Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sri Melaka and Paranormal Activity

Woke up extra early (according to me lah of course) at 830 because I had a movie to catch with my high school budsssss. So excites !!! Haven't seen them in foreverrrrr so I was really really looking forward to spending some time with them !

Watched Paranormal Activity 4 in which for the majority of the movie, watched it behind my fingers and constantly muttering

"Why did I agree to watch this again why why remind me to stab Hafeez after the movie"

ughhhhh and this movie wasn't deemed scary by my friends pun !!! What the hell, I'm just not made for horror movies. I remember after watching the first PA, I couldn't bring myself to sleep for 3 weeks and I'm not kidding or exaggerating !!!! I even spilled popcorn all over myself at one point sebab I terjumped. Lol pathetic

Thennnn we went to eat lunch at Sri Melaka ! Love this place so I was happy that Hanif suggested to have lunch there. Y'know how I am with nasi and lauk ! Comforted myself with my happy food after a crazy movie.

Missed all of them especially Hafeez Azhar, twins and Dina !!!!! Made me laugh like cray even without them saying anything that funny. Nothing can replace this bunch of kids luv 'em forever.

"It's A Boy!"

And another one turns 19 !

Izmal turned 19 on October 26th and so Zati planned a surprise dinner at Alexis, Gardens. The girl can be sweet sometimes :* Kidding Zati, you're sweet ALL the time !


He thought it'd be a nice romantic dinner with his girlfriend but alas, there was 20 of us there singing him Happy Birthday ! Of course, he was surprised, I don't think he realised for the first minute that we were singing for him in the first place hahahaha

Look at the candles ! Melted to the max because we lit up the candles before Izmal came. Tak datang datang pun so we had to blow it out twice sebab it was melting really fast dah. 10 seconds before he came, we lit it up and sang him the jolly tune of turning a year older ! :)

I've been surprised twice in my life on my birthday and it's one of the nicest feelings ever so I can relate to how surprised he look ! Love surprising people. Dah 2 birthdays in a row; first with Marissa and then with Izmal. More to come, hopefully ! :)

"K cepat gelak, boys!" 

Candid (albeit fake) laughing always makes a good shot.

The girls in either black, beige/white or orange. I should've been drenched in pink or something.

Got to meet some of Izmal's high school and primary school buds which was nice. Love getting to know new people now and then. Duduk kat KY asyik nampak muka sama so new faces can be quite refreshing.

"Ritual photo?" asked Zati
"Ritual photo." I replied.

.... hey so this is Zati and Marissa on an everyday basis.


Is that the face when I talk ?!?!?! Someone remind me to shut up then.

Zati's such a sweetheart for pulling this all together for her boy. 

Don't ask why the balloon is like that and not the usual "Happy Birthday!" one lololol

HAPPY BIRTHDAY IZMAL !!!! Hope you enjoyed your nigghtttttt ! :)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Marissa Is 19 !

On October 23rd, Marissa turned 19 ! She stayed over in my chalet til her birthday and we were talking and watching Grace Helbig videos until my laptop went

"It's 12 o'clock"

and we went YAAAAAAAAYYYY MARISSA IS 19 !!!!! Excites excites !

The next day, Amir surprised her with a cake and a big card with everyone's signature. That was pretty dang sweet :")

To the sweetest and funniest girl I've come across ever. Thanks for being the best friend and may God bless you always with happiness and love all arouuuuund. Will always always love you, Mars !!!! <3 p="p">


Wednesday, October 24, 2012


My 'outfits of the day' for the whole of this week. 

This week, for some reason, has gone by really really slowly. Can't wait to go back home on Thursday and eat and sleep in the comfort of my own homeeeeeeeeeeeee.....

..... and a McDonalds branch a minute away. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012


I love my mum and maktok's baju kurungs ! Being petite sized was obviously in the DNA because I can wear both of their baju and I love itttttt!!! My favourite kurung because it's pink and about the most beautiful pattern out there ! The colour scheme is gorgeous ! 

I don't know why I decided to wear heels and remind me to never ever again !!!!! Hurts like a mother trucker (Hi Mama, know you're reading this so I won't swear !). But once in a while, a girl has to wear them to look tall sikit eventhough my idea of 'tall' is what other people would call 'normal'. Mleh.

In college this weekend. TIME FOR SUITS and singing to Whitney and Mariah in my chalet without the earphones.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Had to run some errands today and by errands I mean just one trip to the bank to get a new account because believe it or not, after not using my debit card in so long, I actually forgot the pin number. Should my mum be proud that I haven't been withdrawing cash ?!?!?!

What I Wore Today (ooh I should start hashtagging #wiwt instead of #ootd) (copyright!) Tania's top from Forever 21 and Mama's palazzo pants. Basically, I didn't wear anything that was mine.

(And yes, that is a Justin Bieber poster behind me.....)

 Went to One Utama for lunch and had Dave's Deli although my heart and my soul and my whole being wished we had gone for teppanyaki instead :( :( :(

My face explains it all! But still sedap lah. But still. Teppanyaki.

Sent Tania for tuition and I went to Bangsar to get my eyebrows done, leaving my Mum and Iman to watch Taken 2. Took me only 15 minutes and really, best feeling to take out your parking ticket, prepared to pay only to see that you were under the 15 minute time period and don't need to pay anything! Free parking is hard to come by these days. What am I talking ok moving on

Movie wasn't done yet so I had to go back to OU and got some things for college.

Grab a seat, people because what I'm about to show you are 3 items you'd think I'd never own in my life! Well, you're wrong!

And they were all relatively affordable! I thought it was going to cost me a bomb. It was all under 60 bucks! Yay. And love the cap too, can't wait to wear it for Health Awareness Week and the Sports Carnival in KY. And also cause it's pink and purple. Obnoxious but pretty. I've promised myself to atleast skip rope lah kan kat gym tu. People say "Dah kurus tak payah exercise lah takpe!". Hello people, this girl got no abs!!!!! Not saying I want a washboard flat tummy, I want one that's toned and healthy looking. My tummy looks like a blob.

Selamat Beriadah, everyone!

Monday, October 15, 2012


(Got this at the #ChurpOut2012 bazaar at Publika. Courtesy of the Fashion Valet booth!)

I don't usually get the chance to do Outfit Of The Days (a.k.a. the famous Instagram line '#ootd') because

i) I don't have an iPhone and the Instagram account that I have is from my mum's phone
ii) My outfits are usually jeans and a normal top (usually plain coloured with no patterns!) and nothing much to shout about

Love this necklace ! It's so pink and chunky. I just wore this plain top and jeans and was good to go. I find my earrings and necklaces such a saviour sometimes because I don't have to go all dressy with my outfit when I can just slap on some pretty necklace or chunky earrings.

I should really take my camera out now and then. Kesian tak buat apa apa in my bag. For anyone who wants to know what camera I use; it's the Olympus Pen E-PL1. My prized possession, this one is.

Have a good Monday ahead !


Sunday, October 14, 2012


Guess who I met for breakfast ?!?!?!?!!?!

Hehehehe what a lovely surprise ! She and Dean came into Chinoz and I was like "HIIIII" ok maybe not that lah but I smiled and they came towards Mama and I and salam-ed. Ughhh lawa lah dahlah tak pakai make-up.

And I told her I was wearing the necklace that I bought from them yesterday and Vivy asked if she could take a photo of me !!!!!

And she tweeted about it which I was like "ahhhhhhh"
We spoke kejap before leaving the place in which Mama was like "Ok, have a nice meal you two!" so cute lah i luv them

K I gotta stahp !!!! Just wanted to share my morning and how it was so nice and lovely hihi


Had a late start to the day because of the heavy heavy rain. I was supposed to send my sister for golf but that didn't happen because rain got in the way and I'm so thankful ! Otherwise I wouldn't have enjoyed another hour (and a half) of sleep.

Got up and got ready for Churp Out 2012 at Publika mainly cause i) Vivy Yusof. For you who don't know who she is, she's a law student from LSE turned fashion entrepreneur and co-founded the online fashion site "Fashion Valet" along with her husband, Fadza Anuar. And she maintains a blog on her daily life. Basically, she's kinda everything I wanna be in the future. She's so cool and funny and on top of all that, she's head strong and so successful at such a young age. I don't know how and insyaAllah if and when I get my university offers to do business in the UK and if and when I DO go to the UK, I'm going to go ahead and try my luck in steering my life into the direction that she did. She's such an inspiration to me. 

So of course when she said she'll be at the Churp Out event, Tania and I were like "We'll be there!".

After lunch at home, we headed to Publika in the rain and met Vivy !!!! But I managed to buy a necklace first of course because she was talking to some of the people there so didn't want to barge in and say


But totally acted cool (waving enthusiastically counts as cool right?) and got the courage to go up to her and asked 

"Hi Kak Vivy, can we take a photo with you?" and she was all "Sure sure of course!". 

I fumbled with my camera and Tania took it to take a photo but I told her to be in the photo sekali and Dean (her husband) offered 

"You want me to take the photo for you?" (!!!!!!) So sweet lah i cannot deal ! 

And I told her I already bought a necklace from FV there and she was so cute cakap 

"Did you get the one yang pink tu ? I have the same thing ! Good taste, good taste" 

(k y'all can tell how much I love her because I can actually remember how the conversation went word by word) 

She's so petite too ! She had such high heels though. Before this photo was taken, she rushed to my right 

"Ok, I have to be on this side!" Too cute lah I cannot !

HIGHLIGHT OF MY DAY !!! :) SO happy got to finally meet her ! 
I tweeted her and she actually replied ! Ok Nadia, calm down.


We moved on to other parts of the mall and it was nothing much besides this small shop called "Kaleidoscope" so pretts everything there feel like buying all the small knick knacks that I know I won't use ever. Had to do the boring walk back to letak balik benda benda that I wanted. I did get a bangle for me and another one for my mum because it was too pretty !!!!! One was rose gold and the other just gold. Preeeeetssssss. I love it. This is highlight #2.

Pana called me and asked where I was and without waiting for my reply, she said 

"OU. Now. Now. Just come to OU now."

So I did. Met up with her and Zati and roamed around aimlessly because Pana wanted to get a pair of jeans (in which she didn't) but the hunt for jeans failed because i) We didn't enter any other shop other than Cotton On and Zara in which in both stores, nobody headed to the the denim section and ii) We got sidetracked in Chillis. Didn't really eat much because of my lunch at home but accompanied the two as they downed their old timer burgers. 

Met up with my parents at the Curve and my mum was so cute to actually say that she'll wait dekat the parking lot to help me with my parking because she knows I hate parking hahahahaha in which of course I said "takpe mum!" and managed to park successfully. 

Phew. Highlight #3 was the surprisingly abundant parking in both OU and Curve.

Sandwiches for dinner at O'Briens and left for home.

What was the highlight of your day ? 


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Brain Cells


  • Singing along to the theme song of Suits. Yes, everyone, I'm watching Season 2 again because it's Friday night and usually my Friday's are occupied with me impatiently waiting for Suits to load before I eventually let out a squeal of delight after seeing my Mike and Harvey ! AHHHHH why is January so far away ! :( :( :( :( :( 
  • Relishing in the comforts of my small but heavenly bed, crowded with pillows so soft that getting up in the morning (or from naps) is next to impossible.
  • Planning my day ahead. Hmm so far it's sending Iman to golf practice, aaaaaand Suits. AND DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND BOOKS YAY
Semester exams dah habis yay yay finally I can tutup buku jap and let my brain cells repair themselves because they really ought to. In one photo I can describe you my week (and the week before that)

This is me studying History. So kelam kabut and last minute. THIS IS WHAT IT DOES TO YA. Remind me to reorganize my notes and get new highlighters.

Also, has anyone watched the new X-Factor USA ?! If you do or even if you don't, please check on this girl she is so good ! Her name is Carly Rose Sonenclar and I think she's only 13 but her talent exceeds that of most self-proclaimed 'professionals' and she's pretty much a reassurance that maybe the music industry of the next generation is not too teruk. Go checkidaut. 



Friday, October 5, 2012


Studying History on the bed. With highlighters everywhere. I love making my notes look 'lived in'. Makes it look more... professional. K this is SO entertaining you guys, am I rocking your world yet ? K.

So ! Today, decided to be adventurous a bit ah and drove to Pavilion !!! Achievement ah because I haven't driven to KL yet. Whooh. Let's all celebrate of my HUGE accomplishment hahaha. Next trip! To KLCC we agogo. So it was just Tania and I after I picked her up from school. Had lunch at my favourite place evah - La Bodega. Missed eating their tapas. You're missin' out if you haven't tried La Bodega. Do I sound like an advert yet ?

After lunch, we made our way to H&M and it's so big and nice ! Quite surprised with the quality and design of clothes there though. I've had the impression from a lot of people that it's pretty subpar and plain. So was quite impressed. Managed to get myself a sweater cardigan with crazy cool prints and pink pants and earring. I LOVE IT UGH can't get over it. I love coming out of a store buying something I really really really really love. Don't mind not buying anything at all because if I only feel like it's "Pretty but..." then I won't buy it. Mama taught me well...

... and also she would kill me kalau tak pakai nanti.

(Dear Mama, let's please go to H&M again although we're trying to be thrifty now but just let's) (also can you reimburse?) (Thanks, love you xx)

So the other day, Aiman Farhan tweeted me asking if I've watched the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy. I don't usually like to watch weekly episodes for Grey's; I prefer watching them 10 episodes at one go so it's not as frustrating after every episode when you're like "WHY DO I HAVE TO WAIT A WHOLE WEEK FOR THE NEXT EPISODE WHY !!!". I only watch weekly episode of Suits because... well, its Suits. How can I not get my weekly dosage of some Spector+Ross lovin' ?

After watching the Grey's Anatomy episode (which was btw, amazing and so sad but that's as much as I'll go, wouldn't want to spoil it for you guys) (but if you don't know what I'm talking about then I suggest you run to your local DVD store and get hold of the whole damn series because I'm tellin' ya if there's anything I love more than the colour pink, it's Grey's freaking Anatomy), I told Mama about it and she pun streamed it and she came down to the study room and actually sat down and we kinda discussed about the episode in depth. Until she saw her collection of books.

"Eh so nice lah books all stacked up like that!"
"Mum, it's been here dah lama gila dah only now you notice ?!"
"Eh but so nice!! Wait let me go get my books from upstairs"

in which she did. She then went on to recommend me some books.

"Look I have 2 of the same book and didn't even realise it"


Parents went to visit my uncle in the hospital so I was given duty to feed my sisters ! Had the car and some cash so we went to Publika (half the reason was for Wondermilk and the other half was 'cause ada valet service cause God knows I can't park for nuts). Had the best ever baked potato Malaysia has ever seen. So sedap mang, can eat it for life. I love bringing my sisters out for dinner/lunch/whatever because it makes me feel like an adult and I always want to bring them out now that I drive.

Had a Skype session yesterday with Diy, Puchee, Olan and Tariq til 4am. Even sempat skyped with Afif in Sheffield !!!! Laughs all 'round albeit sleepy eyes.