Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jan's 50 Day Challenge

So I got this tag from Jan's blog and it's basically a tag I'm supposed to do for the next 50 days. HMM seeing how trials is around the corner, we'll see how it goes.

So basically, this is the tag. And I'm about to do the first tag in the next post.

1 A picture of something you hate.
2 Write whatever it is in your head right now.
3 Write with your elbow.
4 A picture of you doing something weird but funny.
5 A picture of your friends being silly.
6 Write a letter to somebody - it could be anybody you want, even someone you haven’t met yet.
7 Write something deep.
8 Write something stupid.
9 Post an audio of yourself talking some random.
10 Post a song that you can’t stand.
11 Post a song that you used to love.
12 Post a picture of you smiling.
13 Put 10 things you want to do in the year.
14 9 reasons to love you.
15 8 reasons to hate you.
16 7 things you have in your bed.
17 things you can’t live without.
18 A picture of the thing you love the most.
19 A picture of the person you love the most.
20 Pour your heart out in two paragraphs.
21 Your favorite book and why?
22 5 movies you recommend.
23 4 ways to win your heart.
242 pictures of you - one doing a funny face the other one being serious.
25 How you see yourself by the end of your year
26 Do you believe in love at first sight - why?
27 A song that makes you cry.
28 1 thing you want to do before you die.
29 Favorite type of music.
30 To go to a party or to stay home - why?
31 Give 15 tips to your followers to get through life.
32 The worst thing that has ever happened to you.
33 A picture of the happiest moment of your life - if you don’t have, explain that moment.
34 Favorite store in the whole planet.
35 Are you bored of this challenge? yes no, why?
36 Favorite tweet.
37 Favorite tumblr post you have ever seen.
38 A picture of your family, are you close to them, yes, no?
39 Write a letter to your future husband - wife.
40 Best experience you have ever had - the one that you have learn the most of.
41 Favorite trailer.
42 Favorite planet of earth.
43 Recommend 10 blogs to follow.
44 Recommend 5 songs.
45 Recommend 8 books.
46 Recommend 2 websites.
47 Write a paragraph to your followers.
48 Post a picture of you, 3 facts.
49 Talk about the most awkward moment in your life.
50 Do a list with ALL the things you want to do before you die - ALL OF THEM!

Good night blogspot !

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