Wednesday, May 16, 2007

hey hey you you,

hi !
i'm bck.
i didn't post anything yesterday cause was feeling really tired.
so how are you ?
exam is cmg near and agama and bm are up first.
oh dangit.
the day went by pretty fast la actually.
stayed in class and finish the folio fr kh.
i'm nt gng to take his blabbing anymore.
haha, blabbing -.-'
karenn didn't cooooooooome.
tht's why la quiet.
oh oh oh oh and this is the last week fr my science teacher !
she's nt gng to teach our class anymoooooore.
ala, stupid form 6.
nt literally la.
but still, tht small tiny class needs her FULL TIME ?
WE need her.
she's gonna be replaced by some teacher who i dnt even knw of.
:o haishooooo.
but kan.
yesterday i had fun gl gl.
me, sarah, yus, and athirah went to the library.
first time ok !
hahaha, so my mum went to ou first to buy mcd and we eat there.
like, sakit perut tau laughing every 5 seconds ngan athirah.
omg, she's a friggin' comedian wei.
haha, eventhough she can be a bit rude.
but, well.everyone has flaws.
oh and i'm over my crush.
yes ppl.
he is just a boy and no longer a crusher.
gosh, i make no sense at all wtsoever.
ignore the crap i type.
and so yeahh, bck to the library thingy.
i had a really good time la.
went there to finish kh folio and laughed like hell but had to restrain la kan.
cause the the librarian will come up and say 'shh'.
met a LOT of ttdi-ans.
and me and sarah agreed to like, whenever we go, MUST bring a change of clothes.
haha, cause we look like wht je pakai bj sklh.
so yeah.
we SHALL go there again.
maybe next time, with nikki and the gang (:


(no fashion update cause like, mls gl.)

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