Friday, May 25, 2007

my friday,

schl went off normal.
abt like wait, letme count.
8 girls came.
kesian gl right ?
oh and we beratur and we had to sit at the form3 girls area which sucked a whole lot.
cause our ass ws practically glued to the rocky pavement.
so yeah.
hari guru was alright.
the perfomances was ok la
funny, mhm.
so then, i went around giving presents with natrah and pauline.
and when tht was done with, i wen bck with mama cause i wntd to.
and mama had this lunch w/ the other teachers which i am nt interested wtsoever.
so i went bck, logged on the net.
went mandi.
ate lunch.
watched tv.
Janice Dickinson's Modelling Agency, guilty as charged.
and thenn, i called up fatimah to y'knw sembang.
and she said she's at amal's hse which is like super duper near to mine.
so i changed, and walked abt 30 steps (yeah, tht near) and poof.
i have arrived.
was great seeing them again.
i missed them oh so much.
and chatted like ol times.
laughed and laughed.
we're the best of friends so we hv nothing to be shy abt.
and i was blabbing to them abt schl and hw they're all jealous.
hahahaha, gosh.
and then kan.
we walked fatimah bck home and decided to use the padang route.
BUT, all of a sudden (this is beginning to sound like an essay fr english. so typical) this big blck dog was like looking at us and we got really panicked and turned out backs to IT.
hahahaha, it was hell funny.
i was like gripping tight on fatimah who was literally shaking.
and amal koyak kasut.
hahahha, god.
tht was funnnyyyyyy.
so we walked the other way and thnk god, didn't come across IT again.


so we chat and chat and chat.
til w were already at fatimah's hse.
hugged her, and we went bck.
ooooooooooh, i miss them

the best of friends.

i reached home and joined my mum fr some repeats of season3 grey;s anatomy.
(HA, i gt it fiiiiiiiirst!)
and got ready fr dinner at victoria's station.
delicious steak, yum.

and so now i'm bck.
chatting with karen, dear.

and nw.
i'm sleepy.


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