Monday, March 26, 2012


There are no words to explicitly explain how much I love my mum. We don't exchange I Love You's because there is no need for us. She knows I'd take a bullet for her and I'd do anything virtually possible for her. She knows all that and I know she'll do anything for her children and the people she loves.

As 19 years have passed, I thank God every day for blessing me and my family this woman who has been our sunshine and the queen of our hearts.

I cannot imagine a world where my mum isn't in it and I won't want to. She is the joy of this family and especially mine. I don't think she's aware of the number of people who care a lot for her. A room is so much better with my mum around, her smile and laugh and personality makes up for my bad days and I love her for that.

My hero. I can only wish and hope to be half the woman you are. And that is more than enough.

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