Thursday, May 31, 2007

suria klcc,

yes i went there just nw.
best weiii.
lama x pergi situ so i was like, wide eyed everywhere.
like a deer caught in headlights.
first went to marks&spencer.
bought a pair of jeans (:
then went to topshop.
sadly, bought nothing.
but nvm.
the shoe tht i wntd frm there, no size.
so saw this purple top which was really lawa.
wntd to buy BUT no cash.
and then kan.
omg, i saw this bag.
handbag la.
omg omg omg. nw i knw wht i'm saving fr.
hahaha, omg.
i love sgt tht bag.
and bnyk la.
topshop i love.
so then went to er... isetan.
bought a JordiLabanda file.
glad i bought it.
and then i saw this cute elmo notebook.
wntd to buy fr karen dearie.
cause she LOVES elmo.
so next time i buy la (;
and thennnnnn went to Dome.
awesome chicken pie wei.
but huge portion.
but STILL, i wnt chinoz nxt time.

ok then, tmn my sister go kinokuniya but as luck would hv it, it CLOSED.
prolly fr restocking or something like tht.
haiyo, i tell you ah.
and then went to Furla.

and then went to MontBlanc.
fr the sake of it.
oh oh oh oh oh oh, and i saw.
wait fr it.
i shriek like hell weii.
ooooooooooooohh, i love it.
tht's why i love marcjacobs.
i do i do.
see, i'm still crazy.
over it i mean.
and then i went to pfft, where ar.
oh yeah, to Parkson.
to buy swimsuits.
dnt ask.

oh after tht.
went to Haagen Dazs.
or is it Haagen DaSZ.
which one first.
the z or the s.
well, wtvr la kan.
before icecream came, went to tower records.
ask fr Beyonce's cncrt Live frm Wembley.
when she showed me, i again, shriek.
i should seriously stop shreiking.
bloody annoying.

and then came bck.
ate pisang goreng .
watched cncrt.
and lepak a bit.
too tired to do pretty much anything.
and then, i'm here.
with karen on msn.
and chcking my blog cmnts fr myspace.
oh dear.
i need a hobby.

really bad.


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

emanuel ungaro,

one of my favourite fashion designers nw.
omg i looooove him.

TOP FASHION DESIGNERS: (random which means tht LV isnt my number 1)
15) DKNY
10) DOO.RI

but still, Emanuel.
ugh, love him.

I mean, i fell in love, with this dress.
purple and all.
ugh, i mean, a perfecto prom dress right ?
i love this.
my top favourite, no doubt.

another one.
and like, i'm head over heel over this one too.
why cnt i hv a big big humongous cheque and buy this ?
why ?
oh wait.
tht's right.
i'm no paris hilton.
pfft, who wnts to be her anyway ?

ciao bella.


Tuesday, May 29, 2007


she's like one of my best friends ever since std 4 weii.
i looooooove her.
and i haven't seen her in like a yeaar.
she looks totally totally different.
and tht hair, ugh i LOVE.
she's also my ultimate shopping buddy kan kan ?
but the 2 times i went out with her was the 2 times i didn't buy nt even a single thing.
which i may add, is a totaly big bummer. 0.o

but the NEXT time, i WILL buy.
so yeah, she bought things frm Roxy.
damn rich wei her.
aiya .
haha, but nvm.
she says she dh lama x pergi one utama.
so yeah.
let her spennnnnnd.

i WANTED oh so much to buy tht file kat Roxy, kan ky ?
but it was like a hundrer bucks and all i had was a hundred bucks.
no way, Jose buying tht ONLY.
stupiiiiid right ?
so then wntd to buy the wallet tht i've wntd lama gl dh.
but the one on display was the last one and oh well, it sucked.
so came bck home, empty handed.

felt so naked without a plastic bag in my hand.
but nvm save moneyy (:

besides, mama DID say friday gng KLCC when the rest are at pangkor.
Chinoz, Topshop, Marks&Spencer, Kinokuniya and Isetan where got the popcorn yg sdp gl.
hahaha, here we come.

oh and topshop at one utama is stupid fr opening lmbt gl.
nvr think abt others.
me, fr instance.
hahahha :D

KYRINA, my dear.

Monday, May 28, 2007


haha, th headline says it all.
i love, oh absolutely love topshop.
i went to the one at midvalley just nw.
and omg, i love it there.
ugh, i wanna go there again.
i haven't been to midvalley fr like agesssss.
seriously, tht's why i was really looking frwrd.
besides, i need clothes.
and my mum cnt argue with me cause she DID say tht other day i x de clothes cause i keep wearing th same one.
hahaha, well, wht can you say ?
so yeah, bought a top and shorts.
this time, the shorts were YELLOW.
i already hv like, a collection.

so ya, after tht, errrrr..
we went to *thinks* oh yeah, some IT shop cause papa needed something frm there.
and i bought haagen dazs single scoop (strawberry, duh) and happily ate it.
so yeah, after tht, mama went to mph but i still had my ice cream.
and so i kena cpt2 glob it all down.
which led me to a brainfreeze and made some really odd facial expressions.
oh, so THAT was why they were looking at me like tht.

haha, so bought a book.
then went to metro, to buy more clothes.
but nt fr me, fr the 'other's'.
sisters and my cousin's bday pressie fr tmrw.

my gparents have arrive and so yeah.
tmrw, one utamaaaaaa.
nt tht i can buy anything.
mama was like, tht's it nadia, no more clothes.

darn it.

i'm currently listening to some of S Club 7's songs.
oh, i loved tht group.
notice the past tense in 'LOVED'.
haha, but i mean, if they were to regroup, i would love them all over again.
i mean, wht's there nt to love.
they're your british superstar group tht made international almost overnight.
alaaaaa, like spice girls la.

and nw, i'm off.
cause there's nothing to write and battery power on this $!#E# laptop is gng dooooooooooo*breaths*ooooown.


Sunday, May 27, 2007

so alright,

hi peeps.
today is sunday and pretty much did nothing.
laid down, marked my mum's test papers fr 3 Eins and 3 Edi.
and then, omg.
nothing, seriously zilch.
i had absolutely nothing to do.
i didn't even step out of the house.
sumpah weii.


oh, and just read my teenvogue *whooo*.
the one with dan and emma on it.
yes, ladies and gent, the one i have awaited fr oh so long.
read it like, berulang ulang kali.
i love dan.
and emma.
and rupert.
i love them.
i truly doo.
and they even said well, daniel la yg said 'We fancied the hell out of each other when we were abt 13 to 14 years'
i was like, awwwww.
mcm dhla i'm the hugest fan of daniel and emma.
i mean, hel-lo.
matchmade in heaven tau.

and then it was pretty much -.-'
this is wht i call wasting time.
i should hv went out.
i really should.
like the garden.
i haven't been there like fr a long time cause i hate those cats.
they keep pooping everywhere.
and i hate my garden.
it's so messy now.
some day, I, yes ME, i'm gonna cut the friggin grass and plant more flowers.
and kick the cats out.
sorry la, but they're being layan-ed a bit to manja these days.
nak sepak je.
sorry to those cat lovers.
reality bites.

so yeah, my grandparents are cmg tmrw.
yeayy !
they're the best wei cause they absolutely love one utama so you can bet your dollar tht we'll be gng there.
haha, yeah.
and then they give us the shopping money.
haha, best right ?

i wanna insert some things.
did i mention tht Henry Holland is pure genius ?
er, hell yeah he is.
he made all the slogan tees abt models and celebs.
mostly models which i can relate too.
they're really fun too.
wait a sec yeah.

see, here.
this one says 'I'll show you who's boss, Kate Moss'
i like it, it's cool la.
and th worst part is tht the nearest place i can ever get my hands on is at singapore.
so faaaaaar.
pfft la.

this one is cute.
'Flick Yer Bean fr Agyness Deyn'
aggy is one of his close friend and they work together on quite a lot.


'WHAM Bam Thank You Stam'
haha, cute kan ?
i love this one too cause Jessica Stam is personally one of my favourite models.
and yeah, this tee rocks.

this is kinda er... weird.
'Let's Play Naked Twister Linda Evangelista'
fr the guys, obvs.

'My flies are undone, Lily Donaldson'
again, fr the men. with dirty minds. dirty, ew.

and last but not least, 'Who needs husband, i've got House Of Holland'
House of Holland is the clothing line, btw.

actually kan.
we could just do it by ourselves.
take a big shirt, one with colour preferrably.
and write big block letters with stencil and cut it out.
stick it on the tee and outline it.
then, just paint or y'knw.
put big big diamantes.
very inexpensive.
so yeah.
i'm hunting fr one big shirt.
zara, off we go.


Saturday, May 26, 2007


so yeah, i went to OneUtama.
with Fatimah, Amal and Illi (:
haven't been out with them like, fr aloooooong time.
so first.
we wntd to watch Pirates but we didn't due to some reasons.
besides, the queue was like, 7 kilometer long so malas to wait.
ditched the movie.
the Pirates wnt die anyway.
so then, we went ronda2.
talked and laughed like hell.
met up with Illi at Diva where they bought some necklaces.
was tempted to buy the blck earring but didnt wnt to cause i'll regret it much later.
we went to colours and amal saw this cute dress fr their prom.
i hv to admit, i'm equally as excited if the prom was really going to happen.
cause i found the omg omg omg most beautiful dress everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
from BCBG MAXAZRIA of course (;
i think i died tht second and relive.
so yeah, STILL ronda-ing.
cnt remmeber all the shops we went in tho.
all i bought was 2 latest issue of TeenVogue with Daniel and Emma on the frnt cover *squeal*.
and a 'Prada Princess' frm MPH. met Aishah there.
dear, if you're reading, i love tht off shoulder you were wearing.
wntd to ask where you bought it but lupa -,-"
and i bought er... oh yeah. a pink cardigan frm zara.
and i went to FCUK.
saw this amazingly pretty blouse,
ht pink mind you,
ugh, i actually called my mum to give hints.
haha, she said think abt it.
like wth kan..
and a pair of earring frm DeeperHarder.
oh and some things frm CraftHaven.
was totally unneccesary but wth la kan.
it was pretty.
so yeah.
and we went to DREAMWORLD !
stupido machine.
it took imgs at the most unexpected times.
so there were a lot tht we didnt want.
so nw i'm bck home
eating my mac&cheese, chatting with karen on msn.
with fatimah reading my teenvogue.
and tmrw, i'm cutting my hair.
chop chop.

i think my bad streak has come to an end, thnk god.


Friday, May 25, 2007

my friday,

schl went off normal.
abt like wait, letme count.
8 girls came.
kesian gl right ?
oh and we beratur and we had to sit at the form3 girls area which sucked a whole lot.
cause our ass ws practically glued to the rocky pavement.
so yeah.
hari guru was alright.
the perfomances was ok la
funny, mhm.
so then, i went around giving presents with natrah and pauline.
and when tht was done with, i wen bck with mama cause i wntd to.
and mama had this lunch w/ the other teachers which i am nt interested wtsoever.
so i went bck, logged on the net.
went mandi.
ate lunch.
watched tv.
Janice Dickinson's Modelling Agency, guilty as charged.
and thenn, i called up fatimah to y'knw sembang.
and she said she's at amal's hse which is like super duper near to mine.
so i changed, and walked abt 30 steps (yeah, tht near) and poof.
i have arrived.
was great seeing them again.
i missed them oh so much.
and chatted like ol times.
laughed and laughed.
we're the best of friends so we hv nothing to be shy abt.
and i was blabbing to them abt schl and hw they're all jealous.
hahahaha, gosh.
and then kan.
we walked fatimah bck home and decided to use the padang route.
BUT, all of a sudden (this is beginning to sound like an essay fr english. so typical) this big blck dog was like looking at us and we got really panicked and turned out backs to IT.
hahahaha, it was hell funny.
i was like gripping tight on fatimah who was literally shaking.
and amal koyak kasut.
hahahha, god.
tht was funnnyyyyyy.
so we walked the other way and thnk god, didn't come across IT again.


so we chat and chat and chat.
til w were already at fatimah's hse.
hugged her, and we went bck.
ooooooooooh, i miss them

the best of friends.

i reached home and joined my mum fr some repeats of season3 grey;s anatomy.
(HA, i gt it fiiiiiiiirst!)
and got ready fr dinner at victoria's station.
delicious steak, yum.

and so now i'm bck.
chatting with karen, dear.

and nw.
i'm sleepy.


Thursday, May 24, 2007


jordin won (;
but i still love blake lewis, y'all.

and wasnt the finale the bomb ?
best righttttttt.
so yeah, tmrw is teachers daaaaaayyy !
they had better be a good day fr us.
bnyk org are gonna ponteng tmrw i.e sarah, diyana, lian and etcetera.
i thought teachers day like, supposed to be gl happening and all.
well, anyways.
i loooooooooooved chris richardson just nw.
oooh, he melts me.
and melinda was really awesome.
i miss her ):
haha, and haley scarnato (is it correct, cause i main hentam je) yet again, wore like, really sexy clothes.
god, so wht she has really nice legs ?
pfft, so cheap.
and sooooooo.
i watched E! haha, cause like, it's my favourite channel nowadays. (sep sikit sarah)
i mean, gossip 24/7.
bad fr you, yeah pfft wtvr la.
i still like it, and you'll shut up.
and gt la the red carpet eent fr Pirate Of The Carribean kaaaaaan.
Zomg, i didn't knw Orlando Bloom can be THAT good looking.
i mean, sure he is but before this, i was 'yeah, so? he's nt all tht anyway.'
and nw, i totally take bck my words.
he IS very charming.
and he IS very good looking.
and yes, he IS the best ever pirate in history.
oh, yeahhhh.
and he is my new celebrity crush.
you see, i chng my crushes like i chg clothes.
move over, you and you.
it's time to make way fr orlando bloooooom.
and chad michael murray as well.


3 cheers,

i have JUST finished my exm.
i couldnt be happier.
i need nt to studyy.
so ok, today we had our science and sivik (pfft) and pj (more pffft).
and like, omg.
science strtd off easy but there was this one question abt the stupid measuring cylinder.
dhla it's form 1 but hell susah weiiii.
thnk god, i managed to answer and also gt it correct. cause like, i went to see miss anniza and she told me the answer.
so i'm cooooooooooorreeeeeect !
yay me.
and then it was sivik, ayo, lg easyy.
and everyone at rehat were like studying like wht onlyy.
it's only logic sense rightttt ?
and pj puun everyone were flipping their books frantically.
goshh, it's HEALTH.
eventhough ada some yg DID need some txt book knowledge but hel-lo ?
oh and did i mention i'm having a bad streak lately ?
yeah, well. it's still not over.
i'm expecting some really good stuffs to happen to me !
it better happen.
it's nt fair.
nt fair, i tell you.
nt fair.
so, yesterdayy.
was the sejarah, music and i frgt.
yeahh, the worst exm day ever.
ihaaaaaaate sejarah. and i haaaaaaaate music.
i think i'm gonna fail music.
cause like i was like org gl je trying to hafal all the alat tradisional, this tht this tht so much music history tht i didnt hafal or learn the notes.
so, i'm pretty much doomed.
and sejarah.
oh gosh, who doesnt hate history ?
tell meeeeeeeeeee.
oh well, i hate it. hate hate hate it like to the extent tht i dnt care at alllll.
and i didnt even get to study chptr 4 !
cause was too busy with music.
i wnt to cryy.
i cnt believe i actually so stupidly masuk music when i could go fr arts.
seriously la.
first and foremost, i dnt play any instrument or wtsoever.
and i'm nt tht er.. musical you could say as the other kids.
ugh ugh UGH !
i wnted to like step on it and thrw it in the waste bin.
dhla music nt even important.
sejarah way way more importnt.
and i hate myself fr thinking the opposite.
and to make matters worst, nt gng anywhere fr the holidays.
ws supposed to go pangkor with the rest of my cousins and all but found out tht ALL yes, ALL my cousins are gng and sure, i'm gng to have the time of my life. NOT.
so, i'm pulling myself out of this pngkor.
i'm hoping oh so much tht they'll be a lot of trips to one utama with friends.
tht smiley wasn't even frm the heart.
i just saja je.
omg. i am so depressed, its nt even funny.
and this holidays are gonna be spent alone at home with mama and papa.
maybe kan, with them can go out to klcc and all.
they're like tht.
once me and my other sibling are away at kampung or wtvr, they'll go out like, everywhere.
haha, so yeah.
yay me. yet again.
and mama will spend money on me cause 'nvm la. kesian her, she tak pergi holiday w/ the rest'.
haha, is tht awesome or whaaaaaat ?!
i'm good.
so yeah, after exms, went to fasta pasta (;
with papa.
see, nt even holidays already being spoiled.
i ate the really-omg scrumptious spaghetii scampi.
oh tht reminds me.
NOTE: ask mama to go chinoz at klcc to eat during the holidays and maybe more clothes at topshop fr me. (;
oh and er.. tuesday, me, sarah, yus and athirah went to the library.
first we went to yusrina's house to change and then we were off.
this time, we went UPSTAIRS and met Zuhairi.
oh god, tht guy i tell you.
talks so much, haha.
but really funny and yeah, nice.
so after some studying, sarah, yusrina were hungry.
so we went dwnstairs to buy food.
unfortunately, no maggie.
actually got, but athirah dh ambiiik.
and sarah took the other one.
but i was ok cause wasnt hungry.
and went upstairs and studied some more til mama came.
then went bck.
and studied cause was hell scared.
and right nw, emanuel ungaro has made it to to my top fashion designers. (;

so, i'm off to browse more collections.


Monday, May 21, 2007

read all abt it,


exm today.
wht again ?
wait, i hv short memory span.
oh yeah.
bm paper 1 was alright. i think.
cause yeah, my bm paper 2 sucked a whole lot la.
and we had maths.
shitto mundo cause we could nt use calculatoooooor !
i actually bought a brand new one cause i lost mine and was panicking.
haishooo -_-"
and we had geo.
ohmydear, hard like whaaaaaat.
i think i'll get a friggin' C.
wait, scrtch tht.
i'll get a D fr sure.
hard la.
i dnt see the use why we hv to knw malaysia and it's bla bla bla's.
i mean, it's enough tht i'm living here in the HOT weather.
seriously, it's very hot nowadays.
tht is why ppl, i need to get out of m'siaaaa like NOW.
it's sad knwing this upcoming 2 week holiday are gonna be spent here.
sad la kan.
i wnt to go somewhere.
my cousins wnt to go to pangkor.
talk abt lame la.
i mean, hel-lo.
they're spending 2000 bucks on the hotel ALONE.
i mean, tht 2000 bucks can be spent like, somewhere else.
it could be spent on a single plane ticket ok.
i'm thinking japan. (:
nice rightt ?
nt exctly fashion heaven la but STILL, it's really pretty.
AND clean, i might add.
or maybe australia.
heck, i'll even settle fr INDONESIA !!
bt please, somewhere out.
cause, i've done some research (ehem) and this is like the only year in a long time t come tht we're free from any major exms.
next year, i hv pmr (dreads) and sister has upsr.
the NEXT year, brother has pmr.
after THAT, i hv spm so no way gng anywhere.
LATER on. brother has spm AND sister has pmr.
god, tht's already 4 years oledii.
taalk abt trgic.
so yeah.
i'm gonna continue my studying.
maths, damn.


Sunday, May 20, 2007

with love,

heyy there dear friends (:

i'm bck.
busy with mid year exms which i may add are sucky.
monday, i hv maths *moan*, geography *grumbles*, and something else i totally frgt.
i just hope i dnt fail any.
i wnt to get like, a and b only.
c and d are a big no no to my parents.
esp when your mum's a teacher there.
heck, she'll knw my results before ME.
just finished watching Akademi Fantasia (lame yeah, i knw) but the final weren't all tht bad.
atleast by the end la.
cause Aswad, Ebi were ew.
I loike Mila desppite the fact tht ppl say she's all gedik.
But like, hel-lo.
Newsflash--every girl is gedik.
Anyway, i didnt go anywhere today.
was SUPPOSED to go to tuition but totally frgt.
honest mistake, VINODA !
i DID frgt.
nt tht it was on purpose nt to go. believe me, i need all the help i can get.
why oh why exms ?
WHY ?!
pfft, it's nt like we'll die and it's the end of the world kan.
i mean, Bill Gates got KICKED out frm schl.
or something like tht la, and nw he's like the world's freakin' richest man.
and Oprah and Beckham aren't tht clever la kan.
I mean all they do is talk and kick balls *snicker*.
and they're getting a kazillion a year.
life can be unfair, huh.
so ok, i was practically screaming when i saw this on (yes, i do like gossip, so shut up).
first and foremost, i love love love love harry potter !
and dan and emma are like, the perfect couple eventhough they're really aren't.
i'm SO excited, i'm actually gng to buy 2 copies fr the sake of it.
oh yeah, and one for shira dearie (:

and who says i'm growing up too fast huh ?
i'm 60 percent kid.
yep, it's just tht i like playing dress up more than the other girls.
i dnt wear coloured tights anymore with shirts full of crazy paint marks.
i'm still a kid, and i dnt care wht you say.
believe me when i say i'm still crazy over Barbie and The Little Mermaid.
i still wish Ariel was real and tht she could make me a pretty mermaid with flower in my hair.
see, i'm a kid til I say so.
YOU can say wtvr you want.

ok, it's 1 in the morning, sunday.
i'm off to bed.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

hey hey you you,

hi !
i'm bck.
i didn't post anything yesterday cause was feeling really tired.
so how are you ?
exam is cmg near and agama and bm are up first.
oh dangit.
the day went by pretty fast la actually.
stayed in class and finish the folio fr kh.
i'm nt gng to take his blabbing anymore.
haha, blabbing -.-'
karenn didn't cooooooooome.
tht's why la quiet.
oh oh oh oh and this is the last week fr my science teacher !
she's nt gng to teach our class anymoooooore.
ala, stupid form 6.
nt literally la.
but still, tht small tiny class needs her FULL TIME ?
WE need her.
she's gonna be replaced by some teacher who i dnt even knw of.
:o haishooooo.
but kan.
yesterday i had fun gl gl.
me, sarah, yus, and athirah went to the library.
first time ok !
hahaha, so my mum went to ou first to buy mcd and we eat there.
like, sakit perut tau laughing every 5 seconds ngan athirah.
omg, she's a friggin' comedian wei.
haha, eventhough she can be a bit rude.
but, well.everyone has flaws.
oh and i'm over my crush.
yes ppl.
he is just a boy and no longer a crusher.
gosh, i make no sense at all wtsoever.
ignore the crap i type.
and so yeahh, bck to the library thingy.
i had a really good time la.
went there to finish kh folio and laughed like hell but had to restrain la kan.
cause the the librarian will come up and say 'shh'.
met a LOT of ttdi-ans.
and me and sarah agreed to like, whenever we go, MUST bring a change of clothes.
haha, cause we look like wht je pakai bj sklh.
so yeah.
we SHALL go there again.
maybe next time, with nikki and the gang (:


(no fashion update cause like, mls gl.)

Monday, May 14, 2007


today i'm gonna just hurry.
so, i went to schl, and it's a Monday but didnt hv tht LONG perhimpunan we always had.
and i didnt get to sing tht bestari song. haha, i love it ok.
pfft, nvm THAT.
Karen and Nikki didn't cooooooooooome.
haiysho, why la.
i knw karens out sick.
kesian herr.
she lost her voice ok.
gosh, i want to lose MY voice.
so tht i can shut up fr the day.
i pretty much did nothing at home except fr tuition.
and studyy a bit, teeny weeny bit.
haha. no, like seriously. i dnt hv the mood to study la.
omg, wht's gonna happen to me !

Miss Gemma Ward is making heads turn with her natural beauty (Gosh, tht sounded so reporter-y) and her effortless fashion statements.
Ok, so maybe this looks a lil blah to some ppl but i love it.
with much poise, she carries off this outfit really nice.
nothing can go wrong with blck right ?
This is bckstg at Donna Karan and tht's a MiuMiu dress. (:

i never did pay much attentione to MaxMara cause i was really hooked on BCBG MaxAzria (pronounce it correctly).
But i loved the collection from Spring 2006, i think.
really pretty, the colours.
love love LOVE it.
nice gl.
there were some couple of swimsuits in tht shade of pink i love oh so much but y'knw.
if i post it here, mcm it'll be a bit inappropriate.
still, dnt you love the flower print ?
it's beautiful and it totally compliments the neutral shade of the dress.

So yeah, i'll post up some more.
and if you're thinking, yeah.
i'm hooked to fashion. like, caption hook, hooked.
haha, i'm making no sense whtsoever.