Saturday, April 8, 2017

Some karaoke and some asam pedas

Hello! It's 9:15pm on a Saturday and I had a pretty fulfilling day.

This week went by so fast, before I knew it I was on my way home from work on a Friday evening already. I think because nights go by so fast; I shower pretty late and before I can indulge in some late night drama's, I tell myself to instead get some 8 hours of sleep because I 110% guarantee it won't be a pleasant morning if I don't. 

After sooooo long, we had a home cooked meal for lunch today. Usually one of us would have plans to eat out on a Saturday afternoon so Mama won't cook but I specifically requested to have lunch home. You might or might not be too interested but today we had ikan asam pedas, ikan goreng, ayam sambal tumis, mixed vegetables and of course sambal belacan. YUMMMMM!!! I only had salad last night (ok fine with some pasta) so I was really REALLY looking forward for lunch. My idea of the most perfect lunch is nasi putih and lauk pedas pedas. Any day, anytime! 

Then Iman and I went for karaoke. That girl looooves her karaoke. So do I actually but Iman probably a lot more. She sings to every song and I'd say a good 80% of the songs sung were her picks. I sneaked some Korean tunes in but only like 3 because it's not that fun if you can't sing with a partner (my karaoke sessions with Tania are 90% Korean songs). But it was reaaaaallly fun. I LOVE karaoke - I can't sing to save a life but that makes it just that more enjoyable, tbh. 

I'm on a No Shopping month for April and... it ain't going so well. I haven't bought anything but we're only in our first week so calm down. I think it's because I've laid myself a rule to NOT shop that makes me want to buy everything. Things I really do not need. Not that I actually have money to buy these things but y'know. Like I don't need a pink suede skirt but then I again I really do want one. Meh, I'll get this over pretty soon but UGH the temptation is real and it's very annoying! What I usually do before actually making a purchase is contemplate over it for 24 - 48 hours. If I'm still thinking about it, I'll probably get it because I'll be happier and RM xxx less but I mean, happier. And isn't happiness all there is to it?? But to be quite frank, I don't think I'm that much of a shopper. I like browsing through but it's very difficult for me to really like something - so much so that I'd actually go through the pain and inconvenience of trying it on in a fitting room and lining up to pay. And I really dislike online shopping because from previous experiences, fit's never right and it never is what you expect. Either colour's off, fitting's off, material's off, or all of it feels off. So I'm making No Shopping month sound like a major deal but it really isn't. I'll get over it.

Also, just really random but I miss holidaying!!!!!!! I was ironing some clothes and I saw my pink luggage bags right in front of me and I sighed out loud because I miss packing, unpacking, going out seeing new things, walking on foreign land, getting familiar with the neighbourhood. I miss it all! I regret not traveling more when I was studying in the UK. My travel plans these next couple years is to explore more of Asia. I don't know if I want to travel so far to Europe just yet. I mean, I was just there. Asia's pretty kick-ass fun also if you give it a chance so I've decided to do just that. I'm in the midst of planning a trip end of this year so I'm stoked for that. Need to save money first thus my whole No Shopping month.

Now this tee... this tee didn't have to go through my 24 hour test. I bought it then and there because I liked the message. Girl Gang would obviously refer to other girls in general. To be supportive of one another and to cheer on each other. Who's going to do it if not us? (This was a random #WIWT shot today by my sister Iman, who texted me just 10 minutes ago to say, "Um credit me pls, I'm your underrated photographer". She is. So here's her credit, I guess?)

Have a great one! (It's 11:14 as I'm about to hit Publish on this post. Freaking 2 hours to write this much!)


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  1. Hello!

    Your meal at home sounds so good I have not had a meal like that for a very long time and I don't cook well so thank you for that description. Can't eat it so just reading about it was good enough (I guess hahahah).

    Sounds like your no shopping month is going well!!! Girl just think about all the travelling you can do without the clothes you don't need......I believe in you.

    Love the tshirt!

    Heheh okayh hope you're having a swell week xx