Saturday, January 28, 2012

3 am rants

It's 2:30 in the morning. I should seriously stop taking 'naps' in the evening.

Today was gila bapak unproductive. Sometimes I feel guilty, sometimes I shrug it off. Sometimes I run ~ Sometimes I hide ~ (kalau pandai, tu lagu apa?) (kalau tahu, kantoi fangirl/boy) (kalau tak, rugi)

I just got back from Ayesha's and it was a successful movie night ! Only after downing 4 plates of pulut kuning Ayesha's mum did. Arigato ! I don't know why but I tend to speak in a Japanese accent after saying Ayesha's name. Why I say it's successful is because usually we 'plan' to watch a movie and we end up talking to each other and nothing is watched. We watched The Ring 2. I think I can conclude that I sometimes scream at certain scenes for nothing. Dahlah cerita Jepun. Whadehell man. Never watch a Japanese movie alone, too scarring for ya. Unless you think you're a gangster in which I don't think you are because you're reading a 19 year old girl's blog.

My current predicament is that I can't find anyone who's able to send me to KLCC tomorrow..... because I needsta get my Kinokuniya fix before I leave for KY on Sunday. WHY CAN'T I DRIVE. Well, technically I can but I don't because parents have been quite wary and uncertain that I'm able to conduct myself on the road well. A blog written at 3 am in the morning comes with it's occasional ranting so bare wifffff me.

Oh yeah.

My cousins (Azir, Azryn, Azad and Azran) lost their grandmother on Friday and so I really appreciate it you can sedekah Al-Fatihah to arwah Tok Wan. May she rest in peace and pray that Allah will bring her to rest and may her soul achieve elevation and highest position in Jannah insyaAllah.

Cannot imagine the loss of my grandparents :"( Always praying for them and for my family to live a long and happy and healthy life. God bless them.

Have a great day ahead and God bless !

Nanight :) x

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