Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Too Good

Went to KY today!

Ah, the familiar feeling of the walkways, the dining hall, the chalets, everything! It's only been a little over a month but I was feeling so sentimental being in college again. Main agenda was to basically visit the juniors and to eat dinner at Garden Seafood (which was soooooooooo sedap you don't even understand half of it, man, seriously the best damn food around!).

I was greeted by one massive hug by Diy and Puchee, so much love for these two and it was soooo nice to see them again. Made my day and my week!!!! So rindu and so sayang these girls, really!

We had to rush to Garden Seafood and to dig in the gorgeous spread on the table (I love food too much that I often display my affections towards it like how I would with a boy). Fain and I were just looking at each other between bites, saying

"I cannot lah. This is just too good!"
"Yeah, girl, it's so painful to eat cepat cepat sebab sayang nanti bila dah habis makanan"

Everyone MUST know that feeling of eating something so good that you're torn between eating it quickly because it's too good to waste any time or to eat it slowly and appreciating it every bite haha. I love it, wish there was a branch in KL! We didn't even take photos of the food because simply,

"Wei takde time doh nak ambik gambar, sedap sangat ni!"


To melengah-lengahkan masa, we played games like old times (seriously, I sound like I've graduated for 2 years and this is our first time meeting up ever since! And the award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for Drama goes to me) and it was time to settle the bill and time to head home. I was so heavy hearted to say bye to my favvvv girls because I really kinda wanted to go back to the college with them.

It was a great day out and I got to breathe fresh air!!! That's always nice. Hahaha.

Hope your day went as well as mine :)

Monday, July 29, 2013

(Q)uite (I)nteresting

In case any of you want to know what I've been doing with my time at home (trying my luck) (I understand if the only reader is you, Amal), here, lemme tell ya.

1 I've been watching TV shows. A lot. Watched 4 seasons of Beauty and The Geek Australia, 2 seasons of Scandal, and 3 seasons of Project Runway. Time well spent!


That's about it, really. I'm usually always in my room, on my laptop. Also, I always find myself thoroughly watching interviews and documentaries. Saw one on mermaids the other day and I am now, well convinced that mermaids exist! My childhood dream, besides being a world renowned fashion designer and to be a real princess, came true! Well, of course, it is subject to speculation and whether you want to believe the documentary and the scientist yourself, but I mean, c'mon! Here's the link if you want to watch!

I mentioned I liked watching interviews and considering I've watched every video of The Ellen Show, I started watching British talk shows. If you haven't watched Alan Carr, go! He's 100% camp and 100% hilarious. I was watching an episode of The Graham Norton show and it was one with James McAvoy, Quentin Tarantino and a comedian, Alan Davies. Alan mentioned a show he was on called Q.I. (stands for Quite Interesting). So naturally, I Youtube-d it.

And boy, I did not regret Youtubing it! Safe to say, I was stuck to my iPad for the next 2 nights. It's basically a game show but with no real prize. Stephen Frye acts as host and then there is a panel of 'contestants' comprising of 4 comedians or actors or whatever. Mostly and usually comedians. Emma Thompson made an appearance for the episode themed 'Films and Fames'. So! The TV show goes about with Stephen asking the most obscure questions and the panel has to answer. The answer that is most obvious (and thus wrong) will lead to points being deducted. They always go off-topic allowing the panel to voice their train of thoughts. And each episode has a different theme although sometimes I struggle to find the relation between some questions and said theme. BUT I SWEAR, it's the most interesting show and you learn a hell lot from it. I was going "Didchu knowwwwww" during sahur the next morning hahaha. Besides being fully educational, everyone on the show is completely funny so besides going "Oooooooh", you'll also steal some laughs. Win-win.
(Don't bother trying to figure out how the score system works, even the producers don't know!)

So yes, hope you enjoy Q.I and be good this Ramadhan!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Another Clingaling night! Clingaling derives from the word 'clingy' because we think kids from KY are so clingy (especially us) since we've basically lived with each other for 2 years and so it's a bit odd when we're away from each other. We're clingy. Hence clingaling.

Cheers to many many more days and nights with them.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tick !

I never really know what to blog about. Nothing comes to mind so I figured, I'm going to randomly select a word and talk about that instead. Ramble and see where it goes.

Goals. This is my word for this blog post. Goals.


So there's 2 types of goals. The first would be football related and second would be the ambition and the dream and the main aim of what we want to achieve, be, or take, or whatever. I have no football knowledge whatsoever because I have absolutely zilch interest in said sport. Actually, I have 0% interest in ANY sports. Considering I was named after the Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci, you'd think I'd be at least a tiny bit athletic in any way, shape or form. LOL, joke. I can hardly jog at a mild mild pace without panting like I've done the triathlon. I do however, love World Cup. Which is weird. And odd. I don't ever watch the usual football matches and do not even pretend to entertain such matches for the sake of twitter (hello girlfriends of football enthusiasts!). I let the football updates go amok on Twitter come match time and wait for it to pass. 

But World Cup, I do the extraordinary. I wake up for a match. Ok, if you know me, you'd know that I love my sleep. I love it. I nap all the time. Kaveetha can vouch for me on this! I'd nap every evening in college while everyone goes out to play sports. I'd wake up in time for Maghrib and out I go for dinner!  But come World Cup, if there is a good match, I'd stay up or wake up. I'd subscribe to the World Cup updates on my phone so I'd wake up with results of any match I might have missed. I don't know what about it that I like so much. I hope I don't come of as one of those girls who pretend to be interested in football for the sake of just 'knowing'. Believe me, I'm not! I think it's the semangat negara that I love so much. Knowing that a whole country is behind a football team is cool to me. I like how it's patriotism at its finest. People coming together, from high ranks to the lowest lows, everyone just come together and support from their country. I think it's brilliant. And although Malaysia has never been in the World Cup (here's to hoping they do....... one sweet day *cue Mariah and Boyz II Men*), it's nice to see other countries do it. Win or lose, they're in it to win it. Like how we give our utmost support to Lee Chong Wei in any of his matches. 

Basically, World Cup is inspiring. I can't wait for the next one! (silently cheering on the Netherlands and anything but Spain lah please)

ANNNNNNNND then we have the other type of goals. The ones I outwardly or inwardly desire to achieve one day. Plausible or not, I'd like to think I have an imaginary To-Do list and throughout my life, I'd want every one of it ticked. Don't ask me how or when, I don't know either. I can only tell you why. I have a reason for all of 'em. Don't worry, this list is not going to be the clichéd list of 'I aim to be good and successful and healthy'. I've done that already sometime somewhere, I'm pretty sure.

1 To Get A Car For My Mum

My mum has been our driver for a good 18 years, bless her. Up until the day Zaim and I started driving, my mum has been driving us up and down to tuitions, to birthday parties, to outings, to everything. My dad doesn't drive, you see. So it's been all mum. She'd fetch Papa during his days where he worked all the way opposite KLCC. I try to not let out a complain everytime I have to go out and fetch Tania or Iman from tuition or whatever because Mama's gonna go

"SEE!" because I've always asked why is it so tiring to drive because it looked fun to me as a kid.

Er. Check balik, younger self!

So, I've made a pledge and I intend to honour said pledge. I'd like to one day, bring my mum out to any and every car showrooms and for her to just get a car for herself. So that's no more considering room for her 4 kids. Ma, I know you're reading this and don't fret; I still haven't forgotten. InsyaAllah, amin! Muah!

2 To Be Able To Fully Support One's Education

Scholarships for furthering studies abroad have always been a main issue for some people as it is for me. My parents have plainly said that if I can't get a scholarship or a loan of any kind for if I get to go to the UK, I won't be able to go. Obtaining a scholarship is no easy feat. I've written in to as many as 20 scholarship bodies. Nada. Zilch. I've tried up to the point where I'm kinda just going to go with whatever comes my way. If I don't get a scholarship, then so be it. If I do, then syukur alhamdulillah. But I understand how difficult it is and for someone who wants to be studying in the UK more than anything since the age of 7, it can be quite tiring and just, sad. So I've decided, if and when I'm rich enough to fully sponsor my kids education (god willing), I'd like to sponsor a kid out there who has the same colossal amount of ambition and determination as I do to study abroad. If it comes down to one thing, it's my down right aspiration and desire and my NEED to fly to the UK. And if one day, I have the funds and resources to be able to sponsor someone who would use the opportunity to develop and grow and study and be better, then why the hell not. I would love the opportunity to do that to someone's life and to someone's family. As I'd love for someone to fulfill that same dream for me now.

3 To Be In New York City

I don't what about it that makes me want to go so bad but I just do. I want to save up and be able to fly myself to NYC at one point of my life and to be immersed in the typical American environment. I wanna go to the Met Museum because I'm honestly interested and to spend 3 days in Central Park alone and to Times Square at night and all that. I love it. I love NYC and I've always dreamed to one day being there. I may or may not have already checked flight tickets for those days where I have nothing else to do on the Internet besides entertaining my imaginary To-Do list. I'm 15148.1 kilometers away but I can already predict NY will be my favourite city in the world (besides KL) (because nothing beats home) (but this is New York we're talking about).

4 To Travel, In General

I've said and I'll say it again. I live to travel, I just don't like 'traveling'. The whole flight scenario and immigrations and passport making, they're a hassle. But once I'm in a foreign country, I LOVE IT. I thought I was the kinda person who would only like places like London and Sydney and New York and Paris and Milan or the like. So I was very very pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed Hanoi, Vietnam very much. It was refreshing, to say the least.

5 To Make My Own 

To make my own something. I want to have my name on something. I want my name to be a successful brand. And for once, I would like to chair my own meeting and be my own boss.


Salam Ramadhan, everyone! May this month be a blessed one for all of you insyaAllah!

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Because everyone was posting photos on Instagram of their roadtrips, my friends and I finally went on one.

We went to Melaka! 

It was a spontaneous day trip and we painfully started the day at 730......... that's probably the earliest I've woken up after A2 exams. No one should wake up that early lah. Don't know how I did 11 years of schooling at 6:30. You'd think I'd get used to it huh?

Tariq fetched us from Marissa's and we had McD breakfast first before we started the one hour journey. Let's all guess what we did in the car.

We slept. Because 7:30 IS TOO DAMN EARLY!

Reached scorching Melaka and we walked to the river cruise first. I was imagining Venice but alas, no gondolas and no cool weather. I was sweating rather unattractively. 

The paintings on the shop lots were so colourful and cool so that was worth it. But half way through I kinda just wanted to hop off and take photos with the walls and do my #ootd's instead. 

And then we went to the market place (?), the place where there were many beca's and 'I Love Melaka' t shirts (in which we all shamelessly got) (for 12 bucks hello bargain??) 

SO here's me looking like a tourist in my own country

and hey look London is only 10632 km away, psh no big deal!! 

Like how I said before, Melaka was so panas!! Ok maybe it was the whole of Malaysia that was hot hot heat but haven't walked under the sun this long in a while! Was burnin up and can cook telur goreng already on my head. Dahlah I forgot to bring my shades! I was squinting all the way! Really should have bought those funny looking, clichéd hats. 

Ok no, maybe not. 

Really wanted to go on one of the beca's because they were so prettily decorated with flowers and heart shaped things everywhere! One had probably the girliest decoration and yet, it was blasting hard core music. Er. What.

Walked to Jonker Street and of course this happened

You HAVE to take a photo like this. 

Melaka is so dainty and so cool. From the small antiquated shops to the streets to the food, I love Melaka. It has that je ne sais quoi KL doesn't. It was a brilliant escape from the hectic KL (not that I was hectic or anything, it's safe to say I've been anything BUT hectic ever since exam and college ended). 

Out of all the days, the shop that sold halal chicken rice balls closed! And ONLY on that day pulak tu. We had pretty late lunch because shops were closed everywhere because who eats lunch at 4? Haha we settled for a small shop that bore the sign "ASAM PEDAS MELAKA" so we decided hey atleast it was something Melaka-y.

But before that, we followed Kanda to a durian cendol place. K I love durians but can't say the same for cendol. I can do ais kacang but only with syrup and syrup only. Can't even deal with the milk in ice kacang..

Anyway, since it was a hot hot day, I gave cendol a go.

This face is still okay. I did the ew ick ugh yuck face too but that wasn't captured on camera thank God! I'm one of those people who prefer durian on its own as opposed to being incorporated in other things like rice or cendol or ice-cream. My mum eats durian with rice AND ICE. Um...

So basically this was our reaction to durian cendol

At least I tried. Sorry Kanda! Hahaha

After going to several shops for some kebaya hunting, we headed to the car cause we all got hungry and needed lunch. I basically ran for it cause the thought of air conditioning in the car was so comforting and exciting!! Hahaha

After lunch, we headed to PD. Yeap, we actually went to PD. But since it was raining so heavily, we didn't do much with the beach so we just sat around before going out to have some good (and super cheap) seafood!

All in all, it was a great trip. Enjoyed the spontaneity and the company and I survived the day with only 100 bucks.



Thanks Mars, Sarah, Sha, Kanda, Tariq for being so fun to be with!

Next trip; Europe!