Friday, January 28, 2011

CAN I DIP DYE MY HAIR LIKE THIS ?!?!?!?!?!?! Found a tutorial on Youtube but when it comes to me (and my middle name; Klutz), I'll probably bleach my hands first before anything. Papa will probably get the shock of his life but.. I'm eighteen once right ?!?!?!?!?! Besides, I've been holding onto Mama's word. When I was younger (cheh, macam aku dah 60), when I wanted to straightened my hair or colour my hair, my mum would always, and I mean, ALWAYS, say to me 'When you finish school, you can do whatever you want, nak colour ke, straighten ke, do it when you finish school'.


This is my second post tonight. Been on Youtube the whole time. Discovering videos one day at a time, LOL.

Can you tell I'm bored ? No ?


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Boring Post #1

Had to post this up 'cause they're looking gorgeous as they naturally are.

BORED AS HELL. I need a manual car, anybody mind lending me theirs ?

Went for my first driving class. LOL. Totally had the car stalled about a million times. The bukit was some hard shit ! Though I found generally okay. Besides, it WAS my first class. Those things happen anyway. Right ? RIGHT ?!?!?!?!?!

I have glittery nails now thanks to O.P.I's Extrava-vaganza from the Burlesque collection. Love it though I wished I bought the blue one. Went to KLCC last Sunday and bought so many Topshop make-up. I freaking love it. Their crayons are my absolute favourite and I'm currently in love with the lipstick I bought from Topshop. Can't stop raving.

Hmmmmmm what else. Been pretty bored and haven't seen my friends in a while due to them going to college and work :( It's like I'm the only one doing nothing ! Besides Najihah. I know SHE's doing nothing...

Found out that I'm allergic to my FAVOURITE ever food which is crab. And shrimps. MAYBE shrimps. I don't know. Sometimes I eat it and I'm okay but yesterday I ate those huge ones and woke up to a slight rash and I'm like GAWD NO.

Now I seriouzly want to drive. I don't think I'm getting my own car anytime soon but I still have Mama's car to drive around. LOLZ. Quite aware blogging is like talking to myself.

Why is nobody blogging anymore................................. it's makin' me sad. As much as I'm addicted and love Tumblr, blogging is still better in the form of words and not pretty pictures.

K bye


Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Little Favourite Things

I got these all from here. I went 'OMG YES' at almost 80% of it. I'm pretty bored these days, it drives me nuts. First driving class tomorrow. Let's pray I don't embarrass myself and do something so cliche like hitting a cone or so help me God, Jia Wen's incident..........

Nothing really matters when you drink ice cold water when you're seriously thirsty. NOTHING.

I had one PERFECT pen for SPM. But the ink habis like crazy cepat. Not more than 2 days and it runs out. DAHLAH MASA SPM !!!!!!!!!!!! But, it's a pretty good pen.

Topshop OU baik :") Zara EVERYWHERE sombong gila nak mati, except for some of the guys there. Forever 21 hardly say their 'Thank You''s anymore. Kalau ya pun, so insincere. The akak dekat Party@World, Ikano, I LOVEE HER !! She's so nice. We end up talking even after paying. The people over at New York Deli are the nicest waiters you'll find anywhere ! Every time Hafiz and I go there, they recognize us and they're always smiley smiley. We end up tipping them.. well :) The girls at Diva are always nice, though sometimes a bit too eager but that's their job, I guess. Hmmmmmm, so yeah.

Makes my life THAT much easier :')

One of my favourite moments is when it literally HURTS to laugh. I can't remember when was the last time I LMAO but I miss it !

I've heard it once or twice and it just makes me the happiest girl in the universe ! :) My grandparents do it more, though hahaha

Because there aren't many left. I smile at people quite often because I know it makes ME that much happier and cheery when people smile at me. SMILE MORE, PEOPLE.

When I was a kid, I used to sleep with my mum and put my hand under HER pillow and then taking it out and putting it under again. Just 'cause it was cold. I love it.

I know the lines to The Notebook. Even took the time to write some of them down on my notepad ! LOL OBSESI. But seriously, BEST MOVIE EVAH.

Friday, January 21, 2011


ALSO I created a new FB account because as I was about to upload my birthday photos, I got logged out for some reason. Turned out that my account was 'suspended due to suspicious activity'. Gah. Whatever lah. And then they told me to enter my mobile phone number in which I did and that they'd send me a confirmation code. You're supposed to receive it immediately but er.. I came up with nothing. And believe me when I say this; I spent practically the whole day googling on how to activate my account. Even changed my password and whatnot. Still came up empty. Debra then told me her friend got suspended too and 'til now hasn't been able to get into her Facebook.

I feel so sakit hati because I had like, a million and one birthday wishes on the other one and it makes me happy reading them all ! But oh well.

Been meaning to make a new e-mail (because my old one is too embarrassing to be sent out for future college/university references) so I did that and hence, my new Facebook account. Will be posting them photos up soon !


I turned 18.. FINALLY

Can I first just say my thanks to

  • Everyone who attended. You don't know just how much I appreciate the whole lot of you to come all the way to my house for my birthday. It means the absolute world to me. Truly, you made my 18th the best and I know I say that after every birthday but my 18th would be so far be my favourite. And that's all thanks to everyone who came. MUCH LOVE.
  • Everyone who went the extra mile to get me a birthday present. I love you more than all the presents in the whole wide world. That's such a romance novel cliche but I'm being so serious here !!! :) Love you girls and guys to bits and tiniest molecules.
  • EVERYONE who wished me on Facebook. For you to take your time off whatever you were doing to get on my page and wish me means the world to me :) That's why I believe in replying individually instead of the general 'Thank you to everybody who wished me' on my status. For you to put effort in wishing me, I should do my part and put effort in thanking you personally.
  • Tania for wrapping my birthday present in the most girly-est way ! And of course, what was IN it was 10000000000000x better. And for being the best sister everrrrr even if we fight more often than we shop. Which if you ask my mum, is quite a lot.
  • My mother. For putting together my birthday party. For getting me the Marc by Marc Jacobs watch I've been wanting for the longest time ! For inspiring me to be someone just like you. For being so understanding about everything. For being so fun ! For being so sporting. For willing to do almost anything for me and the others. For helping us in EVERYTHING. For correcting my grammar all the time (it got annoying) until I eventually got it right. For our mutual love for TV shows (give us some McDreamy and we'll love you forever !!!). For being there for all of us. For being such a generous person. I once brought some Rocky to my tuition and Puan Nurhana said 'You're just like your mother, always bringing something for everyone else'. You should know that that was the nicest thing I've heard anyone say about me. She could have left it all to me in planning my party but she as always, took it in her hands to order the tent, food and tables and chairs. Like I've said before and you may quote me on this, the first thing I'd do when I somehow get a lot of money, I'd buy my mother anything in the world without the shadow of a doubt. My 18 years of living have been nothing but pure fun and joy with my Mama there with me. I love my mum and I'd take a bullet for her. So thank you and may God bless you :)
  • Also to my Papa for just making us laugh all the time. For making my mum a very happy person. For being disciplined enough that we know what to do and what not to do. In a way, you've made us all better at a considerably young age. For instance, you brought us up with the mindset to always salam older people. Our place is almost always neat and in place . That's 'cause of my dad. Usually, when he comes back from work, we'll make sure to have bathed and ready for dinner. My dad is also a man who keeps promises. He promised Zaim a set of drums if he got straight A's and damn right, he got a set of drums. When my mum asked why, my dad simply replied 'Because I dah promise him'. We never ate much maggi mee growing up because my dad didn't like it. Which is good kalau tak, our brain cells probably dah takde dah by now hahahaha. Most people are quite scared of my dad because he appears to be really garang. And at times, he can be. But on a good day, he's very funny and he dances and sings. He's so convinced he can be Al Jarreau and/or Michael Jackson. But in all that, he's very close to God and always tells us to be appreciative of what we have and to perform our prayers. We need that !!
  • Sarah Iman for being the sweetest girl for the prettiest birthday card ever !!!! Plus points for having it hand made full with love !!!!! LOVE YOU MORE THAN LONDON + PARIS !
  • Hafiz Ismail. For being very patient with my impatient self. For bringing me out all the time. For all the dinners and lunches. For being my other best friend. I love you banyak banyak banyak.
My 18th birthday party was so awesome possum. It didn't rain which was EVEN AWESOMER. People started coming at 8 even though the invite says 730 hahahaha oh well I LOVE Y'ALL FOR COMING ANYWAY ♥

Then makan makan snap snap talk talk laugh laugh. Then dance dance ! Thank you to Karen, Kaveetha for bringing your iPod. I seriously need to get mine for repair...

Danced our sexy butts off !! Hehehe. My favourite was when we danced to Forget You courtesy of Cee Lo and YMCA. Of course there was Aerosmith's I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing :")

Took more photos and hugged people goodbye. I love everyone for coming and for the wishes and for the hugs and for the presents. Truly my best friends everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!!

Opened my presents later at night and was so pleasantly surprised with how everyone managed to get things I absolutely loved !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :") You all are truly the best !

First day of being 18 was absolutely brilliant and I'm wishing for more birthdays in the future with you lot. Thank you again, words can't describe how grateful I am to everyone.

Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of love,
Nadia xx

Tuesday, January 11, 2011



Spent my day today at Jia Wen's watching Paranormal Activity. I don't know why I even agreed in the first place. Haih. Ate Nando's. Came home and helped my mum bake lasagna for dinner. Haha it went well in my opinion 'cause I liked it. Watched Junior MasterChef Australia at Jia Wen's and was so ashamed that I can only cook.. maggi and fried egg and these kids know how to cook international dishes and I'm like say whut.

Birthday coming soon and I'm so excited to be turning 18 and I don't know why ! Hahaha. Maybe it's because I've been kinda looking forward to this period in life. I used to think 18 is so old ! A year and I'm done with teenage life. Time flies when you're having fun, yep yep. Loved my school years like none other. Seriously ! From kindergarten up to high school. LOVE. At one point, I was looking forward to go to school on holidays and couldn't wait for Monday to come during weekends. THAT much love.
K running from the topic. So yeah, birthday soon ! Having a party and all I really hope for on my 18th, is for my friends to come. My pass 2 birthdays, a lot couldn't come due to certain circumstances so like I said, nothing will make my day more for ALL of my friends to come :)

Hungry like crazy now gotta go find food.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Friday and Sa'urday

  • Went to Sunway with Hafiz, Jia Wen, Ayesha, Brenda, Belinda, and Grace.
  • Ice skated -_______________- I hate it. Maybe second time round, I'll get used to it. I mean, it took me the LONGEST time to get the use of roller shoes. Which I miss like a hell lot.
  • Sakae Sushi for lunch !! Yay hehe. I still don't like Japanese food. I only make an exception for my unagi.
  • Walked around and the girls got their Japanese ice cream. Jia Wen's sesame seed ice cream is disgusting.
  • Tried on shoes at Charles and Keith and got a picture with Grace and Ayesha wearing sky scraper heels. Hafiz stood in between looking short.
  • Walked around Asian Avenue. Got a tee that says Fashionable Late which is me appropriate. And a photo album in the prettiest pink/purple at a lomo shop. SERIOUSLY DYING for a Mr Pink Diana F+ :'( Why must you be so expensive..
  • Found that jinjang Dreamworld-ish place. Only thing was that only 2 or so photo booths were working -______- Twins and Grace had left by then so it was just Ayesha, Jia Wen and Hafiz there. Took photos. Laughed so hard because the camera decided to snap on its own without any indication. Hahahaha.
  • Went home.. NOT.
  • Got super super lost and by the time we found civilization, it got late so we decided to grab dinner first. Parked at Ikea and walked to Curve and ended up eating dinner at Ikano. Had steamboat. DELISH
  • Jia Wen was being her crazy silly self and made us all laugh in the car. Ayesha too. Hilarious girls.
That was my Friday. I had looooooOOOOO000ads of fun ! Hoping form ore outings like these.


  • Went to Pavilion at 1.
  • Lunched at La Bodega. Favourite place to eat like, ever.
  • After stuffing myself with hot tapas, walked around. Got myself my early birthday present from Mum :') YAY for January !
  • Lot 10 so cool looking now !!!!!! Tak lah sangat, but the downstairs pretty awesome possum.
  • Passed by UNIQLO but was too lazy to go in.
  • Went to Le Meridien for Zidan's birthday dinner. Ate soooooooooooo much, I don't think I can think of food without barfing.
  • Came home and am so tired.
K that's all. WHY ISN'T ANYONE BLOGGING ANYMORE :'((((((((((((( @ila_mzmr @izzatiakhbar @rachaellooi @ashleyphh

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Not a lot of people know that I am in love with flowers. So pretty and yet so understated. Never have received them from anyone so far ('cept from those roses from Hafiz on V. Day) but omg I'd love to get these babies.

What I'm Currently Doing : Listing out things I'd like for my birthday

Hahahahahaha OMG SO BORED