Sunday, January 29, 2012

Do ALL the homework!

My sister drew this. What an obsessed 9gag fan. But I gotsta admit, they're quite good.

Did little math this evening before leaving for a trip to KL because Dad had to go on site to go ambik gambar for I have no idea what. So dropped by Kinokuniya and got my books. Dad called me before paying for his book

"So Nadia, my book is 193 ringgit. Cukup kan?" in which I replied

"Paaaaa, I want my 200 bucks voucher" and he laughed.

Got a book on Lincoln's essays and another two on Economics. Wanted to buy a Haruki Murakami novel but figured with exams coming up, I'm very VERY unlikely to absorb myself into a book anytime soon.

AND GUESS WHO I BUMPED INTO !?! She greeted me by tickling the back of my neck. Cuba kalau silap orang, kau nak reply apa Najihah ?

She was hungry for cakes so we got our butts into Ben's and devoured in chocolate cake and some apa crumble tah Najihah ordered. YUM. Mum called and I had to go :( Said our goodbyes and I left for home (asal emosi jak sentence aku ni).

Reached home only to leave about an hour later for Asia Cafe dekat Kota Damansara to 'watch' the game with Hatim, Olan, Farhan, Diyana, and Faiq (Farhan's brother who is the ultimate cutie pie). Dania and Kanda came later on. Of course I didn't watch the game due to my zilch knowledge in football so I chatted with Diyana and had my satay fix. YUM

Had a nice time laughing and playing the stupid games like how we would in KY -____- but all in all, twas a fun night. Diyana left before 12 and we just lingered around and headed upstairs because the boys wanted to play pool.


Ok dah bye night I'm feeling a bit nauseous from all the smoke and shisha up my face gah k see ya soon college todaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

Oh chop. Speaking of college;

I know I've been (very) absent from my high school friends ever since college started last July and I have no one to blame but myself. I feel bad for having to decline every invite that comes my way but they're all to good and legit reasons, believe me so !!!! I sound like a broken record when I say I won't make it due to this and to that but it's all truth. I'm quite sorry for being pretty distant. College has kept me occupied and it doesn't help either when our holidays don't clash with one another :( So to Sarah, Suraya, Dina, Ila and Hafeez and everyone else, I'm sorry :( I'll make it up to you one fine day or many many many days in the future. But this semester is gonna be a hectic one since AS is in a couple of months so if any of you read this, I hope you understand that there's a solid and sound reason to all the 'Sorry babies!' or 'I want to but I can't' :( Please don't take it that I've been too busy with my KY friends, sumpah tak. They too don't see me outside of college. You lot will still be my best of friends even if I don't really show it as of now. I still love each and everyone of you and I sincerely hope you don't take it the wrong way when I don't go for outings. You have no idea just how much it means to me that you still make an effort to invite me :") I still love you girls very much so, the 6 ftw !!!!!!! Heh heh :")

K just had to go and blog that out.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

3 am rants

It's 2:30 in the morning. I should seriously stop taking 'naps' in the evening.

Today was gila bapak unproductive. Sometimes I feel guilty, sometimes I shrug it off. Sometimes I run ~ Sometimes I hide ~ (kalau pandai, tu lagu apa?) (kalau tahu, kantoi fangirl/boy) (kalau tak, rugi)

I just got back from Ayesha's and it was a successful movie night ! Only after downing 4 plates of pulut kuning Ayesha's mum did. Arigato ! I don't know why but I tend to speak in a Japanese accent after saying Ayesha's name. Why I say it's successful is because usually we 'plan' to watch a movie and we end up talking to each other and nothing is watched. We watched The Ring 2. I think I can conclude that I sometimes scream at certain scenes for nothing. Dahlah cerita Jepun. Whadehell man. Never watch a Japanese movie alone, too scarring for ya. Unless you think you're a gangster in which I don't think you are because you're reading a 19 year old girl's blog.

My current predicament is that I can't find anyone who's able to send me to KLCC tomorrow..... because I needsta get my Kinokuniya fix before I leave for KY on Sunday. WHY CAN'T I DRIVE. Well, technically I can but I don't because parents have been quite wary and uncertain that I'm able to conduct myself on the road well. A blog written at 3 am in the morning comes with it's occasional ranting so bare wifffff me.

Oh yeah.

My cousins (Azir, Azryn, Azad and Azran) lost their grandmother on Friday and so I really appreciate it you can sedekah Al-Fatihah to arwah Tok Wan. May she rest in peace and pray that Allah will bring her to rest and may her soul achieve elevation and highest position in Jannah insyaAllah.

Cannot imagine the loss of my grandparents :"( Always praying for them and for my family to live a long and happy and healthy life. God bless them.

Have a great day ahead and God bless !

Nanight :) x

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jalang Cari Makang

I know this (blogging) is not what I'm supposed to do but I can't help myself. It's either this or I doze off from reading Economics.

So let me fill you in on my week (it's already Wednesday and Sunday is going-back-to-KY day);

  • Yesterday was shopping day with Mama. Dad went off golfing and my sister went out with her mates so it was just me and Mum. First stop; Pavilion ! Lunched at La Bodega, my crazy favourite. Had the usual tapas' and like 5 baskets of bread. So good but so guilty of so much carbs and fat. Not that I care because they're too good to not be indulged. Went shopping later. Topshop had finally stocked up on new things which was good 'cause I had my birthday voucher still intact and waiting to be used.
  • Skipped on Sephora because I didn't really need anything. And me going in there would only lead to unnecessary spending. And Mum won't be too happy 'cause I already had spent a bomb in Topshop.
  • Went into Typo and got some stuffs. Main reason in entering said shop was to buy Iman's pencilbox. My itchy hands just had to get the best of me and I got really really unnecessary notebooks. One reminded me of a Prada dress which is why I got it. Cure me from this obsession, kind sir ! (<- wha-?)
  • Had time to spare so we decided to go to Gardens. Had my pavlova fix and I was already very full from my Mexican lunch. But of course, since we were around Bangsar, we just had to plan a nasi daun pisang dinner. HAD TO.
  • Mum decided to walk around and laze in Alexis while I went shopping in Megamall. Besides being infested by people (what else is new with Megamall lah serious), Megamall had a lot in store for me. Managed to get somethings from Zara and Topshop (again). But in my defense, Topshop had 2 skirts that were 50 off and so I had to get it. Why is this relevant to anyone and anything I shall stop talking nao
  • Went to Nirwana and again stuffed myself with nasi. So good but alas so mengenyangkan, alhamdulillah !
  • Finally made our way home and I was draineddddd. Mainly 'cause I had eaten so much throughout the day.
I should really start taking random photos with my Pen and post it up here. This blog lacks personality sometimes, I think.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Lol I know it's on my Facebook and Twitter but I can't help it ! I'm unsure of the person who thought of this but today, someone suggested that the KYUEM-ians should put up a photo of them as a kid as their profile photo on Twitter and hashtag it as 'kydpchallenge'.


... we've grown so fast what is this sorcery. I miss being a kid in a carefree world where we could pretty much do anything without giving 2 hoots.

19 years went by so swiftly. WAT.

Friday, January 20, 2012

19th on the 19th !

i'M HOME !

It's been 2 weeks since college started and I stayed over for the weekend and now I'm glad to be home !!!!!

Though I had a pretty amazing time in college because my birthday was last Thursday and omggg :"""") Let's try to see if I remember everything as it was

I was at Marissa's on the eve of my birthday just to lepak with her. And we got back to my chalet a little past 12 because she 'needed to see my Econs answers' and well, in a matter of seconds, I was 'captured' and tied to the pole and on the count of 3, I got buckets of water thrown at me and then the bananas came. Thanks ah doh Marissa, letakkan bananas up my top and Najihah for spreading it all over my face. Nasib baik banana.... I hope there wasn't any tuna because that would suck. And then Mun and Amal sang Love On Top because them being them knew that that was my favourite song of ALL TIME and they sang it, wrong lyrics and all ! Sooooooooooooo touched !!!!!!!! I LOVE MY FRIENDS !!!!! (Love On Top is playing now on my iTunes hoho)

Didn't manage to hug anyone though after that except for Kaveetha because they all made a run for it. Took a bathe and lathered myself with soap about 5 times so that it'll neutralise the banana smell. Why am I going on with bananas.


The next day (my real birthday) was just splendid ! Everyone was so nice to wish me along the hallways and they sang to me in the cafe and in the dining hall :"""""") KYUEM twitter wished me too ! LOL don't know why but that was quite exciting. So many people wished me, let it be on BBM, texting, by phone, by Facebook, by Twitter or face to face, I'm very very thankful and I appreciate each and every one of 'em. Thank you so much, people !!!! You know how to make a birthday girl feel happy and special !!!!! I was just a jolly ol' happy girl and I was about to get happier.

Was in the chalet doing my business and Kaveetha knocked on my door and told me to open because I have this habit of locking my door (mainly because I enjoy scaring Kaveetha and am quite afraid she'll retaliate lol) so I did and my Mama comes in with a box of doughnuts and my birthday presenttt and Tania with helium ballooooooooons !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so happy and was on the verge of crying because I had just BBM-ed Tania asking 'Why has no one called me to wish me yet :(' BESSSTTTTTTTT GILAKKKKKKKK hehehe they didn't stay for long because they had to fetch my sister from school so they left.

I got the Miu Miu wallet I wanted !!!!!!!!!!!! It's a seafoam colour and it's just perfect, I love it !!!!!! Heh heh heh :D

So when it was time for dinner, Diyana was like 'Marissa ajak pergi cafe k tonight' in which I was quite reluctant to go because I had intended to go the dining hall instead. Kaveetha had already left for the DH because she's on a 'diet' -.- Waited for Marissa to come and they were stalling me by being in Diyana's room and pretending to help Diyana blow dry her hair or whatever it was. And I was in my room, going 'Let's go girlssssss, it's already 8 o'clock!!!' and they continued delaying talking about trivial things like a book and a movie. Ultimately, desperate times called for desperate measures and Marissa declared and shrieked in horror that she got her period -____________- so that was 5 minutes in the toilet, thanks ah marissa. Hahahahahah luv you girls ! And when they were finally ready, I noticed that they were wearing pink and I was like, "Eh coincidence gila pakai pink, because it's my birthday isn't it?' haha and they laughed.

En route to cafe, I insisted on going to the dining hall because I wanted to give the doughnuts Mum brought over to the boys. Peaked in and nobody was there ! :(

I still had no clue.

Plopped my bag on to the chair and I saw half the cafe dim and I also saw my friends.

They sang me a Happy Birthday and throughout the song, my heart was just beating furiously due to the excitedness and due to the surprise. What was probably a big surprise was when Farhan and Olan and the boys and whoever I totally lupa dah, brought out a cake and it was the prettiest little thing !!!!! Recognized Cecilia's cake so I immediately knew it was all my mum's doing and I was just laughing and smiling and I was just amazed as to see my friends all there !!!!!! I immediately looked over to Diyana and Marissa who were smiling coyly. LOL !!!! Put 2 and 2 together and realised they were stalling me all along. I LOVE THEMMMMM !!!!!!!!!

I'm still the happiest girl alive !!!!!11111!!!!!!

I thought the surprise was that my mum and sister came to visit me but when they did all that, I was truly at loss for words. Just so touched, there was nothing like it !!!! AHHH :"""""")

I loved that there was food and cake and a birthday present and all that but my favourite favourite favourite part was that the friends there who sang and hugged and shared off my joy.

To Kaveetha, Diyana and Marissa and everyone who made my 19th birthday in college the best one yet, thank you so much and I love you like none other. You people are a treasure and I can't wait to spend my whole freakin' lifetime with you lot.

Love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu and I love everybody !!!!!! This happiness and this joy in me is going to take a long time to get rid of so don't bother raining on my parade !!!!!!!!!!! :********* Hugs and birthday kisses from me to everyone who treated me like a princess (so cliche but so true lol k)

Thank you muah muah muah xoxoxoxox

Monday, January 16, 2012

A KY Weekend*

This is my first weekend in KY for the year and it was pretty fun. Spent my lunches and dinners with the boys who were very very nice to accompany me knowing Kaveetha and Diyana had left for home.

I just finished on my Republican Party Platform speech for History and so I thought I'd blog for a while before succumbing to sleep. And also because I wanna listen to a couple of songs first.

As the picture depicts, I got my KY varsity jacket !!!!! And it's so flippin' cool. I love it. Thanks Sapphire thanks Alysha thanks Marissa thanks everibadi hihi. Planning to wear it on Wednesday so that we'll wear it with the boys who'll receive it on Tuesday.

It has been a pretty great first week here in KY. I have loads to tell my Mum so in that sense, I can't wait to go back home for a week's holiday in conjunction of the Chinese New Year (bless Malaysia for their abundant public holidays).

SONIA'S BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got news last week that she won't be coming back to college and I swear to you I was probably the saddest in college when I got told the news ! And so Sheema, today, told us to go to Karishma's chalet because she wanted to give us something little did we know it was Sonia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just jumped at her and hugged her and even cried a bit because I was genuinely really happy to see she has come back and (hopefully) will remain here for the remainder year and a half.

So yeah. I'm happy now because Sonu's back and it's back to the same ol' "NADIA YOU ARE SUCH A DIVA !"

Friends do funny things to ya.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


19 cheers to the most pink and the bubbliest and the most lively girl I know, Sarah ! Thank you for the laughs and the influence (sebab you I laugh loudly with my friends now hahahah). Aku ingat lagi doh Harry Potter ngan Ronaldo hahahahahaha. Miss you my baby girl !!!!! Sorry for being absent this past year :( I still love you endlessly. Sayang kau lah rindu nak mampus zaman Motorola pink and our Paris Hilton oral test hahahahahahahahaha lawak siaaaal. K love you and happy birthdayyyyyy :")

Ok, so it's a Saturday night and I'm spending my weekend here in college. It's been pretty good. Spent the night with the boys, had dinner with them and later to the café where the whole table lot played games and I was laughing to the core because Fain looked confused most of the time.

So I conclude that weekends here isn't as bad as I had thought it'd be. And I'm currently being bombarded on my Twitter timeline with #KYpickupline

HILARIOUS lah. You can go search it on Twitter if you want and be highly entertained but my personal favourite(s) are

"If you think doing Further Maths is hard, try looking at you and not having you." - @ariffOLAN

"I'll be the paan to your diyana, the adam to your miera, the izmal to your zati, the pana to your hakim." - @ahmadhatim

Brilliant lah. Hahahahaha ok Imma catch some shut eye and listen to Beyoncé and try to endure my hunger pangs.

Cheers to a great January ahead ! :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Back To College We Go!

Going back to college.. today basically since it just turned Monday.

I'm both happy and sad that college is starting and this time, more grueling and strenuous because AS is in May (eek! eep! yikes!itsamal) (haha) and yeah. But I can't wait to see my friendssssssssss, I've missed them quite tremendously, especially the ones I haven't seen ever since college ended last November.

I'm going to miss home though even though I'll be back the following weekend for the Chinese New Year holidays. But still !

Cheers x

P/S : I'm on a One Direction craze right now.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 !!

Happy New Year, everyone ! I genuinely hope and wish for the very best for everyone and may good and only good things to come our way. AS is this May/June and my New Year's wish is to do well and let the whole study mojo flow all through my 2 year stay in KY and get a place in a university and just in general, do well. I don't want the money my parents are putting in for me to go to waste.

To my mother, thank you very much for everything. I had a lot of time between my SPM school days til when I got into college and most of the days were spent with you, going out for tea time and all that jazz. And thank you very much most of all for being my best friend. And also, for listening to me all the while and suggesting KY to Papa that lead me into the college. More than ever, I love you.

Thank you Papa for being the best and spending a lot on us. Thank you for working very hard this past year for us. So glad and proud for everything you've achieved. You and Mama are my sole and only motivation in doing well in my studies. I only wanted to go to KY because it was a gateway to further my studies in the UK like how both of you did and I just only want to follow in your footsteps and be where you two are now. Thank you a lot also for KY. Hehe love you Popsicles ! :)

And to the friends I've gained in KY, can I just say how much I love you and thank you for the best time in KY even if it has only been 6 months in. I cannot wait for everything in the future with you lot and I'm looking forward to it. Thank you for all the late night talks in my chalets and for being the best bunch of people I can find around. So grateful to have mates like them.

My high school friends, just because high school has ended for good, doesn't mean our friendship will. Every gathering with you lot is just filled with warmth and familiarity and just like ol' times I've missed and so badly want back. High school wouldn't be half as fun without everyone. And for that, my thanks to you for being the best people ever. 5 ALPHA I LOVE YOUUUU LIKE CRAZY !!!!

K my appreciation post ends here. Hope everyone had a great New Years, let it be at home or out and about. 2012 won't promise us a smooth ride but we sure can make it an interesting and memorable one. Cheers to us !