Friday, February 29, 2008


i am so going to mati for Intervensi.


serious shiiiit, besides, form 1 stuffs, i haven't started on anything.
except for agama which i read like that je la, and maths which i only have started form1.
aaaaaand science form 1.
geo, kh, sejarah, bm lit, i haven't started.
AND english lit.

ohmygod, and this is only the Intervensi.
Belum lagi PMR.
not even close pun.

So today, was school.
Came back, bathe, ate lunch, went to the library by 3 something.
Met JeiSee, Lydia and Celine but there were already going out to play badminton with Amanda -__-"
But Debra, Rachael was there.
So was Arif and Darren.
Heck, Darren read a book on vampires -_-
Rach being such a good friend, helped Arif with Math.

I put on my iPod and did Math Form One.
How pathetic.
But i'm taking it slow so that i can understand.
Then, Arif and Darren left.
About 15 minutes, I left to the place, the individual booths tu.
there, studied math but moved on to Science.
tu pun form one je.
then mama, came by at 6 and I left.
wanted to go to Makbul but decided to go fetch Zaim from kawad first.
But ofcourse, ended late.
then, came back, and blablabla.
useless crap.


okayyyy, i'm off.
History (translated as crappy shit) awaits.


wish me good luck.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008



1. Do you think you eat more than you should?
Mhm, most def. I'm trying to eat less. Not like anorexic. Just cut out the oily stuffs. I still eat my 3 meals in a day, ok people.

2. What is your favorite meal?

3. What did you have for dinner today (or yesterday)?
I was in a rush for tuition so just rice.

4. What is your favorite dessert?
Haagen Dasz

5. Can you cook well?
No, no matter how much you teach me, it'll suck. I mean, my mac&cheese is like freakin' rubber. My maggie goren has no taste whatsoever. And my toast is so, burnt -.-

6. Are you a fruit or veggie person?
fruit. anything beats vegetables.

7. What is your favorite restaurant to go to?
FASTA PASTA. and tht steamboat place at Ikano.

8. Do you feel comfortable with your weight?
yeah, it's alright.

9. Are you vegetarian or vegan?

10. Describe your normal eating habits.
I eat three meals a day.
That's pretty much it.


1. How much do you find yourself thinking about sex?
hahaha. not much.

2. Are you a virgin?

3. If not, who did you lose your virginity to and when?

4. Do you believe you should be in love to have sex?

5. Have you ever cheated on your significant other?
no significant other

6. What's the first thing you look for in a boy/girl?
personality and looks.
HAHAHA, i'm so bad.

7. Do you have any special fantasies?
haha, yeah

8. Have you been in lust more than love?
nuh uh

9. Would you have sex with more than one person?
at once ?

10. Who have you lust for?
no one.


1. What do you want more than anything right now?

2. Does money play an important part of your life?
yes, so much.

3. What are your goals for the future?
to be rich and really famous. HAHAHAHA.
basically, successful and known.

4. Do you think money is more important than love?
ofcourse tak.

5. If you were given one million dollars right now, what would you do with it?
hand them to my parents cause they'll know what to do but i'd definitely take like a couple thousands to fly myself to Paris or something.

6. Has anyone ever called you spoiled or greedy?
i've been called spoiled by my mum -_-'

7. Do your parents have a lot of money?
haha, well, tht's p&c.

8. How much money do you spend in one week?
er, tah.

9. Do/would you share with people that are less fortunate?

10. Have you ever robbed someone?
for what ?


1. Have many people called you lazy?
pfft, I call myself lazy.

2. How much sleep do you get at night?
i have a real bad sleeping habit which i definitely should fix on.

3. Do you often take naps in the middle of the day?
not anymore la cause homeworks and study.

4. What was the most depressing time of your life?
now, hahaha.

5. What is the best way to relax?
sleeping and letting it all go by dancing to my iPod.

6. Would you consider yourself more of a follower or leader?
follower but i still march at my own beat so, it can go both ways.

7. Would you consider yourself a caring person?
HO yeah.

8. What time do you go to bed at night?
late, ish.

9. What do you waste most of your time doing?
watching reruns on E!

10. Would you rather go out somewhere or stay home?
go out. but i'll get too lazy and end up staying home.


1. Who was the last person you were upset with?

2. What is the meanest thing you’ve ever done to someone?
hmm. i'm nice, ysee (haha) so i don't know.

3. Do you hate anyone?
Stella and Narcisco. Oh and Karl.
Ee, bitchessssss.

4. Are you angry a lot?
mhm, i'm kind of hot tempered.

5. What was the last thing that made you mad?

6. Have you even been in a physical fight with someone?
oh tak tak.

7. Has there been a time that you wanted to seek revenge?
i do.

8. What is your biggest pet peeve?
i can go on til tomorrow, dah-ling

9. How do you express your anger and frustration?
sleeping and cursing and screaming.

10. Is it easy for you to forgive?
regretfully, yes.


1. Who are you most jealous of?

2. What is something you want that your best friend has?

3. What is one thing you think you are lacking in life?
yeah, audreeey, SLEEP, godammit.
and time.

4. Do you think of yourself as an envious person?

5. How would you consider yourself lucky?
ok laaa

6. Unlucky?
ok laaa

7. Have you ever felt sorry for yourself?
haha, tah.

8. Overall, do you think you have everything you need?
i don't mind changes.

9. Is there anyone that has been envious of you?
oooh, siapa ?

10. Do you want a better life than what you have?
yeaaah ;/


1. What is your best physical feature?
hair, i guess.

2. What do you like most about your personality?
that's i'm so nice to people and i can't help it.
hahahaha, bapak gila perasan

3. How much time do you take to get ready in the morning?
i can be SuperGirl baby.

4. Do you wear a lot of make-up?
lipgloss at least.

5. How often do you go shopping?
not much these days

6. Are your looks very important to you?
not VERY la.

7. Would you ever like to be a model?
whoa, hahaha.

8. What could be improved about your body?
i have flabby er, body parts.

9. Do you think that you’re better than others?
ho yah.
i always envy other people.

10. What is your most embarrassing moment?
and i'm going to tell you, whyyyy ?


p/s : come next week where we'll be sitting for that stupid intervensi, i'll be dead.
like mati katak.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

vantage point,

So yeah, it happened yesterday and i'm only blogging it today, -.-

About 4, Mama, Papa and I went out to Cathay to watch Vantage Point.
After getting the tickets, went to the bazaar and but nothing much.
Went back to Cathay, and bought popcorn and stuff.
Went in.

OHMYWEIII, the movie's soo gooooooood ;o
but, like it rewinded (you won't understand til you've watched) a couple of times and the audience began to groan and then, clapped, i'm like, what the hell, malaysians?
so yeah, at 7 on the dot,it finished.

Went around the bazaar, bought a tee for my sister and camisoles (i don't know why)
and whilst browsing there, came about two ladies with like the most prettiest handbags.
one had like this hot pink one with a brown handle.
the pink reminds me very much of Coach.
It's not a typial handbag la.
It's like a shopper.
and the pink fabric is hard to explain la.
it's like those Prada ones.
The plastic-ish fabric but seriously lawa.
went to but coldn't come across anything like it.
ee, geram gila.
and another was a Black Luella which was so purdy i could have snatched it without any regret. or guilt.
ok, kidding, i'm not cruel.
Went to IKANO and bought Vogue and CosmoGirl and both were sucky sucky crappy issues.
EE, seriously.

WEnt to Tony Roma's.
My first time there.
cause everytime we're at Ikano, it's always Fasta Pasta.
So yeah.
mygod, the portions are humongous weii ;o
so yeah, but the barbeque sauce was the awesomest ever.

went back and did some studying.
slept at 1.
bored til now.



Friday, February 22, 2008

she tagged,

Rachael tagged me, haha.
thnks fr calling me a gorgeous darling.
so sweet ;) haha.

001. Real name: Nadia Zainudin Binti Zainudin
002. Nickname: Nad
003. Married: nuh uh
005. Male or female: i'm a lady, honey.
007. Highschool: SMKBSD1 but now in, SMKTTDI
008. College: in a couple years time.
010. Short or long hair: long-ish ?
015: Are you a health freak: no, i'm a neat freak.
016. Height: i'm short, ok ?
017. Do you have a crush on someone: yeapidoodles.
018. Do you like yourself: pfft, i love myself.
019. Piercings: just on my ears.
021. Righty or lefty: Righty

022. First surgery: i dnt think i had one. i'm the kid who played safe.
023. First piercing(s): like 9 ?
024. First best friend : Amanina and Amira (:
025. First award: you are looking at the 2 time Spelling Bee Champ.
026. First sport you joined: swimming.
027. First pet: i didn't like pets. even back then
028. First vacation: London. penang and taiping doesn't count cause it was my kampung, ok.
029. First concert: gila lame.
030. First crush: tht guy who eventually went off to Australia. i frgt the name, though. haha.

049. Eating: nothing.
050. Drinking: nothing.
052. I'm about to: reply a comment on myspace.

058. Want kids: yeah.
059. Want to get married: yesyes. i want the whole fairytale wedding. very cliched but whatever.
060. Careers in mind: Fashion Designer.

068. Lips or eyes: eyes
069. Hugs or kisses: hugs
070. Shorter or taller: taller
072. Romantic or spontaneous: spontaneously romantic. HA.
074. Sensitive or loud: sensitively loud. whatever THAT means.
075. Trouble maker or hesitant: a hesistant troublemaker. haha, actually tak. i'm hesitant. i don't go looking for trouble

078. Kissed a stranger: no
079. Drank bubbles: mmaybe.
080. Lost glasses/contacts: no, but i HAVE lost other things. ok, i have lost kabillion other things.
081. Ran away from home: no
082. Liked someone younger: ahaha, tak. i just thought they were cute.
083. Liked someone older: yeah, (:
084. Broken someone's heart: no. atleast i don't think i have.
085. Been arrested: nuh uh.
087: Cried when someone died: er, thank god, i haven't lost anyone and hope not anytime soon, so no. i haven't.
088. Liked a friend: yeaaaaaaaaaah

089. Yourself: sometimes.
090. Miracles: yes
092. Heaven: d'oh. ofcourse.
093. Santa Claus: i really want to
096. Angels: haha, yeah.

097. Is there one person you want to be with right now: yeah
099. Do you believe in God: most definitely.
100. Tag 5 people: whoever's reading. hahahaha.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


school was alright.
was raining upon arriving.
learned things.

was supposed to attend Puan Nik's KH class but since she was occupied, we went off.
went down to buy icecream but tak beli pun.
Najihah belikan, hahaha.
went up to the canteen, and Najihah and i borak-ed.
with Arif's presence totally ignored.
kesian dia, though.
Najihah's too shy la with him so Arif has to understand.

OOOOKAY, it's their problem, not mine, so i don't know why i'm talking this on my blog.
moving on.

after sending Najihah back, bought Arif his ice cream.
and oh yeah, Hakim says he'll give me cash for birthday present.
hahaha, it's betterrrrr.
i'm in desperate for money.
i'm like, broke.
not more than 20 bucks in my wallet.

so, yesterday, American Idol started.
he's so freakin' cute.
i want to slap him for being so darn cute.
like, on stage, he was blushing with Ryan and obviously, the judges loved him.
so do i, hahahaha.

today is the girls turn.
so fasr, i only like the girl in yellow.
i think she was third, after the black girl, who sang my ultimate favourite, 'I Say A Little Prayer For You'
i get so happy listening to that song.
so, if you wanna cheer me up, sing that, and i'll love you.

oh back to where i was.
i was in school til about 3.45 ish.
mama bought me Burger King and i had plenty to spare so i gave some to Pauline and Luqman came over to talk to Pauline and i asked him if he wanted some fries and yeah, he took some.
and we talked a bit.
he's a nice guy, really (:
and then Damia came to talk over some debate with Pauline and like when Pauline asked,
' What's encourage in malay?'
and Damia was like, ' Er, er, er.
i piped in, ' Menggalakkan ?
then they were like, 'HO YEAAAAAAH!'
haha, and Damia said, ' HA, see, anak cikgu BI tahu.'
hahahaha, i laughed.
then, they had to go.
left me to complete maths.
after a bit, went back.
came home, cleaned up, onlined a bit.
continued homework -.-
too many homework, i haven't gotten a chance to study puuun.
ugh ish eek.

Oh, my partner for English oral is DEBRAAAAAAA.
i kind of knew i'd be her partner.
like, when Puan Hanizah said, 'Debraaaa, your partner is..'
i had this thing saying it'll be me.
and i was riight.
i'm beginning to think i'm psychic.

so yeah.
Conclusion ?


Wednesday, February 20, 2008


and great stuffs :O

but i haven't posted on NEWYORK fashion week lagi so yeah,
these are my personal favs.

From Anna Sui

From the duo, Badgley Mischka

From BCBG Maxazria who has yet to disappoint me in ANY of their Ready-To-Wear Fashion shows.

From Betsey Johnson


From Diane Von Furstenberg also know as veteran GENIUS.

From Erin Fetherston, the best ever upcoming designer i can ever find in the whole wide world.

From Missoni who creates patterns like no one's business.

From my 'boyfriend', Michael Kors.

that's pretty much what caught my eye. Marc Jacobs was a huge yawn. All those boring blah colours.

So far, from Milaaan,

From Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana and unless you can't put two and two together, it's Dolce Gabbana. Ohmygod, i loooooove D&G now. Except fr their bags. But the clothes are loveeee.

Blumarine, love

tht's all i got.
Prada is so bo-riiiiing ;o

OH before i forget,
today's Kyrina's biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirthday :D :D :D
She's like only my bestbestbestbestbestfriend everr.
haha :D though we're in different schools, i love her to bit and pieces.
she's my shopping partner where after shopping, we would sit down and be Fashion Police, judging from head to toe (: best gilo.
we were a foursome, weiii.
Namira, Kyrina, Aina and I.
and we'd all laugh over something so stupid and not laught worthy and BECAUSE it's so stupid and not laught worthy and we actually LAUGHED about THAT, we laugh yet again.
get it ?
bapak siot, i rindu gila youuuu (': and the others but you were close to me masa standard 4 lagi bila kitorg tengah borak about those Sleepover Books.
kan kan ? and you ada that PowerPuffGirls nye calendar kat your table.
I knew we would be this close.


Friday, February 15, 2008


i'm going to tell you something that will probably make me come off as mengada and perasan.


ok, too dramatic.

don't believe me?
go back in the past and see the ever growing list of the things i did for you.
ever try that, bitch ?

and throughout the years, my so-called 'friends' have used that (me being nice) and twist it and bullies me for it.

Like, they have absolutely no problem as to when they want to, y'knw, just 'drop' me fr as friend and ignores me at all cost.

And they have no problem as to ask me to do all sorts of things just because they know i won't say No.

Ofcourse, it's like, VERRRRRRRRY simple to casually tell me off if i'm doing anything wrong and as if you're an offspring of Albert Einstein and is so clever yourself.
YOU (see, i'm using You cause obviously this is for someone la kan) want me to follow your ways and and never to bother to listen to mine and whenever i actually TELL you 'my ways', you snicker and laugh as if
it's not worth your time.

Well, newsflash, dah-ling, you're not worth MINE.
and that's the part where i laugh cause you still thing you DO.

and looks who's all alone when Little Miss TooNiceToBother HERE is laughing her ass off at how lonely you look without that soon-to-be slave tagging you around laughing and insulting everybody you see as if you're Miss Perfect while i have friends all over and unlike you, i just don't depend on ONE person to be my friend.

many good friends beats one best friend.
ever heard of that ?
you won't, cause i made up the theory.

SAYAAAAAANG, you're not Miss Perfect (nor will you ever be) so snap yourself out from that self-reigning imaginary world of yours before you stumble down and rot yourself dirty and i'm sorry to say, but,
no one's going to help you when you do and
THAT alone will make my year.
no wait, scratch that,

it's not my fault you're stupid and naiive and well, so disgustingly LOW.
it's yours.

tell me when you stop being a bitch and finally (which translates to never) admit that you stepped on me and regret everything that you have done, THEN mmmaybe we can be good friends again.

oh wait, don't.
cause i'm having too much fun laughing at how stupid of an arse you seem right now.
Ta, baby.
Had fun knowing you, but having much more fun not knowing you.


p/s: This applies to everyone who has underestimate me.
Naturally idiots or former idiots.
So if you feel like one and when you read this, you can't help but nodding yes at every insult i threw at you, then honey, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that, that person is most probably you.
rach and the rest, before you apologize unnecessary, babe, it's not youu.
i'll tell you ALL about it when i can because i have so much fun doing so.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008



though my mum is in the same rumah sukan as i am, i still urged her countless times to write me a letter to exclude me in the sports events.

cause, God forbid me running 400 meters, weiii.
You want me to die ?
Becaaaaause that is definitely not how i would want to die.
but i did do the lontar peluru which didn't go so well.
hahaha, i couldn't freakin' pass.
like hel-LO, the ball was like the weight of a NEWBORN and you have to only hold it with 3 hands supporting the weight-of-a-newborn-metal-ball.
anyway, had one hour of rehat, which was rewarding, even though i didn't do anything much.

but hell.

anyway, during rehat, we had Kaveetha's cupcakes (all 15 of em) with candles, for dear darling friend, Jei See who's been such an awesome love.
she's so nice to me and she listens and she is incredibly funny.
i love love love her <3
muahs, dear.

then, we learned English only.
about idioms, dumdedum.


omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg

I LOVELOVELOVE the contestants weiiiii.
ESPECIALLY these 2 cutiepies,
er, since they're new, i baguely remember their names but one of em is like 16 and so incredibly cute, David Archuleta and Josiah Leming , the one who lives in a car and sings in a Brit accent.
He's cuuuuuuuuuuute, lovelove.
and he has a to die for voice.
melt worthy babyyyy.
and there were few others but i totally forgot their names, :D

i'll stop here,


Monday, February 11, 2008

i'm back,

i'm baaaaack (:
Penang was good.
Although a bit dull, but i realized after arriving in KL, that Penang was a good rest and break.
HAHA, i dnt knw what rest i deserved but whateverrrrrr la.
came back, went to AlSafa for breakfast.
And when at home, did some minor cleaning up.
Then, started homework that i didn't complete.
i thought it was just notes and to be punched into the bm folio but realized there, what seems to be, a kazillion things to do.
so did that, but after 2.30 whilst watching the 'Live from the Red Carpet: BAFTAs' i was so uber sleepy, i went in my parents room (who has the most heaven like bed ever ever ever) so slept til 7.
so that pretty much means, i won't be sleeping til 2 in the morning.
my sleeping habits screwed up, like seriously.

i missssss school.
i actually wanted to go tadi, like an after rehat thing, but mum was too tired from all the driving so ponteng je la.
HEY, atleast i actually OPTED in going after rehat.
that counts as good intentions riiiiight ?!

and oh yeah.
today's the grammy awards.
that's huge.
personally, i loved Rihanna's perfomance but i hate the hair.
and i also loved Beyonce's 10 second solo at the beginning.
that was awesomely awesome.
she's a genius in putting her song like that.
and her moves were jaw droppingly fantastic.

I give kudos to Fergie for wearing that beautiful Calvin Klein. What a nice shade of yellow , right ?
And hmm, who else ?
I'm not a fan of Carrie Underwood but her dress, courtesy of the brilliant duo, Badgley Mischka, was phenomenal.
Beautifuuuuul, like ohmygod.
Twas so stunning.
Florals are so freakin' in.
I've always been into florals, i just didn't want to wear it cause feared it looked like what granny's wear.
but heck with that, it's so in, baby.
Who else ?
Rihanna's purple Zac Posen number was ok la.
The shape of it was odd, though.
Beyonce's was hmm, i give it 4.
Very blah.
Really nice but i mean, it's something you see her wearing to the Oscar's or something.
I liked her shoulder length hair and the absence of her extensions but wasn't a fan of her highlights.
Since i was away to Penang, i've been missing my New York Fashion Week report exclusively (ok,mmaybe not) from

so, besides doing Mr Yu's homework (hehe,guilty) I've been trying to catch up with NYFW.

I'll post up some of my personal favourites later.
When's that ?
With me, you kind of never know.


p/s; my dad loves Amy Winehouse which is so weird. So weird.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


I'm off to penang for the Chinese New Year.
Yeah, that's til Sunday noon-ish.

Ta, darla's.



Monday, February 4, 2008

come on,

todaaaay was boring.
school bladida.

studied like normal.
stayed back for a while since Mama had a meeting to attend.
so did homework at the canteen whilst waiting.
so rajin doh (:

so er, nothing much to blab on.


oh, and i have no idea what to put on my desk at school.
i've cut some materials out of Vogue which was sorta, torture.
cause the on i cut out from was a really super uber thick one with Sienna Miller on the cover.
that's why i so kedekut, i cut the small pictures.
Creativity agak menghilang.


Saturday, February 2, 2008

and so,

i am so mengantuk, maaaaaan.
but, i wnt to go fetch Zaim from school, so yeah, i'm awake.

woke up at 6.22 and off the aircond and all and was like halfway out, then,
' Eh, cuti la'
haha, so slept back til 9.45ish and got ready fr schl.
to paint.
it's purple, people.

didn't talk much at first cause ws still tired.
after painting a lil, started doing the table.
the position has all changed.
it's like 4 tables in a row.
so najihah gets the one under the fan, sarah next to her, i'm next to Sarah and, and Nora next to me.
So really, i'll be alone.
cause Sarah has Najihah. And they laugh (a little too) loudly. And, Sarah's gng to layan Najihah more ( which really, i don't mind. i could do without the screaming and laughing this year ) and again, i'll be with Nora.
bodoh gila.
it's like being bossed around.
i hate that.
and they (SarahNajihah) will be laughing together and yeah, usually, when i ask why, it's always something between them, leaving me in the dark.
when will it stop, weiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.
i've had this til i was 7, you knowwwww.
friends taking over you.
i dnt care, i'm gng to say it here.
like it or not.
if you don't, there's that 'X' button on your top left/right, click it and get the hell out of my blog.

Standard 1 and 2
I knw you guys won't believe this, but Diyana was like Queen Bee amongst us (Athirah, Alia, Juju and I) which sucked. We actually formed a club (hahahahahah) and I still remember being forced to eat her lunch or else, she won't friend us. HAHAHA. She's so nice now, it's so surreal she was evil way back then, huh ? But, people change, so, it's for the better, which means all's good. No hard feelings. I still love her <3

Std 3 til 6
ohgod. i had this love hate relationship with my friends, Kyrina, Aina, Namira, Emina, Erina.
Ofcourse, i love em ti bit and all, but at one point, i used to like, carry their water bottles. And i hate them.
I still do sometimes.

Form 1
Was actually quite good. I had my bunch of friends who hung out with. Who are incredibly nice and polite. Fatimah, Amal, Illi, Dina, Mira A. After school, i'd go to Mira's house and we'd watch movies and chill. Best (:

Form 2
Met Sarah and Rachael and her gang.
I felt like the poor dog who did whatever it was ordered to.
Like, instead of, 'Fetch', it was more, 'Do that' or 'Do this'
Or, 'You'd better do my way or else'
Siapa yg terasa, sorry. But i really don't care now.

Form 3
I've seriously have no one to talk deep stuffs with. And people who i can relate real things with. And still be true with.

so, i want to go sit with Karen, Kaveetha and Nikki.
4 people right ? Hm.
But ntah, i'm thinking it over.

Anyway, today, went to the stadium at Cheras cause Zaim was in kawad and my dad was like,
'Let's have this tradition. If any of us gets involved in an activity, the WHOLE family MUST go.'
So that 'tradition' started today.
Honestly, i think Zaim did a job well done.
Very proud of him (:

I like that tradition.


p/s : a special shout out to Karen, for hearing me out. (: Thanks a billion. I owe you.

Friday, February 1, 2008


I was going through Sartorialist at and i came across this handsome chap.

My, isn't he handsome ?