Saturday, February 28, 2009

Stand Out

Damn, Giraud ain't in for Top 12. Fingers crossed for Wild Card round.

Today, was supposed to go out to have lunch at Swensen's but Mum was in a bad mood so I didn't go. Bummer. 
Went out for lunch with the parents. It has been a while since we did that. Papa is going to Jakarta next week for the Jazz Festival that will be held and he's jumping joy about it. He asked if we wanted to tag along. Maybe we will, maybe we won't. I'm not so enthusiastic about the trip because of the whole OH-SHIT-PLANES! thing. Heh, we'll see.
I'm still crazy over the London trip and Papa is determined to go by the end of the year because he wants to go to Old Trafford with my brother during the football season (Unaware? Yes). I don't care, I just hope he sticks by his word. 
We went to One Utama later and I walked around alone (Suprise Surprise).
That was my day, ladies and gents.

How was yours ?

Friday, February 27, 2009

So Called Lover

You know what/who I don't like ? 
Friends who forget friends. 

You know what/who I do like ? 
Of course you don't. 

Let's talk about today despite it being of no use whatsoever to whoever reading. 
School was alright. Did my Bio test, finally.
And my friends organized a Girl Guides meeting (without the knowing/permission of teachers), twas good. Karen and I are in charge of decoration ! Rad, totally rad.
Went to One Utama at 2 plus with Mum and sister to buy presents for the dinner at Victoria Station later that night. Managed to get a necklace from Massimo Dutti for Mami Jan (she's half Brit considering the years she's spent there so she wants us to call her something like Mummy Jan instead of Aunty since she thinks that will just make her feel old, she turned 63 a week before but I swear she doesn't look like it at all!). Went to the shops I usually enter and left empty handed. Pretty shoes at Zara but the flats I wore demanded a bend-and-unbuckle job which is sickening (NOTE TO SELF : DON'T WEAR SUCH SHOES WHEN OUT TO BUY NEW ONES). 
Came back and got ready for my tuition, was really tired but I had to go since I missed my Mod Maths tuition last night.
True enough, Mr Pang lost his memory. I came in the class and just sat my ass down and he pointed at me to the girl he was teaching Chemistry to and asked 'Who is that?'. 
It hit me that he lost his memory.
I introduced myself and told him I was a former student of his. He asked how long and I replied since Form 1. It was a bit weird for me to introduce myself to someone I already know before this, you get ? 
I've never come across someone who had lost their memory so yes, fascination aside, it was a bit sad.
He whipped out his phone and after some time, he asked whether it was me in the picture in his phone. [The picture was from the (small mini cute HAHA) party we had for him last year on his birthday which coincidentally coincided with our tuition class.] 
I think the part that hit me most was when class ended and I was leaving class quick before the next stampede comes into his Chemistry class and he called after me and said, "Nadia, nice meeting you again".

That stopped me in my tracks.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


I'm watching Changeling as of right now.
A freakin' good movie, I must say.
And American Idol is also on but I choose Changeling because it's that good.
I hate Angelina because of the whole Brad and  Jennifer thing (TEAM ANNISTON, OBVIOUSLY) but there's no denying the fact that she's an amazing actress and ultra beautiful, damn those lips.
Besides, American Idol is only good when they take over the Kodak Theater (am I right?) during the Top 12.


Oh no, Mr Kirkwood.
You broke my heart by creating this marvel and making it too darn hard for us (Malaysians) (also ones who ain't got the money) to getttttttt.

I miss going out.
This time next year, I'll be able to drive ( if Dad permits what with the whole SPM thingy ) and I'll go out without having to worry about transportation.

School today was good despite the absence of the usual clique.
We had 4 periods with our class teacher and we scraped the walls and painted the class lime green in which Beta supposedly had copyrighted such colour. 

Ok, I'm blank. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

And it says,


I slept til 10 without worrying about Bio. 
And now, I just got back from tuition (see, ada la jugak belajar wei) and at 9, I have Bio class (see, ada jugak 'study' for Bio).
In a bit, I'll read for my Agama. I think. Ala, apa apa je la. Test je (kan Arina? Next test la jadi macam Natrah woohoo)

In a bit, I'm going to Taman Tun to fetch my sister from Taman Tun and savour the usual tosai and BUY DVD'S and books to study (heh). 

Also, today in BM tuition class, Cikgu Yuuuuuuuuuuu gave us fortune cookies !
And mine said, ahem, 'You are likely to meet someone that you've longed to meet'.


Ok Bye !

Saturday, February 21, 2009

These Words,

Oh, damn. It saddens me to know that those words aren't for me.
Turn the world around, maybe it wasn't all it was hyped to be.
You'll still be the sweetest one to smile at me.
I'll be the one left replying the kindness of smiling back, knowingly.

At least I got you to sigh about.

It Ain't Easy

I am still full from the kick ass shrimps over at Tony Roma's. All I bought is a pink mouse a pink pen drive. Too much pink, cheers to being colour coordinated (can't say the same for my disorganized-to-the-core wardrobe). I have a one on one battle with add maths right now. Went to the library in hopes of completing my Chemistry, Biology and Add Maths revision but in that 2 hours, only 2 questions of Add Maths was done. Yes people, it took me that long to freakin' understand. Don't snigger.
We'll continue tomorrow.
Test is next week and instead of memorizing what needs to be memorized, I am frequently reading people's blogs and checking updates from Inappropriate, I think yes.
I'm torn between 2 career choices ( a bit too early but what the hell ). Law and business. I love the idea of business but maths ain't that appealing now that I'm introduced to Add Maths and it's pain-in-the-ass like 'glory'. But Dina's story of her cousin made me think twice. 

Tomorrow's agenda ? Study til I vomit numbers.

Wha- ?

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Kaveetha and Nikki refused to speak to Alpharians because in contrast to a particular class they had, my class had a better time laughing at jokes told during Oral while they suffered premature depression. NAH NAH NAH BOO BOO (I love you Beta <33333)

During Mod Maths, Ila and I took the opportunity to surf Marc Jacobs but luck wasn't on our side because of the lame ass Adobe. But, Ila checked her email and the lady she's been dealing 'business' with replied on a positive note and we both became giddy <3 
Test is next week. Are you freakin' kidding me ? Talk about unprepared, people. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dear Mr. President,

My class wrote to the President of USA and Ila and I drew hearts along with our letter.
That part was fun.
Chances of it actually land on Obama's table in the Office is as slim as it can get but hell, what have we got to lose, right ? 

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sky High

Bak sini

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oh, It Is Love

1 . I'm head over heels over someone.
2 . It may be a bag.
3 . I'm excited.
4 . I'm anxious.
5 . I want a pair of neon coloured shoes.
6 . I want originality.
7. I want you.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Words, however kind,
Can't mend your heartache,
But those who care and 
Share your loss wish you
Comfort and peace of mind.
May you find strength in the love of family,
And in the warm embrace of friends.

My condolences to Marwan and his family.
It's unlikely that you will stumble upon this blog of mine, but if you do, I'm very sorry about your loss, love.
I cannot imagine how tough this must be for you but I'm praying for you and your family's well being.

Al Fatihah.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I <3 NY

I have always wanted that tee.
I have always wanted those legs.

You expect a genius out of me.
And you freakin' BOW to him.
What happened to being independent like how you wanted so much in us ?

You expect so much from us, what the hell, are we even 20 ?!
I do everything to please, if not, satisfy you, and you don't give one freakin' glance.

I can't wait to get out.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I was late to school by 3 hours.
Reason being I had a stomach ache to crazy to handle in the morning so I decided to sleep it off. 
(Macam sekolah datuk je bila bila nak datang -.-)

Papa fetched me up and we went to eat at Santai (the food ain't all that good as I've heard, unfortunately). He questioned my agenda for June and I was trying to figure if he was hinting a subtle approval. I hope things go well. 


Monday, February 9, 2009

VDay Disguised As Doom's Day

Valentine's on the 14th.
School's tomorrow.
Anyone up to it ?
I'm not.

I'll update when I have any interesting events going on.
Which is no where near, I assure you.

Cheers and Love

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Suraya, we love you immensely. Today will be the last day we'll see you (and makan nasi yang sedap sangat courtesy of Sushi Groove, tempat hangout terbaru kita). Of course, we'll miss you so much. More than you can imagine. Even if it's just for 2 weeks (PROMISE YOU BALIK!), it won't be the same, you know. Your laugh yang tukar every week, and your charm will be greatly remembered. As much as we don't want you to go, letting you pass up this opportunity is not a question. Pergi la, jadi pandai pandai, buat baik so boleh pergi London :'( 

Thank you for everything ; hearing me out, making us laugh and bearing with the dramas.
We've known each other for about a year only and tak sehebat as other friendships yang kenal dari kecik but we might as well be because I love you just as much, if not more.
You make everyone around you feel comfortable and so that's why you're so loved, Suraya.
Make millions of friends, but don't forget the 5 of us.

[ You should thank your lucky stars that your asrama is just here and not in another state, kalau tak, pergh, habis you ]

I love you. We love you. 

Lots Of Love and Hugs and Kisses,

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My loves. +Sarah

Hatred Is Never Pretty


Do I have the word 'pushover' written all over my face ? Because ever since school started (7, people ! When I was 7 !), carrying people's tumblers, paksa makan sandwich ("If not, I won't be your friend"), suruh buat homework, you get it ? Basically, a slave.

I've had enough, sumpah cakap.

Don't come to me when you have no one. 
Do you think I'm some kind of reserved friend ? Please la. I have a hell lot more friends compared to you.

Apa punya kawan.

"Gay" is overrated. Quit exclaiming everything is gay. It's so stupid. Semua nak gay, semua je nak lesbian. Apahal? Bodoh, satu. Second, nampak sangat doh kau punya vocabulary tak bagus. Tahu gay je ah en. IF THAT PERSON REALLY IS HOMOSEXUAL, baru la panggil gay/lesbian, bangang. Are you that stupid ? 

Senyum la wei, muka kau dah la tak lawa, you're making it uglier by having that frown upon your face. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


NAJIHAH update siaaaaaaaal woot woot !

Us, alPHA (suka hati la nak eja macam mat salleh, Dina Alfa) had free periods til recess, score !
I gave Suraya her care package and she loved it (kan?!) and that made my day. 
Free period(s) came in good timing as we (Najihah, Suraya, Ila, Dina) decided to make the best of the day by having our own photosession in class. Fun? In school? Nooooo! *fake gasps*

Ila was a huge sport to use up what's left of her film on us. Took them home because I wanted to scan it at my dad's office but he came back earlier than expected so well, tomorrow then. Sorry, me loves.

Hectic day, really. So I'm tired. 

Disappointing post, I know. I need to start writing again.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

When You Listen

I may slightly be in love.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Welcome February 2009

Hello February ! How's it going ? 
Feeling well ? One wish before you go off just like your friend January did; Please please please please bring me as much happiness (maybe even more, if you're feeling generous) as January did to me. 
[Thanks January, sayang sial kau]

A little love *keningkeningtakjadi*, success and contentment won't hurt into the mix.
I know you don't have alot going for you, what with the 28 days (JE!) and being the baby out of the 12, but I hope you have pity over me and pour me all you got going on to me.
I won't waste it away, pinkie promise ! 

But, with Suraya going on the 10th, I won't blame you if you hit me with tears and tissues. 
(Suraya ni pun satu, tsk tsk, you gotta ruin it for me, huh ?! :( I love you anyways)

OK, after tonight's dinner, please don't look at my pounds and I in a judgmental way. 
We put on weight and we lose some.

Much love (and carbs),