Sunday, April 7, 2013


"Yay yay Nadia balik yay yay!" - Papa when I came back home after being cooped up in my small room in college for the past 2 weeks.

Glad to be home ! Devoured my favourite kind of lunch - nasi and lauk with my parents and after I get up to get my 3rd serving of rice, my parents merely shake their heads and say

"Nadia, baik belajar kat Malaysia je lah kalau suka sangat makan nasi" 

My dad says this all the time! I've always wanted to study abroad and insyaAllah this September if things go amazing for me, I will finally be able to! But there's that huge major tremendous colossal problem of food.

How does one live without the flavours of sambal belacan and udang kunyit and kangkung belacan? 
Do I really have to eat sandwiches and tea?

Mana boleh!

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