Monday, May 28, 2007


haha, th headline says it all.
i love, oh absolutely love topshop.
i went to the one at midvalley just nw.
and omg, i love it there.
ugh, i wanna go there again.
i haven't been to midvalley fr like agesssss.
seriously, tht's why i was really looking frwrd.
besides, i need clothes.
and my mum cnt argue with me cause she DID say tht other day i x de clothes cause i keep wearing th same one.
hahaha, well, wht can you say ?
so yeah, bought a top and shorts.
this time, the shorts were YELLOW.
i already hv like, a collection.

so ya, after tht, errrrr..
we went to *thinks* oh yeah, some IT shop cause papa needed something frm there.
and i bought haagen dazs single scoop (strawberry, duh) and happily ate it.
so yeah, after tht, mama went to mph but i still had my ice cream.
and so i kena cpt2 glob it all down.
which led me to a brainfreeze and made some really odd facial expressions.
oh, so THAT was why they were looking at me like tht.

haha, so bought a book.
then went to metro, to buy more clothes.
but nt fr me, fr the 'other's'.
sisters and my cousin's bday pressie fr tmrw.

my gparents have arrive and so yeah.
tmrw, one utamaaaaaa.
nt tht i can buy anything.
mama was like, tht's it nadia, no more clothes.

darn it.

i'm currently listening to some of S Club 7's songs.
oh, i loved tht group.
notice the past tense in 'LOVED'.
haha, but i mean, if they were to regroup, i would love them all over again.
i mean, wht's there nt to love.
they're your british superstar group tht made international almost overnight.
alaaaaa, like spice girls la.

and nw, i'm off.
cause there's nothing to write and battery power on this $!#E# laptop is gng dooooooooooo*breaths*ooooown.


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