Saturday, March 24, 2012

To Everyone's Number One

PAK TOK'S BIRTHDAY TODAAAAY. He turned 73, alhamdulillah. He came down from Penang to celebrate with us (and also he has a golfing trip with his mates this weekend) and after all the makan makan, guess what we got him !!

Papa's idea to get him an iPad. Memey ah. Pak Tok calls me occasionally to ask questions regarding his Nokia phone. Nang nya tauk pun mok guna iPad tok lolol. But oh well, Papa downloaded all the app he'll need as to make it easier for him.

This is such a sesat photo but yeah... my favourite pants if y'all were wondering.

To one of the best man I've ever known, happy birthday my dearest Pak Tok. My gratitude and love to you is boundless and the least I can do to you is to pray for your happiness here and in Jannah and may God bless you now and always. You've been such a great father figure to me and everyone else in the family and we look up to you for being such a great husband, father, son, brother, friend and grandfather. I cannot be any luckier to be your granddaughter and no matter what happens know that you too will always be my number one.

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