Thursday, September 27, 2007


procrastination isn't a good thing but lately, tht's wht i've been practicing.

anyway, the main reason why i didn't blog is cause i have nothing, abso-freakin-lutely nothing, to blog about.

pfft, but i guess there would be no reason if i were to have a blog but doesn't blog riiiiiight.
Rachael is a good example actually.
She always updates.
GILA rajin.

So yeah, today fr buka puasa, my family and i went to FASTA PASTA.
Ate, ofcourse, Spaghetti Scampi but like, for the first time, didn't manage to finish it.
I guess i ate too fast and got full like in 10 minutes.

BEFORE THT, was schl.
Sarah didn't come so i sat at her place.
Laughed a lot cause JeiSee is a natural comedian.
And Natrah wore glasses jst now.
She kept looking at the mirror fr wht ?
100 times in 5 minutes ?
I mean tht literally as well.
I really think it was 100 times in 300 seconds.
You do the math.

So when schl was done with, went to the library with Athirah.
Changed in the bathroom and went up to find a spot.
God :o
so went downstairs.
FINALLY signed up fr a membership card.
Like i said, procrastination gets the worse of me.
Or the best, you decide.

So yeah, tht's pretty much it.
Next week is PMR, golly.
Next year will be our turn and well, i don't know if tht'll go so well.
Don't want to think abt it, don't want to think abt it (To be repeated a well, million times)

Next Saturday, I'm going to OU for a last minute shopping fr raya clothes with Ky and Emina.
Would prolly see 100 Form 3 kids.

ANYWAYYYYYY, tmrw i'm skipping schl cause most teachers won't be around according to Mama so i'm thinking of going to the library via driver.
I really need to study now cause i'm SO nt going to study hard in Penang.
And masa raya ?
you kidding me ?


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