Friday, April 28, 2017

Angry Me

One of my colleagues said something along the lines of,

"We're all capable of being bitchy, it's just the matter of whether we allow ourselves to show it or not"

And I think it's true.

We all - to a certain extent and limit - can be mean. It's within us, it's pretty natural for us to get angry and thus, pretty natural for us to burst every once in a while. We have a limit and we're not perfect. You're not human if you don't allow yourself to be angry. 

Today's a bitchy day for me. And I don't really know why. 

Or maybe I do.

It could be all the commotion at work today. Or it could be that nothing went my way. It could be that I haven't had full 8 hours of sleep in the past few days. It could also be that I haven't had rice for the past 3 days. It could be that drivers on the road have pissed me off an incredible amount today. I didn't find anything funny - not even the things that would make me laugh on any other day. I'm actually, at this very second, really annoyed at both my mum and sister for not replying my messages. It's like this fire in my bones and it's igniting the bitchiness in me. Also, I'm not really sorry for saying bitch about a million times over in this post.

I don't know, man. Does PMS really stand for pre-menstrual syndrome or post-menstrual syndrome 'cause I'm really feeling the latter. I mean, I hate everything and everyone around the few days before my period but I'm also finding myself to be just as bitchy a few days after also. It's like I have a 2 week window of being cheery and happy.

Tomorrow's Friday and we're back to having a glorious long weekend so I'm going to find my happy place again. Being angry and annoyed constantly is so frustrating because I'd love to have a great and satisfying day but it's as if my whole being is telling me I can't because I'm being constantly reminded of the things that have pissed me and will piss me off. It's ridiculous I know but I can't help it.

I should calm down. Angry me is not attractive.


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Work trip to Singapura!

Sigh, I love Singapore.

I haven't been to an awful large number of cities so this might not be too legit of a list but Singapore's one of my favourite places ever. 

I love KL and I'm quite heavily biased towards it. Sure, it comes with its flaws and inadequacies but I don't mind it. Singapore is like the KL I'm used to - we share the same culture, the common makeup of people, the food's pretty much the exact same but yet so different. It's clean, it's proper, it's well-planned. Singapore, in comparison to Malaysia, feels very disciplined. Like a staycation but a level up. It's funny because I was in a different country and yet, I was always so surprised when I hear people speak Malay like they do here in KL. And I don't know why that surprised me - we're literally just like a road away from one another hahaha.

And of course... though I hate to be an obvious 21st century girl... Singapore feels super Instagrammable. It has beautiful buildings, streets are lined with full grown trees (I'm actually genuinely surprised just how much greenery they have, it's amazing!) and it's just a really well thought out city. I love cities that are not dependent on private vehicles. I wish KL was more like that. Sure, we have MRT's, LRT's, Monorail, KTM, what have you but they don't seem as friendly as ones abroad. And why the hell do we need so many different kind of train systems anway?? Can't we just have one? Or at the most 2?? But that rant's for another day.

Back to loving Singapore.

I was there for Singapore Modest Fashion Week so I was occupied at the Sands Expo Convention Centre for most of the day so I didn't get to sightsee and explore as much as I had liked. I'm definitely looking to go there again in the next few months when Tania comes back from the UK. Cause I looooove the place and I really want to properly visit all their museums and fancy cute little cafĂ©'s. I'd love to go to the Arts and Science Museum and the National Museum. All of it! The last time I went before this recent work trip was when USS had just opened and my family and I all went. That was ages ago. So to go back to Singapore was very fun.

Some random photos I took. It annoys just as much as it annoys you that these photos aren't the same size.

Our hotel was just right by Haji Lane and the infamous Zam Zam restaurant. I had the mi goreng and just a tip if you're going there; don't get the mi goreng.

Was working the first day and didn't get to really OOTD so this was a hurried one at like 7pm. Looks like somewhere near Pavilion hahaha

Ok so I was introduced to 4 Fingers while I was there. We were so tired from the first day of work there that we decided to just order delivery to our hotel. Omg best ever chicken!!!! I'm more of a burger person myself so for me to say this is really good chicken it must only mean that it was really good chicken.

Cupcake's are from Fluff Bakery but I'm not the biggest cupcake fan so this was... ok I guess...

Bits and pieces of Haji Lane. Such a precious place.

Um so this is an edited photo because it was really quite dark and it had just rained (you can tell by the wet pavement). Singapore was pretty rainy throughout our stay.

With the Mimpikita sisters! They were very sweet and so humble.

MOS burgers!! We had them twice - it was so good. It's plain burgers but I freaking loved it???

With my two colleagues/friends. The trip was about eating, entertaining customers and complaining how tired we were hahah but I had great fun. Shera (standing in the middle) helped us a lot and guided us throughout the stay - she ordered cabs, brought us places, this and that, very big sister-like so I was and am very quite grateful for her!

OMG YES long weekend ahead of us!!!!! I'm sooooooooooo going to not do anything and laze around. As I do.


Thursday, April 20, 2017


Ok I just got on the whole 13 Reasons Why craze and I get what the hype is. It's depressing and really dark and twisty (Grey's Anatomy fans anyone??) but it's soooo addictive. I've retired my good ol' what-is-sleep-when-there's-a-good-show-on days because well, it's not practical for work but I found myself sleeping at freaking 3 am to watch it. The reason I couldn't go on any longer was because I was physically unable to keep my eyes open and I found I wasn't concentrating anymore.

But it's so good, right?????? I love how it's directed and depicted and the characters are so real. I haven't watched a show that really indulges into social issues and at least, not this apparent and blatantly graphic. This is my first time really getting myself into it and it's very... intense and dark. Doesn't really seem like it in the first few episodes but it gradually gets there in its later parts. This show makes me see bullying from a first person perspective and it hurts. It's difficult to watch, to be honest. Some scenes I had to close my eyes. It's very hard to sit there as an audience because it makes you feel helpless. I don't think I've ever felt like that watching a show which is why I kinda really like it. Even after finishing the series, it stays with you. It's really haunting in that sense. I had to take a breather and just kind of calm down and watch something more uplifting and comedic to get my spirits up. It's probably one of the only shows I've ever agreed on staying til the end that was this dark. Even Skins had its humour. 

Don't worry, I won't spoil (I'm like the Chairwoman of Anti Spoilers Association*) (*no actual such thing) it for you who haven't watched it but if you have, I'd love to strike up a chat with you to hear what you think about it. If you haven't, you should go watch! It's an important show as it sheds light on some really taboo topics which I think can and will benefit you one way or another. Some people love it, some are on the fence and some people just straight out protest against it. And I'm open to hear from any perspective. I've already read up on so many different theories on what the ending meant as well as different articles on the signs leading to a possible venture of a second season. I swear, when it comes to TV shows and movies, I'm putting in a lot more effort into researching than I did in college and university....

... ok mum, I'm only like half joking.

Regardless, I really did enjoy it and am anxiously waiting for a second season. Though I suspect it'll take a year to write and make. It's still pending and everyone's acting pretty coy about the idea of a second season but my guess is that they're doing it to build anticipation and c'mon, is Netflix ever going to not bank in on a huge success? 13 Reasons Why is the most mentioned Netflix show on Twitter ever. And yes, in 2017, that is a thing.

I do have to say it is pretty R rated so maybe not watch it with parents? I recommended this to my mum when I first watched it and now that I've seen them all, I think I might have to take back that recommendation...

Now I've got nothing to watch. I haven't caught up with Riverdale in like 2 weeks so might do that. Anything else worth watching til 3 am?


Saturday, April 8, 2017

Some karaoke and some asam pedas

Hello! It's 9:15pm on a Saturday and I had a pretty fulfilling day.

This week went by so fast, before I knew it I was on my way home from work on a Friday evening already. I think because nights go by so fast; I shower pretty late and before I can indulge in some late night drama's, I tell myself to instead get some 8 hours of sleep because I 110% guarantee it won't be a pleasant morning if I don't. 

After sooooo long, we had a home cooked meal for lunch today. Usually one of us would have plans to eat out on a Saturday afternoon so Mama won't cook but I specifically requested to have lunch home. You might or might not be too interested but today we had ikan asam pedas, ikan goreng, ayam sambal tumis, mixed vegetables and of course sambal belacan. YUMMMMM!!! I only had salad last night (ok fine with some pasta) so I was really REALLY looking forward for lunch. My idea of the most perfect lunch is nasi putih and lauk pedas pedas. Any day, anytime! 

Then Iman and I went for karaoke. That girl looooves her karaoke. So do I actually but Iman probably a lot more. She sings to every song and I'd say a good 80% of the songs sung were her picks. I sneaked some Korean tunes in but only like 3 because it's not that fun if you can't sing with a partner (my karaoke sessions with Tania are 90% Korean songs). But it was reaaaaallly fun. I LOVE karaoke - I can't sing to save a life but that makes it just that more enjoyable, tbh. 

I'm on a No Shopping month for April and... it ain't going so well. I haven't bought anything but we're only in our first week so calm down. I think it's because I've laid myself a rule to NOT shop that makes me want to buy everything. Things I really do not need. Not that I actually have money to buy these things but y'know. Like I don't need a pink suede skirt but then I again I really do want one. Meh, I'll get this over pretty soon but UGH the temptation is real and it's very annoying! What I usually do before actually making a purchase is contemplate over it for 24 - 48 hours. If I'm still thinking about it, I'll probably get it because I'll be happier and RM xxx less but I mean, happier. And isn't happiness all there is to it?? But to be quite frank, I don't think I'm that much of a shopper. I like browsing through but it's very difficult for me to really like something - so much so that I'd actually go through the pain and inconvenience of trying it on in a fitting room and lining up to pay. And I really dislike online shopping because from previous experiences, fit's never right and it never is what you expect. Either colour's off, fitting's off, material's off, or all of it feels off. So I'm making No Shopping month sound like a major deal but it really isn't. I'll get over it.

Also, just really random but I miss holidaying!!!!!!! I was ironing some clothes and I saw my pink luggage bags right in front of me and I sighed out loud because I miss packing, unpacking, going out seeing new things, walking on foreign land, getting familiar with the neighbourhood. I miss it all! I regret not traveling more when I was studying in the UK. My travel plans these next couple years is to explore more of Asia. I don't know if I want to travel so far to Europe just yet. I mean, I was just there. Asia's pretty kick-ass fun also if you give it a chance so I've decided to do just that. I'm in the midst of planning a trip end of this year so I'm stoked for that. Need to save money first thus my whole No Shopping month.

Now this tee... this tee didn't have to go through my 24 hour test. I bought it then and there because I liked the message. Girl Gang would obviously refer to other girls in general. To be supportive of one another and to cheer on each other. Who's going to do it if not us? (This was a random #WIWT shot today by my sister Iman, who texted me just 10 minutes ago to say, "Um credit me pls, I'm your underrated photographer". She is. So here's her credit, I guess?)

Have a great one! (It's 11:14 as I'm about to hit Publish on this post. Freaking 2 hours to write this much!)


Monday, April 3, 2017

Beauty with the Beast

My face is moisturised (I've put on enough layers of product to know it's moisturised), I have a K-Ballad playlist on Shuffle on my Spotify and I'm trying to keep myself awake because I need to fetch Iman from work at 11. 

I had a great day today. I watched Beauty and the Beast and I had Japanese food. Oh yeah, I'm into Japanese food now. I used to really dislike it but I'm starting to warm up to it now. It's... aight. But you know what was amazing?

Beauty and the Beast.

Siiiiiiiigh. That movie is enchanting and beautiful and all I hoped it would be. I LOVED that it stayed VERY true to the original - from the costumes, the songs, the depiction of characters, the set. I would think they would have strayed away from the 1991 classic (totally Googled that) because isn't that what directors and producers do nowadays? I love love love the animation and so I was just brought back to my childhood when I was watching the film - the scenes looked and felt ridiculously similar and I was just so in awe of the whole thing. Starstruck. I'm in love with this movie.

Also, there should be another lengthy discussion on Emma Watson. That beauty is just out of this world. She was stunning throughout the whole movie, couldn't stop staring at her and she's just about the PERFECT Belle you can ever imagine. I was wondering how she'd fare if she had taken up the La La Land role but I can't imagine anyone else playing Belle so good on you, Emma Watson!!! UGH! Hate that you're so perfect!!!!

So after watching this movie, I went on a crazy Google search for all upcoming Disney movie remakes and I'm pretty excited for the next few years to come. I am reliving my childhood and was there any better time than your childhood? No, there wasn't, don't fight me on this!! I can't wait for the nearest one, Mary Poppins! It's up there with some of my all-time favourite films ever made so I'm really looking forward to it. Plus, I'm a huge fan of Emily Blunt and Meryl Streep so this is going to be spectacular methinks.

Work tomorrow! I've planned my outfit and I'm hoping to get in early so I can leave early because Monday traffic is a mothertru-