Monday, December 31, 2007

3 more days,

til schooooooooooooooooool.

i'm recovering, thank God.
but i still have the teensy weensy bit of a headache.
especially at night ;o
and my appetite is still ugh, down the drain.
i mean, i didn't feel like eating the McMuffin that i had for breakfast.
usually, i'd finish it real fast cause it's the best ever breakfast i can ever have.
but i didn't finish it pun -_____-



today is the 31st of December and tmrw will be the start of a whole new year.
The Year of 2008.
The Year of PMR.
Holy Macaroles.

SOO, time for my list of New Year Resolutions (that i don't think i've ever accomplished, but whateverrrrr)


1. 8A's. (d'oh)
2. Pray more (don't look at me like that)
3. Study more
4. Be nicer to people. I mean, y'knw for karma's sake. I want to be nice to people so that hopefully with a bit of help from karma, i get good luck.
5. Make more friends. (!) GUY friends.
6. Be alot more patient
7. Adapt a better sleeping habit.
8. Save money
9. Speak out and defend for myself.

tht's about it.
i was about to type in, 'Less internet' but i already knew that won't work out so, why waste blogging space ?


and last night, Mama told me that mmmmmmaybe i could get braces for..

..FREE O.0

i was like, 'what the shiiiiiiiiiit?'
turned put that my uncle's (my mum's cousin's husband) has a sister who's a specialist in dental care and works for the government.
so ok, i had my doubts when the word government came up, but apparently, she's the specialist of all specialists (HAHAHAHA, my english and my common sense has gone down along with that appetite of mine) and she's now in the US for a conference.
and since my mum's a government servant, my mum could easily get my braces for free.

bagus en.
3000, 4000, 5000, 6000 SAVED

and, mama bought a Louis Vuitton bag at Bintang Walk without even asking me if i want to go -__-

but i made her promise, to get me one for my b-b-b-birthday next month.
ok, wait tmrw is already next month.
so, er, 19 days everyone ?


Saturday, December 29, 2007

5 more days,

til school reopens.

but i'm sick.

and i hate getting sick.
who does ?

the numerous times that i supposedly said i was sick..

..was a lie.

i just didn't want to come to school.

well, now i'm sick, for real.
like, i woke up at 6.45 (!) cause i was ridiculously thirsty so i went down to get myself a glass of water.
before i slept back, i texted athirah to tell her that our outing had to to be rainchecked as i'm feeling unwell.

god ;o

slept back, woke up at 10.
went to my mum's room and slept til 12.
ate some porridge and slept back.

when i'm sick, my time consists of sleeping and moaning.
oh, and i was so hot tau.
like sweating.
my mum said, it happened to her.
the body gets really heaty and we get really dehydrated.

slept til 7.
ate soup with rice.
rested on the sofa.
pening gila bapak siaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal.

oh and the panadol is like, hell.
made me barf.

y'see, i get sick rarely.
probably, once in a 2 years.
cause i got sick alot of times when i was small.
like, i had to go to the hospital every month and mum said, they had to put a tube in me and suck out all er, god knows what la.
ick, ugh, blegh.

so when i'm sick, i'm REALLY sick, like i can't do anything.
like all my energy is drained out.
my appetite is washed out.
and i can't walk right which means i have to hold on to something as i walk.
and i have to lay my head against something.
and i get pissed every 5 minutes.
and even with the aircond on, i sweat.
and i get cold so easily.




Friday, December 28, 2007

6 more days,

til school reopens and i get to hug my friends.

hello, Upper East Side.

so, ok. maybe not upper east side.
i'm trying to channel Gossip Girl.

i dnt knw why i laughed.

aaaanyway, yesterday was the pmr results and Taman Tun did well with 43 number of students who achieved straight A's.
tht beat last year's batch.
and i'm kinda secretly hoping that our batch beats 43.
even by 1, i dnt care.

so, today i woke up by an sms.
and after texting, blablabla.
logged on internet and did the usual.
myspace, facebook, some Colbie Callait.
ate breakfast.

then bathe and watched Ellen.


so we just came back from eating dinner at fasta pasta, ikano.
bought some school stuffs at Popular and went to FOS cause papa wanted to buy the belt that he wanted.
thennnnnn, i saw a cute guy.
and he was playing with his sister.
so cuute la.
mygod ;o

so now, i'm here.
waiting for Gossip Girl to finish downloading.

cute gila nak mati nak mampus.

is he a parking ticket cause FINE is written all over him
hahahahahahhaha, mygod, lame.


Wednesday, December 26, 2007


til school reopens and i meet my friends who i have missed dearly.

OH, and i knw the teachers who're gng to teach us this year.
well, for the 3 edisoners to-be anyway.

our class teacher is gng to be ...

Ustazah Suaibah yet again -_-
i was hoping for someone new but oh well.


let's move on.

Math will be by Puan J.Lo (:
she's realy good, or so i've heard and besides, she's a senior teacher, there's no doubt she's good, riiiiiight?

Science will be by Cikgu Mas'aud
i actually like this teacher and was hoping for him to be our science teacher, so i'm quite happy.

History will be by En. Yusnizam

BM will be by Cikgu Yu
hahaha, should be a blast having him but he's a bit of the 'mouth' so yeah. haha.

English will be by Puan Hanizah
yeah, the pengawas teacher. i was crossing my fingers for puan azlin but she'll already be on her maternity leave by next month. soooo, they went for the next best thing (or is it?). whatever it is, she's fierce (as in garang, not america's next top model, FIERCE) so yeah, kinda anxious to be learning from her.

KH will be by Cikgu Sze
i like him though he can be a bit annoying. -_-

Agama will be by Ustazah Suaibah
no duh.

Geography will be by Cikgu Azrani
yeay. he's quite fun. better than the other geography teachers, anyway.

hope you had your fair share of fun this holidays, cause next year is gng to be kinda, sorta, maybe, hell.


Tuesday, December 25, 2007


a very Merry Christmas to dear Christian friends (:
hope that this jolly day bring light and joy to your homes and hearts
Hearts and kisses.


p/s: as much as i would love to get Christmas presents for you guys, i'm kinda broke. haha.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


whaddup homies,

today, we (Paktok, Maktok, Maksulin and i) went to Pavillion.
ate at some middle western restaurant, Tarbush or something like that.
the food was exceptionally good.
i'm hard to please when it comes to food.
oh and this restaurant is like, OUTSIDE of Pavillion.
got a tad upset and whiny cause had to walk all the way outside.
hmph ;/

after eating, we went bck to Pavi.
we went seperate ways.

first stop, was to Topshop.
saw one bag i like but held that in mind.
i totally should have gotten it la.

then went looking for Forever 21.
got a black skirt.

then went to some random shops.
oh no wait, went to Parkson and wanted to buy that Stila Lip balm but the shop assistant couldn't find a new one so told me to come back 15 minutes but i didn't.
poor guy. he was nice, though.

aaaaaanyway. then went to Zara.
bought a top.
which was cheap.
cheaper than stupid Forever 21.
ish, rip off.

then went to meet up with zee grandparents and walked up to Baskin Robbins.
our first choice was to that Big Apple Doughnut and Coffee place but was closed -.-
like, wht the hell.
but thank god, there was a Baskin Robbins just nearby so went in there instead and ate.
then went to Times but by then, my feet were already suffering from its first degree murder by bloody shoes.
but i still loooooove them.
so bought a book at Times.
the one with James McAvoy and Keira Knightley starring in its feature film.

then waited for MakSuLin to come back from Lot 10 at The Loaf.
drank an orange juice and when she came back, we were off.
thank God.
i couldn't take it anymore.
*ooookay, this is sounding more like a Whitney song*
stopped by at Aunty Win's house to fetch my 2 sisters and THEN, home.

the first thing i did, was head to the laptop.
i STILL am on the laptop, as you can see, i mean, read.

watching Grey's Anatomy season 4, babyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Gizzie forever.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007


A special shout out to dear Tania (my sister who's middle name is Drama) and Myra (my cousin who has expertise in talking fast) for buying me books from Kinokuniya.

Y'see, at about lunch time, Mama, Maktok (my grandmum), Tania, Myra and I went to KLCC.
Ate at MFM and walked around a bit.
God, KLCC is getting boring every single time i go.
The Topshop there is getting lamer.
The only thing there is the Kinokuniya -.-'

SOOOOOOO, the adults and us, 'kids' split ways.
We went to Quiksilver to search for school bags and pencil cases.
Unfortunately, none.
Isn't there any decent ooking make up cases that can also be used as a pencil box.
the one i'm using this year is good size-wise, so that's why i opted for make up cases.
but ofcourse, takde.


So we went to Kinokuniya.
searched for books but then went out cause i was bored and decide to ronda around by myself.
met up with mama and maktok at isetan.
saw a watch that i liked from Guess.
and surprisingly, Mama liked it too which surprised myself, really cause lately we're not on the same page, fashion-wise.
were we ever, though ?

So then, we came back, and i went to my room and switched on the portable dvd player for titanic (hee, guilty) and Tania was like,


Don't come in, ok
[ referring 'in' to her room which is beside mine ]
Why not?
Cause i have a surprise
What surprise?
[ and she doesn't answer and ignores which makes me divert my attention to The Titanic, and after like 5 minutes ]
Just don't come in, ok ?
Stupiiiid, don't have surprise la ni? Since you're not paying attention whatsoever
hahaha, actually don't have. just don't come in.
[ and she goes back in her room ]

so then like a good 15-20 minutes later, they came in smiling and i thought they were like, doing some performance since that's what they always do. they'd plan a dance or a scene or sing or whatever and come perform infront of me but Tania handed me a well wrapped present with gold ribbon.

I have to give them credit for doing an excellent job in contrasting the wrapping paper which was dark violet crepe tissue paper and goldish ribbon.
and i was like, WHAT'S THISSSSSSSS ?

i opened and was so touched that they had both shared money to buy me an early birthday present.

A 'Fashion DIY' book from Tania and a make up guide from Myra which i thought was such a great gift :D

i now think i should buy THEM something.
y'know, just cause i'm nice.

THANK YOU, dears.


Tuesday, December 18, 2007



i bought 'The Notebook' yesterday around lunch time and started reading it in the evening.
i finished it last night, babyyyyyyyy.

ohmygod, i went to sleep, with nose running, and my eyes swollen as ever.
Nicholas Spark is amaaaaaazing.
I want to get 'A Walk To Remember' pulak.
I heard it's great.
But The Notebook will always come up top.

and i know, facial hair is not really a handsome factor but hahaha.
i loooove Ryan Gosling so whatever works. Well, except that look he adapted from Lars.
he looked like some old cowboy. Eek.
but other then that, (:


Monday, December 17, 2007


i bought the notebook novel at Borders just nw.


my whole day has been wasted on googling 'McGosling' as that it what they are called by avid dear fans.


don't they look perfect together ?
so much admiration.


oh and i love her pink streaks.
i shall get them one day.


Sunday, December 16, 2007

the notebook,





.. with the movie 'The Notebook'.

i so love it, it's getting crazy.
i've been youtube-ing them for hours and googling them.

i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove RYAN GOSLING
i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove RACHEL MCADAMS
i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove THEM TOGETHER

like i'm being freakin' serious.

they make such a sensational couple, it's unbelievable.


eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, i love them laaaaa.
i love the movie.

this love of mine started in Penang.
to y'knw, spare time, i digged out dvd's from my grandma's mini cupboard.
cause she gets bored so she has all this old cd's which i secretly love .
then i saw this dvd and i was like, wht the heck.
popped it in the dvd player and watched.
and was in awe.

awe, i tell you.

totally obvious that they were heads over heels for each other.
rachel and ryan were a couple so the chemistry and the steamy scenes weren't really much of a problem.

i think i shall indulge it later at night.

my birthday is coming up soon so will anyone buy me the REAL dvd ?
i'm joking (:

i'll probably go buy it tmrw.
AND the book.
mygod, i've gone crazy for the notebook.

a new addition to my imaginary wishlist.
ok, so i don't have an imaginary wishlist.
so i shall start now.

ahem ahem.

1. For a real life Noah Calhoun (who's the hero played by the VeryHandsome Ryan Gosling) for myself. or in the worst case scenario, just Ryan Gosling hiimself. (:

and oh,


eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, isn't he WONDERFUL ?
like, he's such a gentleman weiiiiii.
my heart skipped a beat when they were announced as Best Kiss and he was so like, chilled out by it and even gave 'You first' hand signal thingy. Refer to 00:26
and and and, on 1:00 when he was like, doing that finger seducing thingy to her.
EEEEEEEEEEE, cute gila babi.
[ Ok, i'm stammering like HELL. as well as laughing at the same time so er, i'm stammer-laughing? ]
but freakin' cuuuuute.
and anyone who knows me knows that i'm all about manners when it comes to the guys.

like how he let Rachel spoke first.
and how he picked up her jacket.
and ofcourse, earlier on 00:26.
AND also, how he kissed her on the forehead after his SO cute, 'It was my pleasure' speech.

i wnt a guy like tht.
someone who can kiss me on my forehead.
i'm so over my crushes and so into Mr Ryan Gosling.
ok, well not ALL my crushes.
just some.

AND HE SAID THIS IN SOME INTERVIEW about his relationship with co-star and 'love of his life' Rachel McAdams

"I mean, God bless The Notebook," Gosling says. "It introduced me to one of the great loves of my life. But people do Rachel and me a disservice by assuming we were anything like the people in that movie. Rachel and my love story is a hell of a lot more romantic than that."

ohmygod c'mon, wht's he trying to do? win girls all over with his winning manners? cause he got me.

can i get more in love with him ?


Friday, December 7, 2007


i have very sticky hands.
ick ick.

I got myself a MiuMiu handbag.

And i saw this handsome boy and his equally cute brother.
haha *swooooooon*
I mean, i'm one of those girls who isn't interested in just any average guy.
like it takes me a hell lot of handsomeness to convince myself to be attracted.
hahaha, but serious.
He was haaaaaaaandsome.
Note how i used 'handsome' as opposed to 'hot'. Yes, THAT dreamy

Short post today cause i'm on Youtube watching episodes of 'Who's Line Is It Anyway?'
it's incredibly hilarious.
i laugh mad.




and i'm rad.

i just needed something that rhymed and i couldn't possibly go with bad cause i'm anything BUT.



Thursday, December 6, 2007


Part 1: On the Outside

Name : Nadia Zainudin
Date of Birth : January 19th 1993
Current Status : Single but nt available. haha,playing hard to get is the way to go.
Eye Colour : blck
Hair Colour : blck
Righty or Lefty : right handed
Zodiac Sign : Capricorn

Part 2: On the Inside

Your Heritage : Melayu je. haha, takde campur2 apa benda tah.
Your Fear : Allah, and some other things tp dah lupa apa.
Your Weakness : Bags, spicy Italian food.
Your Perfect Pizza : the spicy lamb kat chinoz, klcc. but now, dah takde. bodoh.

Part 3: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Your thoughts first waking up : tiiiiiireeeeeeddddd.
Your bedtime : it can be late up to 5 in the morning or as early as 9 (which usually occurs during school time)
Your most missed memory : going to London.

Part 4: Your Pick

Pepsi or Coke : different la sgt
McD's or Burger King : McD (:
Single or Group Dates : group dates sounds much fun (not that i've been on one)
Adidas or Nike : neither.
Lipton Tea or Nestea : neither
Chocolate or Vanilla : strawberry. haha, i choose out of the 2 choices cause i CAN. hahah.
Cappucino or Coffee : eek.

Part 5: Do You...

Smoke : no way
Curse : sometimes when i'm really pissed off but i never say the f word. i only say babi. haha.
Drink : to keep myself dehydrated, ofcourse i drink. but no, i dnt drink alcohol.

Part 6: In the Past Month

Drank alcohol : no
Gone to the mall : yes
Been on stage : no
Eaten sushi : i dnt like sushi
Dyed your hair : no

Part 7: Have You Ever?

Played a stripping game : no -.-'
Changed who you were to fit in : no

Part 8: Age

You're hoping to be married : mid twenties sounds ideal.

Part 9: In A Guy/Girl

Best eye colour : dark brown
Hair colour : blck.
Short or long hair : short and clean. long hair cam indon sesat.

Part 10: What Were You Doing?

1 minute ago : typing what needs to be typed.
1 hour ago : reruns of grey's anatomy.
1 month ago : as usual, i dnt rmmbr.
1 year ago : -.-'

Part 11: Finish The Sentences

I love : myra's new ZARA bag
I feel : bored. no surprise there -.-'
I hate : being late to anywhere.
I miss : my old friends and schl.
I need : to go bck to schl.

Part 12: Tag 5 People

One : Ashley
Two : Karen
Three : Rach
Four : Audrey
Five : Nikki


Saturday, December 1, 2007

james mcavoy,

he's the guy who played Tom Lefroy in Becoming Jane .
he's nt Orlando Bloom handsome la but he's quite captivating.
hahahahha :D

So ok, you can't really see him, but he's so hot here. A guy in tux with shades as sexy as them, are melt worthy. (:

In Becoming Jane. Rambut dia gempak. ;o

With Keira Knightley I hate that woman cause she gets the hot guys. Bla ah. HAHAHAHA :D



sorry fr not updating.
i just simply have no time.
HAHAHA, joke of the century.
time is ALL i have these days.

so anyway, on friday which was yesterday we (meaning my sisters, mum and one of my sister's friend) went to watch the 1.40 show for Enchanted .
i looooooooooooooooooooove it (:
i already have a huge interest in princesses and fairy tales so i knew this movie would be good and it totally met up to my expectations however huge tht can be (:

And also the fact that Patrick 'McDreamy' Dempsey was co starring added the sweet cherry on the already sweet cake. (;
and the songs sung were so nice, especially the one at the ball.
The 'So Close' by Jon McLaughlin made me melllllllllt.
and when Patrick sang it, god, it was too cute for words.
haha, i am SO watching it again and again.

later after the movie, we went bck cause i was so sleepy and malas gl nak ronda and all.

so blahblahblah, ate dinner blahblahblah, decided to watch 'Becoming Jane'.
The one with Anne Hathaway .
It' a Jane Austen sotry of herself and her love story.

"Jane Austen's greatest love story was her own"

and i loved the story.
love love love cause i thought the actor acting as Jane's non-aristocrat lover, Thomas McLefroy was cute.
haha, srsly weii. his hair is gorgeous :o

so yeah, watched it twice cause the first time i watched it, i was alone.
but then mama came up and wntd to watch so i watched it again.
hahaha, i love tht movie, so shuddup.

haha, i'm actually wikipedia-ing her right nw. :D
Jane Austen i mean.
The Authoress who wrote the 6 most greatest novels in history.

SO ok, nw tht yesterday was covered, i shall talk or well, type about my day with Sarah Ims on Thursday (:

So ok, i went at 2.30 and met her at Parkson tmpt Barbie.
serious gl tgk Barbie.
so checked out all the nail parlours.
first went to Kukubar in Parkson but ada satu je manicurist, so ditched la kan.
then went to Missy Nail at ntahmana.
Near Vincci kut.
but it was already fully occupied so again, we ditched.
oh oh oh .
Saw an Illyas look alike weiiiii.
hahhaa, mati mati igt it was him -.-'
anyway, then we went to the one near Parkson.
'Nail Parlour' it was named.
haha, so straight forward kaaaan, hahaha.

thank god when we went there, the 2 chinese ladies were already paying.
so took their place.
ad strtd (:
for 30 bucks, i'd say tht was good ok.
i mean they did everything from buffing to doing the cuticle removing or whtever la.
picking a nail polish colour was the hardest i'd say.
cause everthing looked pretty.
i thought of opting for a pale neutral beige-y colour.
but then, i picked something SO not natural.
a daaaaark purple.
from afar, it looks like black.
and i like it.
but a LOT of choices.
sarah actually changed colours from the 'Barbie' hotpink to a light purple .
which cost her an additional 18 bucks.
haha, but it was also really cool on her.
then after drying (tak sgt actually cause less then 5 minutes later, dah chipped), we went to ronda and went in Zara and Sarah bought her shoes and then ronda again to only realise that we hadn't had our lunch.
but for us both, tht really means we haven't eaten anything cause we dnt really eat breakfast on account that we wake up no earlier than 12. -.-

so decided to eat at Burger King.
nak masuk tu susah cause there were form 3's and i get all gelabah when i see them.
except fr audrey and her gang cause well, they're different.
hahaha :D

so bought out food and ate.
Met up with Lydiya , my dear Myspace friend.
was so nice to meet her.
she's also very friendly.
ckp laju oh.
there were a couple of other guys there wit lydiya and her gang, but namely the one in the pink shirt.
hahaha :D
guys who have the guts to wear pink are so bagus.
hahhaa :o

we couldn't finish our DOUBLE sized Mushroom Swiss cause we were really full by then, so we went out.
then we went to Watsons cause Sarah had to buy something for her cousin.
After much convincing by the shop assistant for this one product, which i actually was 'convinced' too.
haha, so Sarah bought that and after paying, she realised she left her Zara shopping bag at Burger King .
SOOOOO, we went there bck again, i just stayed outside.
heard so much laughter cause apparently, the guys working got hold of the bag and kept it at the bck of the cashier or something like tht.
haha, so after sending her bck, i went around by myself.
met with lydiya again but only for a short 'bye'.
so went in to ZARA and bought myself a pair of jeans.
i actually met a lot of my friends.
fatimah, illi, nora, shakeel, hiel, sameer, ashraf, sharizal and er, a cpl more, i lupa.
haha (;

so went to meet up with mama and sisters at Delifrance.
went bck, short after.
day's done.

so now, i'm sitting down, my nose all itchy and red (so is my throat).
and reading Jane Austen's biography.


p/s: Oh and Rachael, i miss you too (: heaps.

Monday, November 26, 2007


i am SO in love with Pavillion (:
it's loooooooooooooooooooooooove.
hahaha :D
designer stores that i haven't seen bfr pun ada.
Excited. I first came in and i saw this huge DKNY store and i was aready like WOWWWWWWW, and my mum was, 'EE, nadia gl.'

Really awesome weiii.
It makes OU seems so small.
and well, boring.
I mean, hel-lo.
Even the Parkson in the Pavillion wayyyy better.
AND OHMYGOD, THE TOPSHOP (yes, i am going to use capital letters to express my ecstatic-ness) IS LIKE FREAKIN' HUUUUGE. I'M TALKING 2 FLOORS, BABYYYYY !
SO i bought a pair of earrings and a bag cause i already bought a top in Topshop, KLCC.
So pfft.

AND AND, there's DKNY, like OHMYGOD.
i knw at ou pun ada but so small, geram gl.
on the display, there was that black chain necklace which was uber lawa so i want it. HAHA

And there was this dress at Club Monaco which was too die for.

HAHA, see, i hardly use a lot of exclamation marks so if i do use them, tht must mean i really am ecstatic gila.
Mama and I went in there and checked out the watches.
I want it for my birthday but i've given 2nd thoughts on it and i want something else from MarcJacobs but i dnt knw wht.
I'm so going there fr my birthday, i LOVE it.

Gosh ;o

So yeah, wht else.
BANYAK la lagi but i can't think of much now since i'm singing along to JoJo's Butterflies which is really nice cause it's not tht typical teen pop that Hilary Duff sings crappily.

Ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out, yo.

Shopping really is a good habit.
I mean, name me ONE activity that can satisfy you and your inner shopping self, AND help you lose weight.


Friday, November 23, 2007

good life,

whaddup homies.

it's friday today.
sumpah, when i woke up, i thought the weekend's here -.-'
this holidays are growing to become a huge bore.
anyway, today i woke up at the AMAZING hour of 10.
byfar, tht is the earliest, well, nt really, cause the other day i woke up at 7 but slept bck at 8 so it doesn't really counts.
so yeah, woke up, came downstairs, a big spread of breakfast, so ate 2 nasilemak.
hahaha, see, i DO eat.

so yeah, watched a bit of tv and bathe.
dressed, then went out to KLCC with mama and tania.
but made a stop at my cousins house cause we went to fetched my grandmum who was there for a quick visit.
so later, we headed to klcc.
dnt ask me when i arrived cause i completely forgotten anything by then.
was sleepy.

After finally finding a parking spot, my first stop was TopShop
And came across this really bright pink skirt.
It was knee length but a tad bit shorter, probably 2 inches or so.
haha, so, naturally, tried it on, and fitted on well, but was doubtful cause of the REALLY OHGMYGOD bright shade.
i was thinking of possible choices of tops to wear it with.
but twas pretty.
i thought i could pull it off so y'knw, why not ?

but then, went to Marks&Spencer, nothing there.
Then, went to ZARA cause my sister wntd to buy a hoodie.
i swear, ZARA is getting boring by the day.

SOOOOO, bfr lunch, Tania and I sprinted off to KINOKUNIYA cause like, you can't go to KLCC without stopping over at Kino. It's not right.

So ofcourse, bought the latest TEENVOGUE issue, the one with Natalie Portman in it.
I like her, because she's smart.
And she's using that knowledge she has to kinda, save herself from the cruelty of Hollywood.
OH, and she looks real pretty in the cover spread.

And i really wanted to buy that 'Those Girls' novel.
But Tania, asked if she could buy that Bratz Annual '08 book and at first, begged me, but later when she saw that i wanted to buy that novel, she *konon-kononnye* merajuk and being all nice saying that 'takpe, you buy la tht novel, i can buy this another time' but see, the nice one here, really, is me.
so put the book back and bought tht Bratz for her cause in my evil mind of mine, i knew, tht book could be a bait whenever i ask her to do a favour for me.
Like when i ask her to do something, and she gets too lazy to do it, i'll raise this 'But, i DID buy you tht forty dollar book for you riiiiight?'
I knw, i knw, i'm good.
went bck to Topshop and 'purchased' this red checkered top which i love so much and well, simply cause it's wht Ashley wears. HAHA.
Inspired yo.

Then went to San Francisco Steakhouse for lunch.
I give it a 4/10.
I ate the Mushroom steak and totally regret eating the buns and garlic bread bfr tht cause i was already secretly full ;o
but ofcourse if i told tht to mama, she'd be like, 'Ish, shouldn't hv eaten byk kaaaaan.' then jeling.
and later bising cause i won't be finishing HALF of the steakk.
so yeah, ate the steak anyway.
but couldn't finish 1/4 of it which is good la.

And came bck, plopped onto my bed and opened up my TeenVogue.
As usual, was 'ooh-ing' and 'aah-ing' cause TeenVogue never fails to make me inspired fashionwise.
Alright, love, i'm off.

HAHA, don't you just love the fact tht i called you 'love'?
Laugh, godammit.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007


i had a blast at ashley's party (:

so it started at 4, but i came at 6.
haha :D
i think for the first hour, basically i just sat down and splashed around but then, Ashley pulled me in and thus, i gt wet, so wht the hell la kan, i swam.
haha :D
thank god, i was wearing my swim suit bottom inside.
haha :D

so yeah, played and stuff.
the food was goooooood (:
then yeah, played "Chicken" if you will, haha.

so yeah, i'm tired.

SO A HUGE THANKS TO ASHLEY for inviting me.

Lots Of Love to you (:


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

baby worlds,

so today is Monday, ok, not so much cause it's already 12.17 am so tht notes a new day sooooo,

today is Tuesday.

Anyway, i just called to wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ASHLEY PHUAH somethingsomething cause yeah well, i can never get her lst name right.
haha :D
anyway, i'm actually honoured to say tht i'm the loudest wish so far to call Ashley.
hahaha :D
i've done my job, maaaan.

so technically, yesterday (since it's tuesday already so i'm addressing Monday as yesterday to avoid further confusion) i woke up at 12.37.
haha :D
by a text msg from Sarah.
so woke up after tht, and did things i frgt.
by 2.15 we, meaning Mama, Tania and I were out of the house, heading off to OneUtama to watch Stardust.
haha, Mama loved it.
it's a really really good show and the fact that they had the best actors on board, helped.

so yeah, came bck, popped the 24 dvd and watched.
mygod, tht show's addictive.
i actually hv the portable dvd player with me right nw, so tht i can bring it up to my room and watch it.
haha (:
and THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is the real reason why i wake up at noon.

i am SOOOOO dying to watch Enchanted, weiiiii.
it's up on 22nd so this weekend, probably out with Sarah to watch.
I mean, hel-lo, Patrick Dempsey is gng to be in it.
Enough said.

Schl is gng to be reopened on the 3rd of January.
call me crazy, but i'm counting the days.


Sunday, November 18, 2007


so ok,
i slept at about 2 lst night cause the sashes and 24 kept me up and i bought this super huge Vogue so flipped through it which was hell/heaven.
hell cause it was so heavy (840 freakin' pages) and heaven cause fashion spreads were amaziiiing :o
haha so yeah.
woke up at 10.50 from Mama's call.
i was so sleepy i slept back but ofcourse i couldn't so woke up and straight away continued doing my sashes.
mygod, those things, i swearrrrr are hell.

haha :D
so went to rachael's party SO late.
like at 4.15 and it starts at 1 -.-'
so went there and had loads of fun (:
then, at about 5.20 i tumpang-ed Nikki's dad who is SO nice, ;o
so yeah went to kiara park.
met up with Amanda and Natrah (:
set up a little but when Pauline came, we had to gather around for the Treasure Hunt ( kudos to Lian and Pauline for organizing, really good job ) and i was teamed up with Karen, Nikki and Kaveetha. (:
hahahaha, we wonnnnnnn.
twas so much fun but seriously freakin tiring.
they were always ahead of me when it comes to running around.
was so so so so so so tired and sweaty, haha.
but hell fun.
the clues were really awesome.
haha, we won which added the cherry on to the cake.

So later everyone who could, jumped into the pool.
was SO jealous man.
i really really wntd to join them but ugh, female problems was a penghalang.
so yeah, ate and talked and had fun WHEN this couple tiba tiba je screamed and accused one of the guys in touching his er, y'knw la wht.
so like, he was very kecoh and tht kinda spoiled the whole thing which really wasn't necessary cause it was already beginning to get all fun.
OH YEAH, played water balloons with Natrah.
HAHA :D bestttttt.

so yeah, this couple really spoiled it but nevertheless, the party was a success, well sort of.
had fun Fun FUN :D

don't hv any pictures though.


Saturday, November 17, 2007


i'm SO going to miss this class.
when i first entered this class, i have to admit, i didn't like it just because it wasn't like my old class.
i have a hard time adjusting myself to new surroundings and all but this was very hard cause well, everything's hard when you're a teenager.

anyway, November 14th marked the last day in 2 Edison.
Twas fun, having no teachers entering the class.
had fun playing speed, heartattack, and ofcourse BullShit.
hahaha :D
especially when played with your closest friends, it cannot get any better.

so, LiMay was the first to tell me that i'll be in Edison next year.
haha, was happy but since i just came up from tht horribly long flight of stairs, i had to catch my breath in order to really process it.
hahaha :D

anyway, a bunch of Einsteiners will be in Edison.
which will be a good change actually.
but tht also means, kicking out some of Edisoners who i love dearly.
Like Athirah and Shuhada so have been such great friends.
Athirah especially cause she's been such a bundle of fun and shared heaps of laughter together and she's the one who'd teman me to the library (:
fun times, i shan't forget.
ooookay, this sounds like English Class 101

oh and the guys as wellllllllllllllll.
awwww ):
Hasifi, Syauqi, Redza, Arif, Zainul and all.
they are super duper funny weiiiiiiiiii.
they can make you laugh even when you're down.
they're the best ever.
i'm SO gng to miss them and their antics.

Next year's 3 Edison is gng to be SO stiff, my god.
Everyone is so smart ;O
I'll probably get like one of the last position.

Holy Cow.

Thanks For The Memories, everyone.


Monday, November 12, 2007


i have this ridiculously bad flu.
like, i haven't stop blowing my nose eversince yesterday.
everywhere i go, what seems to be like 55 million tissues are always by my side.
and something is SO wrong with my hearing.
y'knw when you're on the plane and yr hearing gets all fuzzy due to air pressure ?
yeah, well, it's like tht.
only this one i can't pop.
i tried everything.
i think it's connected to my synus.

thank god, i'm nt sick.
but i think there is a definite possibility that i'll get it.
bodoh ;o

today is monday and i skipped schl.
i have tht time of the month, so ofcourse the cramps are killing me

i feel crappy.
and i hv a lot on my mind.
THANK GOD, this weekend is occupied with parties.
tht'll do the trick.

right ?


Sunday, November 11, 2007


but bfr i strt,

You've been a great friend to me, eventhough we only knew each other THIS year.
But, alls well (:
If you DO move next year, i'm gng to SO miss you and your calling me, 'Zainudin' and you guys hanging out at koperasi, making lame-o jokes.
God bless you (:

ANYWAY, i went out with sarah just now to watch STARDUST !
MYGODDDDD, it was awesome !
hahah, a very sweet movie and i thought Robert DeNiro was fantastic :O
hahaha, you guys go watch la.
So yeah, later tht, we just went to random shops and browsed.
just bought 2 books, exct same with what sarah bought (:
ou sucks.
it gets boring-er everytime.
oh, we met Syed Arif twice.
hahaha, sarah called him 'cacat'
his reaction was so priceless.
but he'll smile later on so nt hard feelings whatsoever (:

came bck, ate.
internet fr a while but became a bitch later on with it's disconnections so read the book i bought.
gl hillarious.
some parts, i laughed outloud which is something i rarely do.
laugh out loud while reading, i mean.
then watched the rest of 24.
mygod, tht show gl addictiiiiive.
i thought i won't get hooked.
i. was. wrong.

so yeah, er.
wht else ?
oh, i'm nt cmg to schl tmrw.
lazy and besides mama is gng to schl late cause she's gng to iman's report card day so yeah.
might as well, skip schl.
plus i gt my 'week' of the month.
all the more.


OH, i have yet to buy rachael's birthday present.
as well as natrah's !
god ;o

pfft, more reason to purchase things.
i like using the term 'purchase' as opposed to 'buy'.
so shh.


Thursday, November 8, 2007

tagged by ashley,

1. Each blogger must post these rules
2. Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves
3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’ve been tagged and to read your blog.

1. I have this habit of curling my toes when i sit
haha, like just nw at kaveetha's house. it's a habit tht i didn't notice was freaky and susah to do. no joke.

2. I tiptoe in the kitchen or in the toilet
the thought of something as small and little as one grain of rice or a drop of water disgusts me and i'll run fr anywhere with carpet so i can rub my feet.

3. i can never go out without my watch
because it has left a tan line and without it, i feel so weird and uncomfortable and well yeah. i feel odd. so i try to always wear it.

4. i like gng shopping alone
so ok, no offence to my friends or whoever. i just don't like it when i ask fr my friends opinions on whtever, and they'll go 'er, well'. heck, i dnt even ask, and they go sibuk, 'EE, why you pick tht? not nice laaa'. Hel-lo, my money, my choice.

5. i'm antisocial
i maybe real nice and fun with friends but truth, i can't seem to have the courage to make the first move, so i just wait fr the other party to make his/her move, and THEN i'll be who i really am. Nice. HAHAHAH :D

6. i hate trying on clothes
like, y'knw, in stores. mygod, jgn la. i hate it. the thought of the fitting room lazes me. it's SO tiring. i just assume the garment fit wells, and head fr the cashier and purchase :D

7. i find boys are nicer then girls
haha :D no offence to female around the world. hell, I AM a girl so i'm nt disgracing women, i'm just dealing the truth. boys can be mean but they dnt mean it. you don't hear them bitchtalk about other guys, do you ? girls do and tht's why ladies, we have atleast ONE guy friend to go to. otherwise, baik takyah ada guyfriend right, since girls are perfect and all -.-'

8. i always fantasize the impossible
like i always do a fake interview with 'Oprah Winfrey'. or or, i'm on a date with er, whtever. HAHA. or, i'm at some redcarpet event where i wave at a non existent flock of paparazzi with cameras in hand. i just strike a pose and all is well. it doesn't hurt to fantasize your lamest dreams. i mean, it IS my dream. the only time when no one can give a say about anything.

ashley, you better nt tag me again.
i no likey.
had fun doing it.



had a great time at kaveetha's (:

went there like at abt 1.50 - 2.
yeah, was a bit late seeing that mama went to buy chocolates as a small gift.

everyone greeted me like they haven't seen me in like 10 years.
hahaha :D
saw audreyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
almost everyone was already there.

haha :D
so sat down with pauline, diyana, lian and jeisee and ate rice (:
haha, but i was so full from my mcd fries tht i ate earlier then, i only ate little.
hmph :/
so like, the others were playing wrestling match.
no no, nt physically.
haha :D
they were screaming and laughing but i'm nt tht pandai in all these ps2 thingymabob so i just sat down with whoever at the dinner table and talked.

HAHA :D had fun talking to the guys.
apparently, they work 0.o
actually, ntah, i dnt knw.
i was very blur and it was very er, confusing, if you will.
oh well (:

had so much fun.
then we took a ton of pictures and kaveetha did her coconut dance which was hillarious.
i laughed a LOT !

oh oh, Aishah J was thereeeee !
haha :D
missed her laaaa.

so yeah, did more awesome stuffs.
OH, we saw kaveetha's pictures when she was smallllllllllll.
hahaha, aww, so cuuuuute.
and chubby :o
hahaha :D

and OH we played tht game, er, wait, i frgt it's name dah -_-'
ok, i seriously dnt knw how to spell this game, oh well.
hahahaha :D
tht's how ashley spelled it so i just went with it.

Anyway, overall it was a fun day but stupid mosquitoes la kan.
next week will be another fun weekend :D
fo sho, yo.


Wednesday, November 7, 2007


So er.
Today was school.
nothing much happened.
the usual.
I didn't stay in class tht much.
was in the makmal cyber to print out my sejarah folio.
this is wht procrastination can do to you.

tmrw is deepavali and heading off to kaveetha's which was nice of her to invite lil ol' me. (:

my results are sucky like shit.
Seriously, i need to put on my 'game'.
HAHA, tht sounded so corny, like really.
next year is already pmr and if i stay with this kind of results, my hopes of getting 8A's are pretty much down the drain.
damn damn damn.

And Natrah has already strtd studying for form 3 science.
EEEEEE, stupid.
i don't like smart people.
they make me feel stupid.

So, I'm catching a movie with Sarah on Friday.
prolly some shopping action.

schl is almost over and tht marks the end of 2 Edison.
I had an awesome year overall as i'm the new kid.
SMKTTDI has treated me well.
Does the fact that my mum is a senior teacher ?
For a new kid, i coped well.
Thank God fr tht.


Monday, November 5, 2007











Ready, Start, GO.


Saturday, November 3, 2007



mygod, sumpah best gl.
i mean, its my first hari kantin at tmn tun as i've never ikut my mum to schl in this previous years.
FUN weiiii.
So well, we arrived at abt 7.45 and i was dressed in casual dressing cause no way was i supposed to wear bj pj.
and i was kinda freaked out to see byk gl org pakai baju pj so after some time, gt out of the car and headed to well, the perhimpunan.
thank god, ada la some people wearing.
but still, tht made me awkward but finally sarah came and i'm always a bit more comfortable when she's around.
so lepak-ed and gng to stall to stall to see whts there.
Diyana and the form 2 prefects had nachos, fizzy ribena which was so good tht i went to buy abt 4-5 times, and popcorn chicken.
and then rach's pbsm had requests and ASHLEY BOUGHT ME A CUPCAKE which btw, i frgt to bring bck. -.-'
but it was so prettyyyyyyyy and i gt duty at the koperasi booth with sarah and yus and hadn't any place to put it.
i haven't seen the form three guys in a loooong time so they came and it was er, nice to see them bck.
gl byk songeh nak sandwiches. hahaha.
i laughed like hell.
OH and the krs's ice blended mango sedaaaaaaaap.
i only bought two cause it was abit expensive.
2.50 yooo.
fizzy ribena was cheaper man.
hahaha :D
fun fun fun :D

nikki kept smiling at me cause of something i can't really say here.
(: (: (: (: (: (: (:
hahahaha, shush nikki, dnt tell anyone.

then i met Audrey which was SO awesome cause i haven't seen tht woman in a month ?
i so missed her.
AND OH OH danesh tooooooooooo !
aww, i miss them gl gl yo.
was so freakin' nce to see them again.

i just smiled the WHOLE time.
gl baboon cute.

wht else ?
oh oh oh, no wait, i frgt.
hmm, wht else ?
the form 5's were niiiice wei when they came to out koperasi booth.
they were like gl baik.
i haven't spoken to them ever since i moved here so it was cool to get the chance to.
wht else ?
sumpah, there's like so many things to cerita but i can't really think any now.

sarah and i was supposed to go to meet the kami cast at one utama but had no freakin' energy left cause was so tired from selling and nt being able to sit down fr 4 hours straight.

BUT, i am a very happy girl and well, there's always meeting KAMI next time kan.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007



yeay man !
god :o
no more studying and form 2 is freakin' done.

So, now is time for just playing.
ohmygod, gl fun.

so riiiiight.
today was just pj exam.
VERY important cause like it'll affect our life and all and it's like this HUGE important exam we CANNOT just ignore


it strtd at 12.10, i slept by 12.20, and woke up by 1.10.
hahaha :D
so ok.
This weekend i have a Halloween party and i hv decided to come as a witch.
All i have to buy is the long hat and purple lipstick.
haha, should be fun <3

oh yeahhh.
just nw, bfr rehat, natrah, jeisee, amanda and 2 other girls from rhazes, i hv now completely frgtn their names, played Pictionary.
How, you ask ?
Welll, by our imaginaaaaaation *shapes rainbow with hands*
haha, i (very proud of it too) made the 2 dices.
Jeisee did the board and Natrah and Amanda did the cards which we eventually ditched.
So i played later on cause i was talking to Syuhada and Athirah.
But when it came to my turn, i think the funniest time was when i had to draw something from the food category (which then, Amanda picked NASILEMAK).
So JeiSee was my partner in crime la kan.
So she had to guess and i draw.
So i draaaaaw.
She couldn't guess it weiii.
I was laughing my ass off.
Like so hard cause she was saying all this illogical guests.
Like, i drew rice on a banana leaf with sambal, the cucumber, ikan bilis and then i drew a triangle which is how the nasi lemak will be bungkus-ed riiiiight.
But, she was like, "Er, Pizza ! no no no, SALMONN !'
you can already tell my drawing was horrible when you supposedly nasi lemak looks like salmon -.-'
in the end, jei see DID guess correctly and well, WE WONNNNN !

HA, me and JeiSee, we rock (:


Monday, October 29, 2007


Helllooooooooooooooooooo !

I miss blogspot, no seriously.
I miss blogging.
I miss OneUtama
I miss going to the movies.

But one things for certain..

.. I don't miss studyinggggggggg.

hahahaha :D
Exams was 40% easy 60% hard.
EEEEEEE, i hate finals.

Anyway, leave tht behind.
Sarah's bck.
From London.
hahahhaa :D
i mean, hel-lo.
London has got to be one of the best places to ever be.
I went there twice when i was 7-9
I love London.

Just now, right.
On the way to school, Mama asked me a question, I'd never thought would be asked.
'Oh yeah, do you want to go to Europe or not?'
I'm like


haha, my first response was a shriek THEN the above.

I was so happy cause well, atfirst i thought my mum said tht my grandparents were going and asked if I wanted to follow, which if tht was the case, i would naturally said yes without a doubt.

But then, DUM DUM DUM.
Mama was like, 'Seriously? You want to go with the other girls?'
And then baru i realised.
I was on the possibility of going to Europe with my second cousins who, mind you, are rich as hell.
Y'see, my grandaunt who is my grandmother's sister (they're very close) asked whether i want to go or not, because in a way, i think she loves me out of all my cousins. No, not her OWN grandchildren.
I mean, i think she loves me most out of my siblings.
HAHAHAHA, well, she DID bring me to England for the sake of which i later realised was just because me and Azryn, my cousin asked her 'Is England pretty?'
And because of that, she booked seats for herself, Azryn, my grandmother and myself.

So anyway, if i'd go to Europe, i had to be tagged along with my other GIRL cousins who range from 5-10 year olds.
But my elder cousin, Azryn who's 16 would be going so, it's a win win situation.
I still don't know.
I mean, they didn't ask my sister, Tania who just so happens to be the other cousins, favourite.
They'd be all, 'Nadiaaaa, where's Tania?'
THEN, i'd feel bad fr going without Tania.

But then again, this is going to be a one in a million chances of me going to Europe.
Wellll, i don't even know if it's Europe pun.
All i DO know is, Switzerland is going to be the first stop.

): I'm sad.
I want to go to freakin' Europe.
IF only my sister would be coming then i wouldn't feel bad fr going without her, you dig ?

No, you DON'T DIG, cause you're nt in my position.

See, now this is my definition of a dilemma.
AND yes, it doesn't consist of boys.

So, i'm praying to God, fr all the possible chances that may occur.


Thursday, October 18, 2007


ohmygosh, it seems like forever tht i haven't been blogging.
Let's get it started.

I went bck to Penang on Sunday which is the 7th.
And Raya was a blast :D
Raya was on er.. wait, 13th so y'knw all the dressing up, raya wishes via text messaging, food (yum), and best of alllllll,
This year wasn't as much as 2 years bck.
I think this year abt 700 plus.
But tht's pretty good la.
I can already think of all the things i wnt to buy but there's a possibility of either Australia or Bandung, Indonesia so if we are really gng to either places, i'll be saving my duit raya.
But if no vacation which is quite impossible cause we'll be gng SOMEWHERE.
Unknown tht is.


So on the first day of Raya, we went to Taiping, my dad's hometown.
Personally, i don't quite like gng bck to there because i just don't hv anyone to borak with.
Like my cousins, they're all so much older then me.
The only one who is the same age as i am is a boy -.-'
And very smart too but whtever to tht.

So yeah, 2nd day, my cousins from my mum's side came to Penang and them, i'm great with.
We've made our own fashion line yo.
After days of choosing a name.
But we came out with a lot now.

SO yeah.
Wht shall i talk abt NOW ?
Oh yeah, i'm bck.
Left at abt 7.30 in the morning after breakfast.
Slept 3/4 of the journey.
And now, i hv to freakin' study.
I hate studying.
I mean, i HAVE studied in Penang and bfr tht.
But like, i'm terrified since it IS the finals and it'll kinda determine my class fr nxt year.

Oh and my condolences to Rachael and family fr their loss.
Rach, be strong yeah.
You're a great girl and your dad is definitely proud of you.

Alright, now i'm gng to eat my lunch.
See you.


Saturday, October 6, 2007


WITH EMINA and KYRINA, darlings

FUN day but frustrating by end.
I didn't buy anything.
So ok, half true.
I bought one blck top.
Simple, yadayadayada.

Couldn't find freakin' jeans.
which was so upsetting.
Topshop had jeans but were slim leg and i can't get away with slim legs cause they make me look like rempits.
And we don't want tht to happen, now do we.

So yeah, Zara had some BUT since y'knw i'm short and petite, there were none.
And the ones tht were nice, i found out, i already own them.
SO it was Forever21.
They were lawaaaa.
But long and they cost at abt 189 bucks.
I had cash tht time but was really doubting.
Cause it was long and i'd have to go alter it which would take time and well, banyak hal

Broke fast at Dome cause Chillies and TGIF were full :o
I mean, c'mon.
We should hv gotten there like at 6 and make a freakin' reservation.
but nooooo.
So yeah, went to Dome.
OhMyGod, the Spicy Olio Pasta is like, freakin' sedap.
And the mushroom soup tooooo.
And Emina brought her chunky huge peanut MnM's and she actually ate it with her soup.
Mygod 0.o
HAHAHAHA, she was like, so awesome.
We're gng after raya, definitely.

Then, Ky came bck frm a mini date with her *latest* boyfriend.
Went to Baskin Robbin's to y'knw sit down and talk.
We haven't had tht in a long time.
So ky had a lot to spill.
From her dad's death to her mum's upcoming marriage.
It was nice of her to tell us all.
I mean, i thought it'd be awkward but KY is like amazing.
She can tell you everything.
PLUS, she's gorgeous.
She had an amazing new hairdo with fantastic looking hairdyes.
I mean, it was brown.
Nt too brown but brown.
You dig ?

Tomorrow i'll be off to Penang fr early vacation.
So tht's 3 days of skipping schl.
THEN, raya.
Don't get me wrong. I really DO enjoy raya.
Just tht, this year we hv exam AFTER raya which is stupid if you ask me cause tht means we hv to study DURING raya ( just in case you couldn't work things out faster like the other mankind on earth ).

I hate studying.
Cause unlike Rach, who claims to study last minute, STILL manages to get straight A's which sucks.
I mean, nt fr her.
But fr me cause i can't help wonder how come I can't get things in my head as effective ?


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

french ladies,

are hot.

if you notice, like, most french ladies are so slim, rare fr you to find one who's fat, chubby and above all, disgusting.
they're so freakin sophisticated, it gaggles me.
*no such word as gaggle but hell, this is my blog, i'd do wtvr i wnt*
so anyway, it's 8.02 Tuesday morning.
Haven't slept frm Sahur.
Shit. i meaaaan, Shizzles.

So yeah, obviously, unless you're really dumb and can't work out things as fast as other human, i'm nt in schl.
I mean, nt like there's any knowledge fr me to gain wtsoever.
Half or maybe three quarter of the school staff aren't around.
they're out jaga-ing pmr.
my mum's one of em so they'll be a transportation problem.
i'm gng to the library at around 11.
Meeting up Sarah there.
She has an exm to sit nxt week, a tad bit earlier than others cause she's off to London when we'll be sitting fr our finals.
I have math and science to study.
Cause, according to PuanAzlin, you hv to get A's fr both in order to stay top class.
Like Edison fr instance.

And i like Edison.
Einstein is too scary fr me.
Avicenna too.

So yeah, shizzles.
There's also geography, history (ick), agama, thisthat.
OH OH Kemahiran Hiduuuuup.
I'm only good in English.
I need to buck up.
PMR is like, in a year.


Instead of studying in the morning cause tht's what 'they' say its the best time to study as you absorb like a sponge.
Everything you read, you'll knw.
Or something like tht.

Anyway, I was surfing the internet and
Came across a girl.
Name's Valentine Fillor Cordier.
Beautiful name, don't you think ?
So yeah, found out she was a model and was equally surprised to find tht she's nt as happening as the others.
Like, Jessica Stam, Chanel Iman, Caroline Trentini, Irina Lazareanu, Coco Rocha, blablahblah.
So yeah, she's really really pretty.
PLUS, she's french.

There's something in the water in France.
I mean, everyone there (well,amost) is incredibly chic and gorgeous and wtvr they put on is immediately 'in'.
I think it's their way of life.
I mean, they don't drive.
THEY WALK to places.
I mean, i would too when there's cobblestones streets, cool weather, guys to look at, Eiffel Tower you'll see, i mean, c'mon.
Who would want to ride a car anyway ?
And yeah, i hear you.
The French eat a lot of carbs.
I mean, with their loafs of bread, croissant, and other foods tht are hard to pronounce.
BUT they burn it by walking.
Walking is a powerful exercise.
It doesn't look like it but it is, ok, it is.

Malaysians should do tht.
Walk, i mean.
Instead of taking the car.
They should hv a day where no one can drive like, at all.
NO cars, no nothing.
No vehicles, basically.

Damn, i should be the Prime Minister.


Sunday, September 30, 2007

the gardens,

my title is a new shopping mall, bytheway.

it's loacated near midvalley.
i went there ystrday.
OH, it's 5.21 in the morning now.
I had my sahur.

the gardens is actually quite awesome.
Very fancy shmancy.
With designer stores aaaaaand ROBINSONS !
Ohmy, the Robinsons here beat Singapore's assssss.
Hahaha :D
Nicer weiii.
So yeah, ystrday went ard in hopes of buying new baju raya clothes.
No, nt the traditional baju kurung.
I gt tht already and i must say, it's really nice.
I wnt to show it off.

So yeah, couldn't find anything like, at all.
Robinsons, there was a couple numerous nice clothes and now, i'm actually tyring to rmmbr why the hell i didn't consider in actually PURCHASING it.
Then ronda ronda and gt tired.
So, moved on to Midvalley.
Shizzles, there pun takde apaapa.

I mean, i think this is God's little way of saying i should stop buying anything fr the moment and spare fr the poor instead.
Listen, I'm all fr the poor and my mum, during this Ramadhan month and well, throughout all year, has been like, Santa Clause.
Seriously, besides giving out clothes (worn out ones but still are in mint condition), she gives out toys cause we hv a toyroom when we were small and had like a kajillion toys but it has now (sorta) converted into a study.
They're still are toys, though.
But we're working on disposing and giving them out all.
SO my mum has a heart of gold.
Nt just because i've lived with her fr the past 14 years but really, she IS one hell of a saint when it comes to charity work.

SOOO.. where were we ?

OHCHYEAH, like i said, this is God's way of saying tht i should give it a break.
But really ?
NOW of all times ?

I slept late cause of this little thing called text messaging.
And I accidentally promised Kamar Razy i'd belanja him if 8A's is his.
Oh damn.
But tht's after raya, and by nook or by crook, i'm gng to get a lot of cash.
My so called evil plan.


Thursday, September 27, 2007


procrastination isn't a good thing but lately, tht's wht i've been practicing.

anyway, the main reason why i didn't blog is cause i have nothing, abso-freakin-lutely nothing, to blog about.

pfft, but i guess there would be no reason if i were to have a blog but doesn't blog riiiiiight.
Rachael is a good example actually.
She always updates.
GILA rajin.

So yeah, today fr buka puasa, my family and i went to FASTA PASTA.
Ate, ofcourse, Spaghetti Scampi but like, for the first time, didn't manage to finish it.
I guess i ate too fast and got full like in 10 minutes.

BEFORE THT, was schl.
Sarah didn't come so i sat at her place.
Laughed a lot cause JeiSee is a natural comedian.
And Natrah wore glasses jst now.
She kept looking at the mirror fr wht ?
100 times in 5 minutes ?
I mean tht literally as well.
I really think it was 100 times in 300 seconds.
You do the math.

So when schl was done with, went to the library with Athirah.
Changed in the bathroom and went up to find a spot.
God :o
so went downstairs.
FINALLY signed up fr a membership card.
Like i said, procrastination gets the worse of me.
Or the best, you decide.

So yeah, tht's pretty much it.
Next week is PMR, golly.
Next year will be our turn and well, i don't know if tht'll go so well.
Don't want to think abt it, don't want to think abt it (To be repeated a well, million times)

Next Saturday, I'm going to OU for a last minute shopping fr raya clothes with Ky and Emina.
Would prolly see 100 Form 3 kids.

ANYWAYYYYYY, tmrw i'm skipping schl cause most teachers won't be around according to Mama so i'm thinking of going to the library via driver.
I really need to study now cause i'm SO nt going to study hard in Penang.
And masa raya ?
you kidding me ?


Thursday, September 20, 2007


did i tell you tht i'm in love with australian people ?

we had australian visitors jst now.
at schl.

we helped pn nik azizon and cikgu sze fr kh.
funny things happened.
we helped stapled the kh form 3 paper.
:D :D :D :D :D

but we ciao the second the australians came.
ok, not ciao la.
i mean, like, went off to usha.
same thing.
only better.

So yeah, the guys are like droolworthy.
i had so much fun looking at them.
tak ckp puuuun.
i tell you, the prefects had the best job.
their job was to actually talk and give em a guided tour.
which was awesome considering the people you hv to talk is incredible gorgeous.
these are one of the times where i'd die to be a prefect.
minus the tudung part.
but if i knew THESE australians were coming, i'd put on tht tudung anytime of the day.

the guys were gorgeous.
especially the one with the top with a black back.
as in the top, the bck was designed to be blck.
he played sepak takraw.
AND the guy with the necklace (he was wearing a uniform and y'knw wht they say abt boys inn uniform) and the infamous Nike Bag tht he was carrying.

HAHAHAH :D Even Pauline was jumping up and down later on.
Yes people, THAT hot.

Geez, i'm thinking of moving there.
Nt such a bad idea, is it ?


Tuesday, September 18, 2007


So yeah, today is the 18th but you knw tht already, don't you.
Anywayyyy, schl was normal.
Nothing interesting happened.

Geeeeez, i hv nothing to say :O

Geography folio still tak siap and i have abt 2 days to complete it.
DON't even mention history's.
I haven't strtd at all.

i'm in no moooood to do anything whtsoever.
I'm booooored.

I need people on msn, godamnit.


Friday, September 14, 2007


OhMyGosh :O

I SO don't regret coming to schl today.
I loved it hellmuch.
One incident sent me to the moon.
It keeps playing in my mind, and everytime it does, a broad smile forms.
What is it you ask ?
Welllll, it involves a guy but tht's all i'm gonna tell you.
Ohmygod, the best thing ever.
Doesn't seem much but it's better than nothing and ohmygod, i gush everytime i talk abt it.
Big smiles all the wayyy.

Anyway, tht aside, we had science project which was goood.
Every group did a superb job.
That's prolly because we haven't done in a while and yeah, it felt good to do something OTHER than folio and powerpoint presentation.
Overall, fantastic day.

Ofcourse, the first incident made me so happy, it was crazily amazing.
Thank you, YOU.
You made my century.

OMG you SO did.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007



Fashion Week in New YORK CITYYYYYYYY, people.
It's HUGE.
Prolly nt fr you but it is fr me.
Now, i'm checking on Anna Sui's collection and it's uber cooooool.
The models are in striking hair streaks and the clothes are wild.
It's fantastic.

So wht i'm gonna do is put up one picture frm each collection (or maybe 2 if i can't help it) ;

Anna Sui

Badgley Mischka

BCBG Maxazria

Caroline Herrera

Diane Von Furstenberg



Karen Walker

Lela Rose

Michael Kors

Oscar De La Renta

Rag and Bone

Phew, tht's abt it.


Friday, September 7, 2007


you think you're Queen Of The World?
HA, kiss my freakin' ass first.
You're nt all tht but you're desperately wnt ppl to think it's true, it's gross.
Get a life.


So today was schl.
Was feeling crappy.
I was fasting and was really sleepy. Woke up abt 5.10 fr Sahur.
Then couldn't sleep bck so went on myspace (HAHA) til 6.15 or something like tht to get ready fr schl.
I was feeling groggy and couldn't stay awake in schl.
And the absence of teachers helped too.
I slept a cpl of times.
Well nt literally, jst closed my eyes and chilled.
But it was so freakin' hot, i kept fanning myself.
And fr a minute or two i actually thought i was cmg down with a fever.
Spinning headache and my body was so HOT.
Like gl panas.
Tht's why i didn't talk much.
Nor did i layan a lot of people.

Mr Sze wasn't around so Cg Zainol ganti.
The class was fine.
Moved on.
BM teacher wasn't ard fr the 10th or so consecutive time so took the oppurtinity to sleep.
HAHA, not.
REHAT was fine. But i was already feeling freakin' thirsty.
Sivik was next, tht ustzh gave birth a couple days bck so yeah.
Mr Yu ganti.
Byk org kena marah fr nothing.
THEN, we had Science i think.
Gosh, we were reshuffled according to groups.
I'm in group 6.
and so is
Diyana, Natrah, SyedArif, and WennHong

THANKGOD ada natrah.
and Diyana.
They're smrt so i'm safe.


Wednesday, September 5, 2007


i'm full :O

so today i was fasting.
but by 10-11 i was already really thirsty.
and sitting near the koperasi didn't help at all.
but if pg to the canteen, omg, lg la.

tmrw pun i puasa.
and the day after tht.
and on sunday, monday and tuesday.
and then by thursday, it's PUASA.

Anyway, today at schl nothing much happened.
the PanduPuteri and KPW did a perfomance.
The girls behind the masks were so cute.
First period was English and did some Grammar stuffs.
Next was PJ, nothing much happened.
Then, we had er.. Math but PN zaheera was busy with her Form3's seminar in the dewan.
After tht we had BM, Tunku Zubaidah didn't show up.
Haven't seen her in a while actually.
Science was next but only went in to class by the 9th Period cause Mas'aud was also busy with the Form3's.
So it was pretty much a bore at schl.
Well, nt so much come to think abt it.
Cause tht means more time fr mengarut time with friends.

i've gt nothing to do.

Wht shall i blab abt ?
Guess who I liiiiiiiiiiiike.
It's very obvious actually.
It's -


Tuesday, September 4, 2007


sorry fr nt updating.
internet wasn't in the correct state of mind.
whtever THAT means.

So yeah, actually i hv nothing to blog abt so this post is gonna be short.

regarding of the post where i was uber pissed fr an incident, (tht i shan't mention here) it's wht i feel and tht if you felt tht YOU were wrong and all of a sudden, YOU felt guilty then hell, you ARE wrong.
it's like tht malay peribahasa.
'siapa yang termakan cili, dia yang akan terasa'
or soooooomething like tht la. -.-'
i'm nt so good with all these peribahasa.
they're lame.

ANYHOOOO, Rach, you don't hv to say sorry abt you pissing me off cause well, you didn't.
It's not you, definitely.

I'm bored.
So bored.
PMR is in 27 more days.
The form3's don't seem scared or nervous in any way which is kinda well, unusual.
Unless they're super smart which according to my mum, they are, so good fr them -.-'


AND AND AND, puasa, like wht Rach said, is on next Thursday.
and for HER to knw and nt ME, is kinda depressing.
HAHAHA, i don't even knw when i'm supposed to fast.
Well, thnks Rach, cause now tht i knw, i'll hv enough time to ganti my puasa.
Which is 6 more days.
hot damn (as Nikki would say)

OMG i was shrieking weiii.
But it's good fr her to be bck.

HAHA, so ok, i'm off.


Friday, August 31, 2007


Karen's 100 self facts is hot right nw, some people (quite a few) have already done it so i thought it would be fun to do it. That is if i actually can THINK til 100.

1. My name has the word Zainudin twice. You see, my dad didn't like the fact tht there's a Bin and Binti in almost every name so wht he did was went to the nurse and filled out the form and wrote Nadia Zainudin, the nurse replied tht there MUST be a Bin or Binti and tht he (my dad) had to take another form and fill it out again but ofcourse my dad's a lazy bum so he didn't take another form and stayed it like tht. Hence, Nadia Zainudin Binti Zainudin.

2. I still am a fan of Barbie
3. I LOVE Disney Classics and would do (almost) anything to see one again.
4. I have a mole on my left elbow so tht's why i don't wear short sleeves out. Which is kinda depressing.
5. I have bad back acne, so tht eliminates anything bares my bck.
6. I have this thing fr punctuality and i hate being someplace late and especially in cinemas. Once the theater goes dark, i get scared.
7. I've never cursed. Suuuuure, shit and asshole comes but nvr the F Word.
8. I have different groups of friends frm different walks of life.
9. I hate Malaysia made anything. From movies to designer clothes.
10. I used to dream of becoming a singer. That didn't turn out so well when I heard myself on the recorder.
11. I want a horse so bad.
12. I used to, and still am, LOVE mermaids. Seriously, i gt it bad.
13. I'm bossy.
14. I've never gotten lower than 75 fr English.
15. My IQ is acceptionally good according to all the IQ tests i've done.
16. I hate spending money.
17. I'm nt a fan of shoes regardless of wht i say on myspace.
18. I have synus almost every night i'll go sniffling. I once thought i was allergic to nights and still think i do.
19. I have a disturbing love fr my watch. I can't bear to leave home without it and i lose it almost all the time and i go hysterical finding it. I'll even cry after 10 minutes finding it.
20. I don't have a favourite Hollywood actor/actress.
21. I despise Rempits. They're the epitome of human litter.
22. I vow to finish my homework but nvr seem to keep up.
23. When shopping, i walk fast. Like super fast like i'm rushing to somewhere when i'm not.
24. I love to eat but lucky fr me, i nvr seem to put on weight more than 45. Currently i'm at 41kg.
25. From the age of 9-11, my weight was 25-30. Not more, not less.
26. I prefer mushrooms to fishballs.
27. I freakin' hate sushi.
28. I like writing down lists. Any lists, i dnt care, i love em.
29. I used to really really love buying notebooks and pen and used to buy loads of it. But, to date, I have only managed to finish writing ONE book of all the 100s tht i own.
30. I hate animal, with the exception of horses and dolphins.
31. I fantasize BIG.
32. I am a huge fan of the Olsen twins, fashion-wise nt so much.
33. I wnt to go Europe so much.
34. I have a burning desire to learn French and Italian and I have a cpl of books on language learning.
35. I dnt brush/comb my hair.
36. I dnt hv a favourite colour.
37. I always study lst minute.
38. I always fantasize tht i am being interviewed by Oprah WInfrey.
39. It's amazing how anyone can cope with me, because I complain and whine a lot.
40. I dnt consider myself spoilt.
41. I can't draw.
42. I can't help but smiling when cute guys are around.
43. I love watching the Oscars.
44. I don't see the point in buying a thousand bucks worth of couture clothes when you can only wear once or twice.
45. I don't wear blck eyeliner, i use brown. Much more sexyy. HAHA.
46. I forge my mother's signature when it comes to schl forms.
47. I want to wear braces, yeah sure, call me crazy.
48. I hate the sentence, 'Follow Your Dreams' and 'Believe In Yourself'. It's too overused, and it's getting to the point where it's no more longer believable.
49. I can stand on my toes (literally) without help frm ballet classes.
50. The song Dance With My Father by Luther Vandross has never failed to make me cry.
51. I have always wntd to join Pilates ever since Hil Duff's weight plopped.
52. Everynight, bfr sleeping, I look into the mirror atleast 10 times.
53. I love reading books/novels. YOu just don't see me doing it cause i like to read in peace.
54. I hv always wntd to lose my voice so tht i can adopt tht husky meak voice.
55. Chanel quiltted clutch is on my WishList.
56. I love french names and plan to name one of my daughters Chanel.
57. I love junkfood. McD especially/
58. I'm posh as in, i LOVE hotels and posh dining.
59. I can't stand the sight of rubbish. And throwing litter out of the vehicle's window disgusts me.
60. I feel very guilty if i do the slightest bad thing such as writing my name on the schl's desk.
61. I have never had a crush (besides celeb's ofcourse) until NOW, when i'm 14.
62. I'm nt a fan of internet lingo.
63. I'm attracted to anything pink.
64. I spell COLOUR instead of COLOR simply because colour is wht the British use and THEY always hv it right.
65. I used to remember every line to Spice Girls' songs and i used to hv a lunchbox, tee, cd's of them.
66. I CAN be bothered with wht other people have got to say but i try (very hard) to block them out.
67. I critic a lot.
68. I may not be book smart but i'm street smart, hellyeah bby.
69. I think Veronica and Betty are pathetic fr wnting Archie Andrews.
70. I wish to have a huge Sweet16 and secretly plan it in my mind eventhough it's like, 2 yrs more.
71. Myspace is the first web i go to.
72. I pity old people so much. Like the tht WhenYou'reGone music vid by Avril. Tht old man made me cry.
73. I used to hate corn until lst yr. Now, i love it hell much.
74. I like shopping but tht doesn't mean i get everything i wnt.
75. The sound of the saxaphone is sexy to me. HAHAHA :D
76. I like wearing blck but tht doens't mean i'm goth/emo or wtvr crap.
77. I call my youngest sister 'sayang' cause she's my love.
78. I hate Meredith on Grey's cause she's too desperate.
79. Women rights are powerful.
80. I vow to have a Charitable Fashion Show when i grow up.
81. IN kitches, I tiptoe cause i hate the feeling of stepping in anything frm one grain of rice to a drop of water. I just hate it.
82. I can't cook. At all. Period.
83. I wnt to be a fashion photographer like Patrick Demarchelier who's fantastic.
84. I can't tolerate people who don't know their please's and thank you's.
85. I used to drink milk with honey in it.
86. I have a photograph of me when i was small with a wedding veil.
87. I was incredibly photogenic when i was small. Unfortunately, nt anymore.
88. I like washing my hands and tht jst so happens to be one of the symptons fr Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
89. I don't drink a lot of water which makes myself a very dehydrated girl. Damn.
90. I like buying things fr people. Just nt with my own money.
91. I love gravy.
92. I grab a TeenVogue without second thoughts everytime a new issue comes out.
93. With help from friends, i'm very very friendly. And i'm more sociable.
94. I like to swim but i always come out with purple lips.
95. I don't like the outdoors here in Malaysia thanks to the presence of mosquitoes.
96. I don't like clubs, nt like i've been to one but i dont' like the whole idea of dancing so sempit and having to shout because the musics too loud.
97. I find elevators scary eversince i was a kid because i had a scary experience when i was small when the doors closed bfr i actually gt in.
98. I love hotel rooms.
99. I read my magazines frm the bck.
100. Yes, I'm helluva friend.