Monday, February 27, 2012

Le Video

Yay today they showed all 4 videos from all the different houses during assembly and Garnet was the last one to be shown.

FINALLY can put it up here. So proud and happy of it and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did.

Had the best time filming and brainstorming the script and ideas and thinking of last minute clips. A shout out to Amal for being the best director to work with (and is on the same wavelength as I am) (no, seriously, we even pulled out the same video as inspiration "50 people, 1 question") and Diyana and Zack and Ha for working alongside us the whole time.

Seriously, win or lose, I'm happy with whatever because a lot of people seem to really like it (my mum even shared the link on her Facebook!!! Bless her!) and yeah, so enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, February 25, 2012


Got this off 9gag and just stared at it for a good 3 minutes.

Time is scaring me bit by bit.


Also another big achievement for me...



It is true what they say, home sweet home. Missed it since it has probably been the longest I've been in KY yet; 3 weeks and 2 weekends ! That's an achievement for me heh heh.

Mama came and fetch me right after classes. Borak borak all the way from college to home. Singgah at A&W to get lunch and went to Maybank to get some errands done before finally heading for home. First things first, gave my dad kisses and hugs because my mum showed me this ;

God bless my Papa for being the sweetest :")

When Mama told him that she'll be fetching me, he was like "Baru haritu jumpa dia, dah nak balik dah?" in which my mum told him that I've in fact been in college for 3 weeks dah to which he replied "Oh ha ah eh, no wonder I miss my daughter and son!" My brother is currently on a month hiatus in Penang with my grandparents and playing golf all day with Pak Tok. Lucky boy because Mak Tok masak nice nice for him !


Had a nice nap after I came back and after Maghrib, we went to Las Caratas (I have no idea nama dia apa, I main hentam jak) to celebrate Amelia's birthday ! Mexican food was goooooood. Had tacos and bits and pieces of everyone else's food. Nothing beats La Bodega though.......

Tania's tongue is so gross in the photo..

Cute Iman is cute.

I'm no professional but I love taking photos with my Pen ! So senang and resembles closely to a bulky DSLR (which I still love using btw) but this camera can fit in my handbag so easily without it being too berat for me to carry.

They even sang Amelia a happy birthday song with a guitar and gave her a sombrero to wear !!! TOO CUTE FOR WORDS.

Happy (early) Birthday, dear Amelia ! God bless you and wishing you all the happiness in the world ! :)

Tomorrow is a new day (and let it be a day of eating and shopping) and so God bless you all !

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Response

Ok so I'm bored and sleepy but I don't feel like sleeping just yet. Maybe in half an hour, depending on how much I wanna blog tonight.

Also, I have a very dance-y song on now (coughSClub7cough) (please don't judge) (no, seriously) and I just finished watching Ha's sister's wedding in which I attended late last year. Makes me want to get married. Ha's sister and her husband knew each other for 8 years.

....... SO LAMAAAA. Some couples I've heard were a couple since they were Form 4. Whadeheck sumpah terer.

Like every other girl (some may admit it some may not), I've planned my wedding way lama dah and it's a fun topic to discuss with Mum on our long car rides together. To Nirwana to eat....

.... ok i'm hungry now because I had KFC at about 5 tadi which basically means it was our dinner but still, lapaq na ~

So tadi we were at the boys' boria practice and Amal and I decided to get some reassurance to let the boria kids get first hand preview and lo and behold, they loved it !!!!!! I was pleased as ever because they were very kind and very happy about it.

"Wei rasa macam something inside tau.... macam something inside! Deep deep"

That was Hatim and he said something of those lines and I was over the moon because it meant a lot to Amal and me that they liked it, that our friends liked it. Made our late nights and brain stormings worth while.

I'm sorry for being rather enthusiastic about it but I can't help myself !!!! Hahahahaha Amal can relate to me with this because we're very satisfied with it and can't wait to share it with everyone else.

Ok bye now take care and have a great weekend ahead ! I'm going to try and study as much as I can next week after classes and all so that I won't have to bring any books ('cept for homework) for the weekend when I go back because heyyyyyyylllll no am I going to study. Serious doh, home is home and home = a world of nothingness and what a wonderful world that is.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Anticipation


And yet another weekend spent here in KY. I am VERY ready to go back home next long weekend. I've been making mental notes as to what I want to makan and where I want to go shop and what I want to buy lol.

It's been a pretty busy week. Videos and Garnet meetings and tests and classes and homework due the very next day (.... this may or may not be the fault of my infamous nature to procrastinate like the pro you all know I am). Had a Math test mid week and yeah, I didn't get an A but atleast it was an improvement ! Heh heh. I hope this improves over time and by the time AS gets its ass over here, I'll ace the paper insyaAllah. That goes the same for my other papers of course ! Got an A for my Econs homework and it's really nothing to be all happy and joyful over but I am !!! Hahahaha.

Ok done.

So this week we've (Amal and I) been pretty hard at work filming for the video competition in conjunction with the Minggu Citra Budaya. I work alongside with Amal and am Co-Director lol such a fancy name quite honoured thanks Amal love youuuu :*

Wish I could post it up here but that will just discard any element of surprise. Hohum.

I'm getting real sleepy and it's only 842 memey ah. HOW TO STUDY LIDDIS

I'm also very very tempted to post up photos of Marissa's troll faces up here but as a good friend, I shall refrain myself from doing something that might do harm to Marissa's reputation as being indeed a pretty face.....

....... but still very tempted.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Keep Calm

Lol was bored so I decided to find a Keep Calm and blablah generator. I shall print this bad boy and frame it up my college room. That and a million more things. Like the Union Jack and family and friends photos.

And this is me, bored.

OK gonna go and mandi now (yep, at 1 in the morning) because my hair hideously resembles that of Simba and his ancestors and I have a middle parting now which makes me look like a.........

30 minutes shower, here I come !

Oh and to the people who still visits my blog from time to time, thank you ! Means quite a lot to know some people still layan blogspot. I miss the times when everyone used to blog. I'm still not giving up my blog because rasa sayang pulak kalau abandon it. I'd like to read everything back for later when I'm married or when I have kids (insyaAllah) and laugh at my teen self. But yeah, thanks and God bless ! See you in another post ! :)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Like a Madame

I love this skirt ! Courtesy of Miss Selfridge. This was at KLGCC because my dad is obsessed with that place and their food so he persuaded all of us to have tea/early dinner there so we did. It was quite nice, I have to admit.

I'm in the chalet alone for the weekend (is everybody proud of me yet ?!?!). Did Math today. And sang to Mariah Carey. And ate keropok Marks & Spencer.


AAAAAAND it's raining ! Finally ! Hopefully it gets cooling later so I can sleep nicely.

Ok going to go and attempt to read my history textbook now night people have a good day ahead

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I feel that

  • Girlfriends should stop being so paranoid that their boyfriends are being unfaithful. Let the guy talk to a girl without being interrogated and questioned. Dahlah kawan lama. Girl, she was there before you got to be his girlfriend !!!!!! Gila.
  • Boyfriends should stop being overprotective. You're a boyfriend, not a husband.
  • Haters should stop hating because really, apa motif ? APA
  • A couple shouldn't shut themselves from the world. Being too absorbed and involved in a relationship sampai tak tahu nak buat apa without them memang nak mintak penampar. Go get yourselves some friends, please. Yes, girls and boys, you can still 'live' without them. And you can still go get yourself a LIFE !!!!!
  • So it is quite true. Ex's can't be friends after a relationship ends. And it's also quite true that friends of that ex (who are also your friends) do pick on sides. And I'm not winning.
  • I love my friends but I don't show it as often and as obvious but I do, regardless. It is entirely up to you to believe that or not. Do I feel left out ? Yeap. Is it your fault ? Nope, it's mine.
  • And um, if you're trying to hide whatever you're going on there, you're failing.
I don't know why I just typed that all out.

I'm listening to my favourite malay songs lolol. Currently singing and mini-dancing to is Khayalan. Besttttt.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Teppanyaki !

"Nando, Nando, let's take a photo. We don't have one of us together!" says my mum to my dad.

Staying true to good ol' Papa self, he changed his mind on where he wanted to take a photo until alas, he made a decision to take a photo near a painting. But, of course.

So tonight, we had a belated birthday dinner since my grandparents were in town and so was I. Gotta love holidays ! Stuffed myself with good food compensating on my non-solids diet throughout the week thanks to the viral fever I had. If you love teppanyaki, please for the love of God, go to Le Meridien and be blown. Ok maybe tu over, but it's true ! SO GOOD the prawns. I love the buffet spread there... and everywhere else lah basically I love. But this one's my favourite so yes, hip hip hooray !

Aunty Win gave us our birthday presents which were this cute crossword puzzle book along with a very generous angpau teehee. Birthday money is always Always ALWAYS welcome lol thank you Aunty Win Along Myra Amelia Zidan Naim :*

The table behind us were so loud and was making a commotion about everything. Mleh. Whatever as long as I'm getting my teppanyaki !

So that was thatttttt.

Earlier in the day, however, made my way to Diyana's place and we got to KMB in an hour. Missed the first KY game but managed to get on time for the second one. They lost that one so we went back after that, but only after the boys ate their nasi arab and puding thanks to Diyana ! Najihah wasn't there -______- the one time I was at her college was the one time she wasn't there. Hohum :(

Ok i'm getting mengantuk and tomorrow I gots to goes and gets my manicures onnn ~


Oh and hi Kanda I know you're reading now lol k bye night x