Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday Morning

This is what I look like in the morning whilst doing Literature after eating 2 packets of nasi lemak and listening to depressing songs like Release Me by Oh Land and unbathed.

CLEARLY a pro in procrastinating, seriously I should give out tips on how to procrastinate lah seriously. I was probably most rajin during my PMR year and that was when I had a lousy phone (sans BBM/twitter) and takde laptop lagi. I actually enjoyed studying then. Like, I'd put off dinner to study that one extra chapter of Geography because I actually took a liking for bumi and it's keadaan in different states in Malaysia.

CAN I PLEASE HAZ MY OLD 15 YEAR OLD SELF please but we'll do without the bad hair do and pimple galore !

Monday, March 26, 2012


"OH MY GOD WE LOOK LIKE A CARPET" says Tania after seeing the photo Papa had taken.

Mama laughed.


There are no words to explicitly explain how much I love my mum. We don't exchange I Love You's because there is no need for us. She knows I'd take a bullet for her and I'd do anything virtually possible for her. She knows all that and I know she'll do anything for her children and the people she loves.

As 19 years have passed, I thank God every day for blessing me and my family this woman who has been our sunshine and the queen of our hearts.

I cannot imagine a world where my mum isn't in it and I won't want to. She is the joy of this family and especially mine. I don't think she's aware of the number of people who care a lot for her. A room is so much better with my mum around, her smile and laugh and personality makes up for my bad days and I love her for that.

My hero. I can only wish and hope to be half the woman you are. And that is more than enough.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Pak Tok's surprise birthday went well.

Mak Su Lin dragged me out when Pak Tok went to go for BV to run errands and we were suppose to prolong our trip out to allow the people back home to set up the place.
Allotted time to go back home was 4 when everything (food, chairs and tables and guests) was ready and good to go.

HOWEVER Pak Tok got tired and decided to go home by 3 and this was already the most we could stall him.

Mak Tok, lemme tell ya, is the worst secret keeper !! I mean, kudos for not blurting our the surprise party plan but she gave away so many times, it was a wonder how Pak Tok totally spaced out and not suspect anything. LOL twas funny because the day before, we had dinner at home and everyone had to keep quiet about it and go along with Pak Tok's plan to have a birthday dinner instead somewhere.

When we arrived home, he didn't notice the tables and chairs, he noticed Aunty Nazu's car (she came all the way down from for Pak Tok's party) and only when we pulled up, he noticed the caterer's van and we all went 'SURPRISEEEEEEE' lol so cute lah everyone


To the queen of my life.... tomorrow I'll write another post, too tired now :*

Saturday, March 24, 2012

To Everyone's Number One

PAK TOK'S BIRTHDAY TODAAAAY. He turned 73, alhamdulillah. He came down from Penang to celebrate with us (and also he has a golfing trip with his mates this weekend) and after all the makan makan, guess what we got him !!

Papa's idea to get him an iPad. Memey ah. Pak Tok calls me occasionally to ask questions regarding his Nokia phone. Nang nya tauk pun mok guna iPad tok lolol. But oh well, Papa downloaded all the app he'll need as to make it easier for him.

This is such a sesat photo but yeah... my favourite pants if y'all were wondering.

To one of the best man I've ever known, happy birthday my dearest Pak Tok. My gratitude and love to you is boundless and the least I can do to you is to pray for your happiness here and in Jannah and may God bless you now and always. You've been such a great father figure to me and everyone else in the family and we look up to you for being such a great husband, father, son, brother, friend and grandfather. I cannot be any luckier to be your granddaughter and no matter what happens know that you too will always be my number one.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Went to watch the Hunger Games yesterday and albeit not reading the novel beforehand, I kinda went in the cinema not knowing what the movie was about. Not a clue. I only knew that there was a huge manic hype around it and that Jennifer Lawrence was to be this 'Katniss' girl.

Went out the cinema and became a new fan. A really good movie overall, though I didn't expect the violent killings and how teruk it really was that they had a representative from districts to fight it off (read:kill each other) (cambodoh). Of course I cried when Rue got killed. That was heartbreaking :( As much as I say it was surprisingly entertaining, I might be completely wrong if I were to read the book and compare the two. I find it odd that it was entertaining cause the whole storyline is gila sick. Especially when the Gamemakers were making jokes and having fun creating obstacles for the tributes. Like I said, sick and sadistic but so good.

AND ! Stanley Tucci was in it. You know a movie is good if Stanley Tucci's in it.

Tania and I got a cab back and we were fortunate enough to get a cab driver who was the nicest old Chinese man I've met. He spoke English to us and he asked whether I was studying or not and when I told him that I was doing my A-Levels, he was very much impressed and commented on our English and he went on how it was important that our command in the language is vital especially if we go abroad. He then went on to tell us about how he had several students from UIA in his cab and when the uncle spoke English to him, the students were quite obviously annoyed and that one of them told the cabdriver off saying that he (the student) didn't like that the uncle was speaking in English and asked him to converse in Malay instead quoting the ever repeated "Bahasa Melayu ni bahasa ibunda kita!" and that English is basically, frown upon.

Heh. People and their mentality these days can sometimes sadden you because of how shallow their thinking can be :( Quite depressing.

Anyway, I shan't go on further for fear of me being emotional and going on a rampage rant denunciating everything and everyone nanti !



I really should be studying now. HISTOIRE IS AWAITING

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spent the day at the library today...

... productivity rate still questionable.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Ok let's just forget about the whole tag. Because for God's sake, I cannot keep up with it. Malas also is a big contributor lah.


Iman's birthday is today and she turns 13 ! She came back from school bearing a big smile and it's all because she got this huge 'card' I guess you can call it, and it was all made by her friends and that made her day immensely ! So happy to see my favourite girl happy on her happy day. Heh heh.

HAPPPYYYYYY BIRTHDAYYY IMAN !!! :* I wish I had a baby photo of you but I can't seem to find any just yet. Why must you grow up so fast. Teenagehood is a vicious one but here I'm wishing you a happy one and may this new part of your life be a memorable one and may you experience nothing but happiness and success and may you undergo everything and anything that is thrown your way with grace and poise (even if you are 'kasaq' as Mama would put it) and may you make Mama and Papa proud and may Allah bless you always and forever. You can't escape the reality that you will always be Mama and Papa's baby and you're still my baby sister and yeap, I'll still call you ManMan even when you're old and married. I loved you then as a baby, I love you now and I'll love you in the future. More so every day, sayang ! Stay the way you are and never let anyone get to you. You are a strong girl in every way possible and may this be your shield to help you brave the years to come. It's not going to be easy but you know I'll always be here for you.



Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dear Mak Tok and Pak Tok

6 Write a letter to somebody - it could be anybody you want, even someone you haven’t met yet.

Dear Mak Tok and Pak Tok,

To the best grandparents a girl could ask for, thank you for everything you two have done for the whole family.

It is evident that when it comes to us grandkids, you two spoil us to no end and I love that. Ever since I was a small girl, I was just always happy around you two and I still am even if I don't show it as much as I used to.

For all the food and for all the gifts and for all the smiles and for everything, I can't put my gratitude into words. Pak Tok, I still remember the times where we would sit on your lap and you'd take our hands and rub it against your shaven chin and it feels all tingly and geli. And ! When you'd always ALWAYS tickle our foot and you'd say this

"Tell your brain 'Tak geli, tak geli, tak geli' then lama lama dah tak geli". It never worked and we'd all be laughing away, making you smile and laugh as well.

And Mak Tok, only about the best cook I've met and it is true that all grandmothers can cook but mine is basically a pro. I still remember all the bed time stories you'd read us and all the nursery rhymes you would sing with us.

How we'd get treated like kings and queens when we go to Penang. Ahh. Really, I cannot imagine any other grandparents who would do such things and who would treat us to anything and everything our little heart desires. How sitting down with Pak Tok and have conversations with him that go on and on have been nothing but precious to much. I've taken in so much from the advice I've gotten and I plan to use it in the future because besides Mama and Papa, Mak Tok and Pak Tok are my motivation to do well in my studies and to go to England and study there and be a great person in the near future, insya Allah.

I highly respect my grandparents and I've always looked up to them and I've always admired their stories from back then. How my grandmother was exactly just like me with her collection of dresses and her fashion magazines and her love for dressing up is surreal. I've had the immense pleasure in wearing her baju kebaya's now and then and to know that she was just as small as me comforts me in knowing that I'm not the only one so kecik amongst my family members.

I love my grandfather. Ever since we were kids, we would look forward to go to Penang because Pak Tok was there. And my grandpa owns a gas station in Penang and my god, we would beg him to let us follow him to work because we would get to play computer games and go behind the cashier and play with the cash register and we would ambik any keropok and sweets we want and we would "Put it on Pak Tok's bill k!" and he'd pay at the end of the day. He'd always encourage us to try and to never give up. This is so cliché but it's all truth.

My cousins and siblings would go to Penang every year and we would have the house in shambles playing house with the sofa cushions and my grandparents would just look on and laugh and go along with it. Their house is perfect. In every sense of the term. Yet, we'd play around and have the house upside down and they won't mind.

My grandfather has a photo of me as a 3 year old in his arms on his office table and the fact he does not go a day without seeing that photo is just everything to me. Whenever I would go up to his friends and salam, he'd often introduce me as "My number one" because I'm his first grandchild.

He still calls me his number one.

That man is made of all kinds of wonderful.

Being the more kecoh one out of the two, my mak tok is quite.. handful. But oh, what is a family without kecohness. She is this small lady, always in her collared blouse and skirt and curlers in her hair. She is the reason why I bother dressing up before going out. She never has a hair out of place and she's this proper lady with pearls and I see so much of myself in her. Especially the complain-y and whiny part lol. She's, first and foremost, very understanding. She understands me. I'll talk to her and she just gets it. And I can always talk to her about anything. I love her and I don't know what I'd do with her. For everything she has done, I can not thank her enough. My mother is an incredibly lucky woman to have Mak Tok as a mum.

Pak Tok and Mak Tok were probably the one of the main reasons my childhood was just everything I could ask for as a kid.

They didn't have to say it but we knew they loved us and would do anything in the world for the family.
I hope they know that the family loves them endlessly and would do anything in return for them.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Funny Faces

Day 6 : A picture of your friends being silly.


Notice how Dina still needs to the finger trick before actually being cross-eyed.

Friday, March 16, 2012

"Kalau ada Puan Kas, mesti ada cakap pasal UCAS"

My fellow law girlsss insyaAllah.


Now I really want an iTouch for its Instagram.
Oops, so much for sticking to the 50 Day Challenge tag.

HOME SWEET HOME.. for the next two weeks. And then there'll be my trials and a week break and then my AS.

Holy macaroles, where did time go and can you please ask him to calm his tits !!!!!

So since I missed out on my tags, I figured I'd do them all at once here.

Okay, so Day 2 : "Write whatever it is in your head right now"

I can't wait for dinner tonight because Mama is cooking her amazeballs of a dish for me yum maybe I should get doughnuts later oh shoot where did i put my hand lotion my hand is drying by the second hmm must've left it in college damn it INTENSE MATHEMATICS TONAIIIIIT can't wait to drop it once AS is over and done with come to think of it i only have to endure it for about 1-2 months and I can say sayonara to integration and statistics thank God

Day 3 : Write with your elbow


(Hi, I look really weird right now)

Day 4 : A picture of you doing something weird but funny

When I find one, I'll post it up, I got nothing at the moment !

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


SO day 1

"A picture of something you hate"

Math. Really. I just hate it and I cannot wait to drop it in my third semester and be free from numberssssss

Jan's 50 Day Challenge

So I got this tag from Jan's blog and it's basically a tag I'm supposed to do for the next 50 days. HMM seeing how trials is around the corner, we'll see how it goes.

So basically, this is the tag. And I'm about to do the first tag in the next post.

1 A picture of something you hate.
2 Write whatever it is in your head right now.
3 Write with your elbow.
4 A picture of you doing something weird but funny.
5 A picture of your friends being silly.
6 Write a letter to somebody - it could be anybody you want, even someone you haven’t met yet.
7 Write something deep.
8 Write something stupid.
9 Post an audio of yourself talking some random.
10 Post a song that you can’t stand.
11 Post a song that you used to love.
12 Post a picture of you smiling.
13 Put 10 things you want to do in the year.
14 9 reasons to love you.
15 8 reasons to hate you.
16 7 things you have in your bed.
17 things you can’t live without.
18 A picture of the thing you love the most.
19 A picture of the person you love the most.
20 Pour your heart out in two paragraphs.
21 Your favorite book and why?
22 5 movies you recommend.
23 4 ways to win your heart.
242 pictures of you - one doing a funny face the other one being serious.
25 How you see yourself by the end of your year
26 Do you believe in love at first sight - why?
27 A song that makes you cry.
28 1 thing you want to do before you die.
29 Favorite type of music.
30 To go to a party or to stay home - why?
31 Give 15 tips to your followers to get through life.
32 The worst thing that has ever happened to you.
33 A picture of the happiest moment of your life - if you don’t have, explain that moment.
34 Favorite store in the whole planet.
35 Are you bored of this challenge? yes no, why?
36 Favorite tweet.
37 Favorite tumblr post you have ever seen.
38 A picture of your family, are you close to them, yes, no?
39 Write a letter to your future husband - wife.
40 Best experience you have ever had - the one that you have learn the most of.
41 Favorite trailer.
42 Favorite planet of earth.
43 Recommend 10 blogs to follow.
44 Recommend 5 songs.
45 Recommend 8 books.
46 Recommend 2 websites.
47 Write a paragraph to your followers.
48 Post a picture of you, 3 facts.
49 Talk about the most awkward moment in your life.
50 Do a list with ALL the things you want to do before you die - ALL OF THEM!

Good night blogspot !

Saturday, March 10, 2012

"Baju Melayu.." "APA?!"

I love this photo. I also love the camera I used it for.


I've finally changed my blog layout after eonsssss


This is Min. Min is playing with that cool electric thingamabob.

So if you'll excuse me, I'm about to do a 1 am rant.

I have the world's worst cold right now and I thought I was doing pretty well in college. Sampai sampai je rumah, dah mula dah tissues flying around and my signature (I dare say) reindeer nose and my violent nose blowing. It's really quite the ugliest sight you'll ever come across.


... so where shall I start ?

I just read Irsyad's blog and I must say I agree wholeheartedly. I'm from the House of Enthusiasm (for those who aren't familiar with KY's house system; basically students are divided into 4 houses i) House of Rock; 'Topaz' ii) House of Enthusiasm; Garnet iii) House of Courage, 'Diamond' iv) House of Glory, 'Sapphire'. We've been likened to Hogwarts because of this house system and also by the end of June when the seniors graduate, a House Cup is rewarded to the house with the most house points) and just recently, we had our Islamic Week and the climax of the whole week was on Thursday night where there was the Nasyeed Competition and the usual showing of videos made by each house.

IMO, and I hope to not be scrutinized by anyone or be criticized of being a, what a KY student would call it, 'house-ist', but in all seriousness, I really thought Diamond should have nabbed first place for Nasyeed. Not denying Topaz's ability to bernasyid, obviously they did well that the judges must have liked it and I thoroughly enjoyed it. But in all honesty, I thought Diamond deserved it more because out of the 4, in terms of harmony and rhythm, they were the best. I love Garnet a hell lot, but even after seeing the Diamonders performed, I kinda knew that we had no chance. Pitch all in tact and backgrounds all in perfect melody and timing was spot on, they pretty much set the bench mark for everyone. So colour me surprised, how they didn't get first place is just beyond me.

And Bob, if you do read this, I've told you in college and I'll tell you now, your video was really well made and you shouldn't have gotten 4th especially after all you've gone through (seriously 24 hours without sleep!?!?!?!?!?!). Your video was a top 2 material and I'm really sorry you didn't get it :(

OK that was rant #1

Rant #2

AS is in a few months away and I can pretty much represent the whole college community when I say this; we're pissin' in our pants.

........ Hm I'm just sleepy and I'm too tired to continue and my stuffed nose is not helping either so maybe I'll play some Temple Run before immersing myself in dreamland. Night take care and God bless :*

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Hi everyone !!

It's Friday tomorrow which meansssss I'M COMING HOME !! Was contemplating to stay back this weekend and go back only next week when we'll have our 2 week break. Then Mum had to Whatsapp me photos of all the DVDs she bought and I changed my mind. Can't wait to be home :") (kelak rah UK susah eh mok balit jak every week) (hahaha)

Anyway !

I had a very good 2 week stay here in college. My mum, Iman and Zaim surprised me last weekend and took me out for a drive :") I think it was partly due to text conversation with Mum

"So how's your weekend going? Chaletmates semua balik?"
"Yeah, they're all not around. Diyana's mum came and took her out for lunch and Kaveetha's mum pun sama. Sheema went out with a bunch of friends yesterday so I'm eating lunch alone now...."

and about 5 pm, as I was taking my (second) nap, Kaveetha told me to come out and who do I see ?!?! Imaaaaaaaan

So we went to Bukit Beruntung first because Mum thought ada Secret Recipe dekat the Tesco there but alas, there wasn't. So we actually went to Tanjung Malim because I've been raving about Garden Seafood ever since I first went there so we had our early dinner there. Still delicious as evaaaa.

They sent me home and I kissy kissed my Mum and Iman and was just in a joyous mood because they came all the way to jumpa me :") Love my family to bits I can't even


It's KIWEE (Koley Yayasan Islamic Week) this week and they announced it was also to be Hijab Week as well. Unprepared because I have no tudung to wear and so last minute ! I was just planning to get some pashmina's back home to pakai but oh well.

Malam tu, Marissa and I went to Nani's chalet to pinjam (we basically had to scour our way around the girls here in KY to pinjam hijabs and Nani was nice enough to be very helpful!) and she was our fashion guru and sempat ajar ajar how to wear and stuff. Thanks to her and Diyana (her chaletmate) (also a sweetheart), Marissa and I knew about a million styles to wear the hijab. I borrowed a rosy pink scarf, a pink tudung bawal as well as a pashmina.

First day !

Diyana woke me up early because we planned to bangun awal to wear our tudung ! Lol yeah kata inexperienced kan heh heh anyway pin here and pin there and ikat here and ikat there, I went to Amal's chalet at about 7:40 to ask her to pin and Ha was already set to go which means she woke up earlier than us ! So cute lah

I've to admit, it was indeed a nice sight to see everyone who took the opportunity to berhijab. First person to see was Kanda and he basically took 3 seconds to realise it was me ! Hahahahahaha I loved everyone's expression. Some of my friends tak tegur pun because they didn't know it was me without my messy hair.

This was after class with Mr Conquest and by the end of the lesson, he asked us "Why are you 4 different?" LOL

Because we three wore silk tudungs !

Ah, me and the lovelies.
With my babeeeezzzzzzzzzzzz, Marissa *.*

Everyone was VERY VERY nice to compliment us and say sweet things about us all. When it was time for our 15 minute break, everyone was so amused to see us all berhijab which was cute. Tweets came rolling in !

Went into classes with looks though from the teachers. Mr Conquest asked "Why are you 4 different today?" and mentioned that Ha looked different and said she looked rounder -_____-

But nevertheless, it was a good day because change is always good, isn't it.


Sunday, March 4, 2012


Guess who won Best Video ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!

Tonight was the Boria night and UGH I HAD SO MUCH FUN BEING IN THE ATMOSPHERE OF MY FELLOW GARNETRONS. So incredibly proud of everyone especially the boys who had to endure hours of practicing and sacrificing study time. So much love for them :") EVERYONE LOOKED SO GOOD AND COMEL not only Garnet k but yeah, everyone in their tacky and loud costume and dancing rather carelessly. I didn't get to see Topaz's performance though :( I managed to watch the Diamond one halfway (which was really good btw for any Diamonders reading this) and the Sapphire one. Garnet went on last. AND I THINK WE DID A PRETTY KICK-ASS JOB. All the boys remembered to smile and pulled off their steps without any (obvious) mistakes. In fact, I don't think they did anything wrong like how they did in previous rehearsals. Props to Olan and Hazwan for that. Just so proud of everyone on the Boria team for being incredibly determined and their thirst for the big win. Love you boys !!!!!!!!


I was hella nervous for video though. As we reached the end of the event, results were announced. Garnetrons all sat at the back and we were just screaming and well, enthusiastic. Dah kata House of Enthusiasm. Favouriteeeeeeee people ever.

So yeah, as they announced, hearts beating, tension is in the air between houses and the hall fell into a pin-drop silence.

(I'm currently checking Haniesha's twitter because she tweeted everything throughout)

Ok so we won for Teng Teng and wau-making ! Everyone cheered and the crowd went wild. Fawwaz/Olan/Kanda went to escort the winners to the stage with a bunga manggar which was so cute. 2nd place for pantun but Saf won best pemantun !!!!!!!! So all's good !

And then they announced "And the winner for the video competition is... the House of Enthusiasm!!!!!!!!!!!"

HELLO CAN YOU TELL HOW HAPPY I AM !??!?!!?!? AMAL, ZACK AND I WENT ON STAGE AND YEAH OMG CAN DIE HAPPY LAH HELLO SO EXCITED AND SO WORTH IT !!!!!! Thank you everyone for the kind congratulatory wishes !!!! Couldn't have done it not just without Amal but the whole of Garnet ! Just so happy that we won !!!!!!!!

and as they were announcing Best Boria, I was already clenching my teeth and squeezing Ha's hands. When they announced second place for Boria to Topaz, some of the Garnet kids already cheered which we all had to quickly shush them as to not get too excited and over-confident.
When finally after what seems to be forever they called out Garnet as champions for boria, everyone screamed and shrieked and hugged and jumped and started chanting the Garnet cheer and almost everyone went on stage.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!! By then, we were all on a winning high and everyone was just so pumped and excited and nobody could stand still.

And then they had to announce the Rumah Citra Budaya........

........ let's just say there were a lot more screaming and shouting and jumping and hugs amongst us Garnets.

Also, can I just say how supportive everyone was throughout the announcement of winners ?! Thanks doh for all the "Good Job Garnet !" cheers and "Big Clap Garnet!" :") I'm well over the moon right now and I think I can say the same from the rest of the Garnet team.

I have a video of the Garnet boria but it needs some editing because it got cut off at some parts :(

Ah what a lovely night it is and what lovely company to have it spent with.