Thursday, March 21, 2013

Babe Girl Turns 14!

20th March was my baby sister's birthdaaaaaay !!! She's now 14. Hwaaaaa so fast laaaah (I say this every birthday). Don't grow up yet staaaahpppppp

I think I'll legit cry when and if I see her go off to college. So attached to my youngest sister sampai she rimas with me. She's such a sweetheart lah, I love her so much!!!! I still call her baby girl because she still is k??? I always look forward to come home from college on the weekends because I get to make stupid jokes and she will actually laugh. I don't know if it's the "... k Nadia that was not really (at all) funny but luv ya so i'll laugh" or the real genuine "Nadia, you're so damn hilarious ???" but either way, appreciate it, man. You gotta appreciate people who laugh at your jokes because let's face it, we're not funny.

So! Last night at 12 am, I went to her room and brought cupcakes and wished her a happy birthday with kisses and hugs. Sampai again, she got rimas. But because it's her birthday right, so she let me hug a little longer without the usual "K ENUF!". 

Bought her her birthday presents and a Batman helium balloon to go with it !! She was overexcited and I think she was on the verge of crying of happiness... but that might or might not have been due to the endless wishes she got from her friends on midnight.

We went out for dinner today at a very very very empty Victoria's Station. Like, not even joking, we were the only ones there..........

On the bright side, service was trés excellent! Though I'd appreciate more people so that we wouldn't feel so awkward...


I hate red meat. Really. I can finish 3 plates of rice and its lauk pauk in no time, but a piece of steak can go on and on and on. I think 'cause rice requires several chews and then you just swallow it. Steak you have to chew about 6 million times before you can swallow and eat another piece. Takes me forever ! 

Went back home and we decided it was too early to knock out. Needed some TLC with my camera. 

This is Tania trying to model. CLEARLY not workin' out for her, poor girl.

Wearing my Mimpikita x FV top! Loooove itttt ! Saved it for an occasion and since it was Iman's birthday dinner, thought I'd finally let the damn thing breathe from being suffocated in the huge mess of a closet.

Iman obviously in her new Batman tshirt. 

Happy Birthday, sweetheart !!!!! Can't believe you're in your second year of teenagehood !!!!!! Love you more and more everyday and every joke and every karaoke session. Can't describe how much I appreciate you for being yourself and for indirectly teaching me to be carefree and young and just, live and laugh everything off. You're only 14 but you're my personal inspiration and I wished when I was your age, I was as cool as you, hanging out with all the boys and going to the mamak nearby and lepak-ing. Kids these days!!! 

Can't wait for you to grow up and become an even more intelligent and beautiful young lady but really really really want you to stay the way you are, Batman tshirts and all. 

Forever, Iman, I will forever and ever love you and look out for you. No matter what. 
And this is the only promise I know I can keep, insyaAllah.

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