Saturday, March 10, 2012


This is Min. Min is playing with that cool electric thingamabob.

So if you'll excuse me, I'm about to do a 1 am rant.

I have the world's worst cold right now and I thought I was doing pretty well in college. Sampai sampai je rumah, dah mula dah tissues flying around and my signature (I dare say) reindeer nose and my violent nose blowing. It's really quite the ugliest sight you'll ever come across.


... so where shall I start ?

I just read Irsyad's blog and I must say I agree wholeheartedly. I'm from the House of Enthusiasm (for those who aren't familiar with KY's house system; basically students are divided into 4 houses i) House of Rock; 'Topaz' ii) House of Enthusiasm; Garnet iii) House of Courage, 'Diamond' iv) House of Glory, 'Sapphire'. We've been likened to Hogwarts because of this house system and also by the end of June when the seniors graduate, a House Cup is rewarded to the house with the most house points) and just recently, we had our Islamic Week and the climax of the whole week was on Thursday night where there was the Nasyeed Competition and the usual showing of videos made by each house.

IMO, and I hope to not be scrutinized by anyone or be criticized of being a, what a KY student would call it, 'house-ist', but in all seriousness, I really thought Diamond should have nabbed first place for Nasyeed. Not denying Topaz's ability to bernasyid, obviously they did well that the judges must have liked it and I thoroughly enjoyed it. But in all honesty, I thought Diamond deserved it more because out of the 4, in terms of harmony and rhythm, they were the best. I love Garnet a hell lot, but even after seeing the Diamonders performed, I kinda knew that we had no chance. Pitch all in tact and backgrounds all in perfect melody and timing was spot on, they pretty much set the bench mark for everyone. So colour me surprised, how they didn't get first place is just beyond me.

And Bob, if you do read this, I've told you in college and I'll tell you now, your video was really well made and you shouldn't have gotten 4th especially after all you've gone through (seriously 24 hours without sleep!?!?!?!?!?!). Your video was a top 2 material and I'm really sorry you didn't get it :(

OK that was rant #1

Rant #2

AS is in a few months away and I can pretty much represent the whole college community when I say this; we're pissin' in our pants.

........ Hm I'm just sleepy and I'm too tired to continue and my stuffed nose is not helping either so maybe I'll play some Temple Run before immersing myself in dreamland. Night take care and God bless :*

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