Friday, September 7, 2007


you think you're Queen Of The World?
HA, kiss my freakin' ass first.
You're nt all tht but you're desperately wnt ppl to think it's true, it's gross.
Get a life.


So today was schl.
Was feeling crappy.
I was fasting and was really sleepy. Woke up abt 5.10 fr Sahur.
Then couldn't sleep bck so went on myspace (HAHA) til 6.15 or something like tht to get ready fr schl.
I was feeling groggy and couldn't stay awake in schl.
And the absence of teachers helped too.
I slept a cpl of times.
Well nt literally, jst closed my eyes and chilled.
But it was so freakin' hot, i kept fanning myself.
And fr a minute or two i actually thought i was cmg down with a fever.
Spinning headache and my body was so HOT.
Like gl panas.
Tht's why i didn't talk much.
Nor did i layan a lot of people.

Mr Sze wasn't around so Cg Zainol ganti.
The class was fine.
Moved on.
BM teacher wasn't ard fr the 10th or so consecutive time so took the oppurtinity to sleep.
HAHA, not.
REHAT was fine. But i was already feeling freakin' thirsty.
Sivik was next, tht ustzh gave birth a couple days bck so yeah.
Mr Yu ganti.
Byk org kena marah fr nothing.
THEN, we had Science i think.
Gosh, we were reshuffled according to groups.
I'm in group 6.
and so is
Diyana, Natrah, SyedArif, and WennHong

THANKGOD ada natrah.
and Diyana.
They're smrt so i'm safe.


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