Sunday, September 30, 2007

the gardens,

my title is a new shopping mall, bytheway.

it's loacated near midvalley.
i went there ystrday.
OH, it's 5.21 in the morning now.
I had my sahur.

the gardens is actually quite awesome.
Very fancy shmancy.
With designer stores aaaaaand ROBINSONS !
Ohmy, the Robinsons here beat Singapore's assssss.
Hahaha :D
Nicer weiii.
So yeah, ystrday went ard in hopes of buying new baju raya clothes.
No, nt the traditional baju kurung.
I gt tht already and i must say, it's really nice.
I wnt to show it off.

So yeah, couldn't find anything like, at all.
Robinsons, there was a couple numerous nice clothes and now, i'm actually tyring to rmmbr why the hell i didn't consider in actually PURCHASING it.
Then ronda ronda and gt tired.
So, moved on to Midvalley.
Shizzles, there pun takde apaapa.

I mean, i think this is God's little way of saying i should stop buying anything fr the moment and spare fr the poor instead.
Listen, I'm all fr the poor and my mum, during this Ramadhan month and well, throughout all year, has been like, Santa Clause.
Seriously, besides giving out clothes (worn out ones but still are in mint condition), she gives out toys cause we hv a toyroom when we were small and had like a kajillion toys but it has now (sorta) converted into a study.
They're still are toys, though.
But we're working on disposing and giving them out all.
SO my mum has a heart of gold.
Nt just because i've lived with her fr the past 14 years but really, she IS one hell of a saint when it comes to charity work.

SOOO.. where were we ?

OHCHYEAH, like i said, this is God's way of saying tht i should give it a break.
But really ?
NOW of all times ?

I slept late cause of this little thing called text messaging.
And I accidentally promised Kamar Razy i'd belanja him if 8A's is his.
Oh damn.
But tht's after raya, and by nook or by crook, i'm gng to get a lot of cash.
My so called evil plan.


Thursday, September 27, 2007


procrastination isn't a good thing but lately, tht's wht i've been practicing.

anyway, the main reason why i didn't blog is cause i have nothing, abso-freakin-lutely nothing, to blog about.

pfft, but i guess there would be no reason if i were to have a blog but doesn't blog riiiiiight.
Rachael is a good example actually.
She always updates.
GILA rajin.

So yeah, today fr buka puasa, my family and i went to FASTA PASTA.
Ate, ofcourse, Spaghetti Scampi but like, for the first time, didn't manage to finish it.
I guess i ate too fast and got full like in 10 minutes.

BEFORE THT, was schl.
Sarah didn't come so i sat at her place.
Laughed a lot cause JeiSee is a natural comedian.
And Natrah wore glasses jst now.
She kept looking at the mirror fr wht ?
100 times in 5 minutes ?
I mean tht literally as well.
I really think it was 100 times in 300 seconds.
You do the math.

So when schl was done with, went to the library with Athirah.
Changed in the bathroom and went up to find a spot.
God :o
so went downstairs.
FINALLY signed up fr a membership card.
Like i said, procrastination gets the worse of me.
Or the best, you decide.

So yeah, tht's pretty much it.
Next week is PMR, golly.
Next year will be our turn and well, i don't know if tht'll go so well.
Don't want to think abt it, don't want to think abt it (To be repeated a well, million times)

Next Saturday, I'm going to OU for a last minute shopping fr raya clothes with Ky and Emina.
Would prolly see 100 Form 3 kids.

ANYWAYYYYYY, tmrw i'm skipping schl cause most teachers won't be around according to Mama so i'm thinking of going to the library via driver.
I really need to study now cause i'm SO nt going to study hard in Penang.
And masa raya ?
you kidding me ?


Thursday, September 20, 2007


did i tell you tht i'm in love with australian people ?

we had australian visitors jst now.
at schl.

we helped pn nik azizon and cikgu sze fr kh.
funny things happened.
we helped stapled the kh form 3 paper.
:D :D :D :D :D

but we ciao the second the australians came.
ok, not ciao la.
i mean, like, went off to usha.
same thing.
only better.

So yeah, the guys are like droolworthy.
i had so much fun looking at them.
tak ckp puuuun.
i tell you, the prefects had the best job.
their job was to actually talk and give em a guided tour.
which was awesome considering the people you hv to talk is incredible gorgeous.
these are one of the times where i'd die to be a prefect.
minus the tudung part.
but if i knew THESE australians were coming, i'd put on tht tudung anytime of the day.

the guys were gorgeous.
especially the one with the top with a black back.
as in the top, the bck was designed to be blck.
he played sepak takraw.
AND the guy with the necklace (he was wearing a uniform and y'knw wht they say abt boys inn uniform) and the infamous Nike Bag tht he was carrying.

HAHAHAH :D Even Pauline was jumping up and down later on.
Yes people, THAT hot.

Geez, i'm thinking of moving there.
Nt such a bad idea, is it ?


Tuesday, September 18, 2007


So yeah, today is the 18th but you knw tht already, don't you.
Anywayyyy, schl was normal.
Nothing interesting happened.

Geeeeez, i hv nothing to say :O

Geography folio still tak siap and i have abt 2 days to complete it.
DON't even mention history's.
I haven't strtd at all.

i'm in no moooood to do anything whtsoever.
I'm booooored.

I need people on msn, godamnit.


Friday, September 14, 2007


OhMyGosh :O

I SO don't regret coming to schl today.
I loved it hellmuch.
One incident sent me to the moon.
It keeps playing in my mind, and everytime it does, a broad smile forms.
What is it you ask ?
Welllll, it involves a guy but tht's all i'm gonna tell you.
Ohmygod, the best thing ever.
Doesn't seem much but it's better than nothing and ohmygod, i gush everytime i talk abt it.
Big smiles all the wayyy.

Anyway, tht aside, we had science project which was goood.
Every group did a superb job.
That's prolly because we haven't done in a while and yeah, it felt good to do something OTHER than folio and powerpoint presentation.
Overall, fantastic day.

Ofcourse, the first incident made me so happy, it was crazily amazing.
Thank you, YOU.
You made my century.

OMG you SO did.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007



Fashion Week in New YORK CITYYYYYYYY, people.
It's HUGE.
Prolly nt fr you but it is fr me.
Now, i'm checking on Anna Sui's collection and it's uber cooooool.
The models are in striking hair streaks and the clothes are wild.
It's fantastic.

So wht i'm gonna do is put up one picture frm each collection (or maybe 2 if i can't help it) ;

Anna Sui

Badgley Mischka

BCBG Maxazria

Caroline Herrera

Diane Von Furstenberg



Karen Walker

Lela Rose

Michael Kors

Oscar De La Renta

Rag and Bone

Phew, tht's abt it.


Friday, September 7, 2007


you think you're Queen Of The World?
HA, kiss my freakin' ass first.
You're nt all tht but you're desperately wnt ppl to think it's true, it's gross.
Get a life.


So today was schl.
Was feeling crappy.
I was fasting and was really sleepy. Woke up abt 5.10 fr Sahur.
Then couldn't sleep bck so went on myspace (HAHA) til 6.15 or something like tht to get ready fr schl.
I was feeling groggy and couldn't stay awake in schl.
And the absence of teachers helped too.
I slept a cpl of times.
Well nt literally, jst closed my eyes and chilled.
But it was so freakin' hot, i kept fanning myself.
And fr a minute or two i actually thought i was cmg down with a fever.
Spinning headache and my body was so HOT.
Like gl panas.
Tht's why i didn't talk much.
Nor did i layan a lot of people.

Mr Sze wasn't around so Cg Zainol ganti.
The class was fine.
Moved on.
BM teacher wasn't ard fr the 10th or so consecutive time so took the oppurtinity to sleep.
HAHA, not.
REHAT was fine. But i was already feeling freakin' thirsty.
Sivik was next, tht ustzh gave birth a couple days bck so yeah.
Mr Yu ganti.
Byk org kena marah fr nothing.
THEN, we had Science i think.
Gosh, we were reshuffled according to groups.
I'm in group 6.
and so is
Diyana, Natrah, SyedArif, and WennHong

THANKGOD ada natrah.
and Diyana.
They're smrt so i'm safe.


Wednesday, September 5, 2007


i'm full :O

so today i was fasting.
but by 10-11 i was already really thirsty.
and sitting near the koperasi didn't help at all.
but if pg to the canteen, omg, lg la.

tmrw pun i puasa.
and the day after tht.
and on sunday, monday and tuesday.
and then by thursday, it's PUASA.

Anyway, today at schl nothing much happened.
the PanduPuteri and KPW did a perfomance.
The girls behind the masks were so cute.
First period was English and did some Grammar stuffs.
Next was PJ, nothing much happened.
Then, we had er.. Math but PN zaheera was busy with her Form3's seminar in the dewan.
After tht we had BM, Tunku Zubaidah didn't show up.
Haven't seen her in a while actually.
Science was next but only went in to class by the 9th Period cause Mas'aud was also busy with the Form3's.
So it was pretty much a bore at schl.
Well, nt so much come to think abt it.
Cause tht means more time fr mengarut time with friends.

i've gt nothing to do.

Wht shall i blab abt ?
Guess who I liiiiiiiiiiiike.
It's very obvious actually.
It's -


Tuesday, September 4, 2007


sorry fr nt updating.
internet wasn't in the correct state of mind.
whtever THAT means.

So yeah, actually i hv nothing to blog abt so this post is gonna be short.

regarding of the post where i was uber pissed fr an incident, (tht i shan't mention here) it's wht i feel and tht if you felt tht YOU were wrong and all of a sudden, YOU felt guilty then hell, you ARE wrong.
it's like tht malay peribahasa.
'siapa yang termakan cili, dia yang akan terasa'
or soooooomething like tht la. -.-'
i'm nt so good with all these peribahasa.
they're lame.

ANYHOOOO, Rach, you don't hv to say sorry abt you pissing me off cause well, you didn't.
It's not you, definitely.

I'm bored.
So bored.
PMR is in 27 more days.
The form3's don't seem scared or nervous in any way which is kinda well, unusual.
Unless they're super smart which according to my mum, they are, so good fr them -.-'


AND AND AND, puasa, like wht Rach said, is on next Thursday.
and for HER to knw and nt ME, is kinda depressing.
HAHAHA, i don't even knw when i'm supposed to fast.
Well, thnks Rach, cause now tht i knw, i'll hv enough time to ganti my puasa.
Which is 6 more days.
hot damn (as Nikki would say)

OMG i was shrieking weiii.
But it's good fr her to be bck.

HAHA, so ok, i'm off.