Friday, March 23, 2012

Went to watch the Hunger Games yesterday and albeit not reading the novel beforehand, I kinda went in the cinema not knowing what the movie was about. Not a clue. I only knew that there was a huge manic hype around it and that Jennifer Lawrence was to be this 'Katniss' girl.

Went out the cinema and became a new fan. A really good movie overall, though I didn't expect the violent killings and how teruk it really was that they had a representative from districts to fight it off (read:kill each other) (cambodoh). Of course I cried when Rue got killed. That was heartbreaking :( As much as I say it was surprisingly entertaining, I might be completely wrong if I were to read the book and compare the two. I find it odd that it was entertaining cause the whole storyline is gila sick. Especially when the Gamemakers were making jokes and having fun creating obstacles for the tributes. Like I said, sick and sadistic but so good.

AND ! Stanley Tucci was in it. You know a movie is good if Stanley Tucci's in it.

Tania and I got a cab back and we were fortunate enough to get a cab driver who was the nicest old Chinese man I've met. He spoke English to us and he asked whether I was studying or not and when I told him that I was doing my A-Levels, he was very much impressed and commented on our English and he went on how it was important that our command in the language is vital especially if we go abroad. He then went on to tell us about how he had several students from UIA in his cab and when the uncle spoke English to him, the students were quite obviously annoyed and that one of them told the cabdriver off saying that he (the student) didn't like that the uncle was speaking in English and asked him to converse in Malay instead quoting the ever repeated "Bahasa Melayu ni bahasa ibunda kita!" and that English is basically, frown upon.

Heh. People and their mentality these days can sometimes sadden you because of how shallow their thinking can be :( Quite depressing.

Anyway, I shan't go on further for fear of me being emotional and going on a rampage rant denunciating everything and everyone nanti !



I really should be studying now. HISTOIRE IS AWAITING

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