Sunday, April 28, 2013


Happy 15th Birthday, KYUEM !!

The theme for the dinner was 'British Affair'. Ever unprepared, I donned my bright top and bright pants with my gold chain clip for my hair. Diyana said "Ok, you shall go as Twiggy".

So Twiggy it is!

A walking pink thingymajig, I was.

Had a great night with suchhhhhh cool performances by the teachers. Food was aight though. I significantly remember last year's dinner to be so much better cause I had like 3 plates of everything!

Didn't know the college had merged KY's birthday with Teacher's Day but hey ho. The teachers were soooooo sporting to have put together performances for us lot. Teachers like this lah are soooo worth coming to KY for.

Mrs Foord as usual, had a performance of her own, with her all-girl band, Mrs Beadsworth on guitar, Dr Bano on drums, Ms Marina on bass, and Ms Madeleine on keyboards. SAAAAAAAH cool. These expats teachers are soooo bloomin' fun and sporting. All out for anything they do and you gotta appreciate a trait like that in a teacher. They rocked out to School's Out and one other song I can't seem to remember. But, so much fun.

And then Hariez, Fauzan, Aiman, Bijan, Mr Burhan and Mr Jamal had a performance and they played Guns and Roses' Sweet Child of Mine which was hella amazing cause all the students were on their feet cheering them on. I just find it so cool when a teacher is in the performance and in their own element behind the drums (Mr Jamal). See you guys, teachers aren't all that boring! (hi mum luv ya)

The usual KY photo session began after the event ended. We had "10 minutes" for photo session as per what the emcee said but it took way longer than that obviously.

Always and forever kecoh and rushing to take photos with everyone and anyone. So much fun.

Next event would be end of semmmmmmm. 


Don't want it to enddddddddd


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Braids Over Books

This is what I go to the RC for these days...

Thanks Amal for the braid. Helped my Gadis Melayu look today! And thanks Ha for the photo hehe

One more week of classes and batch 14.0 and 14.5 will finally be done with KYUEM.

I'm gutted.

I don't want it to end yet. If I could go through my past 2 years all over again, I would do it in a heartbeat. I just love college so much and I really don't know if I can get the friends I've made in KY anywhere else in the world.

Damn it, KYUEM.

Saturday, April 13, 2013


Yesterday was apparently International Siblings Day so to show my appreciation for my 3 younger siblings, I did what all siblings around the world did..

... post an Instagram photo!

Love these 3 kiddos and although we never never ever express it, I always have a soft spot for all 3.

But meh. International Siblings Day should be all day errday!

So many people have said we looked alike especially Zaim and I. But it's been 20 years in and I STILL don't see any tiny resemblance!! Ever since I could remember, people would say my mum and I looked strikingly alike "macam photostat!" 

Guys, I think it's the mata sepet we got from Papa and the hidung penyet from Mama that makes us look alike.......

Hope you have a great weekend !

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Studying got boring...

"Pass me the Soviet Union please"

what I really meant to say was "Pass me the Mentos please" but I had just finished reading a sentence with 'Soviet Union' in it so it slipped and we've now resorted to calling a packet of Mentos as 'Soviet Union'.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pickle And Fig

Morning breakfast with Dina, Suraya and Ila at Pickle n Fig where we talked and talked and took photos like how we always do. My gossip sources, people!

I had nachos... for breakfast. Their menu was pretty limited and I was expecting a breakfast menu which they didn't have. Bummed. 'cause that was all I ate and I'm hungry now and really too lazy to drive to McDonalds for a burger.

But we all know after posting this blog, I AM going to go for a McD run.

They had this pretty cool wall outside of the cafe where there was a small bucket of chalk and patrons were welcomed to write whatever they wanted which I thought was hella cool...

We went home after because Suraya had to go back to college and Mama was already there waiting so I had to make a move too. Lama or sekejap, it's always very nice to catch up with these girls :) Makes my day !


What I Wore Today

Back to college tomorrow morning. Sigh.


"Yay yay Nadia balik yay yay!" - Papa when I came back home after being cooped up in my small room in college for the past 2 weeks.

Glad to be home ! Devoured my favourite kind of lunch - nasi and lauk with my parents and after I get up to get my 3rd serving of rice, my parents merely shake their heads and say

"Nadia, baik belajar kat Malaysia je lah kalau suka sangat makan nasi" 

My dad says this all the time! I've always wanted to study abroad and insyaAllah this September if things go amazing for me, I will finally be able to! But there's that huge major tremendous colossal problem of food.

How does one live without the flavours of sambal belacan and udang kunyit and kangkung belacan? 
Do I really have to eat sandwiches and tea?

Mana boleh!