Monday, August 31, 2009

"Ain't karma a bitch ? We know Blair Waldorf is"

You should go for a Dan, but I go for a Chuck. And I usually end up with a Nate.

— Leighton Meester.


Malaysia turns 52 today ! :) 
You've been so good to me and I apologize for the time(s) I've countlessly yearn to live overseas, I know now, I won't, you can have my word on that. :')

Happy Birthday my dear country. Merdeka !

Tania & I

As much as she annoys me to no end, Tania is still my bestfriend. Though at times I feel I want to rip her head off, it's good to have a sister like her who is freakin hilarious to keep you going. And yes we both have the occasional fall outs where we can end up calling each other big bitches but we make up in the next 10 minutes, an hour tops. I tell her secrets I don't utter at all to any of my friends just cause we're sisters and just because I don't trust her when she says she'll bring down the laundry, doesn't mean I don't trust her when I tell her whom I'm hating and loving to family matters. And just because sometimes we look like we're recreating World War III, doesn't mean I won't spend a million bucks on her and vice versa. She knows I love her, we just choose not to express in words, we prefer insulting.
Ew Shahrain. He just showed me a video of basically the biggest zit being popped. And omg, I think I lost my appetite for the next 3 days. Disgusting shiznits. I can't believe I watched it.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fear Mediocrity

Today was good. Seeing how I'm not fasting, thanks to me monthly 'friend', OU was a bit easier to endure. Went to try out the relatively new salon adjacent to the Vincci store and was content with the result, so! Shall go there more often. (y) NOTE : This is just for blow dry, not for trim/cut/styling. For that, I only go to Creative Curlz at I don't know where it's called ? HEH. 
Went into Zara but as per usual came out empty handed because money was scarce and the Mother wasn't around to lend us a few bucks but then again, there wasn't much. Went to a couple of shops later and found a lot of things I wanted which is quite surprising seeing how I'm considered LUCKY to even find one goddamn thing in the whole mall. The whole paradox of Forever 21 is that the shop is always packed with clothes but there's always nothing for me. ALWAYS, only on rare occasions will there have one measly piece of garment. So frustrating but I'm always in there hoping to find anything mainly cause compared to the other typical stores, F21 is a hell lot cheaper. Bah.
Went in Topshop and found something I looiiiiiiike so I did what everyone else would do when short on cash, I reserved (ILA, dah second time k! (': ) in hopes my mum comes to the rescue tomorrow and pays it off hahahahaha ok moving on. Hunting for a patterned scarf (found one at Pull & Bear) and a brown leather belt just cause it's cool like that, both inspired from a shoot in Teen Vogue, September issue (speaking of September Issue, sumpah nak tengok movie tu). 
Found a blouse at FCUK which I like but price tag was coming close to overpriced. Ok, maybe it was overpriced. Ok, whatever. HAH. But it was purdy and it was in this cool shade of seaweed green (say whut?) but hey, twas cool and it had this whole sculpted shoulder going on so (Y). ALSO !!! There was this dress indistinguishable to that of Herve Leger's, colour to cut ! Damn son, that's the closest I've touched (and of course tried) a dress so similar. :') It even had the descending of monochrome shades going on. SUMPAH SAMA. If only there WAS a tree that grew money. Then I'd be rich because I got a big garden hahahahahha bodoh.
Watched some yoyo competition at the Ralph Lauren entrance and that was it. 
Oh, and I bought tickets for Up tomorrow with my sisters. Ho yeah after wanting to watch it for so long, finally ! 

I haven't eaten my dinner and for lunch, I had lemang seciput sikit gila so when I tried on the dress at Topshop, my stomach was flat heheheheheks. First time -.- Shall rummage around the kitchen to fill this stomach of mine. 

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Two Loves I Hardly Meet

I have seriously nothing to do at 3.30 in the morning. Hi Najihah and Suraya, :')
Amboiii dah besar dah diaaa :') Isn't she 16 ? She's pretty now. Go Dakota Fanning ! 

Edginess Is A Rush

Stills from the upcoming season

SUMPAH TAK BOLEH SABAR FOR GOSSIP GIRL SEASON 3 SIAL. I think Chuck/Blair have become my new favourite couple, I can't wait for their scenes. EEEEEEK. Everytime I think of the new season, I get all giddy, tak boleh sabar k, big huge fan ni :') Cepat la keluarrrrrrrrrrr. This makes me want to go to New York, read somewhere in the papers ada Gossip Girl Tour k?! With the whole trips to the famed Met stairs where Blair and her posse eat lunch and er.. tah ada la banyak lagi. Best gila omg omg omg omg. Forget Europe, New York la :') And I just realised how handsome Ed Westwick is. He has that bad boy charisma I've grown to fall in love for. But hellerrr, Chase lebih kurang handsome ok. But I don't think I can watch the show weekly, I'm so used to getting the whole season and watching it all at one go so I'd have to wait for quite a long time til I get mid season, max. I can't freaking wait, can you tell ?!
Nak buat baju ah, I <3 Gossip Girl
I even succeeded in making my mum a fan of the show, to the extent she's typed XOXO on some texts to me. Kan best kalau ada Gossip Girl merchandises, damn son, borong semua.

Ok I'm talking rubbish bye night !

I like serious fashion for girls who don’t take fashion too seriously. Luella does this brilliantly.
— alexa chung.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Can I express my discontent ? 
  • I don't get girls who can't 'live' without their boyfriends. What if he leaves you ? What are you going to do then ? Don't depend on 'happily ever after', you know that rarely exist. As much as we love boys, I just don't think girls should solely depend on their partners. This is no offense to boys, I'm just hearing out for the girls. I'm all for those girls who have had their boyfriends for years now (respect is all I have for them, no offense k DINA ILA NAJIHAH SURAYA!), but for those others who have more boyfriends than their freakin age, it's absurd and clearly love is just a four letter word they abuse. Come on now, you're what ? 16 ? You got a whole lot ahead of you, I don't know why you have this need to have a boyfriend. This applies to guys too. I got a friend who has had 32 girlfriends. In my humble opinion, I don't think he deserves to call them 'girlfriends', seems to me more like acquaintances. 
  • People who brag really have nothing else to do. Talk is just talk, show us the real thing, honey.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Appetite For Shopping

Spent my day at Pavilion with my mum and sister. Traffic was sickening, for Pete's sake, it's a Thursday morning (we went early to avoid traffic, huh, Hi Irony), people ! Turns out the traffic was caused by the seemingly 3 million cars heading to Masjid India (all according to my mum). 
ANYHOO, made our way to the retail haven and first stop has always been and always will be, due to strategic parking (we've had the luck of having the same parking spot three times in a row now, right near the entrance pulak tu), Topshop. Asal banyak benda tak de size 6 ? @#$% And shoes all have to be pig skinned eh these days ? :( There were some new stuffs but majority were the familiar garments I've seen at the OU branch so was not that rambang mata.
*Ehhhhh there's an Accessorize store in Pavi.
And went to fixed my watch and it's going to be M.I.A for approx 2-3 weeks. Imma be watch-less for said period of time. Are you freakin kidding ? I feel so naked without it. Heh. 
The usual Forever 21, went around in search for anything.. decent but with no success. Ended up getting an umbrella hahahahahaha. Bosan gila siot F21. 
Headed for Zara for what ? 10 seconds ? And I have no idea why I did that. Prolly cause my mother was all the way the other side of the mall and I had no cash so heh, no use to that ! But the display had some nice things on. But again, same ol' OU stuff. I don't quite fancy the branch there sebab takde Kids Section hahahahaha, ok not funny bye.

Got a pair of pretty wedges (which reminds me of potato wedges which makes me hungry right now, it's 7.15pm right the second so you can imagine how food is all you think about) and almost got a handbag but again, I have no idea why I didn't. My sister got way more stuff than I which is .. normal. Damn my fussiness. 
But then I remember that raya is around the corner and besides all the food that Hari Raya has to offer and contribute to the minor/major (take your pick) weight gain, here comes the moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :') Oh my oh my, a part of me is determined to start a bank account to stash all the extra cash but then the more dominant part of me wants to spend it on something worth while. I should go for the greater good but the latter sounds so tempting. Tapi macam la ada benda nak spend lepas raya kan ? 
Whatever it is, I passed Ralph Lauren and I saw this motherfreakin' downright purrrrdy dress, big major huge love. Man oh man, I'm going to get something similar with the whole Ralph Lauren/Tommy Hilfiger shindigs cause goddamnit, I love preppy clothes and that is a fact.
Also, there's many of those sculpted shoulders outfits which I just happen to like very much so I shall get more of those. 

Ok that's pretty much is and my nose is killing me, so arrividerci ! 

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Long Live Chanel

FINALLY after wanting to go so long, went to the Taman Tun Bazaar. Is it me or has it grown smaller ?
ANYWAY, bought Roti John (!), huge favourite, that one. And well, the smell of the food was so overwhelming so heh, bought a lot of things just cause it looked good. Now, I'm full and I ate only 1 piece of roti john. Takpe, sahur sahur. Now, I'm full but good thing I bought Famous Amos Macadamia Nut cookies so I won't bloody complain about not eating any snacks later at night. Tania and I have been watching movies everyday now, yesterday it was How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. Today's winner is Legally Blonde, I actually can't wait because I miss watching this movie, Reese is freakin hilarious in said flick.
I had a relaxing day, all I did was lay in bed and only out to send Tania to OU and the whole bazaar shindig.
Came home and got ready to berbuka. Food was good (Y) Nak pergi lagi bazaar hahaha.
I'm giddy for Pavi tomorrow, I should make a list on what to look out for. My only concern is if Mama is up for it. She's usually lazy to go up and down so she'd make us hurry which takes out all the joy in shopping. HEH.
I was just thinking of what to eat at The Loaf tapi baru ingat puasa -__-

Ta !
This is a cool shot.

A Whole Lotta Lovin'

I finally went out with the budak asrama :) Berkurun tak jumpa Najihah, Suraya :') 

At 2.30, I left the house and headed to the library to meet Suraya because I called her house previously and someone told me she was over there so I decided to pop in and surprise her haha. After that, I went to OU and met up with Ila, Hafeez, Hafiz Ismail, Haris and Hanif. Ila went back short after I came. Met with Hafeez for what ? 10 seconds before he went some place else. Heh. Walked around aimlessly with the three boys and contemplated on watching a movie but couldn't decide on what to watch so in the end, I didn't join them watching The Proposal because Suraya was coming later so nanti dia sorang pulak. Had a good time going around with Suraya, I'VE MISSED HER :'( Went around for her baju hahaha, and talked a whole lot regarding everything there is to tell. At around 5 (or was it 6?), met up with Aimi, Najihah and Sarah at GSC. Settled at Chillis by then since they don't take reservations. Met up with Najihah's parents and we sat all the way back. Ordered our food and it arrived 5-10 minutes before Maghrib. Bila dah buka tu, sedap gila babi pulak kan the food hahaha. Nampak sangat lapar :') When I was with Suraya, we listed so many things to eat tapi lepas makan kat Chillis, we couldn't be bothered dah. Didn't meet anyone in particular and seeing how it WAS a Tuesday, not so surprising haha. Had a good share of laughs and catching up amongst us. Went to a bunch of shops after that and met Kai Wen at Forever 21. Damn son, you see her and her too flat of a tummy, you'll feel huge. Stay away from her if you know what's best for your self esteem. 
Suraya and I were too lazy unlike the others, to try on clothes so we just hung around. I was already too bloated and tired to think. Met Sha on the way with her sister. Went to Topshop and my mum called so I had to leave. 

All in all, it was a good outing :') I've missed my girls a whole lot. Haris Hanif Hafiz tak yah rindu la, dah jumpa selalu kat sekolah kan :) Heheh.

P/S : I went to the watch shop to change my watch battery when it decided to ditch me at my time of need (i.e. Test !) but the lady said something's wrong with the circuit so I now have to go to the Juicy Couture store in Pavilion and we're going this Thurrrrrrrrrrssssdaaaaay. The thought of going there always cheers me up hahahaha. RAYA SHOPPING (Y)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Papa Turns 50 !

24th August, my dad turned half a century and we had a do for him at the house. In conjunction with his 50th, we also had a kenduri buka puasa so the house was full because Mama surprised him (with what he thought was only a relatives only affair) by inviting his old and new friends over so he had a great time, I can tell. I didn't get to eat the lamb :'( But the food was exceptionally good, I had two helping before devouring myself with the birthday cake later. (Y)(Y) The icing was and always will be my favourite part of the cake. There were terawikh prayers, lead by Ustaz Ahmad (yeah SMKTTDI punya hahaha, I was surprised he came!).
Met a pleasant lady hailing all the way from Wales who's apparently a student exchange for a doctorate and is occupying the Arshad's household. Baik gilaaaaaaaa :') 
Apa lagi ? There were so many kids running here and there screaming, the house seemed to double as a freakin nursery. Tapi takpe, the more the merrier kan ? I had a good time and the weather was good (Y) ! That's a first in the history of Zainudin parties ! Over exaggerating tapi something like that la, asyik hujan je before this so we were surprised Mother Nature became kind today. All in favour for Papa's 50th hahaha

Ok banyak lagi tapi dah lupa and besides bukan ada games pun, kenduri kut ! Besides praying, laugh eat borak borak borak, that was pretty much it. A humble affair but full of love !


Monday, August 24, 2009

Not a fan of Sienna but her advert for Hugo Boss' Orange Perfume was the cutest and yeah, she has a pretty stellar taste in clothes.
How's fasting going ?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jai Ho

A big shout out to Farisha :') HAPPY SWEET SIXTEENTHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, GRRRRLFRIEND. Party planner #1 :') Have a great one !

OK. Up to Maghrib, I was bored to no end. I had seriously nothing to do. Relatives came and my grandmother from my dad's side is here for the night. By tomorrow when my Mak Tok and Pak Tok come, it'll be full house :o I went to Mum's Place for Jia Wen's 16th at 8++, I stayed back at home to buka puasa first and to pray before I head off. 
Reached there and had rice.. 2 plates of them ! Sedap gila okay, maybe cause I was hungry but I genuinely think the food was (Y)(Y) nak pergi lagi :') After eating, taking pictures, laughing sampai sakit perut, and the cake cutting, going to Curve was also on the agenda, but I didn't know that but since everyone else was going, I went too. The boys walked their way to Curve, and some went off with Lian and the remaining went with Jia Wen. All 16 of us. In a Kia Sorento. So the boot was already filled and crammed, I sat (Questionable position, more like) in the middle section, unable to feel thighs/legs. But it was helluva fun, so hilarious how we looked like an advert for y'know, 'spacious' cars and to prove such, they'd stuff as many people as they can. We experienced that first hand, sakit perut gelak sial. :') So much fun. That one HAD to be the highlight of the night :')
Once reaching Curve, Jia Wen's mum actually took a picture of us HAHA. Lawak gilaaa.
Then we went to Cineleisure and took a couple more pictures then we went up to check out movie times. But the timing was off so we went to the arcade instead and went for karaoke. Stayed only for one song : Jai Ho !
BEST EVER menyanyi macam #$%^&* hahahahaha, of course Kaveetha joined in and everyone else came in and danced along. FUN GILA BABIIIIII haha but I had to leave right after so my night ended there.

I wished I could stayed longer but hey, it was fun while it lasted ! Come come, MORE 16th birthday parties !

Saturday, August 22, 2009


  • State Of Play is good, I always have a soft spot for Rachel McAdams ever since my infatuation for the Notebook. 
  • G.I Joe is even better (Y)(Y) but after one action scene too many, one can possibly go deaf. 
  • I also reserved a dress at Topshop hahahahahaha still going back and forth on whether I should buy the beauty. Fits the body like a freakin glove. 
  • I want to watch Up and Harry Potter VI :/ 
  • My dad is turning 50 this Monday and we're having a kenduri buka puasa in conjunction with his birthday so I'm pretty pumped up for that.
  • Sunday is Jia Wen's do and I haven't bought her a present yet :/ She has repeatedly refused offers for presents and there is no one in the world who has not want a present and my mum (and grandmum) always tells me to never attend a birthday or anything without a present in hand. So Jia Wen, you like it or not, I'll get you a present.. somehow. 
  • Fasting starts today and I don't feel hungry. Hoorah. 
  • Sarah, Ila, Dina, Najihah, Suraya jom bukak puasa together gether. +Aimi pun boleh :') and Yus and everyone else tapi the other 5 tu kena datang. Date and place, I'm all yours ! It's been.. never since the 6 went out together.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

All Hail Retail

Physics was laughable. But considering I diverted most of my time doing +maths question, it was foretold that I'd have trouble answering the questions. I was stuck at the first objective question, I had to recall inertia padahal intertia la senang. I was surprised I've forgotten what inertia meant. And how to calculate momentum. SO devastating to know that you spent the morning imprinting the goddamned formula in your head to only completely dismiss it come paper. UGH

+Maths was just as bitchy. Log questions @#$%^& Again, I went blank. Padahal malam tu dah tahuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, and I was at the library devoting my time for +maths. It's either that or the questions in my exercise book is too easy ? AH WTH 
Shall vow to do more questions in the future so that come end year, I'd get used to the ass much of a question. 

Went out to Tony Roma's for a dinner sebab i) Mum's too lazy to cook ii) Kira last dinner out before puasa comes and dad will be too busy going to terawikh prayers iii) Rindu Kickin' Shrimp. HEHE
School tomorrow and then the week break, ah, how I miss waking up in the afternoon :') I need to pay my sleeping debts, thanks to these damned tests, it's long overdue and I can feel my body all exhausted. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Catch Me

What does she have that I don't ?

Bad Day #1

A very bad day today. So sakit hati.

I slept at 1 am thinking 'Okay, at 4 after Sahur, I'll continue studying Chemistry'.
Izzati, kitorang sama case. Bangun pukul 6.40 and in my case dah lambat. I was cursing sebab satu, TAK PUASA AND DAH CONFIRM kena ganti 2 more next year. And :'( !!! Main reason to wake up was because I HAD/NEED/MUST study my chemistry. And my sejarah my god, tak study langsung. And I had to print my notes that I (THANK GOD SIAP!) did on Sejarah. So macam extra kelam kabut. :'( So heartbreaking sial. And my school shoes were drenched because semalam hujan and my mum got angry sebab cakap 'Don't tell me you got no other shoes!'. 
Sakit hati gila because I washed my own goddamn shoes, not only mine pulak tu, I washed everyone else's and I'm not afraid to say this but I do a whole lot of chores, okay! So I was frustrated at my mum for making me feel like tak buat apa benda pun. Heh.
So I went to school uncomfortably with my right foot all wet. Was so pissed. The only thing that my day was the fact that Chemistry started at 9, ada jugak la time nak belajar. Went to the library after school and did +maths. Such a nice feeling when you get a whole bunch of questions correct. Hah.
DAHLAH MY WATCH IS M.I.A.  $%!*&@!)@(~!_@( Patut letak GPS or whatever you call it.

My day cannot get any worse. I don't give a damn for physics, it's not like the other 2 science subjects takkan fail kan. Mampus ah. TEST JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Ok bye, +maths quite tempting.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Damn, Can You Feel It

I've been fasting 2 days straight now, and 2 more to go. Then what ? A one day break and puasa begins. One of the reasons I slapped myself silly for hitting the snooze button a little to many times is to avoid chasing time. 

Was supposed to go to the library to read (not, 'brush up'. to actually read, read.) but felt unwell so I ditched the library for bed. :o
Bio was laughable. This is crazy, subjective questions dia macam istimewa. Susah la sial. I didn't like leaving the answer space empty despite not knowing it at all, so I had to come up with some crap that sounded smart. 

Modern Maths was just as shitty. I freakin' forgot how to combine statements to make it a true statement or a false statement. I think it's because I keep underestimating small topics and relatively easier than the others so I skip studying it altogether. Haiiiih. 

My number one reason explaining my hatred for monthly test : Time crunch. I know on hour is a lot but it's very nerve wrecking when you spend 5 minutes on a question knowing, there's only 55 more minutes to the rest. My watch decided to abandon me in my time of need, so I kept turning behind to check the time on Ila's watch. [Mental Note : Get new batteries for the watch.]
Tahu test je, but hells yeahs, I can't wait for it to end. But I'll attempt a go at studying even after this test so when end year rolls by (eek), I'd have back up so I won't have to cram everything in. Alright, John ? Alriiiight. 

This post is very unnecessary and should have been me studying Chemistry but hey, that's how I roll. Bak kata Aimi Farzana (via text) : 'Mampus ah test. I buat setakat yg I mampu. Hari ni tak belajar apa. Who cares, test je. Big deal. Screw test. Sebab I baru belajar seciput je. Why bother belajar gila gile bila I dah tau I tak kan sempat cover semua. Bnyk gila babi i tak belajar langsung.'

Yeah (y)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Hang Out With People Smarter Than You

I have this love-hate relationship for the internet. Love because well, everything there is to it from Youtube to social networking sites i.e Facebook (no love for Myspace, RIP) to the addictive blog reading. I freakin hate it because of the goddamned fact that it is freakin distractive. I have abandoned my Biology reading despite promising myself to be no longer on the 'net than 10 minutes. But truly, it is impossible. School was alright, test started last Friday and 3 papers down, 8 more to go. I already can't wait for the much needed holiday break though it being a mere week. Atleast it's something. Ramadhan is on its way and mediocre feelings toward it (mainly because of the fact kena bangun for Sahur la), I have to be honest. But then again, lepas Ramadhan, rayaaaaaaaaaaa omgah. Time passes in a blink of an eye siaaaaal. Rasa macam baru je masuk Form 4.

Anyway, the fact that my Bio is clearly not my strongest subject is already heartbreaking so I'm going to continue studying the lowdown on vitamins and carbs and try to cram whatever's left so that I can atleast answer 60-70% of the questions asked tomorrow.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

I loved my weekend. I'm trying to block the fact that I did not study anything despite promising self to do so. AND also promised to fast but that too didn't work out as planned. 
Saturday was spent mostly at home and ate dinner at TGIF where like 3 birthday songs were sung. Teringat 15th birthday with Sarah kat situ :') And roamed as usual. I'm not a fan of Curve so there's nothing there for me. Tania and I goofed as per usual, downloading Hindustani songs from Youtube and singing along to Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (+lyrics!). Tum passaye, yu muskaraaye, something something jaane kya, sapne dikhaaye.

Sunday = Tiring. Had my lunch at the Thai restaurant, damn lupa nama yet again. After wanting it so much, finally had my cravings for Tom Yam and Pandan Chicken. Hot damn. 
Went around and surprisingly ignored Topshop. Went into Mac and bought a lipstick and an eyeliner. Minah tu buat lawa gila so beli je la. Haha, DIY kat rumah, tak jadi. Sama je. -.-
Went to Gardens and ate at Chinoz for tea. Twas okay. Was still full from lunch so only had a slice of the lamb pizza (Y). OH HA, Charles & Keith dekat Megamall lawa gilaaaaa, lost a battle to temptation and gave in to a pair of black suede shoes. PRETTY YOUNG THING. And Papa too after so long deciding on a camera, bought one. And he says it's for us :') Haven't had the opportunity to bond with it but will, in time. We all have to take turns using it so I'll only to take it to functions so c'mon ladies and lads, buat la birthday party :') HAHA excuses.

All in all, I had a good time. And I spent the weekend with my family. Mengeratkan silaturrahim.

I'm making up for lost time by reading my Bio book but it's as if this laptop and the cursed wireless connection keeps calling out for me so yeah, tak belajar pun. Orang pergi World Stage seemed like they had fun but hahaha, I'm not the concert goer kind so as much as they can talk about it, *macam Aimi*, I know I still won't enjoy. I mean, I would because of the whole jumping and dancing but I'm just not a fan :/ Tahu la bila Aimi baca ni, she'll say, 'TENGOK MACAM IZZATI, dia pun cakap dia tak suka tapi last last dia pun tak regret pergiiiii! You should have gone, Nad!!".
Tapi betullah, tak minat :(

See you at school, lovers.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Laughing is (Y)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sorry la, dah terlalu cinta

Know What You Want

Youtube is so freakin slow sial. Dulu cepat je -.-

Spent the day at the library yet again. I love it there, albeit blood circulation stopped due to freakin aircond temperature. Psh. Studied agama and stuff :') I'll try going there the whole of next week simply cause I need to study to atleast try to get an improvement for this upcoming test. And I'll go even after the test, just cause I need to finish some homework which if I choose to complete at home, would be next to impossible because my studying table has become semi-storage with all the useless crap that I'm just to lazy to clear. Spring cleaning has never been and never will be my forte. 
Went to school and it was just Dina and I :') Mod Maths, haih. My teacher has got to be the most enthusiastic teacher I've come across. Which is of course good but it can get annoying at times. During history, my teacher practically went in and out after doing the whole scolding slash mini counseling slash admitted insecurity. I don't know why the teachers (I'm speaking in general) always thinks our class is 'sombong' . Just cause sure, at times, we're too hooked talking about something else. But during History, tak pernah pun nak bising macam pasar ? Kan ? -.- Takpela. He had good intentions and he deserved to be angry after ______ did that. It was quite rude, I'd blow my head off if I were him. 

LIKE OMG I'M LIKE SO IN THE PROCESS OF DOWNLOADING THE TEEN CHOICE AWARDS ON YOUTUBE AND I AM SO FREAKIN ANGRY THAT YOUTUBE CHOSE TODAY TO BE REALLY REALLY INCREDIBLY SLOW MOVING. OMG OMG OMG call me immature but I love the Jonas Brothers :') They're funny. And they're not gay, for God's sake. Just cause they're better looking than you, it does not make them gay, fools. :))))))))))) And nampak macam best gila baaaaaaabi, I can't wait to finish all 9/9 videos. I'm like, at 1/9 and it's moving on its 4th minute after an hour. Macam !&@*()@* Ok back to regular state of mind

So chemistry was alright, but for those who don't know, we have to do 10 peka's :'( And i'm only 3/4 my way on my third. Curse you electrochemistry. We had BM, and for once in a seemingly long time, my teacher was in a happy happy joy joy mood. I mean, she's in a lighter mood. (Y) AND for those who didn't attend today, your spots for Pidato/oral is 1-19 as the ones who DID attend got the later spots i.e 20-38. I got number 32 which means lama lama lama lama lagi. Dina got 30 so john, banyak masa lagi.
We thought during English, we'd continue our 3 week course of games & quizzes but we had to do a summary instead. So we did and we went home. OMG Pak Cik Ice Cream dah baliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiik :') Hello to daily dose of Tropicana Ice Creams :') Hohohoho. I miss the indian fellow. 

Went to the library and there were times where I was so freakin mengantuk, I had to walk around to wake my body up. Pukul 6 tambah kurang, balik :o 

Tomorrow our test starts and I'll continue my fasting. 4 more days to ganti ! 
Won't hanging out around the cafe's in Paris be freakin fantastic ? Sarah, janji okay ? Lepas SPM, john.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lets Sing Til It Rains

School was fun today :')
Not many people showed up. And it rained in the morning. Made the waking up process that much harder, hmph. Mod Maths, we had to do some questions on statistics but I was really slow and so lazy to do all the graph questions so I borak a lot instead, heh. Someone joined Dina's table to ours (Ila and I) so we had a long table which was fun hohoho. No matter how much of an ass Hafeez can be at times, he can be incredibly hilarious so it's lucky he has that balance. Cheers us up (Y)
Then we had History and Cikgu Manan told us what was coming up. I didn't catch up so I didn't bother so I'm just going to call someone up and ask for the topics. Then we had Physics. FIRST TIME Puan Nurhana came up because we were late hahahahhohohoh. Before that, Li May sang. And Hafiz Rahim got so obsessed with her voice (it really is obsessed worthy, by the way. The girl can sing.). Like obsessed jenis sangap. Everytime she starts singing ('Menghitung Hari' is his favourite) he'd go all soft hahaha. Sampai bila Hafeez tried singing the same time as Li May, Hafiz Rahim actually threw a book to Hafeez to stop singing. Tu obsessed gila okay. We thought he was sarcastic cause he kept saying 'Best gila sial Li May nyanyi' and all that. Yesterday, bukan main lagi suruh diam. Then I asked him why the sudden change of heart. 

'Sebab semalam tak dengar betul betul'

But what Li May said was right, 'Taaaak, sebab semalam ada Johann semua.'
and Hafiz R knowingly smiled and laughed. Which probably means it's half true. Control macho la tu nak marah marah perempuan. But he was so funny the way he got all in love with Li May's voice. It was soo cute. So baik with Li May tiba tiba. :') Macam personal radio, siap suruh kahwin lagi.

Then we had Add Maths. I'm beginning to like Log questions. But with the guidance of Dina and Ila ofcourse. Hafeez told us about the tees at Urban tees and Ila and I want to buy the tee with the half Decepticon and the half Autobot. Haha. Laughed so much sampai Ila and I sakit perut, sakit pipi. Lama dah tak gelak macam tu. :') Boss, Carls Jr is on. (Inside joke). 
I'm scared for +maths. Chapter 6 tak start langsung gila babi. Oh me oh my, tak nak la fail lagi. :'(

Then we had Bio. Felt so sleepy. Hafiz R, Asif, Li May and I talked about food. Cakap sampaaaaaaai balik. 
Got back and slept. Janji tidur sampai 5 JE but of course no such thing for me, so I woke up at Maghrib. Yuck.

I FREAKIN HAD FATTY CRAB FOR DINNER (!!). Happy Happy Joy Joy ! So rindu.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Invest In Yourself

Some of the many reasons behind my determination to be rich as hell ;
  • I'm in love with Audi TT Coupe and the Porsche Cayman. I'd get the former in white and the latter in black. My god, they freakin ooze sexiness.
  • I'd fly to Paris and stay in the Coco Chanel Suite, Hotel Ritz. For the reason that the legendary designer has resided within its walls is just epic.
  • I would buy myself a penthouse in New York. And do the place up with big white bare walls with huge paintings. And to have the walk in wardrobe of my dreams. :') 
  • I want to be able to get my parents anything they desire.
  • And for Zaim, Tania, Iman too :')
  • I've always liked diamonds so..
  • To travel and travel and travel til I get so sick of the world. 
  • Come on now. Christian Louboutin shoes FTW.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii handsome.

Be Somebody

School was fun today. Dah mula dah orang pakai mask, scary :/ Anyway

We had English as free period because Puan Michelle didn't attend class for some reason. So we sang to old Malay songs :') From Glenn's Januari to Siti Nurhaliza's Percayalah. (Y)
During +maths, we had to do some revision on log and this may come as a shock, but I actually could answer the first 4 questions :') With the help of Dina of course who really should consider teaching the class +maths one day. Not that we don't love Puan Ooi ehek. Chemistry was alright, though we had to do some questions orally which I sucked big time at. I hate Chemistry sial. I don't freakin care what substance or kinds of metal they have to offer. I LOVE Puan Sia though. Her Sabahan/Sarawakian (not entirely certain) accent is so amusing. 
Dropped Zaim and of his friend at KFC (Reason : To study. Really ? A fast food chain to 'study'?)
Then we went to Cecilia's house for Papa's 50th birthday cake. Best gila flicking through her pictures of her intricately designed cakes. Rasa macam happy semacam. My cake's in thereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :') HOHO. I remembered as a child, we usually had our cakes made from Cecilia. Barbie with her dress as icing was the usual. We had that often. I had Ariel once :') One of Tania's birthday, we had a merry go round on her cake. Twas so cool. Zaim had a Thomas The Engine train once so that was a couple of cakes because the train was long and there were MnM's all over. Iman had a Winnie The Pooh sitting up right (Y) Birthday cakes like that has always been the highlight to every party for me. Besides the opening of presents. Shit, I miss being young. Not that we're not now, but you get what I mean. So we got his cake after contemplating on 2 cakes but settled for a cake with an embossed 50 on it just cause it was more significant than the other. You turn 50 once je kan so why not ?
Then we went to OU to get jeans from Zara. I'm a happy child now because I got 2 (FINALLY SINCE 1982). Albeit them coming from the Kids section, they're purrrrrrrdy. And they prove that my ass exist. -_- Kalau jeans lain, macam wth. Haha I can't believe I just typed that out.

Oh. Yesterday, I stayed up late watching Coco Chanel the movie (no, not the Audrey Tautou one, the Shirley McLaine one). My god, best gila okay :') It was gorgeously shot. Rasa inspired semacam like I wanted to do something that in 50 years time, orang ingat lagi and they make a freakin' movie outta you. That's something. Call me biased, but honest to God, it's a good movie.

"Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury" -Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel

Okay, done, thanks, bye.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Plan Like There's Forever, Live Like There Isn't

I've gotten over the whole materialistic needs. Now, I need to focus on myself. Besides, a pair of shoes isn't going to bring you anywhere (it does, literally but I'm not being literal). What excites me now is the thought of going to college and being able to drive and to backpack around Europe. I want to learn a lot of things and I'm at the age where I should. I want to be able to write, read, draw the way a 16 year old should. I want to be able to take a real Kodak moment. I want to be able to paint on a blank canvas. I want to be able to ride a bike (shut up!). I want to be able to cook and bake. I want to be able to be the friend in need. I want to be able to be the person everyone can rely on. I want to be able to lead. 

I want to learn. I want to learn everything my heart desires. I'm only 16, I should be able to be living life the way it should be spent mid teen years. I love clothes and all that but right now, the spark for shopping splendor has dimmed (temporarily). I want to go places. That has always been my number one on my wish list since I was small. Clothes as brilliant as they can be, are just that. You outgrow them. 

Camne nak cakap ? It's like, I love clothes but unlike a couple years back, I lost my knack in shopping. Bila suka gila babi tahap maximum oh-my-god-once-in-a-lifetime punya benda baru beli. All the cravings and wanting have not only left me feeling empty, it makes me feel unsatisfied because in the end, teringin je, bukan dapat pun. -_- So I'll try to not want more instead, learn. Because you tell me this, between buying something and achieving something, which of the two leaves you feeling more satisfied ? 

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Movies I want to catch. Read : NEED

  1. The Lovely Bones (Jessica Weisz, Susan Sarandon, MARK WAHLBERG *cue fan girl shrieks)
  2. 500 Days Of Summer (Zooey cannot be any more adorable)
  3. Funny People 
  4. Paper Heart
  5. The Time Travellers Wife (!!!!!!!)
  6. Fame (watching the trailer was hella amazing, gave me goosebumps)
  7. My Sisters Keeper 
  8. Julie And Julia (big big fan of both leads)
  9. Love Happens (anything Jen Aniston, I'm up for it)
  10. The Taking Of Pelham 123 (!!)
  11. State Of Play
  12. Alice In Wonderland
  13. Toy Story 3 (ehehehek)
My god, I can't wait.

Friday, August 7, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YUS (technically, semalam sebab dah 12.17am Friday) ! <3
May God bless you :') She's like one of the few people who doesn't swear/kutuk like the rest of us hahahahhaa. Dahla baik, rajin pulak tu. SABAR PULAK TU !
My God, rare gila. Hahaha, we love you :')

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hope Hard

Benci sial Leighton, she wears everything right. I want a black blazer like hers, I don't want the 'boyfriend' one because that'll just make me look weird considering my height. 
School today was alright. English was fun, we played numerous games hahaha. Sakit perut gelak, our 'poem' was funny thanks to Hafiz Rahim for the last 2 syllables ('Thank You'). The boys went on and on teasing Dina with the new guy in which later on, the guys revealed how they don't like him -___- ejek ejek jugak, John. 12 people didn't attend school and it's either they're sick or skipped. Wishing everyone good health, though :) A lot of people are sick and the haze is not helping so yeah, take care.

And I looooove 'She Was Mine' by AJ Rafael and Jesse Barrera :') I got this from Sha's myspace and I, being already a big fan of AJ Rafael, fell in love. Such sweet, humble lyrics. 

"And I know it's sounds so stupid to be waiting this long,
But I'm still in love and I know I'm not wrong,
Cause in my eyes, she was mine"


Beyonce is going to Singapore for the F1 Rocks and I seriously want to go :/ I miss Singapore. 
Braces ni annoying la, the wire kat belakang tu macam panjang SIKIT gila but it's poking my flesh dahla TAJAM. Geram gila, all I'm praying for now is that no ulcer occurs because that'll be just a bitch. 

I'll edit this later. I feel like there's so many more to be updated tapi tak ingat sebab I feel so guilty now for not studying but I'm so lazy, ohmagah.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Watching Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham brings back memories :') I vowed to study BUT I DIDN'T :O I suck at promises. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Heels Over Heads

I actually corrected Dina in Physics. :') HAHAHAHAHAHA. So proud for that one stupid little question. Tu pun lama lama tak faham jugak -_-

Yusrina is 16 in 2 days :') August celebrates a lot of birthdays kan ?

Benci gila babi orang fikir popularity 24/7. 'Cool' friends are not going to get you anywhere, if that's all you think about, you freakin worship your friends, sickening gila sial. 

I shall attempt to study Sejarah (tak kisah sikit ke banyak) tonight without distractions.

Edited :
Attempt failed.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Random Awesome

I miss
  • Geography 
  • +wondermilk
  • watching The Notebook
  • PMR
  • Tosai and ayam masala kat Devi's :'(
I love
  • Demi Lovato, damn, she's the only Disney kid who can sing.
  • Sweet 16's
  • Chapter 9, Additional Maths, Differentiation. TU JE ! Other chapters you can forget about passing. I like it because I actually understood Mr Pang in tuition and he's so much easier to understand than Puan Ooi. No offence.
  • 'She's A Genius' by Jet. Seriously, such a good song for a band to play and to get the audience on their feet.
  • Stella McCartney Resort 2010, so much love going on there. (as shown above)
  • Cancelled tuitions. Lega hati tak terkata
  • Skirts. Jeans payah ah nak beli. I've given up on them.
  • Party planning. I'm already having a rough idea for my seventeenth hahahahaha
I hate
  • Waiting for New Moon
  • Chemistry and Physics
  • Additional Maths too
  • Sleeping late, waking up early
  • Inconsiderate people
  • Having crushes. You feel like a fool waiting for something that you know isn't coming your way
I'm so hooked on Mama Do (the acoustic version, mind you) by Pixie Lott and Officially Missing You by Tamia. It has been on repeat since like, Friday. 

Mama and Papa's anniversary today, marks it as 18 years of marriage. :') I don't say this often to them but they are the world to me despite our occasional misunderstandings. 

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dear August*

Ah, bestnya hari ni :')

First, there was IU day. Bessssstttttt gila. First first tu, cam heh sikit because I was alone but then Marc, Jo, NIMISHA, and all started coming. We all sat together and obviously, kecoh gila, dah la ada Darren -.- The performances was good, but I especially loved the dance groups. Jia Shen punya awwww so cute, especially when they (it was a group of 3) danced to PYT (!!!!). Comel gila babi. It was a bunch of Michael Jackson's song strung together so that was fun. Kuntaw Fatakie pun best, the Harry Potter part was :') Too cute. Thachana's group was again, so good. Benci la orang boleh dance. OH and speaking of which, there was this girl with that mat salleh boy who played the guitar, my oh my, can she sing or whattttttt? 

Pastu Aimi, Yahi and Farisha came. One performance up and it was time to mingle around. THAT was fun. Oh dapat jumpa Jia Wen's beau. COMEL GILA (Hi Jia Wen, you lucky girl!) hahahahaha. He bent down to me because I said something to Jia Wen but he thought I was talking to him so I said, "I'm Nadia" and he replied "I'm Izmir" hahahahahaha. Siapa tengok cerita Tarzan part Jane nak introduce herself to Tarzan pastu cam tepuk dada cakap 'I'm Jane' hahaha it went something like that. He even said 'Nice to meet you'. Damn, so polite. I also got to meet Li May's beau. Such a nice guy cakap Hi kat semua orang. I MET MINA !! BAIK GILA DIA TU OMG, dah la lawa gila. I now know her secret to luscious locks of hers. She kept poking my necklace saying how nice it was :') HAHA such a sweetheart. I also met Nasri who hails from Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry. Ok, no he's from KDU. But hell, he does magic tricks BAIK PUNYA. SO freakin hilarious. There were card tricks and some involving his rings. And then the bending of the straw which I thought was made of rubber til he proved it wrong but whatevs. Twas still some really freakin cool stuff. ADA this trick sumpah cool gila babi nak mampus nak mati. He shuffled around some cards and ask his 'audience' to pick one. It was the King Of Spades tau without his knowledge. And apa ntah dia buat, he opened his shirt to reveal the card ON his baju. Like, he had the King Of Spades printed on his baju. Dayumn, awesome gila babi sial. I was so amazed. :') AND he managed to put an ignited match in his mouth. Serious crap holy awesome. Pastu kan ehehehe, bila dia nak buat new trick kan, he asked 'I need someone who can trust me' so he looked around and he looked at me and said 'Do you trust me?' hahahahahahahhaha damn macam Aladdin/Jasmine sialan. So okay, he ignited a match and then extinguished it but still macam sssssssmokin' hot and he dropped it on my wide open palms. Ofcourse la gelabah jerit. But amazingly, the match jadi cam it was never ignited in the first place. Pergh, best sangat. He did this one trick to Kaveetha yang ohmyfreakingod, hilarious gila ! Susah nak explain but damn, someone should have recorded that on tape, so funny. :') 
And then Sha and Ilya came, baik sangat mintak tolong prom. Aimi, as usual, hyper go lucky. Bak kata Sha 'minum susu pekat'. Patutla kau putih gila, Aimi.
**The eye candy this not time not bad. HAHAHAHA

Went back at 645 and headed to Curve. I bought a black (surprise surprise!) clutch with this huge bow on it. Ada two other colours, one in teal (LAWA) and in purple. Next time la hoho. Then went to TGIF for a bit before going back. Tukar skirt cepat cepat for Diyana's birthday. Had to rush because my dad was already late for a kenduri he was attending. DIYANA LOOKED SO GOOOOOOOOOOOOD! The theme was Smooth Criminal as in the video, a 1930s orientated party. Basically, the flapper era. Wanted to stick to the theme but like I said, was in a bit of a time crunch. Couldn't eat much but the food looked so tempting :s 
Put on the fake mustaches hahahahaha that was hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing hence making it impossible for it to stick onto my upper lip. Danced to some Michael Jackson songs and played Charades. HAHA, Imran spoiler gila, he's probably a big fan of MJ so he guessed everything right, takyah act pun, cakap berapa words, sudehh. By far, I think Diyana's party is most memorable for its longest candle blowing ever ! Her candles were close together so after some time, it started fusing turning it into basically a bonfire -.- hahaha. Obviously, Diyana couldn't do it alone so everyone started blowing the candle. Failing to extinguish the fire so many times, sakit perut gelak tengok orang blow. In the end, Diyana's mum had to scoop the candles out and dump it into a bowl. Hahahaha. Went back at 11 and here I am on my bed, exhausted. Nevertheless, had good fun :')

Be good to me, August. 

Saturday, August 1, 2009

I am head over heels for her hair colour.