Monday, July 29, 2013

(Q)uite (I)nteresting

In case any of you want to know what I've been doing with my time at home (trying my luck) (I understand if the only reader is you, Amal), here, lemme tell ya.

1 I've been watching TV shows. A lot. Watched 4 seasons of Beauty and The Geek Australia, 2 seasons of Scandal, and 3 seasons of Project Runway. Time well spent!


That's about it, really. I'm usually always in my room, on my laptop. Also, I always find myself thoroughly watching interviews and documentaries. Saw one on mermaids the other day and I am now, well convinced that mermaids exist! My childhood dream, besides being a world renowned fashion designer and to be a real princess, came true! Well, of course, it is subject to speculation and whether you want to believe the documentary and the scientist yourself, but I mean, c'mon! Here's the link if you want to watch!

I mentioned I liked watching interviews and considering I've watched every video of The Ellen Show, I started watching British talk shows. If you haven't watched Alan Carr, go! He's 100% camp and 100% hilarious. I was watching an episode of The Graham Norton show and it was one with James McAvoy, Quentin Tarantino and a comedian, Alan Davies. Alan mentioned a show he was on called Q.I. (stands for Quite Interesting). So naturally, I Youtube-d it.

And boy, I did not regret Youtubing it! Safe to say, I was stuck to my iPad for the next 2 nights. It's basically a game show but with no real prize. Stephen Frye acts as host and then there is a panel of 'contestants' comprising of 4 comedians or actors or whatever. Mostly and usually comedians. Emma Thompson made an appearance for the episode themed 'Films and Fames'. So! The TV show goes about with Stephen asking the most obscure questions and the panel has to answer. The answer that is most obvious (and thus wrong) will lead to points being deducted. They always go off-topic allowing the panel to voice their train of thoughts. And each episode has a different theme although sometimes I struggle to find the relation between some questions and said theme. BUT I SWEAR, it's the most interesting show and you learn a hell lot from it. I was going "Didchu knowwwwww" during sahur the next morning hahaha. Besides being fully educational, everyone on the show is completely funny so besides going "Oooooooh", you'll also steal some laughs. Win-win.
(Don't bother trying to figure out how the score system works, even the producers don't know!)

So yes, hope you enjoy Q.I and be good this Ramadhan!

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  1. I am your only reader, aren't I? hahahahahahahahaha thanks for the shoutout beb. I'm scared to start watching Q.I because it sounds like something I would watch.....and be addicted to.