Monday, January 16, 2012

A KY Weekend*

This is my first weekend in KY for the year and it was pretty fun. Spent my lunches and dinners with the boys who were very very nice to accompany me knowing Kaveetha and Diyana had left for home.

I just finished on my Republican Party Platform speech for History and so I thought I'd blog for a while before succumbing to sleep. And also because I wanna listen to a couple of songs first.

As the picture depicts, I got my KY varsity jacket !!!!! And it's so flippin' cool. I love it. Thanks Sapphire thanks Alysha thanks Marissa thanks everibadi hihi. Planning to wear it on Wednesday so that we'll wear it with the boys who'll receive it on Tuesday.

It has been a pretty great first week here in KY. I have loads to tell my Mum so in that sense, I can't wait to go back home for a week's holiday in conjunction of the Chinese New Year (bless Malaysia for their abundant public holidays).

SONIA'S BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got news last week that she won't be coming back to college and I swear to you I was probably the saddest in college when I got told the news ! And so Sheema, today, told us to go to Karishma's chalet because she wanted to give us something little did we know it was Sonia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just jumped at her and hugged her and even cried a bit because I was genuinely really happy to see she has come back and (hopefully) will remain here for the remainder year and a half.

So yeah. I'm happy now because Sonu's back and it's back to the same ol' "NADIA YOU ARE SUCH A DIVA !"

Friends do funny things to ya.

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