind, you fill up both) and three tickets of your angka giliran (what is this in English??). Fill it up but DON'T SIGN IT. You'll only have to sign when you meet the doctor later for your consultation.

My experience here was that after Zaim's number was called, I was about 17 numbers later than him but the monitor/screen was stuck so the lady had to manually call out our numbers. It's relatively quite fast though! 

Important note: Bring your own pen. I didn't. But again, I was lucky that Zaim did so I borrowed his je huhu


6. After your number gets called, you walk into another room where you wait to be registered. My cute experience was when I sat down for the girl to register me, she looked up and asked "Anak Cikgu Mazliza ya?" haha I swear I get recognised more for being my mum's daughter than anything else. She graduated in 2015 and told me how close she was with my mum. So I took a photo of her and sent it over to Mama. Haha so sweet of her to say hi! 

I *think* you have to scan another time here but the person there will let you know how to go on about it. Once she's registered you, you'll be directed to your doctor for the consultation. 


7. My doctor was a young girl, only 25! I know this because she also had to sign my form along with her IC. And she was very helpful. She gave a brief on the vaccine and side effects. I just told her I had eczema and that was my only concern. She also has eczema so she said all's fine and the vaccine shouldn't effect that at all. She then signed my form and told me I could go into the next room.


8. There were seats in the next room but no one was there! So one of the volunteers just brought me into a room. IT WAS VACCINE SHOT TIMEEEE! Tbh I wasn't prepared for this. I thought it'd be a bit of a wait. Macam tak sempat to prepare myself. 

I filmed myself taking the shot. I'm not going to lie, it was PAINFUL! All my friends who had gone before me said it was painless and that they "didn't even feel the needle". What bull!! I could totally feel the needle in! At first, it was just the general pain of an injection but it was in there for some time, babes. Longer than I'd like lah ya. Painful to the point of me going "Wow, that was quite painful!" to the doctor hahaha. He said "hahaha ok done done". Ya, you'd better be done!!! He then covered it with wool and tape but I saw some people getting a plaster. Not that that's important but yknow.



9. You're then directed to the observation room downstairs. Again, you follow your station number. Gave my forms to the lady and you sit down for 15 mins to see if you have any immediate reaction. Once done, they'll call you and you have to sit at another section where they tell you to click on a link on your app to record your symptoms. 

10. Here's where the delay for us started. The link was completely unclickable. So we had to wait... and wait. Some people managed and left immediately. But because ours wasn't working, we had to wait for the lady to call us one by one to manually enable the link for us. Part ni kecoh sikit because everyone was so unorganised. This was an unforeseen situation so no one expected it. But I think it worked out not long after because friends who went after didn't complain of such delay anymore.

11. Once you click on the link and see the "Do you have any symptoms?" to which you click either "Yes" or "No", you're free to leave! 


12. We took the compulsory souvenir photo haha. Again, good thing I had Zaim with me so it was easy to have him take my photo. But we did take a photo for someone who went alone. #KitaJagaKita and all that.


So there's that! Overall, the process was smooth sailing and quick 'cept for the last bit. People were so nice and helpful. Made for a pleasant experience! Though it took about 2 hours, it didn't actually *feel* long. If I didn't face the two technical difficulties, it could have cut it an hour short, I'm sure. I haven't heard anyone complain about the process yet other than a bit of the waiting outside if you're there early. Other than that, it was all good! Props to the organisers.

Alhamdulillah it's coming close to 36 hours and I'm feeling fine. No major side effects. I know people had fevers and headaches but I don't have anything so far. Except for the sore arm. SO sore that I can't have any pressure on it or move my left arm around too much. My sleep last night was bit annoying cause I'm so used to sleeping on my left side that it was so awkward to sleep on my right instead. But it's such a small thing to be bothered about that I'm thankful nevertheless. Who knows?? I could develop a fever later in the night but let's not wish for that amin amin aminnn. 

Hope everyone gets the vaccine! It's a step closer to just ending this pandemic. With cases on the rise these days, it's so scary to think that it's already so seeped in our communities that we really can't and won't know who has it anymore. You could be doing all fine and dandy but could be positive. It's the death rate that has been worrying. Sigh. Hope everyone's keeping safe. May Allah protect us all from this pandemic.

Please also say a prayer for our brothers and sisters in Palestine who have been going through an immeasurable level of tragedy, trauma and horror pain. May Allah bestow peace and justice to the oppressed and fallen Palestinians. May families who were torn apart be granted and reunited in Jannah. The power of prayer and recently, the power of social media! The more we talk about it, the better it is for them who have no means to do so. May we all be protected, Ya Allah. 

Take care, everyone. Hope the above has helped a bit in preparing for your vaccination. InsyaAllah all will go well! The faster we get this done, the faster you can travel again!!! Remember hanging out without wearing masks???? Dream.


Sunday, May 2, 2021

March/April Updates


(wow I was supposed to post this late April but it's.... May already. Anyway)

Sigh. The other day I actually forgot I run a blog. That's how bad it's been. My 14 year old blogging enthusiast self would've been so annoyed. Truth is I've just been too busy with work. And Ramadhan makes it just a tad more tiring to get things done. I'm just half asleep at work most days. Alhamdulillah this puasa month has been going well for my family and I. It just always needs a bit of getting used to with waking up for sahur and then dozing off only to wake up again for work. I've said this a million times and I'll say it a million more, but last year's Ramadhan was just next level great. Didn't have to run to meetings here and there (disrupted prayer times and just... tiring) and didn't have to subject myself to strict working hours. Good thing I live not too far from the office so going back on time for buka is not too bad. 

So how's everyone been!! Hope you're all ok and surviving. It's so unfortunate to see that cases have been on the rise again, despite our best initial efforts. I say "our" "best" "initial" "efforts" because they were OUR efforts. Can't believe this country had two days of ZERO cases. That's insane to even think about now kan? I think we were 2.8k cases yesterday. No signs of going down anytime soon especially with the bazaar Ramadhan, relaxing of SOP's, offices full fledged, RAYA coming soon. Sigh. This'll be the second Raya in our lives being semi-quarantined. I say 'semi-quarantined' because it's not official that we're in another lockdown or another MCO. I'm okay with Raya in KL but it's my grandparents I'm most concerned about. It must be so depressing to be home and not doing anything for a whole year and a half now. We have some family in Penang too but it's not the same to have just half the fun. Especially during Raya, a time my grandparents look forward to the most. I hope anyone and everyone reading this can keep my grandparents in your prayers. For their well-being and just overall happiness.


My Colleagues

We all went to a new site in one car (got stopped at a roadblock and was asked why so many people in a car). Got really car sick cause I was sat at the back. Stopped by at this Arab place at Glenmarie where I went to actually vomit. I think I should stick to being the driver or be at least in the passenger seat. Can't do anything past that.

This was said site but on a different occasion. Exciting! I think this would be my first time on a project that is literally still not built yet. We're usually called for projects that are already constructed. 

Malaysia has all these fancy things outdoors but it's like they forget it's boiling out and no one does strolls and leisure walks so these things are good between the hours of 5pm - 7pm. 

Sempat lagi mid Zoom sesh.

My parking skills are top notch. And this is the company car!!! Thisclose to losing out tbh lol

I got the free whole chicken promo on Nando's (if you're not already on the app, you should!) so I was waiting for a bunch of my colleagues to be free so we can use it. But never could get a good time where all of us were in so I asked these two (HUGE eaters) and I asked "You sure? It's a whole chicken for just us 3" "No problem". Not only did we take that whole chicken but we ordered a whole lot more!! I only had a tiny piece of 1/4 chicken for myself but they devoured everything else. Wiped clean! Berbaloi.

Dao has become a staple in the office. On some days when we need desserts, we'd order delivery and the whole office makan sekali for tea. Yum.

Finally!! Brought these girls to makan Korean food that I've been talking about since about a year ago. Anytime with these girls is a fun time. Though I wished we had hung out longer. Reminder: Next time go to a place that opens 'til late. And maybe not go on a Thursday lol.

Was asked to go to Jalan Maarof for some survey and brought these two with me (or rather, they volunteered...) and we naturally stopped by Nirwana for lunch. This was the second day of Ramadhan I think and I couldn't fast lol 


Iman's Birthday (She's 22!!)

FATTY CRAB FOR DINNNERRRRRR for a very special 22 year old

My baby sister is 22 this year!!!! Her only request to makan was to have Fatty Crab and banoffee pie as her birthday cake. So cute. So we had it ala Shell Out and Mama even bought the plastic table wrap so as to not dirty the table cloth underneath. FATTY CRAB IS STILL one of my favourite places to makan. I just am so put off by their long line so I hardly go but I'll make it a point to persevere one of these days and makan there. Siapa nak ikut, text me.

She is such a cutie. How is she 22!!!!

For her birthday, we all got her Airpods. There's a video of her opening the present and being super surprised by the gift because she thought it'd be chocolates hahaha.

Saja putting this here because she is such a cutie. She bought the top specifically for this birthday outing with her friends!!!!!! Insert crying emoji. Love you, Manman <3 


Few days later we celebrated our dear Mama's birthday at Jibby Chow. We loooove Jibby Chow, it's such a great place to grab Chinese food. Unfortunately they don't serve their fantastic dim sum's during dinner meals so I do recommend you go for lunch. But all else is super sedap anyway. Their roasted duck especially! Highly recommend.

Found this photo of Mama in my room. She still looks like this. With the few exceptions of some lines on her face, she really looks the same. I love her so much and am always grateful for her. In my doa always, Mama, love you with all my heart. You make our world go round every single day. 


Zati & Marissa 

Homegirl with her vaccine card or wudeva. Can't wait to get mine soon insyaAllah!!!

Love my babes, since college sampai sorang ni dah kahwin dah na. 

Had brunch with these two at Dough & Dolce and am pleasantly surprised to know the food was really good! I had their duck spaghetti and it was so so so good. I can't wait to go again after Ramadhan. Again... siapa nak pergi, text me.


Outtakes with Tania & Iman

Tried this really cute hat at COS and was so close to buying but it wasn't a priority at that time (... it's still not a priority) so I didn't. But one of these days, I'm going to go get it lah. Been thinking about it for far too long. So cute no???

Tania wanted to get new shoes cause she's outworn her current sandals and we came across this. I was also going to get it but I had to get the smallest size which they didn't have in stock. Am still on the lookout for my next go-to. 

At Mercato because Mama pesan beli leak for dinner. I bought the important things like toilet roll, sponges, broccoli and stain removers. Tania bought snacks. 

Y'all probably already know this but Tania and I, whenever the opportunity rises to go to KL, we almost ALWAYS go to La Bodega. Always. It's like a no brainer. We have their tapas and with the basket of bread that we'd ask to refill 2-3 times. So goood. From left to right, fried calamari, sausages in sweet, spicy tomato sauce, diced chicken cooked in olive oil, garlic and fried chilli, and mushroom with gravy. The chicken isn't even on the menu anymore but you can still order it! Again........ text me.

My sisters picking me up from work. They're thrilled.


With Friends


Lax. Retreat

For a more detailed review of the place, you should check out Tania's '@taniatries' account on Instagram. My review is that it's super pretty, comfortable and it's so thoughtful in its service. Lets you choose your music and your massage scents. Loved the experience and that it's an all female establishment. So if you wear the tudung, you can feel comfortable in taking it off during your service without having to worry of male customers. 


My sweetest dearest Mak Tok was here for a short while for her check up at IJN. I took the day off from work to accompany her there. This is her waiting to get her blood pressure test. She was coughing a bit so she was taking out her meds to eat and I was helping her out with all that and just part of me got so sedih to see her like that. She's lost a lot of weight since Pak Tok had his stroke as he's taking care of him all the time. This was her first check up in KL without him because we told him to stay put in Penang although he really wanted to come. But we didn't want to risk it for him. May Allah always always protect the both of them, my heart and soul, and may they always be blessed with good and improving health, rezeki and happiness. I'm so bummed that we won't be able to celebrate Raya in Penang again this year. It's their favourite time of the year because we would all go back. I'm just really worried that they'd be really lonely and sad. Mak Tok said to Mama that when she told him that "the kids aren't coming for Raya", he just kept quiet and cried. I'm crying typing this out. Really so unfair that we've allowed Covid to be this bad. How is it getting worst and worst. I feel so bad for all the parents and grandparents around the country who have to spend Raya without the whole family back. Hope everyone reading this just have them in your prayers, would love that very much.

We're in our last 10 days of Ramadhan so bit late but selamat berpuasa to everyone. Hope we take this time to beribadah and to berdoa all that we want. InsyaAllah it'll be granted soon. Praying for peace, love and lots of rezeki for everyone I love. 

Don't forget your prayers and make lots and lots of doa. Allah hears you loud and clear so pray for anything and everything, friends! 

Stay indoors, stay safe and take care! See you in my next post.