Thursday, January 27, 2011

Boring Post #1

Had to post this up 'cause they're looking gorgeous as they naturally are.

BORED AS HELL. I need a manual car, anybody mind lending me theirs ?

Went for my first driving class. LOL. Totally had the car stalled about a million times. The bukit was some hard shit ! Though I found generally okay. Besides, it WAS my first class. Those things happen anyway. Right ? RIGHT ?!?!?!?!?!

I have glittery nails now thanks to O.P.I's Extrava-vaganza from the Burlesque collection. Love it though I wished I bought the blue one. Went to KLCC last Sunday and bought so many Topshop make-up. I freaking love it. Their crayons are my absolute favourite and I'm currently in love with the lipstick I bought from Topshop. Can't stop raving.

Hmmmmmm what else. Been pretty bored and haven't seen my friends in a while due to them going to college and work :( It's like I'm the only one doing nothing ! Besides Najihah. I know SHE's doing nothing...

Found out that I'm allergic to my FAVOURITE ever food which is crab. And shrimps. MAYBE shrimps. I don't know. Sometimes I eat it and I'm okay but yesterday I ate those huge ones and woke up to a slight rash and I'm like GAWD NO.

Now I seriouzly want to drive. I don't think I'm getting my own car anytime soon but I still have Mama's car to drive around. LOLZ. Quite aware blogging is like talking to myself.

Why is nobody blogging anymore................................. it's makin' me sad. As much as I'm addicted and love Tumblr, blogging is still better in the form of words and not pretty pictures.

K bye



  1. it's not a boring post for me. keep on posting, i love reading your blog. :)

  2. Thank you, lovely person ! Made my day <3